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Round 32: November 2035 (Spring)
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Maia Novak is 33, Ethan is 29, Connor is 22 and Willow is 6 weeks old.
(Aaron and Calvin are both is 32 and Lila is 22)

Narrated by Ethan Novak

We wanted to celebrate Willow's arrival with all of our family, so we decided to hold a little welcome party for her.

Neither of us particularly felt like cooking for such a big group, so we bought some pre-cooked meals at Delizioso.

We've been doing that a lot since Willow was born. We're probably Caleb's best customers these days.

But it's so easy and the food is great. We didn't hear any complaints from anyone at Willow's party.

Everybody was more interested in Willow than anything else anyway. She's the first grandchild for my parents, so it's particularly exciting on my side of the family.

She was such a little trooper all afternoon. She was cooed at and held by so many different people and she didn't even whimper.

Maybe she wanted to meet everybody as much as they wanted to meet her.

Willow did end up dozing off towards the end though, even among all the noise of everybody talking and laughing. It was a long day for a little girl.

I really hope Aaron and Calvin get to go home with their own child soon.

They finished their adoption application a few months ago and now they're just waiting to hear back from the social worker with a match.

Aaron and Calvin aren't holding their breath. Their social worker told them she could find a match for them at any time but they're thinking it's probably going to be later rather than sooner. They told us all they were planning on adopting just last Christmas but it feels like so much longer ago now. A lot has happened since then, I guess.

Maia and I got married and had Willow, of course.

And Connor started dating Lila.

He and Lila were friends in college and she made a move on him soon not long after they moved back to town after graduation. They got together not long after that and have now been dating since April.

Connor seems really happy with Lila. His previous girlfriends have had to goad him into going out and doing things together but he and Lila are out together several times a week.

He never talked too much about the other girls either but he'll talk about Lila. He doesn't gush or anything, because he's still Connor but this thing with Lila doesn't seem one-sided like it did with Elspeth or Audrey.

Being out with Lila so often is probably why Willow's arrival didn't really interrupt Connor's lifestyle too much. He has the upstairs bedroom, so we can walk around downstairs trying to get Willow to sleep and he doesn't hear a thing.

Connor doesn't bother too much with Willow, although he plays with her sometimes if she's getting fussy.

He doesn't do feedings and he definitely doesn't do nappies.

He's usually holed up in his room on his computer when he's home and that's fine with us. Connor pays us board to live here and that's all we expect from him.

Having Willow has naturally been a much bigger adjustment for me and Maia. She's six weeks old now and sometimes we don't feel like we know much more than we did when she was first born.

Most nights, Willow wakes up several times. I work full time, so it's usually Maia who gets up to her.

On nights before my days off though, I let Maia sleep, while I deal with Willow.

Of course, when one of us gets up, we often end up waking the other. So neither of us are as well-rested as we could be at the moment.

Maia is on maternity leave, so she definitely has it the toughest. She's at home with Willow all day.

I admit that I was a tiny bit worried. No one likes their sleep more than Maia and I didn't know if sleep deprivation would drive her insane.

But Maia is also very laid back, so she's just been napping whenever Willow is sleeping. She just does her best and tries not to get too discouraged when Willow has a bad day.

We're really enjoying parenthood, on the whole. It hasn't been easy but Willow has made it worthwhile too.

I've wanted to be a father for so long now and I was so happy for Willow to finally arrive.

I think Maia was just happy to not be pregnant any more at first. But she did say the other day that she could see why women agree to it a second time (and a third and a fourth) now. That's a big change, because before Willow got here, she couldn't imagine doing it again.

One day, I think I'd probably like to have another kid and it's nice that Maia isn't as opposed to the idea as I thought she would be.

Right now though, there's no way I'm ready! It's hard enough for Maia and I to get a minute alone together as it is at the moment, without considering adding another baby to the mix. When Willow's a little older, maybe the idea of a second child won't seem so insane.

  • Title is from Roll by Cisco Pike.
  • Not much Connor but there'll be plenty of him when Josh moves back and I do an update with them in 2036.
  • I didn't get to write it in but Connor was promoted to Crime Scene Investigator this round. Ethan is a Detective, so I guess the brothers are probably doing quite a bit of work alongside each other. I like the thought of that, so I might freeze them at this level for a while.
  • Ethan hasn't rolled the want for another baby yet, which surprised me. Lately, my Family Sims have been rolling baby wants immediately after one baby is born! He and Maia aren't allowed BC, due to their slobbiness, so their family size is mostly up to them. They didn't try autonomously this round but with ACR, Sims often won't try if there's a baby in the house, so it doesn't mean they won't. Maia's fertility is declining though, so I don't know if it will be as easy for her to get pregnant as it was with Willow (it took three attempts, if I remember correctly).


  1. It would be nice to see Ethan and Conner working together, but then again it wouldn't since that would mean we'd have to see a crime take place :(

  2. What a lovely update! I'm sure poor Willow was all tuckered out after all that attention! I can't wait to see what she's going to look like as a toddler. I don't know, I've always had a soft spot for Connor.......nerdy sims are cute to me I guess lol. Good to see Lila is able to get him out of his own world a bit though :)I love the pics with him and Willow, he looks like he's trying to figure her out.

  3. Apple Valley, if I set up any sort of crime scene for Ethan and Connor to work on, I wouldn't be killing any of my Sims to do it! I have no interest in writing any kind of in-depth murder thing into the blog. I wouldn't be turning this into CSI: Sullivan or anything! ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, Willow was pretty tired, the poor kid! But everyone wanted to officially meet her. I'm excited to see her as a toddler too. I will be equally happy if she looks like Ethan or Maia.

    I love nerdy Sims too. :) Connor is quite into Lila, so he's breaking out his shell a bit. Based on his interactions with his little niece, he's not ready to settle down and have kids any time soon, so it's a good thing Lila is allowed BC. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Willow sure has won over every heart in the family! But meeting everyone can be a very tiring job!
    I'm excited to see her grow up, and see who she looks like the most :) I'm sure she'll be a very prety girl.

    I'm glad Connor has Lila, they seem to be a very good match :) and she even gets him out the house occasionally :)

    It's nice that Connor was able to live with his brother, but I think he will like living with a friend even more :)

  5. Tanja, I'm sure the party would have been a little overwhelming for Willow, especially seeing she's not a particularly outgoing little girl! It seems like forever until we see Willow grow up but there are thankfully other fun things happening before then. ;)

    It's amazing to me how different Connor is with Lila, compared to Elspeth and Audrey. He just needed to be with someone he clicked with and I think he does with Lila. It should be interesting to see Connor living with Josh, given Lila is Josh's ex-girlfriend and all.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. It's about time Connor found someone, haha. All those other times, it almost seemed like it was more of an experiment for him. he wasn't really into it. It was kinda cute because it just fit his character so well.

  7. Lunar, someone he actually has some kind of interest in, you mean! I know! His other girlfriends sort of found him. Lila did too but she's been the only one he seems to want to spend time with. But yeah, it does make sense for Connor to remain utterly confounded about this kind of thing until his early 20s!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Willow was definitely a little trooper with all those people holding her. I’m really curious to see how their features mix on her. I’ve been playing Alicia and Kyle for a while now and you gave me some ideas for their update. I now remember how boring sim babies can be lol. Luckily we have that baby swing and dangle thingie to give them something else to do.

    LOL at CSI: Sullivan. I love forensic shows so I’d watch/read! You gave me some ideas for lots I will never get around to building. That’s cool to think that Connor and Ethaan could be working the same cases.

    I’m glad to see Connor and Lila are doing so well. He must really like her which is great. Lila’s probably not ready for children either. She gets her dose from her niece and nephew.

  9. Aww, Willow is so sweet! I'm glad Maia and Ethan are adapting to parenthood. It's definitely a change...

    I'm also glad that Connor is more in tune with Lila--it's definitely nice to see him fully present in a relationship, rather than just absentmindedly going through the motions. :)

  10. Danielle, some babies are just like that! They get passed around from person to person and they just chill out! My friend's 3-year-old was like that. And yeah, Sim babies are super-boring (TS3 babies are worse though, I have to say - can't even see their little limbs or discern any features!). The swing and the dangle thingy is at least something and Willow seems to enjoy them!

    I don't have much patience for those forensics shows, so it's definitely not anything I'm planning to do in any sort of depth! I just like the idea of Connor and Ethan working together though.

    You're right, I think Lila is just as unprepared for kids at the moment as Connor is! They'll both be happy playing uncle and aunt for the meantime. Much more time to enjoy their new relationship that way!

    Rachel, I love seeing Maia and Ethan as parents. It's a change in lifestyle for sure but they seem to be really enjoying it.

    Isn't it nice to see Connor actually fully enjoying a relationship? I'm sure he was starting to think they just weren't for him, when he got together with Lila! They're a good match.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. I think Maia and Ethan will be great parents, but they're getting a handful. I feel for them. But I'm like Connor when it comes to babies. I'll attempt to keep them entertained, but that's it.

    It's so nice to see Connor happy with Lila. About time, I say.

  12. Fini, Maia and Ethan are both still finding their feet but I think they'll get the hang of this parenting thing eventually.

    I'm very happy to see Connor and Lila happy. It definitely has been a long time coming!

    Thanks for reading!

  13. Daww, I had a lot of things to say, but they all vanished at the "And Connor started dating Lila" part. So, this sweet heart might have found the perfect match? Who knows if he's not married by now!!! *note to self: not to click on profiles...*

    1. LOL! I do think Connor and Lila might be a perfect match. Neither of them have had much luck with romance before but they do seem pretty happy so far. Heh, checking a profile and finding out a Sim is married before you've seen the wedding would be quite a spoiler! But you're not that behind, Sandy! ;)

      Thanks for reading!