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Round 31: June 2034 (Winter)
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Abigail Carmody is 51, Jesse is 49, Mitchell is 15 and Austin and Lauren are both 13.
(Nick is 31, Sarah is 29, Noah is 16, Tim is 14 and Xavier is 13)

Narrated by Mitchell Carmody

I don't understand girls at all. Any of them. I've known Lauren her entire life so you'd think I would at least get her but I don't.

She was so happy about going on her first solo date with Xavier (they'd been on group dates before).

She wouldn't talk about anything else beforehand.

Even officially introducing Xavier to Mum and Dad was apparently exciting.

Xavier looked less excited and more like he was going to throw up from nerves though.

And then just a couple of days later, Lauren is talking about how maybe Xavier is "wrong" for her and they should break up.

Which she never did. She was kissing him in the front yard less than 24 hours later.

I'm totally mystified by Rachel as well. I thought I understood her but recent events have proven otherwise.

Ever since we met on vacation a couple of years ago, we've spent a lot of time together.

I really like her and Rachel never gave me the impression that the feeling was anything but mutual.

And yet, I still found myself getting dumped a couple of weeks ago.

She wants us to stay friends but she doesn't want to go out with me any more.

It just came so far out of left field. I asked her if she'd met another guy but she said it was nothing like that. She just said we'd "grown apart".

I had a good talk with Dad about how it seemed to come out of nowhere. I actually thought Rachel and I were doing okay. Great, even.

Dad could relate, it turns out. He's definitely had his moments in the past when he just didn't understand girls.

He didn't mention who any of these girls were but I did wonder if one of them was Mum.

Dad wasn't too keen to confirm or deny that one, so I bet she was!

Mum and Dad seem okay now, to the point where it's kind of embarrassing sometimes.

Perhaps there's hope for me yet.

Even though Dad didn't really give me any advice, I am actually feeling better about Rachel now. It helps that I have so much else to focus on.

I've been learning to drive, for one thing! Mum takes me out every weekend and sometimes in the afternoon after school, just so I can get some practice in.

Mum says I'm a good driver but I can't wait until I can drive on my own, without Mum or Dad in the passenger seat. Then I can start driving myself to work. I work at a fast food place. It's kind of a crappy job but it's not too terrible. I finally have my own money to spend and I can't complain about that.

I work most weekend afternoons but Mum insisted I make sure I got the day off last Sunday, for our family gathering.

It was Catherine's first time at a big family thing, so Mum wanted everybody there.

Not that Catherine cared at all. She pretty much just got passed around from person to person all afternoon anyway.

Thomas and Ryan didn't much care either. Lauren took them both upstairs and set them up with some crayons after a while though and they had a great time.

I still can't believe Nick has three kids. He's a lot older than me, of course, but it feels weird to be an uncle so many times over at 15.

And he and Sarah aren't even sure they're done yet, so they could end up having more! Mum has four kids as well, so I guess it's not that crazy for our family.

Once everybody left, I started to head off to go and hang out with Tim and Noah. As always, I had to dodge Austin first. Every time I hang out with my friends, he wants to come.

We don't do anything he can't do with his own friends. He doesn't need to be coming with us.

He has Declan to hang out with, plus Xavier and Justin, anyway. He doesn't need to tag along with us all the time.

Besides, I don't really need my little brother knowing all my business, even if we're not doing anything wrong.

Right now, we're trying to convince Tim to convince his parents to let him throw a party. His house is huge, way bigger than ours and better suited for a lot of people than Noah's.

At the moment, Tim's got about a thousand excuses why his parents will never go for it but he hasn't even asked them!

We're just going to have to keep working on him. A party at Tim's place would be so awesome!


Because who doesn't love a huggle?

  • Title is from Bloom by Radiohead.
  • So I'm pretty sure Lauren is as fickle as I thought she'd be, which may not end well for Xavier. I loaded the house and her panel was all about Xavier. She went to bed and woke up the next day and it was like Xavier didn't even exist. Then she did yet another 180 the next day. I hope this isn't the beginning of a pattern for Lauren but we'll see.
  • As for Mitchell and Rachel, I can say that Mitchell was (and still is) quite keen on Rachel. But she stopped rolling wants for him even when they were on dates and seeing she's a Family Sim, that's quite telling. :\ So they're not meant to be, at least not at 15.
  • I also just realised a round or so ago that I've never had a teen party before. Which seems somewhat odd, because I hear teenagers like parties. ;) I can't imagine Eliot would be too keen on teenage parties at his house though, so Mitchell and Noah might not be able to convince Tim that his place is the best venue. But Tim's family is scheduled for October, so I kind of want to do something, seeing it will be Halloween and I only did that the once since I switched to months.
  • Also, I think Abigail really likes being a grandma! She hadn't met Catherine yet when I loaded the lot and one of her wants was to hold her. She also had the want for a family reunion and it was so cute I had to oblige.


  1. I'm excited about the teen party, my teens never have parties, but that's cause I didn't party much as a teen :P

  2. P-A-R-T-Y!!! Yay, I can't wait for it. So much drama happen during my teen parties wonder if any will happen at yours? LOL I wasn't big on parties as a teen either. Went to a few, wasn't my thing though.

    Don't you just love when the grandparents who don't live with their grandbabies roll wants to cuddle them? It's so sweet!

  3. Apple Valley, I'm kind of excited myself! But I was the same as you as a teen - definitely not a partier!

    Thanks for reading!

    Riverdale, LOL, I'm hoping there'll be a bit of drama or maybe a blossoming romance. Who knows? I definitely wasn't a party person either and am still not. I've always been a homebody, which is fortunately more socially acceptable at 30 than it seemed to be at 15!

    And yes, I do. :) It makes the family relations seem so real to me. I've also had grandparents get wants for their grandkids to get an A+ or to earn scholarships. I love that too, when they keep wanting to stay involved in their grandkids' lives as they grow up.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Oooh yay a party!! I hope Time can convince his parents to let him have one, it would be great for him to throw a halloween party!
    He could always do what my teens did, just throw the party when the adults weren't at home, they ended up grounded because of it, but the party was pretty good :)

    Aah Lauren, I wonder what will happen to her when she grows older, I saw she's a romance sim, maybe she's just not sure Xavier should be the only one ....
    And poor Mitchell, I'm sure he'll find another girl somewhere in Sullivan, but it's can't be easy on the guy, seeing he still is quite keen on Rachel!

  5. PARTY! We're all so excited, lol! I've never had a teen party either but that's a great idea.

    Poor Mitchell getting dumped. I bet he's pretty confused and watching his sister change her mind every 10 seconds probably doesn't help.

    Lauren seems kind of fickle which predicts a bad ending for her relationship to Xavier.

  6. I haven't had a teen party in a LONG time...Um, the last one I remember throwing was when Emma, Audrey, Seth, Nathan, and that whole group were teens, lol! I'd love to see what kind of trouble and drama the Sullivan teens could get into at a party!

    I love when the grandparents roll wants for their grandkids. It's so sweet!

    Poor Mitchell. Teenage girls are very confusing! ;)

  7. A party is a great idea and I hope they are able to do it! Poor Mitchell, girls can be quite confusing sometimes (but I'm sure girls feel the same way about guys lol). And I can't wait to see Lauren when she gets older, I wonder if she'll remain fickle lol

  8. Tanja, if Tim can't convince his parents (and I think it might be a hard sell, at least for Eliot), I'll figure something else out. I might think of a reason Cordy and Eliot might leave for the evening or something else entirely. I have my heart set on a party now, so dammit, I'm having one!

    Yes, Lauren's Romance (just like her mum!) so that could spell trouble down the road. We'll see.

    I haven't got any plans for Mitchell just yet but I have plans for him a long way down the road. So eventually, yeah, he'll find someone. ;) Hopefully he'll have gotten over Rachel by then!

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, LOL, you're all much more excited about the idea than poor old Tim!

    I think the rest of the family would probably be pretty confused by Lauren too. Well, maybe Abigail could offer some insight on fickleness. She might save her daughter (not to mention the male population of Sullivan) some trouble down the line!

    Thanks for reading!

    Shana, I remember that party! I remember there was some trouble with beer (I think Anna might have had a drink?)

    Sim grandparents are the cutest. My favourite will probably always be poor old Filippo though.

    We girls put boys through so much heartache. ;)But they do the same to us!

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, I think most people find the opposite sex inscrutable, at least occasionally! I was going to say it gets easier but I don't think it does. You just get new issues you need to figure out as you get older!

    Lauren will be an interesting one. I'm not sure what will happen with her down the line. Abigail eventually made a decision and stuck with it but it took her until she was almost 30!

    Thanks for reading!

  9. I hope Mitchell has better luck in the future with girls, and maybe he'll begin to understand them better too. I think Jesse and Abigail are suited to each other no end, and I'm glad they don't seem to be having any problems.

    For some reason, I'm looking forward to see if they can throw that party - it'd be interesting to see whether it goes completely out of control and what the consequences of it are!

    Great update. :)

  10. Shake, hopefully! Mitchell is a good kid and Rachel breaking up with him really blindsided him. As for Jesse and Abigail, I'm glad they're going well now too. They got most of their drama out of the way before they got married!

    We will see about the party. Hopefully, I can do it in a way that makes sense. I'm tossing around some ideas. I don't think Tim is the kind of kid who would throw a party while his parents were out of the house without a lot of goading from someone else!

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Cuuuuute! I love the family reunion, kinda reminds me of when my own large family gets together.

    Mitch need not worry. Everyone's fickle at 15. There are only a few that meet their soulmates even before college. He's got plenty of time. Too bad though; Rachel's very pretty.

    Teens like parties? Well, what do you know. And here I thought my Tommy April was just strange, lol. I've really got to get a party together for my sims, but I need to find a drama-free house first. :)

  12. Fini, the reunion was fun to do! There are no children in my family right now but it was kind of like going to the birthday parties of some of my friends' little kids. Definitely a lot of babies being passed around there.

    Ah, this is true! At 15, everyone is still working out what they want so it's not the time to expect a truly long-lasting relationship. Mitchell will get that eventually but there's no rush.

    Parties are a good way to spice up drama-free households sometimes! I'm getting kind of excited about this teen party thing. I'm going to have to find a way to do it, one way or another!

    Thanks for reading!

  13. I'm actually worried about this party. Teens and parties are almost never without issues, even if everything physical is left intact.

    I've thought about doing it myself I just have to figure out how to the way I imagine it.

  14. Oh-oh, so this poor and adorable Xavier might end up heartbroken, with the beautiful Lauren? :)
    I loved that it wasn't that obvious for Mitchell and Rachel (it's always fun when love stories are bit complicated or impossible... but actually, I find them fun as well when they're "love at first sight". That must be my "hopeless romantic" trait!)
    I love teens parties; they're such the perfect background for little dramas.
    Loved to hear Abigail and Jesse's love story seen by Mitchell!

  15. Choco, you're right, there could be trouble at this party, wherever it's held! I'm still figuring things out for this party myself though.

    Thanks for reading!

    Sandy, I think Lauren may end up breaking more than one heart in her life, if she keeps going the way she is!

    Ah, we must both be hopeless romantics! I love a complicated love story too but I also have a soft spot for the ones like Finn and Victoria where they meet at 12 and then end up getting married many, many years later!

    Your teen party (and I think yours was a Halloween one too, if I remember correctly) was one of the ones that put the idea in my head originally. It's been running through my head for a good while now!

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Mitchell is the spitting image of his father! He's so cute, and his teen life is so full.

    Haha, a teen party. That definitely sounds like trouble.

  17. Lunar, all three of these kids are Jesse clones, lol! Abigail got her clone baby with Nick, so I assume she doesn't mind much. ;)

    With ACR and a bunch of single Sims, trouble isn't usually too far away. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  18. I’m excited to see your party, too! My teen Halloween party was fun although I was kind of hoping for a little drama and maybe a hookup or 2. But, there will be other parties.

    I really love how you wrote that Mitchell was trying to dodge Austin. I don’t have any siblings but my husband talked about how he’d be forced to tag along with his 2 older brothers when they went out and they hated it lol. That’s too bad Mitchell got dumped but he’s a good looking kid. He shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone else. And Lauren is funny. I think most girls have been at the point where all our wants revolved around our SO and then other days we’re like “who?”

    Squee! Love the huggle!

    Oh, I completely forgot that Tim is Eliot’s son and not Luc’s! When you said in the update that he didn’t think his parents would go for it, I was like “why wouldn’t Asha and Luc go for a party?... oh wait”. :P

  19. I'm sorry. I always write novels for comments LOL!

  20. Aww, poor Mitchell, getting dumped. He should expand his horizons and try to date other girls anyway.

    I love the first picture of Abigail and Mitchell in the car for the driving lesson, because it almost looks like she's gripping the door handle and considering getting out of the car. :)

  21. Danielle, LOL, yeah, I'm hoping for some drama at the party! I have a lot of teens right now, so surely I'll get some. Right? LOL.

    Oh, I write from experience with Mitchell and Austin! I remember having to physically push myself against my bedroom door just to keep my sister out of there sometimes.

    There are plenty of girls who Mitchell has chemistry with, so we'll see what happens. He's still rolling wants for Rachel, so I guess he's a little heartbroken right now. So true about Lauren as well - I don't think she's so odd, especially not for 13!

    LOL, yes, Tim is Eliot's son, Luc's nephew. None of Luc and Asha's kids are teens yet but I wonder if Luc will be so laissez-faire about parties when they are, especially with Ruby. I can see him going all protective father on her, seeing he knows exactly what boys can be like. ;)

    I don't mind novel-length comments at all. I write them myself, quite often!

    Thanks for reading!

    Rachel, true and Mitchell will have the chance to do that now. I think we have ourselves a bit of a romantic though!

    LOL! Abigail is getting into the car in that picture and I didn't see it the way you did but that's hilarious! It really does look like that.

    Thanks for reading!