Wednesday, 13 July 2011

This heart attack

Round 31: April 2034 (Autumn)
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David Sitko is 52, Kirstin is 50 and Adelaide is 16.
(Kendal is 58, Charlie is 22, Camilla and Lila are both 21, Sebastian is 18 and Grace and Everett are both 4)

Narrated by David Sitko

I thought things might be quieter for our family now that it's just the three of us at home but that hasn't really been true at all.

Adelaide hasn't got pregnant, thank goodness, but she's still a lot more difficult than Camilla or Lila ever were.

Lately, most of the disagreements have been related to her boyfriend, Sebastian.

I don't dislike Sebastian. On the contrary, he seems like a fairly decent guy.

I know Adelaide likes him a lot and from what I can see, he treats her well.

But if Adelaide had it her way, she'd be out with Sebastian every single night until any hour she pleases and thinks it's very unfair that Kirstin and I won't allow it.

In her mind, 16 is old enough to be considered an adult and to not have to be bound by restrictions like curfews.

That's just not going to happen. And despite what Adelaide thinks, Kirstin and I would be laying down the same rules whether Camilla had got pregnant or not.

A couple of weeks ago, Adelaide decided to take matters into her own hands and snuck out of the house to see Sebastian as soon as she knew Kirstin and I were asleep.

What she didn't count on was waking me when I heard the car pulling back into the driveway when she came home at 4 in the morning.

We didn't discuss it until after breakfast but we grounded Adelaide until further notice. She tried protesting but I think she realised our decision was final.

That didn't mean she was happy about it. Adelaide has been sulking ever since.

I just can't help but wonder whether Adelaide would be off to college in a couple of years if she had spent as much time on her studies as she did with Sebastian.

Kirstin and I had prepared ourselves that Adelaide might not end up going to university, so we weren't exactly surprised. School has always been a struggle for her.

School was always much easier for both Camilla and Lila, so I think that sometimes makes it even harder for Adelaide. She worries we expect the same from her that we do for Camilla and Lila.

Lila is set to graduate with honours at the end of the year. She's beating herself up because her GPA is one point below perfect but she's done incredibly well.

Camilla will graduate with honours as well. We're especially proud of her efforts; it can't have been easy to do while raising Grace and Everett.

She and Charlie have done really well with the kids but Kirstin and I know all too well how challenging twins can be.

Camilla tells us that this year has been a lot easier. With Grace and Everett in pre-school, Camilla has had a lot more time to study.

Kirstin took this as her opening to beg Camilla to take Julian's diner off her hands.

The Greasy Spoon has been Kirstin's responsibility ever since her father died and she manages to plaster a fake smile on when she has to go down there. But really, she just couldn't hate it more.

She added working weekends at the diner onto Adelaide's punishment for sneaking out.

She told Adelaide it would teach her some responsibility but it was really so she didn't have to go down there so often herself.

Unfortunately for Kirstin, Camilla is not quite ready to take over just yet. She's definitely interested, because running a business has always been a goal of hers but it's going to be just a tad overwhelming for her fresh out of college.

I could hardly blame Kirstin for trying. She has a lot on her plate at the moment.

On top of her day job at the law firm, she is also finishing up her final term as governor. She has about six months to go.

She's relatively satisfied with the job she's done. The town hall was refurbished, which was goal #1 for her term.

Kirstin also promised to focus on education and added a music faculty building to Suffolk University's campus.

Her third promise was to build a new science faculty for the university but that didn't get off the ground. Because Kirstin is an over-achiever though, she's in meetings with Kendal Draper (the council's education rep) to see if it can at least get started before she leaves office.

I know Kirstin has really enjoyed the challenge of serving as governor but I'm looking forward to that time in her (and our) life being over. Even when she's home, she's usually working.

Kirstin probably won't know what to do with all the free time but I can't wait for her to get back to a regular 9-5 schedule.

  • Title is from This Heart Attack by Faker.
  • Adelaide was rolling wants to sneak out constantly, so I guess she's the rebellious daughter. Which is interesting, because from my anecdotal experience, it's often the youngest kid who is most likely to rebel.
  • Adelaide did not get into uni, though she has the want to go. She only got three scholarships and my Sims need four. It fits with her character that she wouldn't go though, so I'm all right with that.
  • I do feel bad for Adelaide as a character though. The poor kid has a lot to live up to. Both her sisters are graduating from university with honours, her father is a doctor, her mother is a lawyer and the governor. Her grandmother was an accomplished scientist and her grandfather was a successful businessman. Then there's Adelaide who struggled to maintain grades above Cs all the way through school.
  • Kirstin has served two terms as governor so when I put up the election poll this spring, she won't be a candidate. And the science faculty not getting done is totally my fault, obviously. I kind of forgot that was one of Kirstin's promises!
  • I also totally forgot to put up the lot tour of the music faculty (some may have seen it at N99), so I'm going to put that up for you guys tomorrow. I was going to do it with the taxes post but ended up forgetting to do the taxes at all until a few days ago. I suck so badly at blogging right now!


  1. Whew! I really thought Adelaide was going to get the preggers ROS, but she didn't :) I didn't realize just how much work it takes to get into your university-four scholarships?!?! Yikes!

  2. Poor Adelaide. It definitely cannot be easy living in the shadow of your two older sisters. And I can totally see how she would think that her parents are being hard on her because Camilla got pregnant so early. And wow, Kirstin sure is a busy woman! I bet she's kind of glad that she can take the governor load off her plate pretty soon.

  3. Apple Valley, LOL, you're just hanging out for that preggy ROS! If it had have been Adelaide, I think the post title might have become extremely appropriate. I do believe David might actually have a heart attack if another of his daughters gets knocked up!

    Four scholarships is actually not much of a trial for most of my kids. I let them skill as toddlers for one thing (I don't think you do?), so they many of my Sims have a good grounding in skills. One of the scholarships they get is usually the one they get for reaching the top of a teen career, which isn't too difficult for my Sims. Just a tad too difficult for Adelaide though. She had the entrepreneur scholarship and two skill-based ones but she only had a C-. So she missed out.

    Thanks for reading!

    Mandie, Adelaide must have times where she feels like somewhat of a black sheep. She was born into a rather intellectual family! And I think it's such a teenage thing to assume you're being treated unfairly, when in fact parents usually have good reasons for the rules they set. And I won't let my parents read that, because I'm sure I had a few Adelaide moments when I was 16!

    I think Kirstin will be a little lost when she first leaves office but she'll adjust. She thrives on being busy but she's plenty busy with her job at the law firm already. It'll be nice for her to have a weekend again.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Adelaide pregnant, this heart attack indeed! David would probably blow a vessel if that happened lol. I do feel for Adelaide, my family is kind of set up with a every other kid theme lol. My oldest brother was extremely good in school and college, the next oldest barely got by, I did really well, and my younger brother struggled. I always tell him he was born in the wrong slot lol. It'll be interesting to see what she ends up doing after graduation. I have yet to have a teen with a sneak out want.......they're all goody two shoes I guess lol. I'm glad Kristin is about to slow down. I can totally see her hating it at first, but I'm sure she'll grow to love it.

  5. I love Adelaide!! And I like her a lot with Sebastian!
    That shot; where she walked back in the house and her father was standing there, waiting for her, I just loved it! I'm sure that wasn't what she was expeciting!
    I don't think Kristin will like taking things slow at first, but I'm sure she'll learn to like it eventually :)

  6. Mizzgin03, yeah, poor David! He's had enough drama from his daughters to last a lifetime.

    LOL, I'm surprised none of your teens have wanted to sneak out! Mine roll up that want all the time but Adelaide was spinning it more than usual. But I actually set up the sneak out shots - Sebastian is a YA, so in game, there's no way for Adelaide to sneak out with him anyway.

    David is quite glad at Kirstin's upcoming forced slow down as well! I think as long as she finds other things to fill her time, rather than just sitting around the house, she'll be happy.

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, I like Adelaide a lot too and she and Sebastian are quite cute as a couple. She's very, very different from her sisters though. Actually, none of the Sitko girls are much like each other.

    I'm sure Adelaide was not expecting to find her dad standing there in the foyer, or else she might not have taken the risk of sneaking out. It's had the opposite effect to what she intended, because she now has even less freedom.

    I think Kirstin will find the slower paced life difficult, as well as having to hand over control to the new governor. She's going to struggle with that, I think!

    Thanks for reading!

  7. It is indeed interesting that the youngest siblings is usually the rebel. Most of my friends were older children but only another friend and I were the youngest and I dyed my hair tips blue and she got 3 piercings, which no set of parents liked, lol.

    Wow, Camilla graduating with honors while taking care of 2 children, that is an achievement!

    And lol at the title making sense if Adelaide got pregnant!

    Just a question, won't it be possible for Adelaide to get another scholarship if you'll play her again when she's 17? I just feel so bad for her not getting into college, since unlike Lucy she's a playable! At least her LTW is still achievable.

  8. Flit, it's definitely a pattern I've noticed with youngest siblings. There's only two of us in my family but it was my sister (younger) who was the more rebellious. I was the responsible one. ;)

    Yes, it would be possible for Adelaide to get another scholarship if I play her again but I won't be doing that. Everyone gets one proper play session per round and she's had her turn! I played this family for the entire autumn, thinking she might roll up a skilling want or something but nope. It makes sense to me that she wouldn't go, so I'm okay with it. If she wanted to be a lawyer or something, I'd be more conflicted.

    Thanks for reading!

  9. Ah yes, younger siblings and their boyfriends. I remember all the trouble related to my younger sister and her boyfriends.
    Wow, I didn't realize that Kirstin had so much on her plate! It'll be good for her to give up at least one of her jobs.

  10. I do understand that you give each family a proper play session each round, but until the middle of next round she'll stay a teen and if you play her family in 2035 she'll still have a chance, no?

  11. Fini, heh, what is it about younger siblings, huh? LOL.

    Kirstin is a busy woman and she does like it that way. But she will be slightly less busy next time we see her, which will be a good thing. Even if she doesn't appreciate that yet. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Flit, yes, but I won't be playing this family in 2035. I generally keep families either in the first half of the round or the second half. I only move them to the other half if it's necessary for the story. If I move this family to 2035, it means another family scheduled for 2035 will have to take their place in 2036. That would mean three years between updates for that family, which is too long for my liking. I prefer to avoid that. I have no idea if any of that made sense. It does in my head, lol!

    And that's leaving aside the fact that I'm really and truly fine with Adelaide not going to uni. ;)

  12. Poor Adelaide--all that is a lot to live up to, but maybe she can really make a go of it once she is out of school and gets a bit more independence? Maybe she could take over the restaurant, or at least work there full time since she's going to be going straight into the workforce...

  13. Rachel, I think Adelaide will eventually find something she can do well at. She's just not an academic type.

    I have definitely considered having her work at the diner full-time. Camilla will be the owner but with Magdalena retiring soon, they'll need a new manager. And you know...Adelaide kind of has an "in" there!

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Adelaide is a real handful, isn't she?! I can imagine that the pressure of being the little sister of such achieving big sisters plays a part in her rebellious attitude. That picture of her sneaking home with David standing in the hallway is just priceless.

    I love the height difference between Adelaide and Sebastian. It seems so realistic because I know a lot of couples where the guy is really tall and the girl is short.

  15. Sari, Adelaide is definitely David and Kirstin's most troublesome child! I think she was probably already going to be inclined that way but Camilla and Lila being such over-achievers probably helped push her further along!

    Heh, both the Gentry boys have girlfriends significantly shorter than them! I think the height difference is even more pronounced between Oliver and Veronica.

    Thanks for reading!

  16. It makes sense that Adelaide would be more rebellious, especially with having two pretty all-star sisters, and family! They really are quite an accomplished bunch! Hopefully she finds her niche and is comfortable with herself when she finally gets there, after all this school stuff is behind her. So funny that she got caught, love that picture of David waiting for her! That's always a sinking-stomach moment for a teen! Sebastian makes Adelaide look like a teen! He's so tall!!

  17. Maisie, I can imagine a kid rebelling against that perfect sort of family dynamic (knocked up teenage sister excluded!) intentionally, so yeah, it makes sense for Adelaide. Though she didn't really have to try - she just feels like doing what she wants.

    I had to pose that pic of her sneaking in. Sims' expressions when they're sneaking in are strangely...expressionless. So that one was actually a bit fiddly to do. I'm glad everyone liked it.

    Heh, Sebastian is very much-mansized and Adelaide still looks quite young! If they hadn't been dating for a couple of years now, I'm sure that would freak David out a little. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  18. It makes sense that Adelaide would act out a little with the pressures on her by being a part of such an accomplished family.

    Her mother-- wow. I got tired watching all the word she does!

  19. Lunar, hopefully, Adelaide's acting out won't continue into her adult life. She should get it all out of her system now!

    I figure being the governor of a fairly small place like Sullivan is probably a part-time job but on top of the diner and her full-time job, Kirstin definitely has a lot of her plate! She'll be forced to slow down soon enough. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  20. Wow, Adelaide did have a lot to live up to. Poor girl but I hope she can find something she enjoys doing without a degree. That's too funny with her sneaking out though. I really liked seeing Sebastian with her, though. He seems so much older than her now but it's only 2 years. Gotta love it. Well, I know Kirsten and David don't lol. I have a couple of teens with the sneak out want but it doesn't fit into the one's character at all.

    I think Kirsten did a great job during her term. Some politicians don't do as much as she has done! And I don't blame you for forgetting about the science faculty building. Science was never a strong subject for me. I found a science building I want to download... somewhere... but I haven't checked it out yet. I'll probably have to build it like I did my school.

    Oh my, I forgot all about the pregnancy ROS! :-O I wonder who's going to get that one!

  21. Danielle, Adelaide is quite a handful for her poor parents but I think once she's an adult and that stuff isn't so forbidden any more, she'll settle down. I find that almost all my teens want to sneak out. I ignore it unless it makes sense for the character and I don't always write it in, even then.

    Yeah, Kirstin did all right, eh? Except the science faculty is still completely untouched. Or at least it would be untouched if I'd done so much as placed an empty lot down for it! I think I'm going to convert an interesting looking house for the purpose instead of building from scratch.

    It feels like I'm taking forever to get to the pregnancy ROS but it is coming! Swear it! LOL.

    Thanks for reading!

  22. Finally back to Simming, and so to blogs reading! :)

    I love how Adelaide is so rebellious (I laughed at her face at the restaurant!). Like Maisie said, I think it makes sense too. With brillant sisters like hers, I understand she might even skip uni!

  23. Sandy, welcome back!

    LOL, I had to go and look back to see what face you meant! It feels like a while since I've had a rebellious teen. It was fun to play out and seemed to fit Adelaide's character as well, given her family situation.

    Thanks for reading!