Sunday, 15 May 2011

Teenage riot, April 2033

Round 31: April 2033 (Autumn)
Principal: Kendal Draper
Teachers: Joanna Draper, Julia Gray
Students: Oliver and Sebastian Gentry are both 17, Anthony and Veronica Moretti are both 16, Noah Gottlieb and Adelaide Sitko are both 15, Mitchell Carmody is 14, Emma Gottlieb, Jessica Royce-Nihill, Eddie and Louisa Gentry and Tim Lane are all 13 and Declan Romilly, Austin and Lauren Carmody and Justin and Xavier Moretti are all 12.

Narrated by Lauren Carmody

This year is my first year of high school and I really like it so far.

My teachers all seem quite happy with how I'm doing. We get our first report cards in a few weeks and I'm not too worried about it. I'm still getting straight As.

Austin though...I think the teachers might have something to say about him!

He's not dumb but he's so lazy about school!

Well, he's lazy about everything but he's the worst with school. That's nothing new though - he's never liked school much.

There are heaps of fun things to do at school as well though - it's not all boring! Miss Gray was teaching our class to make real working toy robots, just like the ones my grandma made for us when we were kids.

And we've made all kinds of other toys too. But Austin never wants to go to any class except art.

It's a wonder he's as good friends with Declan as he is. They're really not much alike at all.

Declan loves school and he always has. Even when everyone else's attention wanders, he's still in his seat.

The best thing about starting high school is that I'm with my friends again! Emma, Jessica and Louisa are all a year ahead of me, so they started here last year and I was left behind.

Now we're in the same class and having so much fun together again.

It's a good thing there are so many kids in Grade 7 and 8, because the older kids pay approximately zero attention to us.

It's a shame, because Louisa's older brothers are both really gorgeous! Especially Oliver.

Of course, they both have girlfriends. It's not like they'd be at all interested in me anyway.

Emma keeps telling me I like every single boy at school anyway, so one or two being uninterested shouldn't be too difficult for me to deal with.

I don't like every boy at school but Emma is right that I do have other options.

I guess that's why I wasn't too heartbroken when Noah started taking an interest in Jessica. I can't say I didn't see it coming. Emma is always complaining about Noah butting in on her and Jessica every time she's over at their place.

It did sting a little when I saw them kissing though.

I wasn't surprised when Jessica told me Noah had asked her out, just a little disappointed.

Jessica's my friend, so I just decided to focus on being happy for her instead.

And besides, by the time Noah moved on to Jessica, I was already getting close to Xavier.

I started Grade 7 with a whole bunch of boys, including my brother, and Xavier was the only one I didn't know that well. We'd been in the same class since pre-school but he's so shy and I never really got to know him.

But once we started high school, we started talking all the time. Usually in the library at lunch time. Xavier likes it there, because it's normally so quiet.

He's usually reading in there but he never seems to mind me talking his ears off anyway. Maybe he does get annoyed sometimes but he's really sweet and probably wouldn't ever say so.

I had never thought about Xavier in that way before but after hanging out with him so much, I noticed how cute he was.

I wanted to kiss him and decided to go for it one day after school. It didn't go quite as I expected.

We both laughed it off but I haven't really been game to try again. It was still pretty embarrassing!

But at least Xavier knows I like him. I'm hoping he might be more likely to ask me out now!

  • Sorry if I have been late replying to comments recently! I have been busy and then when I finally got the time to reply, Blogger decided to go down for two bloody days! This update would have gone up yesterday, had that not happened. :\ I hope that's the last Blogger stuff-up for a long time.
  • There were definitely a few Sims who didn't make an appearance at all this session - 17 didn't seem like so many when I started playing but with teens, it is!
  • Lauren has the want to go on a date with Xavier. This is the fourth boy she has rolled romantic wants for. The others were Noah, Eddie and this play session, Oliver.
  • Before Lauren gets too excited, she might want to wait and see if Xavier's parents would even let him date! Evan and Ione are more conservative than Jesse and Abigail.


  1. I think Emma has a point, it certainly feels like Lauren likes every boy at school! Although I guess in Emma's case it could be the jealousy talking. It'll be interesting to see how long Lauren stays interested in Xavier. It's still cute to see all those first kisses (or attempts of first kisses) :)

    I don't think I've ever seen any students as enthusiastic as Declan in my schools! Instead it feels like I have a bunch of Austins who couldn't care less about school, lol.

  2. Sari, with the exception of her brothers, I'm pretty sure Lauren does like every boy at school! But you're right that part of it is jealousy with Emma. It's tough for her at the moment.

    Xavier is very sweet, so I hope Lauren isn't too fickle with her affections with him. First romances are always so cute.

    Heh, Declan is quite a rarity in my schools as well! Mostly, my kids wander around the classroom playing punch you, punch me!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Austin and Declan make a strange couple of friends, but it's nice that they are friends. Maybe Declan can inspire Austin to work a little bit more, and maybe Austin can take Declan away from his books.
    I still can't believe Declan is a teen!!

    Anyway, I always like you high school updates, so full of teenage hormones.
    I was nice to have view on the children from Laurens point of view, even if it meant we didn't get to see every student.

    I feel for Emma, it can't be easy to see the one you like in love with several guys.

  4. I like how you protrayed Lauren as a typical teen that has just discovered the wonderful world of boys. Blogger was done such a long time for me as well, very frustrating.

  5. Tanja, you probably wouldn't expect Declan and Austin to be friends right off the bat but they are. They've been friends since they were little kids though - I think you can get some surprising pairs with those very long-lasting friendships!

    I think most of the hormones belonged to Lauren this time, lol! I was sure I'd get a couple more first kisses, with so many kids around but nope. We'll have to wait a while longer.

    I'm hoping Emma meets another girl eventually. She brought home the one townie girl who I know is a lesbian and she has negative chemistry with her, lol! She might end up being a late bloomer, which has got to suck even more with Lauren being such an early bloomer. :/ But you never know.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, heh, I hardly had to do any portraying at all! Game play wise, Lauren is extremely boy-crazy and I just had to write around that. She's a lot of fun but hard to keep up with!

    Thanks for reading!

  6. I like how close these girls are, I can't wait to see them at uni! I'm glad Lauren took Jessica and Noah in stride and didn't get too upset. Lauren and Xavier are cute together, I suppose opposites do attract. And omg Declan is too cute! So much like his dad :).

  7. Lauren is so self confident, I'm sure she'll bounce back after the unfortunate incident with Xavier LOL! They are all just amazingly cute. I'm amazed at how you got all of them together in that first shot, that had to be incredibly difficult. It is a fantastic shot!

  8. Mizzgin03, I really love that too. It's been a while since I've had a big bunch of friends like these girls. It'll be fun to watch them as they get older.

    Heh, I think Lauren realises she can't lay claim to every single boy in the school, so she really couldn't be too sore about Jessica and Noah. She has Xavier to focus on right now. ;)

    I know, I love Declan. I could tell from the time he aged to toddler that he was going to be a little Finn!

    Thanks for reading!

    S.B., I'm quite sure you're right about Lauren! Who has a perfect first kiss anyway, right?

    The big class shots get easier every time, as I think of ways to cram so many Sims in the one shot! It's more time-consuming than difficult, I would say, but I'm glad you like it.

    Thanks for reading!

  9. Awww... Teens stories are always so cute. They're great for mixing cuteness and drama, aren't they?

    Xavier looks realy adorable, and what a cute first kiss! (even if it seems a bit painful! *lol*)
    Poor Emma, it's not easy to be in love with a girl who is *so* interested in boys. I liked the "but Emma is right that I do have other options." Believe me, Lauren, when Emma tells you that, she really means [i]other[/i] options. Boys are only one of them. ;)

  10. Boy-crazy Lauren. :) At least she's a good student!

    Xavier is so cute! I wonder if Lauren will sink her claws into him... :)

  11. Sandy, I do love playing and writing for the teens - they're always so much fun!

    I love Xavier - he's my little bookworm and he's very, very sweet with Lauren. But yeah, seeing them together would really suck for Emma. I'm sure you're right about Emma reminding Lauren of her "options"!

    Thanks for reading!

    Rachel, LOL, yes, that's one thing! She's destined for Knowledge secondary, I think, but she doesn't have enough points yet.

    I don't know if Xavier will have much say in it if Lauren wants to sink her claws into him - she's quite a bold girl!

    Thanks for reading!

  12. I really liked this update from Lauren's point-of-view. Typical 12 year old going crazy over boys now that they're all grown up a little now lol. I bet she's hard to keep up with! It seem like her crush changes with the wind. LOL @ what Sandy said. Lauren does have "other" options, in Emma's eyes! I think Lauren's too boy crazy to realize those other options, though LOL.

    I agree that Declan and Austin are strange friends but I have a pair like that in my own hood. I really like following the childhood friendships and the big group of friends like the girls. I have to make more of an effort to keep those friendships active with my sims. It's always fun seeing them grow up together.

    Great update!

  13. Danielle, Lauren is certainly determined to keep me busy! I've never had a teen have so many damn crushes, lol! It makes me worry for her later years. But unfortunately for Emma, Lauren is very, very straight, so there won't be any female crushes, let alone anything happening between the two of them.

    It's really fun to have pairs or groups of friends you can follow from childhood on, like Declan and Austin. It makes my Sims that little bit more realistic to me and it also gives them something else to do other than chase boys or girls all the time!

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Awww, these kids are growing up too fast! And LOL @ Austin! He's only just getting started here, he better find some enthusiasm!

    I totally get Lauren, lol! Especially at that age. Man, I had a crush-list I was so bad - fourteen boys on it! Probably didn't have a chance with any one of them on that list, but I had it just the same! ;)

  15. Laura, yeah, I don't know if Austin will ever be a model student! He's been like that since pre-school. Just one of the laziest kids ever, lol.

    Oooh, I had the longest list of guys I was "in love with" at Lauren's age! And it was really sad, because half of them were like actors and singers. I went to a girls' school, so my list needed some padding!

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Awww! Lauren is so cute! WIth her love of the boys, it's a cute way to get to see all of them and find out what's going on with them.

    Her first kiss was also adorable. Her first fail, but I'm sure she'll be a handful as she grows older.

  17. Lunar, I am quite enamoured of Lauren already. She's so fun and the most boy-crazy Sim I've ever had.

    I have a feeling there'll be many more opportunities for Lauren to practise her kissing skills. I'm hoping she's not as much of a handful as Abigail was though! Teen pregnancy must be like the ultimate handful!

    Thanks for reading!