Friday, 1 April 2011


Round 30: September 2032 (Spring)
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Liam Weaver is 69, Jonas Lachance is 54, Tatiana is 49, Edward is 17 and Brendan is 9.
(Trent is 62, Jacob is 31, Dominic is 22, Audrey is 20, Connor is 19, Lucy and Chris are both 17 and Daphne is 1)

Narrated by Edward Lachance

Grandma's been gone for about two years now and Grandpa still misses her so much.

He's doing better though. I took over her position as manager at Kirby Market but Grandpa does most of the work with the crops. He enjoys it.

He has a new little granddaughter now, Daphne. Uncle Jacob brings her over to see him all the time.

At the beginning especially, that really helped Grandpa have something to smile about.

Sometimes Grandpa goes over to see them instead and with all those visits, he became friendly with Daphne's other grandfather, Trent.

They go out to the local pub once a week or so, to have some beers or play cards.

Mum's so relieved to see the change in him. She was getting worried about him and she worries enough about us kids, without adding Grandpa into the mix.

But then, I don't know what Mum would do if she didn't have anything at all to worry about.

Even Brendan is getting to an age where he doesn't want Mum fussing over him all the time but that's just the way she is.

Dad is a bit more laid back about everything and tries to get her to stop freaking out about every little thing but I don't think she can help herself.

She's worrying a little less about Dominic these days. He's started dating again and the new girl, Leslie, has already met and been approved by the family.

Leslie is still a student but once she graduates, she's planning on becoming a teacher.

You can imagine how much Mum loved hearing that. I think she's mildly disappointed that neither Dominic, Audrey or I want to be teachers.

I only got to talk to Leslie for a little while. I like my job but I feel like it takes up a ton of my time and I do miss out on things at home a lot.

Anyway, I think Leslie seems really sweet. She's very, very shy but we all tend that way in our family. So she'll fit right in.

Dominic seems really happy with Leslie but I wondered if it was a bit weird for him to be dating someone besides Tessa, especially after not being with anybody at all for so long.

He told me Leslie was ready to get serious long before he was but now, he feels like he's ready to move forward.

Audrey's boyfriend Connor isn't quite as popular around here as Leslie, at least not with Dad.

Connor was sort of weird and standoffish the first time Audrey brought him home and Dad just doesn't have a great impression of him now.

Dad just figured that seeing he was meeting us for the first time, Connor could have made more of an effort.

Grandpa likes Connor enough to make up for any deficiencies on Dad's part though. They get along like a house on fire.

I think Connor and Grandpa are actually fairly similar. Grandpa's not really too friendly either, when you first meet him. It makes me wonder how Grandpa got along with Dad, when he first started dating Mum.

As for me, I'm really serious about Lucy. We spend any spare time we have together.

Lucy has even started inviting me over when her parents are gone. Any time they go out to dinner or visit their friends, Lucy calls and I drive over.

We only ever made out for the longest time, because that was as far as Lucy wanted to go. I couldn't believe it when she said she wanted to have sex.

I had pretty much resigned myself to going to college a virgin but I'm glad it didn't work out that way.

We only have a few months left to go at school and everything we're doing just feels like busy work. All Chris and I talk about now is university. We can't wait to move out of home and into the dorms.

Chris has already picked his major and he's excited about starting classes. I'm mainly looking forward to the independence. It'll be my first time being away from home. It's going to be awesome!

Lucy used to join in with us when Chris and I would talk about college but for the last week or so, she's been really quiet whenever the topic comes up. She looks almost sad. I've asked what's wrong but she insists she's fine.

The other night, when we were alone, Lucy finally told me why she seemed so upset lately. She's not going to university with us.

She applied along with the rest of us and got the rejection letter a few days ago. Her grades were only average and competition for places was pretty fierce this year.

It's been hard to be too thrilled about going off to university now that Lucy's not going. It's not going to be the same without her there. I still can't believe she's not coming with us.

I played with Dominic a little bit before playing Jonas and Tatiana, so I could see if he was interested in any of the girls I had him date in his last update. He was and it was Leslie. They're really adorable together (shy Sims flirting!), so I thought I'd share a few pictures.

And to end the spam, Josie being creepy. I don't know if she's ever even met Dominic or Leslie but she "approves" of this new coupling anyway!

  • Title is from Today by The Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Dominic and Leslie, as you may have guessed, are officially dating now. We met Leslie in Dominic's last update. They're both pretty keen and have a very good attraction score (3 bolts, 123), so that's enough for me. We'll see how they go. Dominic did take a long time to fall in love though, which I thought was kind of sweet and fitting. Leslie fell in love on their first date; Dominic didn't fall in love until he brought her over to meet the parents!
  • Lucy didn't get enough scholarships to get into uni, so she'll be joining the workforce next year rather than heading off to Suffolk with Edward and Chris. Edward got three EA scholarships and one "Sullivan scholarship" for working at a Sim-owned business. I got that idea from Maisie. ;)
  • When I played Lucy's house this round, she rolled up the want to woohoo. I was very surprised because she wasn't on a date or anything at the time. So I figured she'd thought it through and wasn't caught up in the romance of a date or anything, so I brought Edward in and there you go. Edward rolled the want last round, so he's been waiting a while now!
  • Jonas really isn't very fond of Connor. He didn't like Liam at first either (I wouldn't have written much, if anything, about it at the time but I do remember it), so there's a possibility Connor might grow on him. I don't see Connor as a particularly warm person and all the Lachances are, so I imagine someone standoffish and grumpy like Connor might rankle.
  • I had a crash trying to play Jonas's video arcade this round. I'm hoping it was just random but if not, I'm going to try a smaller lot. It doesn't look like a huge lot but it is!


  1. Awww! That was really quite upsetting that Lucy didn't get into uni. They seem to have a lot of fun together, and it'll be tough for them to be apart for four whole years.

    LOL @ Josie! Leslie is cute though. And that's adorable that Dominic took so long to fall for her. Yes, very fitting.

    Hmmm, I can't say I'm all that keen on Connor with Audrey yet either, lol! ;)

    Awww, and so bittersweet and heartbreaking, that first pic of Liam! :(

  2. Laura, the separation will be hard for Edward and Lucy. They're not so far away but Lucy will be working full time and Edward will be studying - different lifestyles. :\

    Once Leslie fell in love, her wants were all "Make Out", "Woohoo", etc. while Dominic was still just wanting to flirt and kiss. It was quite adorable. This is a pretty big step for him.

    LOL! I'm more than aware of your feelings about Audrey's love life! I know where I'd like her to end up but I'm still in wait-and-see mode for her at the moment.

    That picture of Liam is more "Simmy" than I normally include these days but I couldn't resist it. It was just perfect.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Leslie and Dominic make an adorable couple. I'm glad he is finally able to move on from Tessa.
    Lucy an Edward are also very cute. I sure hope they make it through.
    Great update, as usual. :D

  4. Leslie looks like she's heading to be a teacher. I think my kindy teacher wore a jumper like that. It's nice to see Dominic move on, I was hoping he'd find a playable, but I guess that new blood is needed now and then! Rob turned out pretty yummy.

    Audrey and Connor just don't make sense, so I'm thinking I'll probably like where you want her to end up more. I just hope she cooperates. I don't know who I see Connor with, but Audrey is just too sweet to be with a reserved grumpy guy.

    Sad about Lucy that really sucks that she's going to be left behind. You really should have played her household more. :p Chris, Edward and Lucy is the trio. I was expecting some fun times in college with them. Is lucy's ltw college related?

  5. I love shy sims :). It's good to see Dominic moving on, and Leslie is simply too cute! I wish them all the best. I dunno, I kinda think Audrey and Connor are the definition of "opposites attract." Who knows, maybe some of her sweetness will rub off on him :)

  6. Man, that's too bad she's not going to college. But again, that's life. I hope their relationship can hold up with him going to school, and having a college life, and his girlfriend being at home working. Can she go to a community college? LOL Look at me trying to make a way for her to get a higher education.

    At first when Lucy was sad about not going, I though you were going to say she was sick with cancer or something.

    Great update!

  7. coolkat2, it's been hard for Dominic but he's feeling good about his relationship with Leslie. It makes me smile. :)

    We'll see about Edward and Lucy. He won't be moving too far away but adjusting to their new lifestyles will be a challenge.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, LOL! Yes, Leslie definitely looks she could be a teacher in that outfit. As for playables, Dominic doesn't really have any chemistry with any playables. Or rather, any playables that I'm willing to set him up with!

    Audrey and Connor are an odd couple for sure. I would never have paired them up on my own, though they'd tried to get together once before in high school. I can't remember if it was a route failure or if I stopped them but it didn't happen. I think it's highly likely there's a better match out there for both of them but as always...we'll see.

    I know, Chris, Edward and Lucy are like the Three Musketeers! I almost did play her household more but she wasn't even close to getting a fourth scholarship, so I didn't. As far as I remember, I don't think Lucy has a college-related LTW. It's something Family, I think.

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, shy Sims are the sweetest. I think Dominic would have married Tessa, had she lived and she was very outgoing, so Leslie's a very different kind of girl.

    I think "opposites attract" is probably the only explanation of why Audrey and Connor were drawn to each other. Whether it's enough to keep them together remains to be seen.

    Thanks for reading!

    Riverdale, well, I guess Lucy could go to a community college...if I had one! LOL, no, she'll probably just jump right into one of my non-college careers and make the best of it.

    I didn't think anyone would read it that way! I actually thought everyone would guess right away that she just didn't get in. :D

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Aww, I wonder if Edward and Lucy's relationship will survive that split?

    Ah, Connor. He should have made more of an effort, but it really isn't in his nature, I guess. :) It's still weird that he and Audrey are together.

  9. Edward is very mature, already a manager, wow. I'm sad that Lucy isn't going to university, but that happens sometimes. At first I thought that she was pregnant due to ROS!

  10. Rachel, who knows at this age? They might survive it or they could meet other people. :/

    I don't think social situations like this are Connor's favourite thing to do, nor are they a strong point of his. Audrey's family is very important to her and I can't imagine she was thrilled with this meeting.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, Edward already knew the business, so he was an easy choice to replace Arianna. They'll need to get someone else now that he's going to college though.

    Hopefully, there won't be any more teen pregnancies in Sullivan for a little while, lol! The pregnancy ROS won't happen until next round though.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Poor Lucy, it must have been hard listening to others talk about university when she's not going. I'm gonna snatch that idea of extra scholarships, I immediately thought of a few. Thank you Carla and Maisie :)

    I'm so glad that Dominic has found someone. It was so heartbreaking to see him after Tessa's death. It's great that he's recovered enough to take a chance with Leslie, even if she's not The One for him in the end.

  12. I love that picture of Liam hugging Daphne, it's so sweet!

    I'm happy to see Dominic dating again. And Leslie seems to be a nice girl.

    I agree with Maisie that Connor and Audrey don't make sense! But as long as they both are happy with the situation, I don't think there's much that can be done! I still have my favourit Sullivan sim that I would like her to end up with :D

    It's sad that Lucy isn't going to college, and I hope their relation will survive.

  13. Sari, it definitely wasn't fun for poor Lucy, especially seeing Chris and Edward are so excited about going. :(

    So far, I only have the owned business scholarship, an idea that I stole from Maisie. But I kept thinking I'm going to add one for Sims who get a gold badge in something. They get one for skills, so why not gold badges?

    I think even going out on a date with somebody was a huge deal for Dominic, post-Tessa, so actually jumping into a relationship is enormous. It all seems to be going well though and he's very happy.

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, that was another lucky shot! I don't think Sims usually turn their heads like that when they snuggle toddlers but Liam was looking at someone off camera. It turned out cute. :)

    Well, Dominic seems to like Leslie and she went over pretty well with his family too. That's really important to him.

    At the moment, Connor and Audrey are happy. Whether that continues is another story. I'm sending them both on spring break, so we'll see what they get up to.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I like the shy sims. There's a sweetness that's sometimes overpowered in the more outgoing people.

    Lucy is gorgeous!!

  15. S.B., yes, I agree. I'm always pleased when one of my Sims turns out shy. Even the mean shy Sims seem kind of sweet sometimes! This whole family is shy and nice though...except Liam!

    Lucy is Corbin Gray's daughter, though she doesn't look much like him. Her older sister Julia takes more after her father than she does.

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Aww that was sweet to see Liam still dreaming about Arianna :(. It's good that he's getting out to have fun, though. This update was full of cuteness. Brendan looked cute giving Tatiana the evil eye while she was fussing over him, Dominic and Leslie are so cute together and Lucy and Edward are too adorable for words. And I liked getting a quick peek at Daphne. She looks just like her mom.

    That's too bad that Lucy didn't get into college. I hope their relationship will stay strong while he's busy studying and she's out in the "real world". I wish them and Dominic and Leslie luck!

    I'm still kind of torn on Audrey and Connor. It kind of just came out of nowhere and I don't feel like I "know" them as a couple yet. We've only been seeing their relationship from the outside looking in, from other sims' perspective. So I guess that's why I'm not "buying it". Maybe if we saw how Connor felt about her in his own words, it'd make their relationship more real and then I could judge lol.

    Great update and ACK! Tatiana will be 50 years old next year!

  17. Danielle, I took that first picture just as I was sending Tatiana to school to do the primary update and had to make sure I didn't lose track of it. I always seem to lose pictures if I take them early.

    We'll keep our fingers crossed for the Lachance boys and their girlfriends. Dominic will probably have an easier time of it than Edward but we'll see how the wants go.

    We haven't heard about Audrey and Connor from either of them yet, which was sort of intentional, I have to admit! It's only in the last couple of days that I've started to nail down why Audrey might have been drawn to Connor in the first place and how she feels about the relationship as it stands. But anyway, the final uni update will be from her perspective, so you'll get to hear all that.

    50 years old! I know, I couldn't believe it either and I had to double check her age when I typed that out!

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Awww Dominic! Shy sim flirting is SO CUTE!

    And look at Edward growing up. Too bad his girlfriend isn't going with him, but at least they'll be able to keep in touch with one another. They seem like a really cute couple!

  19. Lunar, I know! I've seen it so many times but I never get tired of watching shy Sims flirt. I think it's kind of hilarious that they still flirt like that when they've been together for years and years. I was watching Lia and Gordon flirt last time I played them and they still act all coy! Adorable.

    Edward is definitely growing up! Once he and Lucy both rolled up the want to woohoo, I was thinking "no, aren't you like 12!?" Then I realised they were actually 17! LOL. They're really adorable together and they won't be too far apart next year, so we'll see how things go for them.

    Thanks for reading!