Friday, 2 September 2011

You say it's your birthday, January 2035

Last year's January birthdays were kind of short but I think this year makes up for it, with a whopping 17 birthdays! 17!

First up are the 4-year-olds - there will be six new students for pre-school teacher Mrs Gray this year.

Daphne Kirby...

Felix Lane...

Joaquin Miguel, son of playable NPCs Amber Dawn and Elmer Miguel...

Keira Romilly...

Michael Gottlieb...

...and Thomas Moretti.

There are also two new students for Sullivan High School this year.

Brendan Lachance has just turned 12 and wants to join the SCIA when he's older.

Caitlin Romilly will also be starting Grade 7, though unlike Brendan, she has no idea what she wants to do when she grows up.

Anthony Moretti has just arrived on the Suffolk University campus, where he'll be taking some general classes, until he figures out what he wants to study.

Twin sister Veronica has planned on becoming a teacher for a long while, so she will be majoring in Education, with a minor in Art.

Just as the Moretti twins are beginning university, Camilla Sitko is finishing her time at Suffolk.

She is graduating with a degree in Art and a 3.8 GPA.

She has just moved into an apartment in Sullivan with boyfriend Charlie and their kids Grace and Everett. She will be working as an intern with fashion designer Olivia Nihill.

Camilla's twin sister, Lila Sitko is also graduating this year.

Lila's degree is in Economics and she earned a 3.9 GPA.

Lila has moved to an apartment in Exeter and is working as a junior executive in the corporate sector.

University was not a breeze for Sophie Gottlieb but she's finally finished!

Sophie is graduating with a 3.0 GPA and a degree in Philosophy.

Grandpa Adam Gottlieb is not quite ready to hand over the reins of his restaurant The Claudette to Sophie, so she's working the drive-through at a local fast food joint for the meantime. She will be rooming with Lila in Exeter.

Our final graduate this year is Connor Novak.

Connor earned a perfect 4.0 GPA while at university and now holds a degree in Economics.

Connor is (temporarily) living with big brother Ethan and Ethan's fiancée Maia. He hasn't been able to achieve his dream of joining the SCIA just yet but is working for a private detective agency until he can.

Meanwhile, Connor's dad, James Novak, is celebrating his 60th birthday!

Obviously, James's twin sister, Naomi Novak is also turning 60.

And grandmother of three, Zelda Benton, is also now 60.
  • Business first! So the election is now over - thanks to all 94 of you who voted! That's insane - I was expecting maybe half that amount of votes.
  • The race for governor was a landslide! Zaria Royce-Nihill will be the new governor of Sullivan with 78% of the vote (74 votes in total) with the other 21% (20 votes) going to Eliot. I don't know what happened to the other 1% - some people must have cast their ballots improperly, so they didn't count. ;)
  • Education Representative was very close but in the end, Tatiana Lachance took it with 51% (43 votes), while Kendal Draper just missed out with 48% (41 votes).
  • Housekeeping: new play schedule and student index is up and all profiles are updated (and Sam Whitney finally has one!) I have not updated the playable NPCs page yet but hopefully I will get that done in the next couple of days.
  • Phew! That's definitely my biggest pre-school class ever! I can see a lot more of Luc in Felix, now that he's older. Keira...well, I was kind of expecting that. The poor thing inherited Victoria's mouth (which I kind of screwed up when I did surgery on her when she was a kid) but as I said on her first birthday, she does turn out okay in the end! I aged her up to check.
  • Caitlin, on the other hand, I could not be happier with. I adore her! Brendan is a cutie too, only I just realised he has the same hairstyle as his big brother Dominic. Oh well...maybe he idolises him. Caitlin is Family/Popularity and Brendan is Family/Knowledge.
  • I've been wanting to get a bit more specific with the majors recently and I'm finally getting it started. The Maxis majors don't really fit a lot of careers but I didn't want to add any custom majors (and get yet more professors), so I'm just pretending with Veronica's major. Her real major is just Art.
  • Camilla and Charlie are living in Azure Court, just across from Susannah and Sam. Lila and Sophie are living in the same apartment building Matilda and Miles used to live in (and where Dominic's girlfriend Leslie still lives) but in a much bigger apartment! I'm decorating their apartment and their favourite colours - orange and brown - work very well together, which is always nice.
  • I think I said I was going to have Naomi dye her hair but I just can't change her hairstyle. I'm very attached to it (and she has some pretty insane brows going on anyway). I'm just going to think of her as kind of like Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada, except less bitchy. ;)


  1. 17 birthdays, wow!

    All the kids look adorable, but Keira and Felix are my picks. Could Felix be any cuter?

    I was looking forward to this birthdays post especially because of Caitlin. Not only because I wanted to see her as a teen, but I think it marks 12 sim years of me reading your blog.

    Naomi is such a beautiful elder! I'm glad you kept her hairstyle. A nicer Miranda Priestly, lol :D

  2. Oops, I meant Daphne, not Keira. Keira's mouth does look pretty strange now but if you say she grows into it I believe you ;)

  3. Long time no see at the blog... I've been reading though! Just been slacking with the commenting.

    My first thought(s) on seeing Caitlin: "Uh-oh, trouble!", "OMG it's Lily Evans!*" and "I can imagine she's sweet with her siblings". I also immediately thought she had to be family or popularity, looking at her profile it turns out I was pretty spot on :P

    But yeah, if she ends up with a guy in glasses with dark messy hair (not Connor, a bit (a lot!) too old for her!) with a mischievous streak I'll officially dub her "Lily" and her SO "James" :P

    In other HP related news, Brendan reminded me of Remus... I MIGHT have been a bit of a HP Harry Potter's parents era-geek for the past week, hence the HP-references :P

    And YAY! Camilla graduated! I love the apartment you made for her and Charlie so can't wait to see them move into it and live in it :) And goodness, Naomi is OLD (or an elder, but you know.. she has white hair!).. I remember her being a teen and... Wow! And really, James too?!

    *Harry Potter's mother for anyone who's wondering

  4. Flit, I know, I really love Felix. He was the cutest toddler too, of Luc and Asha's kids. He's a perfect mix.

    And yeah, Keira...I'm starting to wonder if I remembered to make Victoria's plastic surgery genetic or not. If you look at Victoria when she was a kid (the pic in the profile is post-plastic surgery), her mouth is larger than Keira's is. But it could just be the photo. Like I said though, she turns out okay, so I'm not going to worry too much.

    Oh, is that when you started reading? That feels like so long ago now, when Caitlin was born!

    Miranda Priestly! Yeah, that's her. I was too lazy to look up the name last night. ;) She and Naomi both have the assymetrical white hair thing going on!

    Thanks for reading!

    Valneanne, Caitlin? Trouble? LOL, you may be right! She's a good kid though, in general. Brendan got Family just via personality points but I had it earmarked for Caitlin because she's always rolling up wants to call and become friends with all these random family members.

    I sure am glad for your explanatory footnotes with all the HP references because I've never read the books or seen the movies. I'll have to look up pictures of Lily, James and Remus now, so I can see what you're talking about!

    Feels like the end of an era with Camilla graduating! I still haven't had a chance to play that apartment building for more than 10 minutes, so I'm looking forward to her family this round as well as Susannah and Sam.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Wow, great updates on everyone, that is a ton of birthdays. Can I say I find Connor just adorable? Something about the sexy nebbish, maybe it's the glasses, Would love to see him in detective mode~

  6. Wow, that's a lot of birthdays. I can't wait to see Lila and Sophie together and where Conner will eventually end up.

  7. Drew, tell me about it! It took me like three days to get through all these age-ups and subsequent makeovers. ;)

    I love Connor too - he'll likely have a bigger role this round than he did last round, so you'll see lots more of him.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, I seem to usually have a really huge birthdays post the year following a really quiet one.

    I'm looking forward to playing Lila and Sophie too, as well as all my other roommate households (there are a couple that formed last year which I haven't played yet). Where Connor will end up is still up in the air but you can see in the play schedule that wherever he lives, it'll be with Josh. But he has to graduate first!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Wow Caitlyn is absolutely adorable! She's not even what I pictured her being, and Sophie was a surprise for me too! She has more definition/longer face that I anticipated her having. Anthony is a cutie pie, and Victoria too, I'll admit I never thoguht they were the most gorgeous, but they've really aged up well. Camilla and Lila are gorgeous as ever. Just so much going on here, Zelda looks fabulous, love the idea of her from Meryl, if that woman isn't awesome I don't know who is! She always amazes me in her rolls. Connor is adorable too, his eye shape changed, and wow Kiera's mouth is definitely unusual, did you jsut check as adult that it's ok, or did you check other ages? Curious how long we have to wait to see how she's looking (mouth wise).

    This was so fun!!! My brain won't keep half of these straight, I'll have to come back and double check here for a bit, especially with that preschool group!

  9. Congrats to all the graduates! I can't believe they're done already!

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with Caitlin and Daphne! They are both so adorable; I'll be very impatiently waiting for both their updates! Keira- I'm sure she'll grow into that mouth, and even if she doesn't; not everyone can be pretty, right!? That would just be boring! ;)

    Great update! :)

  10. Carla where did you get Caitlin's, Daphne's, and Veronica's hairs?

  11. Wow, this was a lot :)

    You always have such pretty sims!! I'm not sure about Keira at the moment, though I don't think she's ugly, but I believe you when you say she will be growing into it :)

    I absolutely love Daphne and Cailyn! I was always a huge fan of Cailtyn, and I still am. I can't wait to see what she's up to now that she's a teen :)

    I couldn't believe it when I saw Anthony and Veronica are already 18!! It seemed like just yesterday I read the post where they were turning 12!!

  12. Maisie, actually, Caitlin isn't quite how I pictured here either, even though I aged her up to check what she'd look like! She kept way more of her child facial features than I remember, which is good. Sophie looks exactly the same as an adult as she did as a YA to me though - maybe I should do a comparison.

    The Moretti twins turned out very nicely. They get better and better looking as they age. Veronica looks much more like Cara than I was expecting - it's almost like she has Cara's features on Caleb's face.

    I think I checked Keira as a teen and her mouth was okay. But I'm getting curious, lol, and I'm probably going to check her again today. Just to see!

    LOL, don't know if my own brain is going to keep these guys straight either!

    Thanks for reading!

    coolkat2, oh, you'll be waiting a while for both Caitlin and Daphne's updates but hopefully they'll show up in other updates before then (Caitlin definitely will be in the high school update, obviously).

    Ha, I think the mouth needs to grow into Keira actually, rather than the other way around! She should be okay though, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

    savannahsims, Veronica I have no idea. Daphne's hair is a Nouk mesh but someone else's textures - no clue whose. Have no idea about Caitlin's mesh either but that is my Pookleted version of the textures.

    Tanja, LOL, it really was a lot! I warned you though! ;)

    I actually don't think Keira is ugly either - it's just the mouth, the poor thing! She's going through an awkward stage.

    I'm a bit terrified of teen Caitlin! We'll see what she gets up to at school, I guess. Hopefully no kissing yet. ;)

    I know, Anthony and Veronica seemed to grow up really fast to me as well. And poor Anthony still hasn't had his first kiss - as soon as I aged him up, he was desperate to remedy that!

    Thanks for reading!

  13. I love your blog! I read it all the time and I've even gotten attached to some of your sims like Nicholas and Patience. I played the sims 3 a lot and now I've gotten the sims 2 and your blog has made me want to start my open. My biggest question concerning the whole process is how you keep the neighborhood in sync? Do you think you could make a post kind of explaining your gameplay?

  14. Tatum, I'm glad you're enjoying Sullivan. I have several posts explaining my game play in the side bar. At this point, I don't really know what else there is to talk about regarding my game play! This post, in particular, will probably have some useful information for you.

    Thanks for reading!

  15. Aw, Caitlin is still a treasure! And so is Thomas!! (I've always loved the Romily & Moretti genes, anyway!) Lila soooo looks like her mother!!

  16. Sandy, I'm pretty happy with how everybody turned out this time. Well...Keira is a bit of a worry but she improves, if I'm not misremembering!

    Lila really does look a lot like Kirstin. I didn't notice it for a long time, because she has David's face shape but everything else is Kirstin!

    Thanks for reading!

  17. Aww, Daphne is so adorable! She’s so stinking cute. Felix and Thomas are cuties, too. Caitlin grew up gorgeous like I thought she would. I can see her giving Finn a heart attack with the boys, soon! Veronica and Anthony are great looking sims and I didn’t expect anything less from Connor with his 4.0. He’s a genius lol. And I think I’ve loved Sophie since she was a toddler/child and I still do. She’s so cute! Oh, and I don’t think it’d be Naomi if she didn’t have that hairstyle. So I’m glad you didn’t change it ;).

    Ok Blogger… last time! Stop eating my comments!

  18. Danielle, damn, you're not the only one having trouble with commenting. :\ Whisper Doll sent me her comment via PM at N99 because she couldn't make it post. Get it together, Blogger!

    Anyway, I did get some cuties this time. Felix looks much more like Luc than I realised. But I love Luc, so that's okay.

    Oh gosh...Caitlin dating! I don't even know if Finn is ready for Declan to be dating (though I get the impression that Declan might be ;), let alone Caitlin! And she'll be much more of a worry too, I'm sure!

    Thanks for reading!

  19. Caitlin is such a perfect mix of her parents! And Anthony Moretti--such a dreamboat...those Moretti men!

    I love that Connor wants to go into the SCIA and that he's a private investigator right now! He reminds me more and more of my Nick all the time! No wonder I adore him. :)

  20. Rachel, I love teen Caitlin. She really got the best features of Finn and Victoria. Anthony didn't turn out too badly either. ;)

    I'm always reminded of your Nick when I play Connor but I hadn't even thought about their careers being alike too. LOL, more and more similar every time I think about them!

    Thanks for reading!