Monday, 9 May 2011

We haven't turned around

Round 31: April 2033 (Autumn)
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Adam Gottlieb is 78, Athena is 73, Amelia is 44, Wade is 43, Noah is 15, Emma is 13 and Michael is 2.
(Jessica and Louisa are 13 and Lauren is 12)

Narrated by Emma Gottlieb

It's a bit strange having a little brother after being the baby of the family for 11 years.

I'm expected to take care of Michael sometimes, which is new. I've never had to take care of anybody before.

It's a pretty smelly job, if you ask me. 2-year-olds can be so gross!

Michael is quite happy to sit around in a dirty nappy but try to change him and he starts fussing up a storm.

Thankfully, it's only when all the adults are out that I have to do anything with my little brother and even then, duties are split between Noah and me.

I'm always relieved when someone gets home and takes over. Grandpa always wanted more grandkids and then he got three more in just over a year and a half.

Mum and Dad are both much more patient with Michael than I am.

They both seem happy to just sit around watching him doing his thing, whereas I get bored after 10 minutes.

I asked Mum if she'd ever want to have more kids. She told me she'd never stop if her body would let her. I think she's nuts.

But pregnancy was hard on her last time and we were lucky that Michael even got here. So he's going to be my only younger sibling and Mum and Dad's last baby.

Sophie hasn't spent as much time with Michael as we have, seeing she left for college before Mum even got pregnant.

The last couple of weeks though, she's been spending plenty of time with all of us, because she's been over here just about any time she doesn't have class.

Sophie is kind of depressed at the moment, because her boyfriend dumped her. She's been pouring her heart out to Mum a lot.

She's mostly talking to Mum but she did tell me a bit about it. Jack broke up with her because he liked someone else.

I would be so mad if that happened to me. I'd have to start a nasty rumour or something. I would want to get revenge somehow.

Sophie laughed at that but said she wasn't really angry with Jack, just upset. And that spreading rumours probably isn't a great idea even if you are mad at someone.

I guess not. Sophie is a bit more level-headed than I am.

For at least the last month or so, Noah has been drooling over Jessica just about every time she's over here.

It's getting really annoying. He's constantly making excuses to come in and ask us some stupid question, just to have something to say to her.

And then whenever Jessica leaves, he pesters me, wanting to know if she said anything about him.

Jessica likes Noah but I don't know if she likes him in the way he'd like her to. I think she still likes Anthony, though she said she was going to forget him.

It seems like all we ever talk about is boys these days. Louisa likes Tim, Lauren likes...every boy at school, apparently.

Everyone wants a boyfriend, except me. I feel a little left out of it all. I never have much to say when we talk about boys.

Grandma thinks I'm smart to not be worried about that dating yet. She's always telling me about how I have plenty of time and how she didn't really start dating until she was in college.

It's not really that I'm not worried about dating or not interested though. It's just that the person I'm interested in is completely unavailable.

I sort of have a crush on Lauren right now. She's quite obviously very into boys but it's true. That's who I like.

If I thought there was any chance that she felt the same way, I would be all about dating! Or even if there was any other girl I liked but there's not.

I've thought about talking to my Aunt Joanna about it, seeing she probably went through the same sort of thing when she was younger. But I have no idea how I'd even begin that conversation though and I don't really feel ready to admit it out loud to anyone.


This poor dog, I swear! He's really old as well!

If only Michael's attention could stay focused on the charisma bunny for a little longer!

  • Title is from We Haven't Turned Around by Gomez.
  • I had so many crashing problems with this play session. Just an overworked PC, I think - this is a huge lot!
  • I just love little Michael. It seems quite fitting that this baby Amelia wanted so, so much ended up looking mostly like her (except for that nose!) The whole family is very sweet with him. There are so many people in this household that the kid doesn't want for attention like ever!
  • I was very puzzled when Emma started swooning over Lauren while I was playing the Royce-Nihill update. In my profiles (the personal ones I have in LSB that you guys don't see), I had her listed as straight. So I thought "Weird, she must be bi". I checked Emma's gender preference to be sure and she's not bi at all, she's a lesbian. I had no idea! I assign gender preference randomly with ACR but normally, I check what everyone is when they're babies so I know well, well in advance. Emma really snuck by me.


  1. Oh my, oh my, I have also a teen, Chloé, who is in love with another girl (her best friend), though I've never done anything in that direction, and I don't know what to do with her. Her best friend, Margaud, is dating a guy as well. Well, I'm going to follow your little Emma very carefully, to see if she gets happier than my Chloé! It's good that she has Joanna to talk with.
    I loved the pictures with Sophie. It's nice to see how they look alike and different at the same time. :)
    *swoon* at the cute little Wade's nose on Michael!

  2. Emma's disdain about taking care of the younger sibling is very much in keeping with her age, I think. Michael is so cute!

    Poor Emma. She can't really relate to the rest of her friends--it has to feel so isolating. I hope she feels comfortable enough to talk to someone soon!

  3. Aww, he's so cute and I like how you handled Emma. Poor Sophie, I'm glad she's not going to spread nasty rumors though :) How do you randomly assign gender prefs with ACR for your hood? You do it immediately after birth?

  4. Micheal is adorable! I'm kind of sad that Amelia and Wade are stopping the kids though. They are all Soo adorable!
    Poor Sophie...:( I love the pic of Sophie and her mom. <3
    I hope Emma will be as lucky as Joanna was with Rose! She better find someone else because I doubt Lauren will be switching sides.
    Great update!:)

  5. Oh dear, poor Emma! That has to be a hard situation - especially because those four seem like a tightly-knit bunch. Hopefully she'll be able to talk to someone about it soon!

    And Michael is adorable!

  6. That's a tough situation Emma is in. I hope she'll soon find someone to talk to, so she doesn't feel so alone anymore.

    Poor Sophie. She's going through a lot right now. It's great to see that she doesn't have any hard feelings, though. I hope she finds someone who cherishs her as much as she deserves.

  7. I laughed when Amelia said she would like to have as many babies as she can :P

    Parents are obviously more patient with babies than teen siblings, especially one like Emma!

    I totally feel for Emma because I was in the same situation as her when I was her age, and my uncle is also gay. I was too afraid to talk to him for a couple of years but eventually he was the one that helped me :)

  8. I so feel for Sophie, poor girl she been with him so long and it really came as such a shock. I adore the picture of her and her is nice to see such a close bond between mother and daughter.
    Must be so hard for Emma, I hope she finds courage to talk to her aunty and finds someone who returns to her feelings.

  9. I loved that picture of Sophie leaning on Amelia's shoulder! And poor Emma, that's a hard thing to deal with! Especially on your own. I hope she talks to her aunt soon, if for no other reason than to say it out loud to someone. Sometimes saying things out loud make them more real than when they are simply just thoughts.

  10. I love Michael he is so sweet. And he does look like his mom! But I like how all the siblings look a like, you can tell that they are all related!

    I'm glad that Sophie isn't holding any grudges towards her ex. You can be mad or upset, but I hope she doesn't take it to an extreme. LOL

  11. Michael is a little cutie pie. I'm glad that Amelia managed to convince Wade to have another child.

    Poor Emma, she's going through some really tough times now. She must be feeling pretty lonely surrounded by her friends talking about boys. I hope she builds up the courage to talk to Joanna soon.

  12. Michael is so adorable. I'm sure he's going to be very well-loved with all those people around to play with him.

    I don't blame Emma for complaining about the smell though! I like very young kids better once they've been potty trained. ;)

    I think talking to Joanna might be good for Emma. She can get some advice from someone who's been there and who can help her tell the rest of her family.

  13. Oh, hopefully Emma will have enough courage to talk to her aunt, I'm sure she would help her a lot!
    Btw, I have a new blog and I was hoping we could still continue following each other! ;)

  14. Poor Emma, she must feel alone, surrounded by her friends talking about boys. I hope she talks to her aunt soon and that her aunt can help her.

    Michael is adorable! Even though Amelia wants more chilren, I don't think Wade's in it :) Though I won't mind seeing some more children of these 2 :D

    Does ACR automatically sets a sim to lesbian/gay or straight? Or are there setting you need to adjust?

  15. Sandy, oh, I can't remember if I've read about Chloe yet! It's certainly a sticky situation that our girls have got themselves in. ;) They could probably do some bonding if they were living in the same hood!

    Of his siblings, Michael probably looks most like Sophie. She's the only other one who got Amelia's eyes. I always thought they were so pretty on Amelia, so I'm happy she passed them on to a daughter.

    Thanks for reading!

    Rachel, I remember really liking toddlers when I was Emma's age but they were not my siblings and I never had to change any of their nappies! I wouldn't have been quite so impressed then! Lucky he's cute.

    Emma's definitely feeling a bit alienated right now and I think talking it out with Joanna might help. We'll see when she feels comfortable enough to do that.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, oh, spreading rumours is definitely more of an Emma thing to do! Sophie is much more easy-going like her dad. Emma inherited her mother's personality. ;)

    The option on the Adjuster is Gender Pref.../Hood.../Run Randomiser. I then choose to randomise any Sim who doesn't yet have a preference. You can do it Sim by Sim but I do it my way because ACR then tries to keep a balance between gay, straight and bi Sims (I think I have it set to 10% gay, 10% bi and 80% straight). It includes townies in the tally though, so it doesn't always seem as balanced as it could be! I don't always do it right after birth because I sometimes forget. I do it as soon as I remember though.

    Thanks for reading!

    coolkat2, oh, well, Amelia and Wade's chances of conceiving again would be pretty low. Amelia will be 46 next time I play her. I've had Sims get pregnant older than that, but not very often, so Michael will be the last one.

    I overuse that pose with Sophie and Amelia but I really love it. I've found it useful for many circumstances!

    And yes, Lauren is definitely straight, so she won't be switching sides for Emma, or anyone else. Fingers crossed there's someone else out there for Emma (and if it's a playable, bonus!)

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Renegade, Emma doesn't want things to change between her and her friends if she comes out, because they are very close. Things went pretty well for Joanna and Rose after they got together though, so I think Joanna could probably put her mind at ease a little.

    Michael is indeed adorable. I love that little button nose!

    Thanks for reading!

    Karolin, it's a difficult time for Emma but she might feel a little better if she talks about it to someone. Things are usually much worse in your head.

    No, Sophie knows Jack didn't intend to hurt her so there are no hard feelings there. Though of course, she's still upset at the moment.

    Thanks for reading!

    Flit, LOL, yeah, well, Amelia would! But four is it for her! Amelia was made to be a mother though, so she has plenty of patience for her kids (and not many others!) Wade is just laid-back and not much bothers him, including stinky nappies. ;)

    That's great that you had your uncle to talk to - not all kids are so lucky. Hopefully, Joanna will be just as helpful. She and Emma are quite close.

    Thanks for reading!

    Speechless, it was a total shock for Sophie and quite an unpleasant one. She's counting on her friends and her mum for support right now and I think they'll help her through it.

    When Emma feels like she has it sorted out enough in her head to say something out loud, I'm sure Joanna will be the first person she talks to. Emma already has a couple of other gay family members - Joanna and Linnea (her grandmother's sister) - so it's nothing shocking to anybody.

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, I love that one too. I've used that pose a lot but I thought of it right away while I was doing this update!

    This will probably seem like a much smaller burden to Emma once she talks to somebody about it. Even if just to get it off her chest. She wants to tell someone but she's just not sure where to start.

    Riverdale, the Gottliebs remind me of my Lachance kids - two look like Mum and two look like Dad. All adorable though!

    No, that's not Sophie's style! No Julia style rampages here, thankfully!

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, once Wade thought about it, another baby wasn't too much of a hard sell. And luckily, this one takes after him in temperament. Another one like Emma might have been too much for them in their advanced ages!

    Emma is feeling quite alone at the moment. There's really not much she can say when they talk about boys. :\ I think Joanna will help, or maybe even Rose.

    Thanks for reading!

    Shana, heh, yeah, kids Michael's age are fun when they're either potty-trained or when you can hand them back to someone when it's changing time!

    I think Joanna will be a good support for Emma. She's quite practical and she'll be able to help Emma sort her head out and help when she eventually wants to tell everybody else.

    Thanks for reading!

    Diana P, eventually, I'm sure Emma will want to talk to Joanna. It'll be nice for her to talk it all out with somebody who understands.

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, Joanna spent a lot of time in high school and college listening to her friends talk about their boyfriend woes and triumphs, so I'm sure she'd be able to commiserate with Emma there.

    No, I don't think Wade would be up for any more kids either! They have about five years before Emma goes away to college. Pre-Michael, they would have been empty nesters then but they've really started over with him! They've got another 16 years with him in the house now. ;)

    ACR doesn't automatically set gender preference. See my reply to Apple Valley, where I explain the options I use to set it manually.

    Thanks for reading!

  17. I totally didn't see Emma being gay! That's going to make things rough for her in high school, especially liking Lauren. Lauren is a bit boy crazy. She's such a riot though with Sophie, and the whole break up talk! They are such opposites. Michael is uber adorable! What a cute little guy! Can't believe he's already two, thinking Joanna's twins will be aging up soon, looking forward to that, so I can compare the twins to Michael.

  18. Maisie, you and me both! I was positive she was straight and I had even checked which boys she had chemistry with. None, it turns out, with good reason! And yeah, Lauren is a lot boy crazy.

    Emma and Sophie aren't very alike at all but somehow, they get along very well anyway. They're both a lot of fun.

    Joanna's twins don't age up until December, so it's a while away! But I'm wondering if they'll look anything like Michael too. Wade's genes seem so strong, so I'm guessing they'll have something of him in them.

    Thanks for reading!

  19. Great update! Everyone's pretty much said everything I would have said. I love little Michael. He is so spoiled with all those doting family members! And LOL @ him with that poor old dog. I love Emma too and I hope she gets the courage to talk to someone about it. I liked the pics you got of her when she was talking about her crush on Lauren. You can see the admiration in her eyes. I know I’ve had that look plenty of times while talking to a few boys in high school lol. I really love this whole family.

  20. Danielle, glad you liked it.

    I think Michael was always going to be spoiled, even if just by Amelia. He's the baby, of course, but she was also so keen to have him that she'll probably just want to give him everything he wants!

    Emma is quite smitten by Lauren, the poor girl. :( I'm sure Joanna will be able to commiserate somewhat, even if she can't offer a solution. That alone will probably help.

    Thanks for reading!

  21. Oh, Sophie is breaking my heart! Awww, that picture of her with her mum!

    It must be so odd for Emma not to be the baby anymore - that's a big change. But I'm glad they got Michael though, he's adorable! And you can tell how happy Amelia is to have one last baby around.

    LOL @ Noah! :)

    Awww, Emma likes girls! That was a surprise! I wish we could pair her up with my Sarah, lol!

  22. Laura, Sophie's having a tough time, poor kid. But she's got her mum and Emma is ready to spread rumours in defense of her sister too, if Sophie ever decides to go that route!

    It is definitely very weird for Emma to suddenly be a middle child! I once read that if parents want to have another kid, the worst time to do it is when the youngest is going through puberty, which is right about where Emma was when Michael was born. Amelia and Wade were running out of time though, so they were lucky that Emma coped relatively well to the change.

    And yeah, believe me, Emma surprised me as well! LOL, it's a shame your Sarah doesn't live in Sullivan. I don't know if I have any other gay girls for Emma!

    Thanks for reading!