Wednesday, 16 November 2011

You say it's your birthday, January 2036

Round 32: January 2036 (Summer)

Just one month to go until Josie Clarke gives birth to her second child and she's been keeping very busy with Jude's Christmas present from his grandparents, a puppy named Paisley.

Luckily, Paisley is quite adorable or else Josie might be more annoyed at the imposition. Josie is due in February.

At least Jude can take a little bit of responsibility for Paisley now; he just turned 4!

Joining him in his pre-school class are Levi Draper...

...Levi's twin brother, Will...

...and Ryan Moretti.

The Nott twins are celebrating their 12th birthdays. Georgina is a studious type, who would one day like to be a teacher.

Annabel is a more relaxed teen, with no particular plans for her future career. She'd like to have a family one day but not before she enjoys all the other fun things life has to offer.

Noah Gottlieb is all done with high school and is ready for his classes to start at Suffolk University. He's majoring in Physics and is sharing his dorm room with his best friend, sophomore Anthony.

Noah's cousin Adelaide Sitko was lucky enough to score a double dorm room all to herself! She doesn't know what she'll major in yet but she's looking forward to spending more time with her boyfriend, Sebastian, who is a junior this year.

Josh Royce-Nihill has just graduated from Suffolk!

Josh earned a 3.6 GPA and now has a degree in Political Science.

He is hoping for a career in journalism but so far, hasn't found a position. While he's looking, he'll be working as a waiter at his dad's restaurant. Josh is currently living with his friend Connor Novak.

Josh's good friend Elspeth Romilly is also graduating this year.

Elspeth also studied Political Science and earned a 3.7 GPA.

She has been fortunate enough to gain a position as an Associate Designer with a video game company. Elspeth is rooming with her friends Lila Sitko and Sophie Gottlieb.

And finally, Kendal Draper (who is anticipating the birth of her second grandchild next month) is now 60!


I took a page out of Maisie's book this round and put all the deco from Adelaide and Noah's teen bedrooms in their inventories, so they could put it up in their dorm rooms. I'll definitely be doing this again - it adds a more personal touch!
LinkThis is Adelaide's (enormous!) room.

This is Noah's side of the room he shares with Anthony. I was pretty impressed with myself that I managed to remember the exact bedspread Noah had in his room at home!

And this is Anthony's side.

  • Originally, there was going to be a "birthdays" update in December for Josie's third trimester but it would have been a rather boring one, seeing there was nothing else to report, so I held it off until now.
  • I just happened to write in something about Jude wanting a dog during Lake and Kendal's update, when he was still a toddler. And then he ages up and 3 out of his 4 wants are pet-related! He specifically wanted a puppy, so I bred Claudia's dog Sadie with Tatiana's dog Waldo. Sadie had two puppies, so hopefully one of my other Sims will roll a want for a puppy so I can find him a home too.
  • OMG, how adorable is Ryan!? Love him. Annabel is amazingly pretty to me as well. I also think she might look a little bit more like her mother than I thought. Her face shape seems a bit narrower than Georgina's, which would definitely come from Lia.
  • Josh and Connor are living downtown, in the same apartment where Rob and Patience (and also Zane and Chloe) live. I'm all excited about decorating it, as well as doing Elspeth's room in the flat she shares with Lila and Sophie. :D


  1. Yay! Love all the age-ups and birthdays! I think I enjoy the graduations the most, it's so exciting seeing them start their lives.

  2. Apple Valley, birthday posts are always so fun! My favourites are usually when I send the kids off to college but seeing them graduate and thinking about where their lives will head is exciting too.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I can't wait to meet Josie and Troy's baby, mostly to see his/her temperament.

    I'm going to have to get used to Kendal with silver locks now. She looks like the cutest grandma.

    Ryan is looking more like Nick than I thought he would. Can't wait to see how Catherine ages up too.

    Congrats graduates. At least Elspeth won't have to worry about seeing Chris around anymore.

  4. Levi and Will look A LOT alike! Elspeth is still one of my favorites of yours. She's just so pretty to me! I love birthday posts, it's always interesting to see what everyone looks like :)

  5. Choco, Josie and Troy's baby will be interesting! I should really get on with choosing a girls' name for them - I'm so convinced they won't need it because they'll have another boy.

    I love Grandma Kendal, though I'll have to get used to her too! I could always tell that Ryan looked like Nick but as a child, it's definitely more apparent!

    Heh, yes, no running into Chris for least until he moves back home next year!

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, I know, right? To me, Levi and Will look just about identical, except that Will's skin is darker and I think the indentation between his nose and mouth might be larger than Levi's as well.

    Elspeth is beautiful, I agree. I can't wait to see what she gets up to now that she's back in Sullivan.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Hi! Love the blog! Where did you find all the awesome wall deco?

  7. Aww it’s nice not seeing Josie scowling in one of her pregnancy updates lol. I’m glad we don’t have much longer to wait to see their next baby. Jude is such a little cutie!

    Levi and Will look just as I expected. Little blond Wades! *swoon* I was going to say they’re identical but it looks like Levi’s nose is a little bigger.

    I heart little Ryan!! Oh my gosh! I don’t know which of Nick and Sarah’s boys I like more. They’re both so pinchably cute.

    The Nott twins are very pretty but I agree that Annabel looks especially pretty. I actually think she looks less like her mom now. I see more of Lia in Georgina because of her mouth.

    Wow, Noah’s going to college, too! I forgot! So glad that Adelaide made it in at the last minute. I really like her look. And congrats to the graduates! Really love the college room decorations.

    Kendal does make a sweet little old lady. I forgot already that she was aging up this soon.

  8. Anonymous, glad you're enjoying the blog. Honestly though, unless you're more specific, I really can't answer your question. I download things from all sorts of places and I don't always remember where, so I wouldn't even know where to start with that!

    Thanks for reading!

    Danielle, Paisley hasn't peed in the house yet, so the puppy is putting Josie in a good mood. ;)

    Levi and Will look how I expected too, though looking at their colouring, they're reminding me more of Wade's maternal grandmother, Petra. They look a ton like her!

    Ryan and Thomas are both adorable and they're making me even more excited for Catherine's fourth birthday. Sarah is another one of those Sims whose genes I wasn't sure about but they've mixed so well with Nick's.

    Well, I was comparing my view of Annabel now to what I thought of her as a child, when I thought she was just a Gordon clone, except for her eyes! She looks that little bit more like her mother now, though Georgina still (and always has) looks much more like Lia. Gabriel favours Lia too, though it's hard to see sometimes with the nose!

    I'm looking forward to playing Noah at college! His little sister has been hogging the limelight, so he hasn't had much of a look-in. This will be his time to shine, so to speak!

    Thanks for reading!

  9. Congrats to everyone!

    Carla, I need to ask: where do you snag those black and white posters in the last pic?

  10. I'm so excited about baby #2 for Josie and Troy! I can't wait to see what they's having!

    Jude is such an adorable child, I can see so much of both Josie and Troy in him.
    Levi and Will Draper havo quite a lot of genes from the Gottliebs, I think it's interesing to see it combined with the Draper genes.
    Ryan is pretty adorable as well, I think he looks most like Sarah.

    Georgina and Annabel look so pretty, but I can't believe they are teens already!

    I love Noah and Adelaide as young adults! I can't wait to see more of them.

    And again I can't believe how fast time is going, Elpeth and Josh gaduated so fast :)

    I absolutely LOVE your new banner!

  11. HeredonCove, I wish I could help! I don't remember where I got those posters from and seeing they're recolours, I have no easy way to check. Sorry. :\

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, not long to go now! Josie had her baby last night in game. :)

    Jude looks mostly like Troy to me but once he's grown up, it'll be easier to tell if he really is a mini-Troy or if he's got some features from his mum as well. Ditto with the Draper twins; I think they're mostly Wade but with Rose's blonde hair. Lots of clones of their daddies around, lol!

    Time is flying, lol! We'll see a tiny bit of Noah in today's update but it's hardly worth mentioning. ;) Otherwise, we'll catch up with him in March.

    This banner might be my favourite ever, so thank you!

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Ryan really is so cute! And I actually think Georgina looks more like Lia than Annabel. Annabel is so pretty, though, with those bright eyes. :)

  13. Rachel, yeah, Georgina definitely looks more like Lia than Annabel does but when Annabel aged up, I was just surprised to see any features from Lia at all. Previously, I'd thought she was a clone of Gordon! Right down to the blue eyes, which I'm so glad she inherited. They're very striking.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Jude is such a cutie as are Levi and Will. I do think Annabel has gotten prettier as a teen and Georgina's appearance matches her personality, which I think is great. I'm looking forward to seeing how Lia and Gordon handle teenagers. And I'm super excited that Josh and Elspeth have graduated. Curious what they plan to do with the rest of their loves. And Kendal looks great, I've been wanting her to age up forever, because I was hoping you'd give a hint about her and Lakes days left. Which you didn't, so that's no fun.

  15. Maisie, I did get some cute little boys this January!

    I'm glad you think Georgina looks like her personality, because I did try to do that with her, more so than I did with Annabel. I think teenagers will be a struggle for Lia and Gordon might start to feel what Jace felt about him once the girls start dating!

    Heh, rest of their "loves"? Freudian slip, there? I know lots of you are wanting Elspeth and Josh to get together! We'll hear from Josh this round but Elspeth probably not until next round, unless there's a cameo along the way.

    Heh, no hints about Kendal and Lake! You'll find out eventually! But I'll say it was nice to age her up and for me to see exactly where they're going and how I'll write it in.

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Awww!!! I don't have the arms long enough to hug all the ones I want to hug here! Kendal is 60!!! Elspeth is graduated!!! Georgina and Annabel are beautiful teens! And Adelaide is a student!!! *sigh*
    *hugging all your Sims*

    1. Heh, I did a lot of birthdays this time! Georgina and Annabel were my favourites, I think. I didn't expect them to turn out so pretty, especially Annabel. And I didn't expect Adelaide to get into uni at all, lol! So that was good too. ;)

      Thanks for reading!