Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Middle of nowhere

Round 31: March 2033 (Autumn)
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Jack Benton and Audrey Lachance are both 21 and Chris Draper and Edward Lachance are both 18.
(Sophie is 20, Elspeth is 19 and Lucy is 18)

Narrated by Jack Benton

It's such a relief to have Julia finally gone from the dorm. I think she was a big part of why I've never liked dorm life too much.

It's nice to have a conversation without Julia glaring at me from across the room or storming in to start a fight with me. Even so though, I still think I would have preferred living anywhere but the dorms.

At the very least, it would have meant I wouldn't have to watch Chris making out with my cousin all over the dorm.

Chris and Elspeth used to date in high school and he invited her over here, to "catch up".

From there, Chris didn't waste much time making a move on her.

They've hardly been apart at all since then.

I don't really know how serious it is but Elspeth has spent the night here in Chris's room at least once, so it's at least that serious, I guess.

I'm a little worried about Elspeth. She says she's fine but she's on the outs with her friends at the moment and I don't know if she's making the best decisions.

If things didn't work with Chris the first time, why would they work now? What's changed?

She didn't react too well to that, so I'm staying out of it from now on. I was uncomfortable enough asking her about it in the first place but I felt like I should be watching out for her or something.

Edward is more worried about Chris. Edward isn't too fond of Elspeth.

Elspeth dumped Chris quite suddenly a couple of years ago and he thinks it might happen again.

I never really got to know Edward much when he was younger - I always hanging out with Audrey and he was just her little brother.

But he's a good guy and it's cute to see how excited Audrey is to have him in the dorms with us. She's very close to her brothers.

I knew Edward was dating Julia's younger sister but was a little wary about getting to know her. I am fully convinced that Julia is clinically insane and was sure Lucy had to have something in common with her.

But it turns out she's very sweet, although extremely shy. I remember she had a little crush on Charlie at one point but I never really spoke to her much. I guess she's over that now, as it seems like she's really into Edward.

They can only see each other on weekends at the moment. Lucy's working all day and Edward's classes are in the evening.

Edward's really missing her but there's not much they can do about it at the moment. Lucy's only been at her job a few months and she can't really go asking her boss to change her hours just yet.

I know I've been really quiet and distant around Sophie lately, because I just don't know what to say to her.

It would be so much easier if Sophie had cheated on me or if we were fighting all the time. But it's nothing like that at all.

But I'm in love with someone else and I don't think staying with Sophie is fair to anyone. Every time I'm with her, I'm thinking about Audrey.

I took Sophie up to my room so we could talk in private. I wasn't sure how she was going to react and I definitely didn't want to say what I had to say where anyone could wander by.

I really hadn't figured out how I wanted to say it and I ended up just blurting out that I didn't think we should see each other any more.

I thought maybe Sophie might have sensed something was wrong lately, but she looked surprised. And of course, she wanted to know why I wanted to end it.

I told her the truth. I told her that I hadn't cheated on her but I also didn't think I should be with her if I was always thinking about someone else.

Then she wanted to know who the someone else was. I had been hoping she wouldn't ask that but I had to tell her.

Sophie wanted to leave then. She hadn't cried during the whole conversation but looking at her standing at the door, I could tell she was about to.

I think I did the right thing in being honest with Sophie but I still felt horrible, dumping her after six years together. But I couldn't just keep going out with her out of guilt.

I didn't plan to get together with Audrey so quickly after breaking up with Sophie. It's only been a week or so but it really did just happen.

I had a presentation to do for class and I wanted Audrey's opinion on it, so she came into my room to listen.

And the way she looked up at me when I was done, I couldn't help but kiss her.

I felt like I'd been waiting to do it for so long and I knew I wanted to be with her and I didn't see the point in waiting any longer.

If Audrey hadn't stopped me, I definitely would have led her over to my bed but she's not ready for that yet. She wants to be a little more cautious with this.

No one knows about us yet and we're going to keep it that way. The timing is not great and neither of us want to rub our relationship in Connor or Sophie's faces.

Hopefully, nobody figures it out before we're ready. I think there's a chance Edward might start to catch on but he wouldn't say anything anyway.

It's best for everyone that we keep this private for now but I can't wait until we can be completely open about it. It's going to be a long couple of months.

Extras:Elspeth found that losing her virginity wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

Chris, on the other hand...well, he was pretty thrilled with losing his.

So Elspeth thought she better at least pretend she thought it was good and plastered on this not-quite-convincing smile! Seriously, open the full-size version of this one - you don't get quite the effect otherwise.

Audrey's not-very-impressed faces were cracking me up! My girls were hard to please this round, apparently!

  • Title is from Middle of Nowhere by Hot Hot Heat.
  • As soon as I loaded the lot, Chris had the want to talk to Elspeth. Once I let him do that, his panel filled with romantic wants for her. I don't know how they'll go this time but I have no specific plans for them at the moment, so whatever. Have fun. Or don't, in Elspeth's case, if those pics of her in bed with Chris are anything to go by!
  • Jack looks crazy short next to Edward but Edward is just very, very tall. I think he might be the tallest Sim I have in the hood at the moment.
  • So Audrey and Jack: after he broke up with Sophie, I was watching both of them, just to see what they'd do. If there was no ACR action between them, I would have written differently. But Audrey jumped him in approximately 5 seconds (and this was their real first kiss, if you're curious - it just struck me as funny), so I wrote it this way instead. And they are super-cute together, so I couldn't resist. ;) But I do think Jack and Audrey are both more tactful than to flaunt it in front of their exes, or anyone else, so they'll be keeping it quiet for a little while.
  • As bad as Jack felt breaking up with Sophie, ending things was probably somewhat of a relief for him. It's probably something he should have done a while ago. But I do feel sorry for poor Sophie. Six years is a long time, especially since Sophie was 14 when she started dating Jack. But on the flip side, six years is a long time and this could end up being a good thing for her too. She's never even kissed a guy besides Jack, so once she nurses her broken heart a little, she can get out there and be young and free. ;)


  1. Wow, I'm glad Jack and Audrey are keeping things quiet for now. I am excited that they're together...finally :) Elspeth, yikes. Your teaser photo at N99 made me think that it was Josh that she was with, I never expected Chris. Yikes, I fear that his heart will be broken again.

  2. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I'm not really happy about Jack and Audrey. I really don't like Audrey (I wish I could say why, but I think it's just something that happened as I read entries with her in them somehow... Hm, I might try re-reading them just so I can find out where it's from :P) and right now I don't much care for Jack either. Guess I'm a Sophie-fangirl?

    And I oddly get why Elspeth did what she did, though whether it'll end well is another matter it makes a lot of sense to me (though I bet she'll regret it in some way or another later).

    And I really adore Lucy and Edward, I really do :)

  3. Wow! The college years... This update had a little bit of everything! Break ups, hook ups, lost virginity... I really like how you wrote this. It was like I was watching a soap opera without all the cheesy acting and insane amounts of murder LOL. I am cracking up at Elspeth's face after her first woohoo. And then I lmao'd at Chris's face. I'm shocked she hooked up with Chris again but who knows what's going on with her right now. As long as their having fun, I guess. They're still young.

    As much as I'm sad that Jack and Sophie broke up, I'm happy to finally see him and Audrey together! It's been building up to this forever! I really like how you did the break up. I wanted to cry for Sophie though :(. Poor thing. And I'm glad they're both considerate enough to not flaunt their love in their exes' faces. I can't wait to see more of these 2 together :)

    LOL I can see why you didn't use their real first kiss picture. But thanks for sharing it anyway!

  4. Yes! Finally Jack and Audrey are together!! It is probably a good idea to avoid public display though, especially in front of Sophie and Connor. We don't want what happened with Julia to repeat itself! Lol.
    I do feel bad for Sophie though. After six years together, it must be hard to break up, especially when you did absolutely nothing wrong. Hopefully she finds someone special soon! :)
    Lucy and Edward are adorable btw.:)
    And LOL at the pic of Elspeth in bed. Maybe she should of thought twice before doing it with her ex.;)
    Great update!:)
    Great update!:)

  5. Btw.. I forgot to ask. I just updated my blog and for some reason, I've noticed that on other blogs' blog lists, it shows I haven't updated in a week. Do you know any way that I can fix it? Thank you so much!:)

  6. I disappeared for a while but it seems I started reading again just in time! I've always been a secret Audrey/Jack shipper. As for Elspeth.. oh dear. I wonder if she's just confused and back with Chris because he's familiar and comfortable? It had to be a blow to her confidence, having Josh kiss her only to say it didn't mean anything. I only hope she doesn't regret it too much.

    And... now that Audrey and jack are together I'm going to wave my Elspeth/Josh flag :)

  7. Yes! Audrey and Jack, Audrey and Jack! Ok, now that's out of my system ;) I do feel bad for Sophie though, it's not easy being dumped for another girl after 6 years together. I hope she gets to have some fun!

    LOL at Elspeth! Talk about faking it! It seems so hasty to jump into bed with Chris but I guess it's a good way to show everyone that she really doesn't want Josh herself. I just hope Chris doesn't get his heart broken for the second time.

  8. LOL at Elspeth's expression! I've never seen a Sim do that after woohoo. And Chris looks so pleased and proud of himself too, lol.

    I do wonder how those two will fare this time around. Especially if she still has feelings for Josh.

    I'm glad that Jack was finally honest with Sophie. Now she has the chance to find someone who really wants to be with her. I'm glad that Audrey and Jack are keeping things quiet for now. And I love Jack's foot pop in their real first kiss picture, lol! ;)

  9. Poor Sophie. Six years is a long time, and to have Jack just fall out of being "in" love with her, kind of stinks. I hope she is able to find someone better suited for her. I'm glad Jack and Audrey aren't flaunting their new relationship. They are cute together, and much better suited than she is with Connor. And he doesn't seem as socially active as Sophie, so hopefully she can find someone who likes to be.

    Oh Elspeth and Chris! I didn't see that one coming! 99% sure that this won't end with them together! Hopefully it will be a nice mutual ending at some point in time.

    Lucy and Edward are beyond *too* cute together! She's adorable! It's good Jack never had a thing for her, he wouldn't want to marry into that family!

  10. Sorry I took so long to get back to you all! I had no internet connection yesterday, except on my phone. I tried replying to comments on my phone once and it was a pain to type for so long on there!

    Apple Valley, I think Audrey and Jack really have to keep things quiet, lest they be thought of as unseemly! But they really had been waiting a long time - even if you don't count the time Jack liked her and Audrey didn't like him, it's still been about two years now.

    Funny, because I thought for sure people would guess Chris! But yes, this could end badly.

    Thanks for reading!

    Valneanne, aww, really? I adore Audrey and have since she was a little tyke. I'm very attached to her. But I love Sophie too and it was hard for me to break her little pixelated heart. :( But she and Jack aren't right for each other.

    Elspeth's actions are not particularly WTF-inducing to me either. It makes sense, given the state of mind she might be in at the moment, that she'd go back to Chris. But I agree that she might regret it eventually.

    Lucy and Edward are too adorable. I don't know what's going to happen with them but I hope they stay interested in each other.

    Thanks for reading!

    Danielle, I was about to say that this will be the last break-up of the round but I can't promise that! I think there may be another one coming, so more soap opera shenanigans may follow. ;) But thank you, I'm glad you liked it. This was one of those ones that was kind of hard to write.

    How much fun Elspeth is having is debatable based on that picture, lol! But I'm looking forward to touching on her point of view and am thinking of working her into Ione's update. But there'll be a lot going on then already, so I don't know.

    I think I had already stretched Jack and Audrey out as long as I possibly could! On the plus side, their affections haven't wavered over the past two years, so they really want this. That's upsetting for Sophie and I think even though they're keeping it quiet, it's still going to sting when she sees them together (at least the first time). But it's probably going to be better for Sophie in the long run as well.

    Thanks for reading!

    Continued in next comment...

  11. coolkat2, LOL, I don't know if Sophie or Connor have it in them to "go Julia" but it's considerate of Jack and Audrey to keep their relationship quiet for the meantime anyway.

    I do feel awful for Sophie as well, because she didn't really see this coming. Audrey was the catalyst but if she didn't exist, I think they would have broken up anyway and I think it would have been Jack who initiated it.

    Sleeping with your ex does tend to open up a whole host of issues. Though Chris and Elspeth were quite young when they dated, so it's possible they've both matured since then. We'll see.

    As for your Blogger problem, I don't use the blog list function, so I don't know much about it. I can tell you that I didn't get any notification of a new post from you in my Google Reader either though, so it's not a problem just with the blog list.

    Thanks for reading!

    Renegade, nice to see you around these parts again!

    I've always liked the idea of Jack and Audrey together as well (since they were kids and I noticed how much time Jack spent following her around and looking at her) and I liked it more and more as time went on. They're very cute together and for popularity Sims, they roll a lot of specific wants for each other. That's probably their family secondary coming out there.

    I think you probably have a good point there about Elspeth. Whether she's interested in Josh or not, it would have to have hurt for Josh to say it was "just a kiss". But maybe familiar and comfortable isn't such a terrible thing for her right now. Maybe it's what she needs.

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, heh, I was expecting some excitement at Audrey and Jack finally getting together. Six years is a long time though and Sophie doesn't have anyone else in mind, so it might not be as easy for her to move on. But hopefully, she'll meet someone soon. ;)

    LOL, faking it! Yes, exactly! It does seem a bit hasty for Elspeth to jump into bed with Chris but I guess, better someone she knows than a complete stranger. As for her motives, wanting to rid herself of Josh (or pretend to rid herself of Josh, as the case may be) might be a good guess as to what's going on with her right now.

    Thanks for reading!

    Shana, I'd never seen it either but I'm going to be watching my Sims' post-coital expressions very closely from now on! Chris just looked insanely pleased with himself, didn't he? I'm not too sure about Chris and Elspeth myself but we'll see. They might surprise us all.

    It took Jack long enough to come clean with Sophie but it needed to be done. This is healthier for everyone, even though she's heartbroken right now. Best not to rub it in her face. I'm sure Sophie is expecting to see them together at some point but it's going to hurt, no matter when it happens.

    Guys doing the foot pop always makes me laugh!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, six years is a crazy long time, especially when they were so young when they got together. I think Sophie and Jack will be able to be friends eventually, because they really do get along. Audrey is definitely a better match for him though, in many ways. It wouldn't be hard to find a better match for Audrey than Connor but Jack is definitely up there!

    LOL, Elspeth has been rather fickle with her affections in the past, so I don't blame everyone for thinking this won't last! I don't have much confidence in it myself.

    Ha, no, I think Jack will be avoiding the Grays at all costs! He's been burned, the poor boy! Edward has no such history with them though and he's just head over heels for Lucy. They're very sweet.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Yay for Jack and Audrey!!!

    Just had to get that out. Now, erm...poor Sophie. But it was exactly right that Jack couldn't go on with her when he was in love with someone else. She wouldn't have wanted that kind of relationship, though it has to hurt a lot.

    What in the world is Elspeth doing?! One wonders if she isn't still mixed up about the whole thing with Josh. Her faces were hilarious. :)

  13. Oh wow, I didn't know Jack and Sophie were together for 6 years already! Poor Sophie! Jack did do the right thing, it wouldn't be right if he stayed with her when he was in love with some one else.
    I'm happy for Audrey and Jack though. It has been waiting to happen I think.
    I hope Sophie find some one too!

    I have to say, when you tweeted that picture of Elpeth, I was thinking of her and Josh, and not of her and Chris! So for me it wasn't a spoilet at all!
    Now I come to think of it though, Elspeth and Josh already had their update... :)
    I'm hope Chris doesn't get his heart broken.

  14. What an honorable thing for Jack to do instead of doing something a lot worse. When you've been together with someone for so long, it does come as a bit of a surprise when you like someone else. Poor Sophie! It doesn't look like she'll turn into another Julia so at least that's a bit of a silver lining.

    Elspeth seems to have the same as amount of disappointment most ladies have after their first time. If she's lucky, it can only get better from here.

  15. Tanja, yeah, Jack and Sophie were together a long time, huh? They were pretty happy but when one person is in love with someone else, you can't really sustain the relationship (and probably shouldn't). Jack and Audrey have sort of been dancing around this for forever, so I'm sure they're grateful that I've finally let them hook up. ;)

    Heh, everyone was thinking of Josh, it seems! I guess, based on what's happened so far this round, Josh would have been a less surprising choice! I'm glad I didn't spoil anything. We'll have to see about Elspeth and Chris.

    Thanks for reading!

    Choco, I think Jack probably handled this the best possible way he could. It was always going to hurt Sophie, no matter how he went about it. I think Sophie is more the type to mope around for a while and not so much go crazy! And especially not go crazy for 6 years or however long it's been since Jack and Julia broke up, lol!

    Ha, yes, you just might be right there! Perhaps Elspeth's expectations were a little too high, considering it was Chris's first time as well!

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Rachel, oops, I missed your comment! I totally fail at this catching up thing!

    I'm really unimaginably excited about Jack and Audrey, even with poor Sophie and her little broken heart. But I think she'll see that it was for the best eventually, even though the first time she sees Jack and Audrey together is still going to suck for her.

    Oh, Elspeth...she probably is still a little messed up about the whole Josh thing and feeling isolated from a lot of people she was once very close to. :\

    Thanks for reading!

  17. Aw, I feel sorry for Sophie, but it had to end this way, and they're both very delicate towards their ex-partners. That's lovely! I'm sure they'll be so happy together, that I might even forgive Audrey some day to have dropped Connor. I *might*. :)
    I love the extra pictures! Loved, loved Elspeth's expression!

  18. Fantastic, I loved this, and the extra shots! At least Jack was honest and upfront with his feelings, more than some men are at least. I feel for Sophie, hopefully she will find someone just as quick!
    That look on Elsbeth's face when she lost her virginity...I think it mirrored my own, LOL! Sorry, TMI!

  19. Sandy, I feel bad for Sophie as well but I think Jack ended it as considerately as he possibly could. As I said above, it was going to hurt no matter how he did it. He's very happy with Audrey now but he's still going to keep it quiet for now.

    Heh, well, one of the reasons Audrey dumped Connor was because she was in love with Jack. There were plenty of other reasons as well though, so she didn't have to be quite as explicit about it as Jack did.

    Thanks for reading!

    Drew, I'm so glad! Jack is a pretty private guy, so it wouldn't have been his first instinct to spill all to Sophie, but he understood that he owed that to her in this case.

    Well, TMI or not, you're probably not the only one, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

  20. I LOVE that second shot! The walkway next to the water is just gorgeous!

    I'm kind of surprised Elspeth wasn't happy with her experience. She strikes me as the kind of girl who usually gets what she wants LOL! Chris will have to try harder!

    Poor Sophie. And I laughed over Jack's description of Julia as clinically insane! He's doing the right thing. The relationship with Sophie simply ran its course.

  21. S.B, Criquette's hood deco is just the best! I have those embankments all around my uni hood, because when I replaced Sullivan's terrain, I was sad that there was no place for them any more. :(

    Ha, you do have a point there about Elspeth! I guess, seeing it was the first time, Elspeth wasn't really sure what she wanted and what Chris gave was rather unsatisfying! I'll definitely be watching her facial expressions next time - it's not something I've ever looked for before.

    It's a fairly apt description of Julia, really, unfortunately for Jack! But yes, Jack and Sophie had a good run and they lasted longer than most high school couples do. I think he knows he's done the right thing by her, and by himself.

    Thanks for reading!

  22. Oh, I thought I'd come back to this one already!!!First of all, I totally did read this way back when you first posted it, and I was all like, SQUEEE!!!! They make a lovely pair, if I might say so myself! :D

    I really do feel terrible for poor Sophie though. But better now than later? It would only get tougher to break if they'd left it any longer.

    Elspeth and Chris's face! OMG, lol! Yeah, that's about how a first time goes for a guy vs. a girl! LMAO!

  23. Laura, LOL, I thought you might be pleased! You've been waiting for Jack and Audrey to get it together for a while (which you are obviously not alone on ;)). They're really quite adorable together.

    I think Jack already left breaking up with Sophie later than he should have, so he was lucky it was still quite amicable. He finally just had to be honest with himself, and with her, that he wasn't feeling the same any more. They had a good run, for such a young couple.

    LOL, I'd forgotten about those pics of Chris and Elspeth (what's wrong with me, it was only like 3 weeks ago!) I'm laughing all over again now. Too much like real life sometimes, this game!

    Thanks for reading!

  24. How in the WORLD did I miss this? D: I've been waiting forever for these two to get together. It only makes sense in my mind. Now they can go on and have some pretty babies.

    Sophie was pretty cute, and I feel bad, but I've been rooting for Audrey and Jack since forever!

  25. Lunar, that was about where I was with Sophie too. I love her, I feel bad but this is Audrey and Jack we're talking about - I just had to let them get together finally. They've been dancing around each other since they were 12!

    Thanks for reading!