Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Round 33: February 2037 (Summer)

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Maia Novak is 35, Ethan is 31 and Willow is 2.
(Lia is 40, Nick, Aaron and Calvin are all 34, Catherine is 3 and Amy is 2)

Narrated by Maia Novak

I took a whole year’s maternity leave when I had Willow, so I had plenty of time at home with her.

I really needed it too. I was always so unsure about motherhood, so having all that time alone with Willow made me confident that I could handle it!

It was a huge adjustment, especially because Willow wasn’t such a great sleeper in the beginning but we’ve done pretty well with her.

I know I'm biased but Willow is such a special little girl.

Which I guess is how Ethan talked me into trying for another one so soon. I’m due with our second child in May.

I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant so fast, now that I’m a little older. Maybe I take after Mum, who was 45 when she had Tessa.

Knowing there’s another little one on the way has made me desperate to get Willow potty-trained before my due date. I do not want to be dealing with two sets of nappies!

She’s a bit unsure about the potty right now, but I’m hoping it “clicks” for her soon.

I’m lucky enough that Ethan doesn’t mind being on nappy duty, or any of the other undesirable tasks of parenting. So at least it’s not all left for me to do.

He’s such a natural with Willow. I love watching them together.

Ethan is an amazing husband too and he totally spoiled me on my birthday. I turned 35 this month, which feels a bit strange to me. I still feel like I’m barely out of my teens sometimes.

For my present, Ethan and Willow bought me a parrot, who I named Admiral.

He squawks all day, which I’m sure some would find annoying. I love listening to him "talking" though.

Because I know Ethan probably spent more than he should have on Admiral and the cage, I wasn’t expecting to get anything else. But Ethan had other ideas; he took the day off work and took me out for a very long lunch instead.

He even asked Aaron and Calvin to come over to watch Willow, which they’ve done for us a few times so far.

Willow adores Amy, so I knew we wouldn’t need to worry about her while we were out on our date.

We went to a restaurant not too far from our house. It was decorated in a botanical theme - right up both our alleys!

The food was nothing fancy but very tasty anyway. But really, just spending time with Ethan was what I enjoyed the most.

Ethan had planned to take me for a walk in the park across the road but the rain put a stop to that!

But we had so much fun anyway. It had been a long time since we’d been on a date. After this baby arrives, it might be a while before we get to go out again, so I’m glad we took advantage while we could.

When we got back, Aaron and Calvin hung around a bit to tell us about their upcoming adoption. They’re hoping to adopt an infant this time. It would be fantastic if it happened this year.

They’re so eager to become parents again and I just don’t want them to have too long a wait.

We were both so thrilled when Aaron and Calvin adopted a daughter so close to Willow's age. We had visions of them growing up best friends.

It's a little early to tell whether they'll really be best friends but they do enjoy it when we arrange play dates for them.

Willow’s already got quite a few “friends”, for such a little girl. Nick’s daughter Catherine is really taken with her.

Catherine is older than Willow, so she tends to take the lead when they play but it’s still very sweet.

Nick is a little envious that Ethan and I are having another. He and Sarah want a fourth child but they can’t swing it, financially.

I can’t imagine having four kids - I think Ethan and I will stop after this one - but Nick and Sarah are exactly the types who could handle such a huge family.

Come April, Lia and Gordon will find out what four kids is like for themselves. They found out they were expecting a little “oops” about a month before I found out I was pregnant.

Lia was really nervous about it at first but she’s a tiny bit more relaxed about it now. As relaxed as Lia gets, anyway; she’s kind of high-strung.

At least she’s not so worried about miscarrying any more, now that she’s into the third trimester. Lia is actually excited about this baby now. It was completely unexpected but she has come to love the idea over the past six months or so.

It’s been quite fun being pregnant together. We’ve been getting together more frequently than usual, just to hang out and talk.

Willow loves her Aunty Lia, so she’s been enjoying this turn of events as much as we have.

Lia has started her maternity leave a little early but I’m still working. I specialise in graduations with my events planning so that's currently very slow. But I now have Rosa Lucida to take care over, so most of my time is being spent on that.

It’s hard work, which I don’t think I ever really appreciated until Dad handed the reins over to me. I really am on my feet all day, which is extra hard in my present state!

I also have no experience in sales, so I don’t think I’m doing the best job possible at the moment.

I still remember how to use the cash register from when I helped out at the shop in high school though, so there’s that.

I can’t do this on my own, so I’ve been on the phone with some employment agencies, looking for someone I can hire as a manager. I have every intention of keeping Rosa Lucida in the family but I need someone to take care of the day to day stuff.

I hope I find someone soon, because I am just so exhausted and sore when I get home. Although it is nice to have an extra excuse to get Ethan to give me a back rub!

I’ll be happy if I can hire somebody by the beginning of March. Then I can just kick back until April and wait for Baby Novak’s arrival.

  • Title is from Fair by Ben Folds Five.
  • Maia and Ethan seem like they'd be animal lovers, being nature Sims, hence Admiral. I didn't realise Sims actually earn nature enthusiasm from interacting with the bird though. I like how that worked out, not that Maia or Ethan ever have trouble keeping their enthusiasm up. They're two of the few Sims I have whose OTH is almost always maxed out.
  • My updates have been really toddler-heavy so far this round, or at least, it feels like it! Amy, Willow and Andrew in the first update of 2037, then Andrew's birthday yesterday and Amy, Willow and Catherine today. I'm playing Susannah and Zac next too, so it will continue. ;)
  • I ended up hiring Amber Dawn to work at Rosa Lucida. I like to fill spots at owned businesses with playable NPCs, where I can.
  • Maia and Lia's pregnancies feel like they're going by super-fast! Keep your fingers crossed that one of the babies inherits Maia/Lia's nose. It doesn't seem to be very dominant but it would be nice if I didn't lose it.


  1. Crossing my fingers that you get a red headed boy with Maia/Lia's nose :P I adore the resturaunt and how you decorated it. I can't wait for the babies to arrive, it's so great having the two sisters pregnant at the same time.

    1. Shockingly, I had forgotten about the possibility of a redhead from Maia and Ethan! That would be amazing. I'm torn between wanting boys or girls from Lia and Maia. A son for both would balance up the gender a bit in each household but I only had one girl born last round. So that might be nice too. LOL...too exciting!

      That restaurant was not decorated by me, alas! It's a Maxis Makeover of the NL lot, Bernard's Botanical Dining (or something like that). I'm not sure where I got it - possibly an_na?

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Awww can't wait for the baby's arrival. I love how social Little Willow is already.

    I'm already thinking ahead for when all the babies get to school age, and what that's going to be like. lol
    Will there be a huge boost in attendance?

    1. Willow's got lots of people to be social with. She's a little shy but not with her family. :)

      Actually, no! I keep a list of future enrollment numbers and I don't think it'll spike too much. We're going to stick with numbers around the low twenties for the next few years. Thank goodness, lol!

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Looking forward to meeting this new baby :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed this baby will get the features you want :)

    Willow really is cutie! And I love it that she and Amy get along so well, they are so sweet together!

    1. I'm getting rather specific with what I want from this baby. The pressure is on and he/she isn't even born yet!

      I'll take any excuse for a toddler playdate but Amy and Willow seem to enjoy themselves together anyway. ;) They're very cute!

      Thanks for reading!

  4. I wonder if Amy, Willow, and Catherine will be inseparable when they're older? They'll make a cute posse.

    1. Aw, yes, they really would. I should get Amy over for a play date with Catherine, when I play Nick and Sarah's update. Nick and Aaron and Calvin are good friends but I don't think they've seen each other in a while!

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Awww, Willow.... It's crazy how she can be cute!
    I'm so impatient to see the sisters having their babies! It will be so cute to have the kids being the same age. I'm already imagining all the future family reunions!!! Awwww!!!! It will be priceless!

  6. Isn't Willow just lovely? I adore her!

    I'm pretty impatient to see these babies too but it's really not very far away now, at least for Lia's baby. I'm halfway through the college update, then will come Malcolm and Hope and then Lia. :D It's very exciting!

    Thanks for reading!

  7. Willow is such sweetie! Can't wait to see who the next baby resembles. I love that Lia is having another too! I always thought she should have four, though I think a little girl would be more fitting, kind of on the same realm of Tessa born later in life. Nick just needs to have another one already! They aren't getting any younger and it's something they really want, they can make the money aspect work. Glad they were able to do a date even though it rained out the last part of it. Excited to see the new baby!

    1. Willow's little sibling has been born (to be revealed on the blog tomorrow). I did get a little genetic surprise, which may or may not be the one I was hoping for, but past that, I'm not going to say anything. Or about Lia's new baby, whose birthday update went up a few days ago. :D

      Nick and Sarah would love another kid and with the cute ones they have, I'd love to give them one. But when I left their lot, they had under $5000 in their household funds and a new baby would mean they'd need to move house. Sarah is a Hoarder and although she wants another baby, I don't see her going into debt to do it. We'll see how their funds go next time I play them. I won't rule it out!

      Thanks for reading!

  8. one word. . . "kaching"

    problem solved. ;) I give you permission this one time, to use it for Nick and Sarah. I won't tell.

    I do already know about Lia's baby, saw it at N99. And I'm really catching up, only a few left!

    1. LOL, well, I'd have them take out a loan before I resorted to "kaching"! I have very strict rules about money cheats. I used them for Luc, Patience and Matilda but only because those families are supposed to be rich, due to the lines of work they're in.

      I figured you saw Lia's baby but I don't want to spoil things for anyone else catching up in the future. ;) And I saw you're all caught up now! Didn't take you too long. :D

      Thanks for reading!

  9. Yes trying to keep vague for others that come along too. And yeah I know with the kaching. I rarely use it. Mostly pnpc to buy business. yep one blog caught up, 80 more posts to go with other blogs. lol

    1. 80! LOL, have fun with that! I like having tons of blogs to catch up on, as long as I have the time to read them all. ;)

  10. Oh that’s good to know that sims gain Nature enthusiasm with the bird cage. I have a few nature sims who don’t seem much like the gardening type, but I could see them with animals. Dogs/cats don't give the enthusiasm, though, I don't think.

    Lia and Maia look so adorable pregnant together. Catherine, Willow and Amy are so precious and hope they become a little posse when they get older like someone said. I already took a peek and know what they had, but can’t wait to read it again ;).

    1. Aw, I wish dogs and cats gave Nature enthusiasm. I wonder if it was just too complicated to program or (more likely), EA forgot! It would have been a nice addition, seeing the Nature hobby is obviously supposed to represent animal lover Sims as well.

      It's going to be so fun to watch this gang of little ones grow up. I ended up with a decent amount of nice ones, due to my personality reroll system, so they are actually as sweet as they look!

      Thanks for reading!