Friday, 30 September 2011

The delicate place

Round 32: April 2035 (Autumn)
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Lila Sitko and Sophie Gottlieb are both 22.
(James is 60, Camilla and Connor are both 22, Elspeth is 21 and Grace and Everett are both 5)

Narrated by Lila Sitko

Sophie and I have been living together for a few months now and I think we've established a pretty stable routine. I sweep the floors, make the beds, take out the trash, do the dishes and any other chore that involves cleaning and Sophie sits on the couch and watches TV.

The only thing she really does to contribute to the household is cook. She'll do that any time, because she adores it.

She cooks pretty damn well too, so I forgive her for her almost complete lack of domesticity. I haven't eaten so well since I was living at home and Grandpa was doing all the cooking.

Home is the only place Sophie can express herself creatively with her food right now, because she's stuck working fast food.

She's the manager, which is something, I guess. But Sophie says all that means is she's the one in charge of getting her teenage employees to stop goofing off. The difference between her pay and their pay is hardly worth the extra responsibility and workload.

In contrast, I really love my job. I have authority over no one but that will come one day. I'm prepared to work for it.

In the meantime, my boss isn't so bad. He's a little stuffy but he's Connor's dad, so I knew what to expect.

I'm the only young woman around here but I have a lot of co-workers around my age.

It's a good place to work and I can see myself here for a long time.

I'm still glad I'm not settling into a new job and dealing with two 5-year-olds, like Camilla. She's working insane hours and then comes home to Grace and Everett, who don't really care that she's exhausted. Charlie's good but there's only so much he can do. He works full time as well.

I get off at 4 every day, so I offered to take the kids for a night and let Camilla and Charlie go out or just hang out together kid-free at home.

Camilla was only too happy to take me up on it.

I probably don't offer as much as I should. Grace and Everett are good kids but I find it tiring taking care of them even just for a few hours.

They were on their best behaviour though, which was nice. I made them some French toast and we did a breakfast-for-dinner thing.

They spent most of the evening talking about the new puppy and kitten they're getting. I'm pretty sure Camilla and Charlie don't know anything about this puppy and kitten and the twins are just hoping that talking about it enough will make it so.

I was babysitting on my own that night, because Sophie was out on one of her many dates.

That night, it was Seth. Sophie and Seth have been casually dating since last year.

Sophie really likes him but it's never been exclusive.

They're at a point now though, where Seth wants to get serious with Sophie and she's just not ready to settle down.

She's getting a little freaked out by it and I don't know how long she'll keep seeing him.

A guy Sophie flirted with a little last year lives in our apartment building and they've picked up where they left off.

They've been out several times, as well as hung out at his apartment.

Freddie seems like a better match for her, in terms of what they want out of a relationship, so maybe it'll be better for both of them.

Both of them want to keep things casual for now. But Freddie doesn't seem to be doing much for Sophie, otherwise.

I asked her about him the other night and she didn't seem enthusiastic at all.

As bad a match as they are, Sophie is much more attracted to Seth than to Freddie, at least physically. When she's with Freddie, she's usually thinking about Seth.

Lately when Sophie goes out, I've been inviting Elspeth over to keep me company. Elspeth has been hanging out with us as a group again but I think one-on-one time is what we really needed to reconnect.

When I first found out Josh had kissed Elspeth, I didn't think I'd ever want to see her again. But before that, we were best friends and I ended up missing that way more than I thought I would. I've always been able to say things to Elspeth that I can't say to Sophie and Camilla. Bitchy things, mostly but I just need to vent sometimes. Elspeth is the same.

We kept it pretty light for a while - just chit chat - but we've started to talk about more serious things lately. I'm the only one Elspeth has talked to about Chris, who she recently broke up with.

She's ready to move past him at this point but he's running around campus, flaunting his 600 girlfriends in her face. It's making it harder.

I've been confiding in Elspeth again as well. She was the first one I told about Connor. It felt so weird to admit it out loud. I've never looked at Connor as anything more than a friend before.

But recently, I'm thinking about him in more of a romantic light. I have no idea how to approach Connor about it, or he's feeling the same way.

Connor is not exactly a demonstrative kind of guy. Elspeth knows that all too well - they used to date a little in high school. So it's definitely going to be something I have to bring up myself.

I think it may be worth taking that risk though. He's so different from Josh and I feel like our friendship could be end up being the basis of something really great. We have so much more in common than I would have assumed before I really got to know him.

He's often not a big talker but once we get going, we can talk for hours, which we've been doing a lot lately.

Connor's brother got married a few months ago, and Connor has been living with him and his wife since then. He's really ready to move out but can't quite afford it yet, so he's just spending as little time at home as possible. I'm not complaining. It's been nice to spend so much time with him.

I know Sophie would be happy if I just went for it with Connor. She's sick of seeing me on the couch every night, instead of being out on the town.

I'm getting kind of sick of that myself, so I decided to go for it and ask Connor out.

I thought I'd dropped a few hints before that but Connor looked a little confused or maybe just surprised.

Once he figured it out, I got more of the reaction I was hoping for.

It was a little strange to be with him in a romantic situation, after being friends for years.

There were a few awkward silences at times but I tried not to let them deter me. I was expecting a little stiltedness.

Even before our food arrived though, we were both a little more relaxed. It didn't take too long to start feeling more at ease.

It turns out that Connor had been feeling the same way about me as I was about him, for the last few months or so. He was relieved that I took it out of his hands by asking him out myself.

We ended up having a really great time together.

We'd made plans to do it again before we even left the restaurant.

I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye after dinner, so I invited Connor back to the apartment.

We didn't go any further than making out on the couch for a while but that was nice. It had been a long time since I'd been with a guy!

We probably would have continued a little longer, had Sophie not arrived home and interrupted.

Connor took that as his cue to leave. We said goodbye outside, even though I'm sure Sophie was listening at the door.

It wasn't exactly necessary. I was always planning on filling her in as soon as Connor left. I knew Sophie would be excited for me that it went so well.

I'm really not the gushy type, so I'm really surprised that I can hardly stop thinking about Connor. I'm trying not to get my hopes up on the basis of one date but it feels really promising so far.


Because my sense of humour often overlaps with that of a 12-year-old boy, I found this hilarious.

But Lila's reaction? Priceless! Although it seemed oddly prudish of Lila, given they'd just made out at the time!

  • Title is from The Delicate Place by Spoon.
  • Lila was still very keen to continue her bonding with Elspeth this session, which was cute. So they got to have a girls' night and spill their guts. Because what else are girlfriends for, right? Anyway, Elspeth is moving into this flat next year. It's three storeys and there's a (very large!) bedroom for Elspeth on the third floor.
  • When Sophie is out with Seth, she rolls romantic wants for him and he does the same for her. He also rolls engagement and marriage wants and Sophie is definitely not up for that. She doesn't seem to be up for poor Freddie at all. When she went on her date with him, she did not roll a single romantic want for him, though she did roll several wants to kiss and flirt with Seth. I don't think either guy is the right one for Sophie but she's young and she has time to find him.
  • Okay, Connor and Lila: prepare for some major babble! I think I said in the college updates last year that I'd saved some romance stuff for this gang that didn't fit in last year. But it didn't quite go the way I was planning. When they were still at the dorms, Connor was rolling romantic wants for Sophie. I don't see them together, at least not long-term, but I was going to see if they wanted to have a little fling or something. I teleported him in though and there was zero interest, on either side. So okay...I guess Connor had a brief crush on Sophie and he's over it now.
  • Connor and Lila had a generic social want (talk, play, something like that), so I let them fulfill it with each other. As soon as they'd done that, their panels filled with romantic wants for each other, including specifically wanting to go out on a date with each other. I couldn't say no to that, could I? ;) I can more easily picture Lila and Connor together than Connor and Sophie!
  • I was not expecting them to be so into each other though! They're only two bolts (not a particularly high two bolts either - the attraction score is 75) but they're crazy about each other. They want to flirt and kiss all the time, even when they're not on a date. Connor is Knowledge/Popularity and Lila is Fortune/Knowledge, so this is quite unusual, at least in my experience. And it's unusual for Connor full stop! He so rarely rolls romantic wants at all. He doesn't even roll those stupid "Fall In Love With My Ex" wants that all Sims roll, even though he has two exes he could roll them for.


  1. I haven't commented in ages although I've read all of your previous updates.

    I never would've guessed that Lila and Connor would get together. They do make a cute couple though.

    Sophie's still so young that it's no wonder she doesn't feel ready for a commitment. She was with Jack for so long that I think it's only good for her to take things more lightly for a while. She has plenty of time to find Mr Right.

  2. Wow color me surprised! I never saw these two together! I always had a hard time seeing someone for Connor, but I do think these two are cute together. And she seems to like him and his oddities. Loved the work shots! Poor Sophie, that's not a fun job at all. And the french toast! Way too cute, we seriously just had that for dinner an hour ago, my kids love doing that breakfast for dinner bit, so it was a little funny to see it happening here.

    Glad Sophie isn't rushing to marry, Freddie isn't the cutest, and Seth isn't bad... but she can do better! Plus wait! I like roommates, she has to stay put a while. Can't wait to have Elspeth move in with them, and so glad the two girls are becoming pals again.

  3. Awww, this was a fun update! Lila and Connor! Wow, I never would have guessed either, though I do think Connor in his fussiness is kind of cute, so go Lila! :)

    That first picture of Sophie on the couch had me LOLing! Well, at least she cooks well! ;)

    And LOL, I also hope these girls don't hook up too fast! I love reading about roomies too!

  4. I too wouldn't have guessed Conner and Lila, but it makes sense. Can't wait to see Elspeth join this crew. Sophie does cook some yummy dishes, however it would be nice if she did a bit more for the household :P

  5. Sari, I had wondered about Connor and Lila, over the past two years or so, because I hadn't noticed that Lila wasn't as playful as most of my other Sims and Connor is quite serious. But yeah, I didn't plan it! I like them together though.

    Yeah, Sophie and Jack were together for six years and I don't think that was something she was ever planning on. She's taking advantage of her freedom right now and she's at the perfect age to do that kind of thing.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, yeah, I was the same. I did have trouble seeing anyone as a good match for Connor but I think Lila might be great for him. They've been good friends since their freshman year at Suffolk, so they know each other quite well. Lila knows what she's getting with Connor, whereas Elspeth and Audrey probably didn't.

    LOL, I was hungry for French toast when I wrote that. It eased my craving just a tiny bit. ;) I still love having breakfast for dinner now.

    I definitely don't think Sophie or Lila are in any rush to get married, so never fear. Sophie especially is just having fun right now. I don't know how much longer Freddie or Seth will be in the picture. Neither guy is right for her.

    Thanks for reading!

    Laura, yeah, I have a massive soft spot for Connor and his fussy ways too, so I'm glad to see him with a girl he seems actually into! I didn't know if it would ever happen!

    Ah, if nothing else, Sophie keeps Lila well-fed. I don't imagine she's the type to be bothered with things like cleaning.

    I love reading about, writing about and playing roomies. ;) I can see these girls (plus Elspeth) living in this kind of situation for a good while yet.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, once I get them both settled down, I'll share who Connor's one true love is, according to ACR! I think they'd be a terrible pair and Lila makes much more sense for him. Just goes to show that attraction scores aren't everything.

    Ha, Lila would agree. Sophie's lack of concern for cleaning is due mainly to her laziness, as opposed to being a slob. It's just immensely more appealing to her to sit on her bum. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Connor and Lila - it makes perfect sense really. They seem so right together. I could see the two of them feeling awkward together. They're pretty cute together. I don't know why I didn't think of these two earlier.

  7. Choco, I don't think anyone thought of these two together, based on comments so far! But they do seem like a good match on paper and I'm really impressed that they seem to be acting like it in game as well. I'm still stunned about Connor rolling specific romantic wants for someone and rolling them a LOT! LOL, it must be true love!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. There's a match that never crossed my mind, but now that it's happened, I can totally see it and wonder how I missed it before. For Lila's sake, I hope this works out. I'm also glad she's continuing to bond with Elspeth. It's just sad when girlfriends fall out over a guy.
    Poor Sophie. She just can't seem to win. But she's got a load of time to work out what and who she wants in her life.
    I'm going to miss them when they go their separate ways, just like Josie, Claudia and Patience.

  9. Fini, heh, Lila and Connor might be wondering how they missed it themselves, because they really do seem well-suited. I hope it works out too.

    Too many friendships have been ruined by boys. Elspeth and Lila are both willing to work at getting their friendship back to where it was though, so fingers crossed they'll be all right from her on in.

    Sophie isn't too down on her current life situation. She's not desperate to settle down, so she's happy to wait for the boy situation to work itself out. And the job sucks but she knows even if she never gets promoted, she'll own her granddad's restaurant one day. Good things come to those who wait. ;)

    I always miss my roommate groups a little when they split up but I usually have other groups ready to take their place, so not for too long!

    Thanks for reading!

  10. I am a Connor girl, so was pleased to see him again! A very well suited couple I would say, and whoa, Connor! Quite the kiss. I also am enjoying the roomie tales, can't wait to hear more~

  11. Drew, heh, there are a couple of Connor fans around here! That was quite a passionate kiss on the couch there, lol. What can I say? It had been a long time for both of them!

    Plenty more roomie tales to come!

    Thanks for reading!

  12. So Lila and Connor ... they actually make sense, at least in my head they do :) For some reason they seem to have more in common than any of their previous partners.
    I'm glad they both found love again, and I can't wait to see where they are heading.

    I'm so hoping Sophie will find some one as well, but she seems to be enjoying her life as it is at the moment, and she's young, she still has time :)

  13. Tanja, heh, Lila and Connor make sense in my head too, so I'm glad others can see it as well. I don't think Lila is particularly romantic, like Audrey was and I don't think she requires as much attention as Elspeth did. Josh was hung up on Elspeth for most of his relationship with Lila, so they were probably doomed from the start. I think she and Connor have a good shot at staying together though.

    I'm sure Sophie will find someone but so far, I have no idea who that might be! She's not telling me there's anyone she's especially keen on yet, so she's just having fun in the meantime.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. First off. Sophie is gorgeous! She just gets prettier and prettier as she ages.

    I really like the shots of Lila at work. The office looks great (and so does Jack in his suit LOL). Poor Sophie being stuck in fast food but I’m sure she’ll be able to move up the ranks quickly.

    Aww, Grace and Everett are just too cute, but I bet they are tiring. Too funny that they’re talking about their new puppy or kitten that doesn’t even exist yet.

    LOL at Connor not getting the subtle hints Lila was dropping. Boys are so clueless! But I’m glad he finally figured it out and agreed to go out with her. I’m glad they had a blast during their date (and afterwards) and that they’re so into each other! It must mean something if Connor’s rolling up all those wants. And I still LOL at those pics of Connor looking at Lila’s boobs.

  15. Danielle, Sophie is very pretty. I'm glad someone inherited Amelia's eyes!

    LOL, Jack looks good even in that awful cheap EA suit? I was too lazy to buy him a proper one. ;) I still need to fix up that office a little. Several rooms don't have lights and I have to keep moving the existing lights around when I want pictures in the dark rooms!

    Grace and Everett are really keen on this puppy/kitten. They have had those wants since they aged up and they're not locked either. I guess they're excited, so I just can't imagine they wouldn't be pestering any adult they can with it.

    Boys can be clueless in general but Connor is especially clueless, at least in romantic situations. I think he and Lila will be a really good pairing. I mean, look how much he likes her rack, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

  16. LOL! I love that picture of Connor's wayward eyes. :)

    I can see Connor and Lila getting along very well. I love that she had to ask him out--poor Connor just doesn't really know what to do.

  17. Rachel, Connor just couldn't resist a peek, apparently! I catch Sims doing that all the time but I've never had the other Sim react to it like Lila did!

    Connor and Lila didn't really click as friends until college but they've got along really well since then. All of Connor's relationships have been initiated by the girl, which is rather fortunate for him. I don't know how he'd begin to approach that!

    Thanks for reading!

  18. *jaw drop* I had things to say about Sophie and her dates, about Lila and the Benton's kids, but I've just forgotten everything when I saw Lila and Connor dating! Awwww (not sure I have to be happy or jealous... *lol*)
    I love how it goes almost quietly (though what a passionate kiss! ... mmm... I might decide to be jealous... :p)

    *lol* at the outtakes.

    PS: all their foods look so yummy... It makes me hungry just to read your stories! :D

  19. Sandy, Connor and Lila getting together was most definitely the biggest event of this update! I'm pleased they got together but I am so surprised that they're so into each other already. I guess the passionate kiss on the couch was partly that and partly that it's been a long time since either of them have had any contact with the opposite sex!

    Wow, I didn't realise how many pics I had of Sims eating in this update, lol.

    Thanks for reading!