Sunday, 21 March 2010

Need you around

Round 25: Winter 2022
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Arianna Weaver is 67, Liam is 59, Jonas Lachance is 44, Tatiana is 39, Dominic is 12, Audrey is 10 and Edward is 7.
(Jacob is 21, Tessa is 13, Nathan is 12 and Chris is 7)

Narrated by Tatiana Lachance

When Jonas agreed to try for another baby, I could tell he wasn't completely sold on the idea. He knew how important it was to me though, so we went ahead with it.

But after months and months of trying, Jonas came to realise that he wanted a fourth as much as I did. In fact, he was the first one to suggest that we try fertility treatments (which we'd agreed not to do). And thank God he did, because that was finally did it - our fourth child will be arriving in the autumn!

We were a little bit worried about how Edward would take the news, seeing he's been the baby for 7 years now. He took a little while to get used to it but now, Edward is pretty excited about being someone's big brother for once!

This new baby is definitely the main topic of conversation around the house right now. We've got a girl and two boys already, so we're not hoping for one gender or the other - just a healthy baby!

I have Mum on my back, making sure I don't exert myself. That was one of Jonas's main concerns about having another child but I'm much better now than I was a couple of years ago. I've got into a nice routine as principal and things are a lot easier for me now.

Mum and Jonas are in cahoots though, I can tell!

I don't really mind. It's sweet that he worries. It's been keeping him up at night lately but he's always like that when I'm pregnant. I had a miscarriage before Dominic was born and Jonas is always scared it will happen again. I am too, but stress isn't good for me or the baby, so I try not to think about it.

We're waiting for Baby #4 and meanwhile, Babies #1, #2 and #3 are growing up too fast!

Edward's favourite person in the world is Audrey, which is so sweet. I'm really glad I have three kids who actually like each other!

Edward is also very good friends with Chris Draper, a boy in his class at school.

I'm a little suspicious of Chris. He and Audrey don't get along at all, and Audrey gets along with just about everybody.

I think Chris is a bit rough and I have to stop myself from going out there and getting between them sometimes. Look how hard he throws that ball at my baby!

Edward can take care of himself though. The last thing he wants is his mum out there fussing over him.

For such a shy kid, Audrey is a real social butterfly! She's got the phone permanently glued to her ear already. I don't know what she's going to be like when she's a teenager!

She'll be dateless if Jonas has anything to say about it. We were talking about when we'd let Dominic start dating the other night and Jonas asked if I thought Audrey would mind if we didn't let her date until after she graduated college!

Audrey already has Jack and Charlie Benton following her around everywhere. If the boys aren't at our house, Audrey is at theirs.

When they're here, Jonas is usually hovering around nearby, making sure they're behaving themselves!

I think Audrey's really more interested in our dogs than anything or anyone else right now though, so Jonas might not have to worry for a few more years.

We never have to tell Dominic to study. He's got the same attitude towards school as Jonas and I both do. He's already saying he wants to go to college, though he's not sure what he'll study yet. I don't want to pressure him but I hope he still wants to go when his time comes.

Dominic doesn't spend all his time studying. Seeing he's old enough to go out on his own now, he hangs out a lot with his friend Nathan.

Tessa Novak has started hanging around with them too. Dominic says she's nice enough but he thinks she's just trying to make Nathan notice her.

Nathan and Dominic are both very shy, so Tessa's boldness is somewhat of a novelty for them.

It does mean that they often end up doing what she wants to do, both of them being too timid to speak up.

My little brother Jacob has only six months until he graduates from college! That's making me feel pretty old, seeing I remember him being born very clearly!

Liam wanted to know what his plans were after graduation. He has no idea what he's going to do for a job and is currently more concerned about finding a room mate and an apartment. I don't know what kind of apartment he thinks he's going to get without a job! I think Liam is worried he's sniffing around for a loan!

If he is, he knows all he'd have to do is ask Mum and she'd give it to him. Liam is the hard-ass about that sort of stuff.

I was, again, hoping for engagement news but no luck! I'm not pressuring him, I swear but I just love a wedding! But I know...Jacob and Claudia aren't ready for that. I'm still hoping that someday they might be!

The kids want to go on a holiday. Well, it's mostly Audrey who wants to go. She's being kind of relentless about it! She brings it up every morning at breakfast.

The best answer Jonas has given so far has been "We'll see", which didn't please Audrey too much. I might work on him myself - a holiday sounds great! We've never been anywhere. Maybe after the baby is born.

Right now, I'd be too nauseous to enjoy anything anyway!

Oh my gosh, I have a new favourite Jonas and Tatiana picture! It may have even replaced this one. I take so many pictures of these two and you'd think I would have come across one before now that I've liked as much as the hot tub one but not really! I love the first one of them at the beginning of this update too.

  • Title is from Need You Around by Smoking Popes. I still think the soundtrack to Clueless is one of the best soundtracks ever.
  • Yay, another Lachance baby! I was only going to let them have fertility treatment if Jonas rolled the want too and seeing he did, they did. We'll meet Baby Lachance #4 in Autumn 2023.
  • Nathan has rolled the want to "fall in love" and Tessa is still wanting dates, flirts and kisses constantly. They only have one bolt, with turn-ons matched but I think they're trying to tell me something! Dominic has negative chemistry with Tessa, so nothing happening there!
  • Primary school update coming most likely tomorrow or the next day. I have all the pictures, I just have to weed out the rubbish, upload them and you know...write stuff.
  • I kind of love Audrey and this is her last round as a child! Next update with this family, Audrey will be a teen! How is that possible?!


  1. Those young ones, they grow up so fast! I feel the same about all my little ones in SimsVille, they start out so small, and before you know it they start dating, and start a family!
    Jonas and Tatiana are realy sweet together. Some couples just make you want to take pictures of all the time.
    And yay on the new baby! They already have 3 adorable children, there is no doubt the 4th one will be as adorable!

  2. Wow, a teen. In about 2 simyears there will be a big teen boom. Maybe I should start planning a hood wide birthday party. If I can ever get through this current simyear.

    Another baby, congrats. I can't wait to see the newest addition.

  3. Yeah a baby! They make such beautiful kids.

    Wow on little Audrey. A little teenie bopper is just around the corner.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Tanja, I know, it's crazy, isn't it?

    Jonas and Tatiana are still one of my favourite couples. They're both so good looking too, so pictures of them usually turn out so nicely.

    Tatiana and Jonas don't care if they get a boy or a girl but I'm kind of hoping for a girl. Audrey is my favourite of their kids, so I'm thinking having a mini-Audrey might be nice!

    Apple Valley, I love teen booms, even if the thought of playing the high school in the middle of a teen boom does make me shudder a little! Teens are my second favourite age stage, next to adult.

    Maisie, don't they, though? I couldn't say no to a fourth for them! I will definitely be saying no to a fifth though! You can hold me to that! LOL.

  5. Audrey as a teen! Look out Sullivan, lol.

    I love that last shot too. It's so perfect for the two of them! I can't believe that Tatiana and Jonas have teenagers now. Geeze!

  6. Aww, they grow up so fast. I'm always checking if I really got my sims' ages right because it seems they can't be that old already!

    Yay for another Lachance baby. I've been hoping they would get a fourth one and now they will :)

  7. hmm... but what if they both roll wants for another one right after this one is born? then you'll deny them? Are you strong enough?

    It sure can be fun having a big family, which you know, having some already.... and they sure do make adorable babies.... oh any chance there is two in there? Did you use the fertility treatments that boost that chance?

  8. Lunar, Audrey's shy personality wise but she doesn't seem to act like it, so it'll be interesting to see how she turns out! I don't remember Lia acting so shy as a kid but we all know, she is now.

    I know! And Jonas is 45 next year (he'll be getting his wrinkles!) and Tatiana will be 40! That blows me away!

    Sari, it depends with me. Sometimes I'm counting down the days until they age up and sometimes it sneaks up on me. It's snuck up on me with Audrey because I really love her as a child.

    I think most of us have been wanting another Lachance baby!

    Maisie, luckily, I don't really have to be strong! This new baby will make 8 in the household, so even if they want another baby, they can't have one! There won't be room until either Dominic goes to college or Arianna or Liam die. Tatiana will likely be too old to fall pregnant by then.

    So she won't be having twins either. I'm pretty sure you can only have twins if there's room in the house for them, though Tatiana does have that twin fertility benefit.

  9. Ahhh the max household syndrome. Yep that gets rid of that "try" for baby in the menus...

    I wonder though.... if she could have twins. Maybe sneak her some cheesecake and test it out. lol

    I'm just teasing. Four is a good number for these two. :)

  10. Maisie, LOL, yeah, I won't be trying out the cheesecake on Tatiana! There's barely going to be enough room for this baby, let alone twins!

  11. When I did the ten kids' challenge, there were 7 Sims in the household, and to my surprise baby number 10 turned out to be 10 and 11! However, one of the 7 Sims was Bigfoot, who shortly after the birth spontaneously caught on fire and died. I always wondered if it was because they were over the limit.

    Anyway, about Tatiana and Jonas, they are beautiful together. I loved the picture of him conspiring with Tatiana's mum, and the one of him sitting up worrying.

    It was so nice how you updated the whole family. Its sad when the older kids get overshadowed by the new baby. Three kids who like each other is so sweet--what a great family. And good for Edward, showing he can fend for himself with the other boys.

    It's funny that Audrey is so shy but has so many friends and talks on the phone a lot. I don't think Tatiana and Jonas will keep her from dating very successfully.

  12. Francesca, argh, don't tell me that! No, I'm pretty certain this won't be twins, thank goodness. But I have to say...I didn't even know Bigfoot could die. But I play 100% realistic in terms of the supernatural, so I haven't had much to do with him!

    Jonas sat up worrying on his own. Sims will usually sleep until 6 unless you interrupt them but Jonas got up at 4:45 and sat down next to Tatiana on the bed.

    I've been trying to include the kids in the updates lately, because in the past I've neglected them a little, new baby or not! I find the kids a little hard to write for sometimes.

    Ah, Audrey...she's a bit of a contradiction! She rolls the want to be friends with other kids all the time and is generally a friendly little thing. The 10 nice points are probably outweighing the 2 outgoing!