Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Goodbye Sky Harbor

Round 26: Summer 2024
Narrated by Joanna Draper

When we came back after our honeymoon, we found Rose's garden was completely destroyed. My first thought was that it was Abel but Rose refused to blame the dog.

Abel is our baby but Rose really adores that stinky mutt. He can do no wrong in her eyes!

She spoils him something rotten, which is probably why he doesn't behave himself half the time!

Since we got married a few months ago, we haven't been able to spend the whole day together once, apart from our honeymoon.

We spend our evenings together but right now, Rose is working weekends at the paper and gets Mondays and Tuesdays off instead. As a teacher, I work a regular Monday-Friday week.

Rose gets so bored without me on her days off that she exercises! She usually only does that if she thinks she's getting chubby.

Even though I know she gives up her weekends to work, there's not a word for the amount of jealousy I feel when I have to crawl out of bed on a Monday morning and got to work while Rose gets to sleep in!

Speaking of work, I'm having some issues there. Kendal is okay most of the time, even though I do tend to disagree with her a lot. I try to rein that in, for Rose's sake. But I really, really, really do not like Betsy, the principal.

Rose is worried I'm going to get fired. Lots of people hate their bosses but she thinks my attitude is going to get me into trouble.

I keep telling her it's fine but she's freaking out about it.

I was a little worried when Rose said she had "a great idea" and my worries turned out to be totally rational.

She thinks we should invite Betsy and her wife out for dinner. The last thing I want to do is hang out with Betsy outside of work. But Rose thinks Betsy and I should be friends, or at least civil.

Socialising is Rose's answer to everything but she loves it, so I agreed. I'm seriously dreading it though.

It didn't stop me from trying to get out of it, even minutes before we left.

But I'd promised Rose I would try, as she reminded me every time I complained, so there wasn't much I could do. I had to go.

So I put on my big phoney smile and went to make nice with the boss and her wife. I was on my best behaviour.

We had to wait a while to be seated because Dad had an emergency in the kitchen. Normally, Dad would have made sure we got a table right away.

Anyway, it went okay. I didn't think it would, when I got into an argument with Kimberly before we'd even sat down. But it did.

Rose didn't sit next to me, hoping that would encourage me to actually talk to Betsy.

Well, it encouraged Betsy to talk to me.

But once I got over my initial annoyance that I even had to be there, I opened up and was a little more social.

Betsy's wife Kimberly didn't turn out be so bad, I admit. Rose really liked her a lot.

I still really don't like Betsy much. And she's kind of a weirdo too. Who orders waffles for dinner?

So I think we can call the night a success. It made Rose happy and I learnt that I might just be able to at least tolerate Betsy, for my pay cheque's sake! I was still glad to be out of there and on our way home though!

  • Title is from Goodbye Sky Harbor by Jimmy Eat World, which is made up of lines from my favourite book ever A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.
  • The garden disappeared because this family was the one family I had to play catch up with after almost losing Sullivan last round. I fixed up everything, except the garden! But it's back now and Rose has a gold badge too.
  • Joanna had the want to be friends with Betsy when I loaded this lot. Which is hilarious. I love the way she acts towards someone she apparently wants to be friends with! So they all went out to dinner.
  • I had Adam and Athena visit Joanna, which I ended up cutting out (I wanted to end with the dinner but the visit made more sense if it came after the dinner) but I did want to mention that Adam has spun up the want to fire Virginia, Tate's unreliable waitress from yesterday! I'm not quite sure why he wants to fire her. I don't think it's a relationship score thing. It must be Tate - he's telling all the other restaurants to black list her, LOL!
  • Neither Joanna or Rose have rolled a baby want yet. My non-family gay Sims don't seem to roll that want at all though, so I may take control of family planning for these girls. Perhaps next round. I'm not so worried about decreasing fertility for them, because I'll be knocking them up by artificial means anyway. ;)


  1. I am loving all the lesbians, LOL! Its so great to see such open minded people!

    Joanna is funny "I'll at least tolerate Betsey - for my pay cheque's sake" ha!

    Joanna and Rose are one of the best couples, and I love that they're in that newlywed phase.

    And, as today is monday, I must admit I had a terrible flashback of this morning, when I woke up early. Grr...

  2. bbop, Joanna is a curmudgeon but I'm a little curmudgeonly myself sometimes, so I like her!

    Joanna and Rose are only one bolt but they do seem to complement each other pretty well. I love them together.

    The only good thing about Monday is there's only one a week. I've never met a single person whose favourite day of the week is Monday!

  3. What is it with Virginia, aka Nut Girl?? I wonder why Adam wants to fire her already?

    Joanna is awesome! The older I get the more I appreciate women who are not always nice. And Rose is so good for her--thinking socialising is the answer to everything!

    This was a great post, I agree with billy about the lesbians, you tell their story, just as your other Sims, with such interesting detail and care.

  4. Hello, I always find it interesting to play same sex couples. My hood is so liberal with samesex marriage. I have always wondered how do you approach the subject of two married males having a baby. I know gamewise a male can be pregnant...I tried that once and it looked a little strange. If you have two men do you make them adopt or have one get pregnant? I am curious...thanks.

  5. Joanna is such a riot! I get like her sometimes, not wanting to be bothered with the people at work who annoy me.......it's a good thing she loves Rose or that dinner would NEVER have happened!

  6. I always thought that the animosity between Rose and Betsy was either unrealized attraction or secret jealously between them. I dunno.

  7. Ha, I love that Joanna wants to be friends with Betsy, lol! Joanna is a riot. And I love Rose thinking socializing is the answer to everything. :)

    lol at Adam wanting to fire Virginia already!

    Abel sounds like my dogs--spoiled rotten babies! ;)

  8. Francesca, I have no idea but Adam's taken a disliking to her for some reason! Maybe she keeps getting in his way in the kitchen!

    Joanna and Rose complement each other very well. Joanna was sort of a hermit as a teen. I don't remember her ever spinning up a romantic want, generic or specific - just study, study, study. Rose brought her out of her shell a bit.

    And thank you, that's a wonderful compliment. :)

    Bernz, I have never actually had a married same sex male couple in Sullivan, though Aaron is Fortune/Family and Calvin is Family/Romance, so I suspect that soon, I will.

    Anyway, neither of them will be getting pregnant! The most likely thing that I will do is choose a female to act as a surrogate and use one of the guys as the other half of the DNA (with InSim). When the mother gives birth, I'll put the baby up for adoption and then let Calvin and Aaron adopt it, so they both get the want satisfied and the memory.

    For lesbian couples, Betsy and Kimberly adopted their children and I InSim'd Linnea so that she was pregnant by Debbie. I love how Cordy and Luc turned out but I probably wouldn't do that again either. I'm more nitpicky about realism now than I was back then. When the time comes for Joanna and Rose, they'll adopt or they'll get a "sperm donor".

    Mizzgin03, yeah, I like most of the people I work with well enough but if I never had to socialise with them outside of work (or even some days at work), I'd be very happy! So I can sympathise with Joanna here.

    LaurelCrossing, ha, there's a theory. There's chemistry between all four of these women but nothing amazing. I would think Rose and Joanna probably don't see Betsy and Kimberly that way, being as Betsy was their high school principal and is so much older than them.

    Shana, oh, yeah, Rose loved Betsy and Kimberly! She wanted to be friends with both of them after the dinner!

    Abel is like my dogs too. They're a lot smaller than Abel as well, so I think that they're even more spoiled. They're constantly wanting to get up on my lap and of course, I can't say no to them!

  9. Joanna is so funny! I know she's not trying to be but she is. I'm glad things are improving though, it would be hard for her at work if she and Betsy didn't get along at all.

  10. Sari, we'll see if improves things for her at work at all. Joanna tends to argue with people less once she knows them a little - I can't remember the last time I saw her arguing with Rose.

  11. Ha, well since LaurelCrossing said it first, I'll say that I also wondered if Joanna and Betsy had some secret attraction, lol! I was hoping for some hot lesbian drama! ;)

    (But no, no - Rose and Joanna are just too sweet to spoil with any drama!)

    Anyway... lol! Yay for Owen Meany! :)

  12. Laura, LOL, yeah, I agree. They're such a cute couple.

    I have to say that I'm kind of conscious of avoiding too much infidelity-related drama with my gay Sims. I've had four gay couples in the history of the hood and one broke up due to cheating and another came close. I don't want it to look like I'm making some kind of statement about gay marriage or anything!

    Moot though, because I don't see Rose or Joanna as the type to cheat anyway. Rose is up on her moral high horse about fidelity and I don't know if anyone else could deal with Joanna the way Rose does!

  13. I love the idea of a double date for the married couples. Poor Joanna! She's so contrary.

    And hey, maybe Betsy was ordering chicken and waffles? ;) It happens over here (though I must say I can't see the appeal myself).

  14. Rachel, well, Joanna probably would have preferred a date with a different married couple. Joanna is a bit ornery, though she wouldn't describe herself that way.

    Chicken and waffles, eh? Yeah...can't say I see the appeal either!