Friday, 20 May 2011

Fiji baby

Round 31: May 2033 (Autumn)
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Kimberly Carmody is 62, Nick Moretti is 30, Sarah is 28, Thomas is 2 and Ryan is 1.
(Susannah is 23 and Lucy is 18)

Narrated by Sarah Moretti

A few months ago, Mama finally hired somebody to help out at the salon. I'm hoping that Lucy will eventually be able to take over a little and give Mama some days off every now and then. She works too hard.

At the moment, Mama is still there 7 days a week: full days during the week and mornings on the weekends.

Lucy is apparently very good but she's not quite ready to be left in charge without Mama around.

When Mama does finally slow down, she can spend some more time with Thomas and Ryan.

She's so content just being with the family and I do think she's looking forward to at least semi-retiring one day.

I guess I'm biased but Nick and I have produced two unbelievably adorable and sweet little boys. Thomas especially is such a charmer! He was all over Susannah's new boyfriend Sam when they came to visit.

Luckily, Sam was happy to get down on the floor and play with Thomas for a while. He quite likes kids. I don't think Susannah would be with a guy who didn't.

I've been waiting for Susannah and Sam to finally get together for a while now. He's been after her since she broke up with Greg but Susannah has been a bit wary. His persistence has paid off though, obviously.

Mama didn't seem so keen on Sam. She takes a while to warm up to people sometimes though and hopefully, that's all it is.

Sam's persistence might pay off again with Mama, eventually. I have to say, she was a little rude to him at times but he didn't let it faze him.

Personally, I'm so happy for Susannah. Sam seems like a really great guy and that's what she deserves.

It's a new relationship and she's still in that gushy stage but I have my fingers crossed for them.

I think Susannah wants to be a younger mum, like me, so I kind of hope that Sam is "the one" for her.

Having kids has been the best decision Nick and I ever made and I can't wait for Susannah to experience that one day.

We have much less time to spend together one on one now - we're often interrupted the second we get a minute alone.

But we manage and having the boys has been worth it.

Having Thomas and Ryan so close together hasn't been quite as insane as you might assume it would be.

We've been lucky that Ryan is such a good little baby.

He slept through the night from quite early on and he hardly ever cries.

Though he has his cranky moments, like any other baby.

Thomas was very similar to Ryan as a baby but he's walking now, he's a little more challenging!

Thank goodness he's more interested in his toys than splashing around in the toilet or pulling the dog's ears.

But lately, I'm still completely worn out after spending all day with him. Taking care of an active two year-old is exhausting at the best of times but I just feel like collapsing these days.

I knew I didn't quite feel right so I told Nick I thought I might be pregnant.

I think Nick thought I was nuts. Ryan was planned but since then, I've been on birth control.

But I just knew. I've been pregnant enough over the past three years to know what it feels like. The morning sickness I've been having is a big clue. So I took a test.

I had the results confirmed at the doctor's and as I suspected, I was right; I'm pregnant and due in February.

I was expecting to hear those results but it still took a minute to sink in once Cara actually said it.

Nick was stunned when I told him but really excited. He's been trying to convince me to go off my birth control again for a while now. He would love it if all our kids were as close together as Thomas and Ryan are.

I'm a bit more apprehensive. I mean, once this baby gets here, we'll have a newborn and two toddlers. That sounds a little overwhelming.

But my biggest worry is my career. I have a Master's degree and I should be higher up now than I actually am but maternity leave really slows you down.

I just finished my maternity leave with Ryan this month and I feel so out of practice with everything. Now I'll need to take more time off again.

Nick suggested we try something different with leave this time. I could take off as much time as I want or need to and then when I'm ready to go back, Nick can stay home with the kids for a while.

It sounded like a good idea to me but I wanted to make sure it would actually be possible and that it was something Nick really wanted to do.

Nick said he'd love to try it and that he doesn't think it'd be a problem with work. Another guy in his unit did the same thing when his wife had a baby and wanted to go back to work right away.

I don't want to go back to work right away but I love the idea that I can go back after maybe a few months and still know that the baby is at home with one of us, rather than a nanny or something.

It's put to rest at least one of my worries about having a third so soon after our second.

  • Title is from Fiji Baby by Goodshirt.
  • Sam's first appearance was in Susannah's junior year and we saw him again in Susannah's last update. Sam's been quite keen for a while, so I'm sure he's happy.
  • This baby was most definitely not planned - it was another BC failure, just like with Ione and Evan. It actually happened quite literally seconds after Ryan was born. Once the baby arrived, that was the first thing Nick and Sarah decided to do. Sims! Anyway, I figured it would be extremely unlikely for a woman to get pregnant so soon after giving birth, especially if she was on birth control, so poor Sarah has been frozen in a perpetual first trimester since then!
  • Sarah is a Family/Fortune Sim, so she feels a conflict between wanting to be at home and wanting to be at work that someone like Claudia (Pleasure/Family) doesn't feel at all. Sarah has had the want for a promotion locked for quite a while now and she still hasn't fulfilled it. Nick is way up near the top of his career anyway, so he won't mind taking a break as much.
  • These BC failures are making it hard for me to go easy on the babies this round, like I said I was going to! But if Sarah has a boy, I'll forgive ACR. ;) Then I'll be one step closer to my four boy family!


  1. I was wondering how to deal with those pregnancies. I like your idea of freezing the current one until the baby is a bit older.

    I was hoping for a girl...maybe you'll get lucky and Sarah will deliver TWO boys :) All these babies and you haven't even done your preggy ROS yet.

  2. Wow, it's a BC failure epidemic. Nick and Sarah, though, do seem like the type to have house full of kids close in age.

    Do you use inteen BC or just ACR? I'm curious, because I usually just use inteen BC, but I probably should use ACR as well.

  3. Back to back households with this bc failure! Those aren't some good odds going there. But I am looking forward to what they have, and if it's a boy, so you can get that elusive four boy family.

    I'm glad that Susannah has found someone to be happy with, and I hope that their Mama comes around and likes him eventually.

    The boys are really cute, well Thomas anyhow! I really like the swing picture though, I'm still in shock that they are having another one! Looking forward to it though!

  4. Apple Valley, freezing this pregnancy was really the only to make it look not completely insane! I can't imagine even having sex so soon after giving birth, let alone actually getting pregnant! It must happen sometimes though, because there are plenty of siblings out there less than a year apart.

    Oh, I'm hoping not twins! Not just for my population but because I'll likely have to move them if I get two. Although, Nick and Sarah will probably want another one one day anyway, so maybe I should get it over with, lol!

    This was this last round that needed a preggy ROS!

    Thanks for reading!

    kalynn06, Nick and Sarah do definitely seem like the types to have all their kids close together! I think they established that by getting knocked up at Calvin and Aaron's wedding, lol!

    I use ACR BC, because it has a chance of failure and I'm nuts enough to enjoy that. As I understand it, InTeen BC is foolproof. I could be wrong though.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, I know, right? I'm too scared to say anything else about it in case I jinx it. Too many babies, lol! But ooh...I'd love to get that four boy family!

    I think Kimberly will be all right eventually. She can be a bit of a cranky-pants but she knows she doesn't really have a good reason to dislike Sam. Once she realises how happy Susannah is, she'll come around.

    Thomas would have to be one of my cutest toddlers ever. I can't wait to age up Ryan to see if he's as adorable as his big brother! The poor kid - I had Nick put him in that swing in the morning and then I forgot about him all day! It's amazing he stayed quiet and content for as long as he did.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Heeh, I actually think it's not so surprising that she got pregnant shortly after birth. Happens in real life as well. I think you're not supposed to take the Pill while you're still breast feeding your baby. So to me it's fairly realistic. :D
    And of course it had to happen to Sarah and Nick. Poor Sarah. Being constantly pregnant must be fun xD

  6. Wow, this wasn't even the Oopsie ROS?! It's actually pretty much the same thing that happened to my Janie and Danny. That's a good idea to freeze the pregnancy for a while.

    Poor Sarah, it sounds like she was quite shocked when she heard the news. I'm glad Nick came up with a solution that works for both of them. I'm sure he'll enjoy spending time at home with the kids.

  7. Sullivan doesn't risk to run out of inhabitants with all those pregnancies! *lol* But if all their kids are as cute as Thomas, what a treat! He's just adorable!
    Oh my, I had forgotten about the toddlers splashing the toilet! I remember it drove me crazy and that I was unable to play toddlers unless I find a mod to prevent that!
    Sam and Susannah look cute together!

  8. Woah there are so many unexpected pregnancies going around. They will have their hands full with all those little people, crazy stuff if it will be twins. I'm sure those two I'll manage well, but lol if it would be me I would scream and run from the thought of so many little people same time!

  9. Probably a really stupid question but do you change your sims clothes every time you play them? If not it looks great anyway!

  10. Karolin, LOL, well, you know I had to Google that! It seems like you can use BC while you're breastfeeding but you're supposed to stay off it for about six weeks, until your milk comes in because the hormones can mess with your supply.

    I know, poor Sarah! I figured she'd definitely know she was pregnant, seeing she's had so much experience with it over the past three years! She's not in any danger of forgetting what the symptoms are like. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, nope! Nick and Sarah were just "lucky". I have another pregnancy frozen at the moment, actually. It's not something I've done a lot before but I think I got the idea from Maisie.

    Definitely a shock for Sarah and for Nick too. Who expects to get pregnant six months post-partum while on BC? I think Nick will be great doing the stay-at-home thing for a while. Sarah is happy doing it as well but she's too ambitious to not feel a little conflicted about it.

    Thanks for reading!

    Sandy, no, this population definitely won't be dying out any time soon! Lucky they're all pretty cute - we'll see what Ryan and this baby turn out like soon enough.

    Yeah, I have a hack to stop the splashing too! But sometimes I make the naughty kids do it anyway, just to drive their parents nuts and mix things up a bit. ;)

    I love Sam and Susannah together too.

    Thanks for reading!

    Speechless, hopefully, this will be the last unexpected pregnancy for a while! I'm glad it's happening now and not last round while the boys were still kids though. Now that they're older, they can help their parents out a little.

    Thanks for reading!

    Driftwood Valley, pretty much. Generally, I need to because I like them to be wearing seasonally appropriate clothing and the Sims usually are played in different seasons from round to round. I usually change them if they show up at someone else's house wearing the "wrong" clothes (I did that with Susannah this round).

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Another baby boom! You know, I had a friend who went in for her six week visit after having her first baby, and guess what? She wsa pregnant. She was ready to kill her husband, but he was super thrilled.

  12. Sarah and Nick have to be one of my favourite couples; so more kids from them is good all round!

    I do hope Susannah manages to find that person for her, whether her new boyfriend is the right one!

  13. Riverdale, oh my Lord! I've heard of women finding out they're pregnant at the six week check-up as well! And it just occurred to me that they're probably not like one minute pregnant either, so they would have got down to business pretty soon after birth, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

    Shake, I love Nick and Sarah too. And to think, I wasn't going to let these two get together! I knew how high their chemistry was but I'd planned on leaving Nick with Maia and I can't remember who I'd planned for Sarah.

    So far, Susannah is pretty happy with Sam, but we'll see how they go in the future. Fingers crossed for them!

    Thanks for reading!

  14. *fingers crossed for a boy!!*
    I'm kind of glad Sara is pregnant again. Their kids are just adorable!:)
    I hope Sam and Savannah work out. They look perfect together. Plus, I really want to see what their babies would look like.. Lol.
    Kimberly should really learn to relax. I'm glad that she has hired Lucy, maybe she'll have more time to herself now?
    Great update!:)

  15. coolkat2, I'm okay with it now, after the shock has worn off! I seriously couldn't believe she got pregnant on BC and right after having Ryan! Nuts!

    Well, if Sam and Susannah work out, I might just get a redhead! Maybe even a redhead boy - that'd be nice. I still haven't had one born in game! But it's true, Sam and Susannah are very sweet together.

    I really have to change Kimberly's secondary aspiration. It's Pleasure but she's always acted more like Family/Fortune. Once she gets Lucy trained up though, she may be amenable to taking a little time off.

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Oh wow another baby for them... so this was the couple you were talking about on twitter, when I wasn't too happy about my sim getting pregnant after she just gave birth.
    I could see Nick and Sarah with a house full of kids as well, but this might just be a little bit too close in age, I'm sure they can manage though!
    Don't say it too loud that you want another boy for them, my game always gives me the opposite from what I want! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed though!
    I use the inteen BC, and apparently it has failures too, or I just didn't do it right, Brian Gradonni was the result of it :)

    I'm glad to see Susannah with Sam. I always likes him for her, so it's nice to see them together.

  17. Tanja, yes, I was talking about Nick and Sarah! Watch her get knocked up again after she has this one, lol! I'm going to make extra sure she's on birth control the second she gives birth but obviously that's not foolproof. ;)

    My game tends to often give me the opposite of what I want, hence my run of 8 boys in a row last round! I'm thinking I'll start to try to have a little control over gender though, because the imbalances are just getting a bit nuts. I think I'll allow myself 3 reloads and if I still haven't got the gender I want, then I'll stick with it. It feels so cheaty though!

    I'll write a bit more about Susannah and Sam in her update. I think it's her turn to narrate this time.

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Ha! I can't believe they're already having another baby! I'd be worried too, honestly--definitely can't blame Sarah for her qualms.

    But their children are so cute! Ryan looked so funny, throwing a fit in the swing (I'm sure it isn't so funny in real life). I'm glad that Susannah has found a seemingly nice guy--here's hoping he'll stay that way!

  19. Rachel, I know! I cannot imagine having three kids so close together. I don't think I've even ever played it in game. Nathan and Hope were the closest - they're a year apart. But I imagine Sarah and Anna would deal with parental stress in very different ways, so I don't think her aunt would have too many tips for her. ;)

    But the boys really are cuties (well, I guess we really don't know about Ryan yet). Poor Ryan...he throws a fit and I take photos of it before getting one of his parents to tend to him!

    I'm really looking forward to Susannah's update, to get to delve into Sam a bit more.

    Thanks for reading!

  20. Poor Sarah! I'm glad that's what they want, but what a lot of work to have three of them so close together.

    Her comment about how adorable her children are made me laugh! They are definitely cute, but everybody thinks that about their children no matter how bratty or ugly they are.

  21. S.B., having three so close together is definitely going to be a lot of work! I'm just glad that by the time I go in to play them again, Thomas will be a child and a little more self-sufficient. I've done two babies and a toddler before and I don't imagine one baby and two toddlers would be any more fun. ;)

    And yes, she's definitely biased about the cuteness of her kids, like all parents, lol! She just happens to be right though!

    Thanks for reading!

  22. Oh isn't that the debate of the century - motherhood versus taking time to nurture a career. I totally feel Sarah on that one! But yes, Nick would make the perfect stay-at-home daddy. I bet he'll love it. And I think it's a fair compromise for the two of them.

    Sam is a cutie too! Looking forward to hearing more about him and Susannah together.

  23. Laura, it's definitely a conflict for Sarah, because she really does want it all - a big family and a successful career. Nick is content with his career as it is, so it's easier for him to stay at home long term than it is for Sarah. Gah, I still can't believe these two will have three kids soon! Sarah's not even 30 yet!

    I hope Sam is still as cute next time you seen him! I moved him in as a playable NPC yesterday and when I went to change his appearance, his face went all Goopy like. :\ I exited without saving and reloaded so many times but the same thing happened every time. So I had to do some surgery based on some fairly rubbish photos and just pray I got him about right. I hope Susannah doesn't notice! ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  24. Geez, I think whatever pharmacy is giving out the birth control this year needs to check their stock. It isn't very effective LOL! And like others have said, you haven't even gotten to your Baby ROS yet! So much for slowing down with the babies, huh? :) It's action packed in Sullivan right now!

    Oh I love Thomas! He's so darn cute and I know Ryan and #3 will be too. It was nice to see that Lucy already has a job and seems to be doing well and great to see Susannah so happy. She's so pretty and he's not hard on the eyes either ;). Sucks that his face got all weird.

  25. Danielle, I know, right? I think this round's babies will still be below the 10 I had last round but I guess that remains to be seen. We've only had one born so far and now we have two more women due in February. Then there's my ROS pregnancy to contend with. Of course, that's not taking into account the possibility of more BC crap-outs!

    Thomas is just as cute as Nick was as a toddler - I adore him. I just aged Ryan up a few minutes ago. I won't say too much, except that he's more of a mix than Thomas and I think you guys will like him too.

    LOL, I'm hoping that you guys never got a good enough look at Sam to notice too much difference with his new face. I can see a difference but I think it's minor. Man, that's an annoying glitch though! It happens sometimes with the plastic surgery. :\

    Thanks for reading!

  26. Nick is awesome. I'm sure they'll be able to manage their growing family.

    Your hood grows like crazy. It's pretty fun.

  27. HeredonCove, Nick and Sarah wanted a large family anyway. It's just coming together a little more quickly than they were expecting.

    Sullivan is growing a little too crazy of late! But I'll deal. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  28. Nick would make the perfect stay at home daddy. The fact that he brings it up fits so well with his character.

    But also, the fact that they went to bed right after having another child-- lol! That's too much sim lovin' for you.

  29. Lunar, I think Nick will be pretty good at stay-at-home daddyhood as well. I can imagine him feeling like he's missing out on a little being at work while Sarah's at home, so this will be a good chance for him.

    I think we've now established that Nick and Sarah are sweet but also completely out of their minds! I couldn't believe that was the first thing Sarah felt like doing after giving birth!

    Thanks for reading!