Thursday, 25 March 2010

Guess who?

So if you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that yesterday, I was afraid I'd lost Sullivan. I spent the better part of the morning troubleshooting and fixing it and then spent the afternoon replaying Joanna and Rose and painstakingly redecorating a house I'd just done the night before (very glad I took pictures!). It was so how I wanted to spend my day off!

Anyway, when I loaded up my hood to test it, I noticed that some of my Sims looked rather interesting with no CC so I thought we could play a game of Guess Who!

Some of these Sims' skin tones may be different, because they use an in-between tone and I only had the 4 Maxis tones in the game when I took the pictures. So keep that in mind when you make your guesses.

Okay, go!


  1. OMG! LOL! This is so fun! And so hard! It makes me want to try mine out, lol!

    I had to look at the profiles, is that cheating? Because I honestly couldn't answer ANY of them without looking at the profile pics, lol! And even so, I probably still got most of them wrong. Just wow! CC makes a lot of difference!

    1. Max Nihill
    2. Ione Romilly
    3. Magdalena Novak
    4. Would guess Josie, but the eyes are the wrong color???
    5. No freaking clue!!!
    6. Arianna Weaver
    7. Ethan Novak?
    8. Rebecca Kirby?
    9. Susannah Carmody
    10. Cordy Lane

  2. Laura, yeah, you can look at the profiles! I think it'd be too hard to just come up with the answers out of thin air. But I'll tell you that for at least one of these Sims, looking at the profiles won't help.

    I won't give you the answers yet, because I'm going to put them in a separate post on Saturday, so everyone has a chance to make their own guesses and so even people coming across this a few months from now can play if they want to.

    And you should totally do this at LH! I kind of want to play mine but I can't because I know all the answers. An LH Guess Who would scratch my itch!

  3. Hmmm, but how would I do it without losing all their settings? Once I load the hood, no CC, won't they be saved that way? And I'll have to re-clothe/hair/eyes for everybody?

    I know anytime I even load to neighborhood screen with CC off, they lose all their ACR settings, and their Monique's computer bank accounts (which is hella annoying, and has happened to me more times than I want to admit, lol!)

    This would be really fun though :)

  4. Hacks work that way but regular CC doesn't. If you enter a house while you've got your CC out and then save, your Sims will lose all their stuff but as long as you exit the lot without saving, they'll have all their CC back once you put it all in and reload. It works that way for objects and Body Shop stuff.

    So I'd keep my hacks in (which I forgot to do yesterday, even though I was blabbing about doing it at N99 or VSS) and just remove my other CC.

  5. Carla, I can't tell you how glad I am you were able to fix whatever happened. When I saw your tweet I couldn't imagine if you lost Sullivan what you'd do.

    It's amazing how different your Sims are without their cc. I don't have much time now, but wanted to put in my two cents. I'm hoping to come back to this before Saturday.

    #4, from the nose and chin, Claudia Kirby

    #5, Audrey Lachance, although you haven't shown her grown to a teen yet. My second guess would be Julia Gray, because of nose, but she also is still a child.

    Still want to give 7 and 8 a shot, at least. This is pretty hard, though.

  6. I'm going to try this one tomorrow, but I don't know that I'll get many of them right!

    Laura, I'd love it if you did this with LH... since I know the sims there much better I might actually have a chance of guessing some of them :)

    Use the 'switching Sims 2 folder' thing I talked about in your comments... when I mentioned people having different CC for different types of hood.

    Make a copy of your entire EA Games/Sims 2 folder. Remove the downloads folder from the copy. Move the current 'real' EA Games/Sims 2 folder to a (VERY!) safe place, and replace it with the no-downloads one. You will then have a cc-less LH when you load again. When you're finished, delete the copy and return the real one to its proper place.

    I know what you mean about losing the bank accounts/acr settings... we had a mini baby boom in my hood when I didn't realise that everyone had lost their birth control settings a few sim-years ago!

  7. This is hard! They look SO different without all the CC. Hm...

    #1 - No idea!

    #2 - Victoria Kirby?

    #3 - No clue

    #4 - Claudia Kirby?

    #5 - I was going to say Adrienne Novak, but the eye color looks different so I'm not sure!

    #6 - Don't know

    #7 - Ethan Novak

    #8 - Don't know this one either :(

    #9 - Looks like it might be a teen? So I'm going to guess Susannah Carmody

    #10 - Cordy Lane

  8. Ha, I'm very relieved to see you all found this as hard as I did! I don't feel so bad now.

    Also wanted to note that it's just as funny to see what random Maxis hair and clothing they ended up in.

    I will do one of these for LH after I back up everything all to hell, lol! Mine probably won't be as hard as this though, because looking through them all, I realized that I do often use a lot of Maxis EP and SP outfits, and hairstyles too. The skin and eyes are what really make the difference though, so we'll see... Maybe Monday, for part of my LH anniversary week plans - LH is two years old :)

  9. Wow ! I truly love you blog and since it's my first time looking I must say your doing a great job:)
    all the profiles look intresting, and I noticed that your sims hair is very according! It isn't random, you've made your genetics and hair very realistic and a sense. The lenght and so forth is great :)

    Keep up the great work!!!

  10. Heh, this is fun! Some of your guesses are spot on and some not so much!

    Laura, I purposely picked Sims who didn't use Maxis hairstyles, though there aren't that many in my hood.

    And I didn't know you had an anniversary coming up!

    Thanks Princess O!

  11. Man, I'm not even going to try! I am way too intimidated to guess. Thank God for CC defaults.

  12. Lol, no chance I'm trying, I'd totally mess it up :P It's cool to see what other people are doing though, how brave of you!

  13. Ha, I'm pretty sure I'd mess up with anyone else's Sims but I still think it'd be fun to try! Actually, I think I might even mess up with my own, was I not able to hover my mouse and see their names, lol!

  14. wow.. i am so used to how realistic Sullivan sims look that it actually hurts my eyes to see Maxis eyes and eyebrows on them.

  15. Yeah, not quite as attractive, are they? LOL.

    One thing that this trip into vanilla land did for me was confirm how much I hate the Maxis eyes. They're so flat-looking.

  16. LOL It's so fun to do this now that I actually KNOW who your sims are. But some of them were still hard.

    1. Max Nahill
    2. Ioni
    3. Magdalena
    4. Rebecca Kirby
    5. Matilda
    6. I kind of recognize the face but there are so many sims to go thru!
    7. Same as #6
    8. Why can't I think of her name lol
    9. Susannah
    10. Cordy (I actually had #2 and this one switched but think I have it right now).

  17. Oh, I forgot I posted a link to this at N99! I think it was in a thread extolling the benefits of custom content. This is pretty much a public service announcement for CC!

    I won't comment on your answers here in case someone else wants to play one day.