Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ramble on

Round 32: September 2036 (Spring)
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Abigail Carmody is 53, Jesse is 51, Mitchell is 17 and Austin and Lauren are both 15.
(Louisa is 16 and Declan and Justin are both 15)

Narrated by Austin Carmody

Dad turns 51 this month, so we threw him a family party at home to celebrate.

Our family is pretty big, so the party was huge too. There was barely enough room in our house for all the family members who showed up.

We’re a close family too, so everyone just makes themselves at home.

51 isn’t a particularly memorable birthday but I think Dad just kind of wanted to have a party this year and Mum was happy to oblige.

As well as Dad’s birthday, a lot of the talk was centred around Mitchell heading off to university in January.

We just found out that Mitchell got into Suffolk and my parents are both pretty excited about it. He got a whole ton of scholarships, so Mum and Dad will save a lot of money on his tuition as well.

He’s known for ages that he wants to study culinary arts. It’s kind of weird that Mitchell has been so sure about what he wants to do from the time he was 12.

Mitchell already cooks a lot of meals for us at home. I’m no foodie, but they taste pretty good, so I guess it’s a good path for him.

Mum is really insistent that Lauren and I both go to college as well and she’s already asking us about what we might want to do. She says if she graduated with a kid in tow, we should be able to handle it just fine.

Lauren wants to follow Mum into journalism, so Mum is satisfied there.

Lauren started a blog this year, just to practise her writing and maybe be a step ahead of the others when the time comes.

I don’t really know what I want to do though, or if I want to go to college at all. I’m thinking of graphic design and for that, I would need a degree.

But I also love painting and I think my stuff is good enough for people to want to buy. I don’t need a degree to save up some cash and buy a little gallery or something.

I don’t need a degree to be a photographer either, which is something else I’m considering. I’m still new to photography but I’ve been practising a lot.

Dad is okay with my skipping college, if that’s what I end up doing. He says I already have a better idea what I want to do than he did at my age and that’s a good start.

Mum doesn’t think much of the idea. She’s pushing for me to go and study fine arts, even if I settle on painting or photography.

I don’t even know if I’d be able to get in anyway. It’s not like I’m a star student or anything and I don’t have much motivation to try and improve.

I’m really much more interested in girls right now.

They’re not so interested in me though, which is a problem.

Declan usually thinks it’s pretty funny.

He doesn’t really try flirting with girls, so he just gets to sit back and enjoy my failures.

Declan just has secret crushes on girls, which he then denies.

It’s so obvious to me that he likes Louisa but she’s dating our friend Justin.

I hear a lot of guys talking about Louisa, like she’s really hot, but I don’t see it. She’s pretty but nothing special.

Lately, I’ve been focusing my attention on Violet. She goes to a private school, so I don’t see her in class but I always notice her when I see her around elsewhere.

She seems like kind of a slob but I don’t mind a girl who likes her food.

Our first conversation didn’t go so well. I said something dumb and I think she just thought I was a big weirdo.

I guess she decided to give me another chance though, because she ended up joining my solo darts game outside a little while later.

Once I actually decided to think before I opened my mouth, we got along much better.

I threw in some compliments, just to smooth things over. Flattery might not get me everywhere but I figured it couldn't hurt.

It seemed to work. Just before I had to head home, I asked her out and she gave me her number.

I really like Violet and I hope this thing with her goes somewhere.


Just some Catherine spam from the party, because she's cute!

I ended up putting this in her inventory and letting her take it home - she loved that robot! It was once Lauren's.

She was super-sleepy, the poor little thing!
Not too sleepy to check Jack out though!

If she was angling for some attention from Jack, I guess she got it!

  • Title is from Ramble On by Led Zeppelin.
  • First update of the year! Hope you all enjoyed ringing in the new year and are set for an awesome 2012!
  • I think I've said before that I want to start celebrating birthdays, when they happen to fall in a convenient place in the schedule for that particular Sim. Jesse's birth month is September, so this works for him. I'll still be doing my age-ups in January though, because doing them month by month seems like a) more work and b) like it has the potential to be confusing in terms of starting primary/high school.
  • Austin's eventual career is probably going to hinge on whether he gets into college or not. Mitchell is in, as I said and I think Lauren already qualifies as well but Austin is the least motivated.
  • So Austin finally got to narrate an update. Lauren hasn't narrated either but I feel like we've seen a lot more of her anyway. I guess she's made her presence felt quite strongly!
  • I will probably delve a bit more into Austin and Violet when I play Declan's house. And I'll see if I can see what Declan's thinking, romance-wise, as well. ;)


  1. It was nice to hear from Austin and such a big birthday party, it makes me want some cake-yummy!

  2. Violet is cute! And I love her sweater, I hope things work out well enough for them. Is she just a townie? I'm curious what Declan is thinking about girls lately now that they are getting older.I like Austin's possible career thoughts. I think graphic design would be more stable and appease his mom.

    The party was fun, Catherine is adorable! So few blondies in this family! Jesse is such a good looking guy! Cant believe hes 51 now!

  3. Apple Valley, it was about time Austin got his time in the spotlight! I always want cake when the Sims have it - all the custom cake makers seem to make extra sure they look especially delicious inside!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, yeah, Violet's just a townie. She's been around forever but she's never had much play. It would be nice if she and Austin were together for a little while.

    There definitely will be talk of Declan and romance in the Romilly update. ;)

    Graphic design would definitely be the career path Abigail would push Austin towards but it depends if he gets into college! He's a really lazy student. He's getting As but he never wants to skill.

    Ha, yes, there is a lack of blondes in this family: just Jesse, Mitchell and Catherine. Jesse is a handsome guy, for sure. I love him with the facial hair too. He got like 100 times more better looking to me when I added that!

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Great update!

    First I want to say that I totally agree with little Catherine getting a good look at Jack. ♥♥♥♥ (Yes I am obsessed with Jack!) I thought it was funny she was thinking of Audrey while checking him out too. :P

    So excited for Mitchell to start college soon. I hope Mitchell will own a restaurant, I know you have a lot already, or maybe co-own one of the restaurants in town.

    Glad to see Lauren following in the footsteps of her mother into journalism, can't wait to see her all grown up.

    Austin (hehe) trying to be a little charmer aye? Declan, what a handsome young man he turned out to be, definitely waiting to hear more about him and his love life soon.
    Although Austin is thinking of not going to college, I agree with Jesse and is glad he at least has an idea what he wants to do with his life, which are good goals.

  5. Nicky, ha, Jack is apparently irresistible to girls of all ages, lol! The Audrey thought bubble didn't go unnoticed by me either. ;)

    Yeah, I'm not positive about a restaurant for Mitchell. We'll see. I do already have a lot of them! Not sure how I'd do a co-owner situation for a restaurant but it's something to think about.

    I'm a bit terrified for Lauren to grow up! She hasn't given me half the trouble her mother did as a teen, so I'm a bit worried she's going to pile it all on me once she gets to college!

    I think Austin was getting a little desperate, so he really had to turn on the charm with Violet! As for Declan, he's definitely started to think about girls now, so we'll hear about that from him in his update.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. And yet another great idea, having those birthday-parties! I'm stealing so much of your ideas! My only defence is that they are great! :)

    I hope Austin gets to do what he wants to do, even if it's not going to college. I'm sure in the end Abigail just wants her kids to be happy, even if they don't want to do what she wants them to.

    It would be nice to see more of Violet. She's very pretty :)
    You made me really curious (which really isn't hard to do ;)) about Declan and romance in his life :)

    I loved the Catherine-spam at the end :)

    I can't believe how much Mitchel looks like his dad, and his brother and sistes look so much more like their mother. So amazing thos genetics!

  7. Tanja, heh, steal away! I'm just glad someone actually understands what I'm doing with these birthday parties, because I was afraid I'd confused everyone.

    Austin will do what he wants to do, whether it lines up with what Abigail wants or not. You're right that she just wants her kids to be happy and part of that is wanting them all to get a good job, so that they don't have to struggle.

    We'll see more of Violet in Declan's update, as well as hear a bit more about what Declan's thinking about lately. ;)

    Actually, all the kids look like Jesse! Austin and Lauren are deceptive, because they have Abigail's colouring but they both mostly look like Jesse, if you ignore that. Abigail already had Nick as her clone baby, so I'm happy these kids turned out more like Jesse.

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Austin and Violet are cute.

    I hope he gains some more direction in what he wants to do in life although he seems to be off to a good start.

    1. Austin and Violet are quite a sweet-looking couple. I'm glad I found someone for Austin. :)

      It's almost like Austin has too much direction, lol. He's got a few paths he wants to go down and he just has to decide which one is right for him. If he doesn't get into college, that will knock out graphic design but he'll still have to decide between art and photography.

      Thanks for reading!

  9. Aww, Catherine is so cute!

    I love the big family gatherings--I know they probably get chaotic, but it's so sweet. :)

    Poor Declan! It's nice that Austin has a little more luck in the romance department, at least.

    1. I have some real cuties right now, including Catherine. I think I'll be sad to age her up.

      The big family gatherings are easier than my school update, generally! I just let them do whatever they want most of the time, so it's less stress on me.

      I actually thought Austin would have more trouble with girls than Declan. But I'm glad he found Violet. More on Declan in his update (which I can see you've already read, but you know, for anyone else catching up in the future!)

      Thank for reading!

  10. Awwwww, how cute, a new teen romance!!!! *sigh* I like how it wasn't obvious for Austin with girls, at first, and how he likes girls who enjoy their food!!! *lol* They're a pretty nice match. And she seems very lovely!

    Catherine is a little sunshine. She looks like a little star already!

    1. Austin's a laid back kind of guy, so he wouldn't be into a girl who's too worried about looking pretty or dainty to really tuck into her meal. ;) He and Violet make quite a pair!

      Catherine is a total sweetheart. I've been playing with her a bit lately, as a visitor to other lots and she's just been wandering around looking adorable. :)

      Thanks for reading!