Saturday, 27 March 2010

Guess who? - the answers

Okay, here are the answers from Thursday's Guess Who. I was pretty impressed at the Sims some of you managed to identify, sans CC!

If you want to make any last minute guesses, either in Comments or just in your head, before you check the answers, you can see the Guess Who post here.

Max Nihill


Ione Moretti


Magdalena Novak

Anna Collins (would have also accepted Betsy Carmody, seeing they're clones)


Matilda Jacobson, one of the playable NPCs. Remember in Comments when I said looking at the profiles wouldn't help for at least one of the Sims? Now you know why.

Collette Sitko

Ethan Novak

Abigail Carmody
I think this one was the hardest - Abigail has an in-between skin tone, so she defaulted to this tone with no CC in.

Susannah Carmody


Cordy Lane
This one was probably the easiest. Cordy doesn't wear any make-up so she was one of the only female Sims who didn't look like they'd been attacked by Homer Simpson's make-up gun.


  1. I would never have been able to guess! I would've had to cheat off of Laura's answers, lol.

    I will say even without CC your sims are very distinctive to me. Just still can't tell them apart!

    Also the Homer Simpson make up gun, lol! Wow, what difference CC makes! I know with my sims, the Oepu skin defaults I'm using make a HUGE difference. If I take the skins out, one of my favorite sims who I've always thought was very pretty looks absolutely ugly.

  2. I didn't have time to write my guesses but I got a few of them right. This update made it clear that I just couldn't play without CC. The sims look so weird without custom skintones etc.

    The Homer Simpson makeup gun is hilarious LOL

  3. I'm glad you both enjoyed the make-up gun! I thought of it straight away when I saw Ione and that garish lipstick!

    Lunar, they all look so different, don't they? But yeah, Laura kind of kicked everyone else's asses in this - 6/10!

    The Sims I used here are still quite distinctive with no CC but I found that some of the Sims who have townie heritage look very Maxis-y an standard with no CC.

    I spared you all what Lia and Maia look like with no custom content. I'll let you all go on thinking of them as totally cute with all my lovely CC! It's really not pretty without it!

    Sari, I would never play without CC! I read people talking about their vanilla games and I just think, "You don't know what you're missing!"

  4. I can see Anna, Matilda, and Collette, now that you mention it. But wow @ Abigail! I'd never have guessed that in a million years!

    Yay, 6/10! I'm in it to win it, people! lol! :)

    The funniest thing I've found about doing my own Sims was the hairstyles and clothing they decided to default into, lol!

  5. There is really no exaggeration in claiming that eyes are windows into a person's soul. When i draw sketches of people, I always do eyebrows and eyes first. If I can't get them right, I just can't move on drawing other parts.

    Maxis eyes just don't do the job.

  6. Laura, if someone had shown me that picture of Abigail and told me it was one of my Sims, I don't know if I would have been able to guess either!

    I forgot to take a picture but Asha defaulted into that 50s housewife dress from Free Time. That's like a Halloween costume for her!

    lepifera, so true! I don't draw but my sister does and she has so many abandoned sketches in her book of just eyes and eyebrows!

  7. I chickened out of guessing - at least publicly! :)

    My hood has largely a Maxis Match/Cartoon-ish look, although I do have (Maxis-similar) default replacement skins and eyebrows... after seeing your sims, I took my cc out just to see what would happen. I didn't expect too much difference, but I was surprised! Obviously they were more recognizable than yours, but still... I guess the eyes do make a huge difference!

  8. Blackcat, defaults, even the Maxis match stuff, make a huge difference. I've never used Maxis match defaults though, so I don't know from personal experience. I'm just thinking about, for example, strange_tomato's Sims from Strangetown, Here We Come.

  9. OMG that was Abigial?! Thank goodness for CC cuz she is way cuter than that lol. I remember looking at that a couple months ago and thinking "wow, amazing what CC does" (and probably even said it at N99). But I have the memory of a goldfish. I'm glad I didn't remember the answers though because it was fun to play now that I know them.

  10. Danielle, Abigail was the biggest surprise, I think! I wonder how much of it is the skin tone though. She defaulted to a skin tone so much paler than her usual one and that would have thrown me off, for sure!

    You tied with Laura, by the way, with 6/10! That's the highest score anyone's got so far. You also have the achievement of being the only one to guess Matilda, although you're also the only one who had her profile to look through. She didn't have one up when I did this!

  11. Yea I definitely wouldn't have known Matilda had she not had a profile. And Anna/Betsy's hair threw me off. I didn't look closely at the cheeks and chin.

  12. That threw a lot of people off, I think! When I put these up, I was thinking Anna would be one of the easier ones to guess, because to me, her jawline is very distinctive.