Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Lachance-Patrick wedding

Round 32: November 2035 (Spring)
When Leslie and I were planning our wedding, my parents offered to pay to hold it at one of the more expensive venues.

It was important to us that we could pay for it ourselves though, so we decided on a church with an attached hall. It was perfect for us anyway.

I wasn't even as nervous as I thought I'd be. I actually felt pretty relaxed.

Every single person in the church was a family member or close friend.

It was a bigger deal for Leslie. She knows all my friends but there were family members she would be meeting for the first time at the reception.

I'd been so excited for this day since before I even proposed and I was so happy we were finally marrying.

The reception was definitely a family affair.

It's hard to find someone willing to do speeches in our fairly shy family but we had a few volunteers for the toast, at least. Along with my dad and grandpa, Chloe also said a few words.

As did my best man and best friend, Nathan.

Lunch was served almost straight and it was a great opportunity for everyone to relax and chat.

Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves, despite the fact that it was bucketing down with rain outside.

We had guests of all ages, the oldest being my grandfather. Grandpa was so keen to catch up with Edward and Lucy. He really loves Lucy but since Edward went off to college, she doesn't come by as often.

The youngest guest was Iris, who just turned 1 earlier this year.

Iris is my cousin but because there are only 9 years between me and Jacob, he's more like my brother than my uncle. And Iris she feels more like my niece.

She and her sister Daphne are just too cute.

Leslie and I both love kids but we've decided to wait a couple of years before we start a family. Spending time with other people's children makes us both a little more eager for our own though.

We're both young and none of our friends are even close to having children yet, so we're not in any real rush.

Although Chloe and Zane just got engaged a couple of months ago. Who knows if they'll want to have kids right away or not?

Chloe served as maid of honour for Leslie and Leslie will be the matron of honour for Chloe when she gets married, on a yet-to-be-determined date.

They're already talking incessantly about it though. Having just gone through all that stuff, Leslie has plenty of advice, tips and websites for Chloe.

We did manage to sneak away a few times during the afternoon, fortunately.

As the bride and groom, we had an obligation to try to speak to all of our guests at some point during the reception, so any private moments were fleeting.

Mum and Dad have both always liked Leslie and they were excited for her to meet everyone else.

Leslie is even more shy than I am but Aunt Abigail isn't, so I'm quite sure she would have taken care of most of the conversation they had.

When we chose the cake, Leslie was very particular about what she wanted: all white and lacy looking.

I wasn't too fussed, so I let her go for it. Having tasted it, I have to say it was a good choice.

We had planned on dancing outside after lunch but the heavy rain made that not such an attractive option. There was no dance floor inside but Leslie and I danced where we could anyway.

Only a few other couples followed our lead. Audrey doesn't usually miss an opportunity to dance.

Most of our guests, however, stayed at the tables and enjoyed a little more champagne.

Except those too young for alcohol, of course.

We don't have the money for a honeymoon yet, so we spent our wedding night in our brand new house.

Leslie and I have never had our own place before, so we didn't even really miss a honeymoon. We were just enjoying being together in a space that belonged only to us.

Parts of the house are still a total mess but we're in no hurry to get things in order just yet. We have everything we need for now, so we're just going to relax.


Dominic and Leslie did this autonomously right after they got married and I thought it was adorable.

The photo booth was not as active as it was at Aaron and Calvin's wedding but it certainly got a good workout. It was funny to me that it was the more reserved couples using it though - Chloe and Zane are both quite shy.

It was so hard to get a shot of Nathan doing the toast! Right before he started, Audrey told him a dirty joke, which offended his delicate sensibilities. And because he's Nathan, he was pissed off about it for much longer than was necessary.

A wider view of Dominic and Leslie's kitchen, which I really love. The ceiling lamp that perfectly matched the kitchen was a lucky find!

And of course, I did plenty of posed shots. ;)

I couldn't decide which of these last two I liked better.

Before the wedding started, Leslie headed for the swing set outside and I made a note to do some test shots using the swing as a prop.

I will probably crop this one much closer and frame it.

This one turned out a little weird, because of how huge Leslie's skirt is.

So I switched them to casual clothes instead. We'll call it an engagement shot. ;)

Leslie and Dominic and his parents. Tatiana wants another baby. She needs a grandchild, stat!

The whole family!

Dominic and his best man, Nathan.

Leslie and her maid of honour, Chloe.

The bridal party. I was going to have a larger bridal party and have Dominic's brothers be groomsmen as well but given Leslie's former playable NPC status, she wouldn't have had enough people to balance out her side. I must have got further in planning for that than I thought though, because I've just realised Brendan is wearing the same suit as Dominic and Nathan! Oops!

  • So this was a fun wedding for me! They're not always fun to actually play out - I get most of the satisfaction afterwards, when I look at the pictures - but this one was.
  • Dominic is quite keen for a baby but Leslie hasn't rolled the want yet. I don't see him as the type to push about it so soon, so they're waiting. If Leslie wants a baby next round, I'll take her off BC but if not, I'll just see how I feel about it then.
  • Leslie is also one of the only Sims I've ever had who did not roll a want to go on vacation immediately after getting married. I guess she's a homebody, which seems to fit her anyway.
  • I won't be doing a special post for Zane and Chloe's wedding but I'll probably work a few pictures in somewhere.
  • I haven't finished decorating Dominic and Leslie's place yet but they have way more money to do it than I thought they would. They bought the house for about $16,000 and with the decorating I've already done, they had almost $7000 left to do the rest. Until I checked Dominic's inventory and found a DJ booth, a treasure chest and one of those $4000 vases! So they have about $18,000 left now. I might send them on a little vacation next time - Miss Homebody can deal. ;)


  1. YAY! *Clapping* The wedding was so beautiful, I love the shots of them on the swingset and how the "shy" family dealt with such a large crowd was interesting as well. I saw so many wonderful dresses that I am drooling over, but I'll refrain for the sake of my DL folder. Also, I hope to see plenty of photos of Chloe and Zane, they're adorable.

  2. I don't even know how to tell you how much I enjoy following this.

    This wedding is so lovely! Dominic wants a baby but Leslie doesn't, you make everything so interesting. Maybe someday I can do something like you've done, but, in the meantime, I can tell you how beautiful it is!

  3. Beautiful wedding! I'm happy they are waiting a little before having kids, just to give their friends a little more time to catch up. It's more fun to do that baby gig if you have someone to share it with. The wedding was stunning, and I'm so happy that it's daylight savings time, so your posts go up at 6 my time! I'm generally able to sneak on here around 6:30, and now I can use that time with Sullivan!

    I loved Leslie's dress, and love that it rained, how fitting. You know what I don't like? That rain/snow don't show up outside of the windows. I really wish it did, and in TS1, I had that buyable snow falling so it really looked snuggling inside.

  4. What a beautiful wedding! You did a great job... as always.

  5. Apple Valley, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think the Lachance clan's shyness is a part of why I love them so much. I'm such a sucker for shy Sims.

    I won't be able to stop myself from taking lots of pics of Chloe and Zane's wedding. I think they're pretty adorable too. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    S.B., I enjoy hearing that you all enjoy reading. Really! :)

    I can't see Leslie going long without rolling the baby want, seeing she's Family secondary. She could end up a bit weird like Eliot - he's a Family Sim but he was married five years and was in his mid-30s before he rolled that want. But yeah, right now, Dominic is much more keen than Leslie is.

    And thank you for the compliment but you do lots of beautiful things with your shots all the time!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, yeah, I think Dominic and Leslie would be missing out on couple time, not to mention time with their friends if they had a baby now. So Leslie's reluctance at the moment is working for them.

    I was wondering how daylight savings time was working out in terms of when my updates were going up! Glad it's more convenient for you at least. ;)

    Oh, I don't like that either! It would be awesome if you could see rain/snow falling outside. The Sims seem to be able to see it, seeing they run to the windows to watch, so why can't we, lol?

    Thanks for reading!

    Riverdale, so happy you liked it!

    Thanks for reading!

  6. I'm happy these two have finally gotten married. I know that they want to wait to have children but I'm curious to see what babies they have. These two are so cute together.

    Ah, I love weddings in Sullivan.

  7. Choco, Glad you liked the wedding!

    I'm pretty curious about Leslie and Dominic's babies too. I'm expecting massive doses of cuteness!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. What a gorgeous wedding! The pictures are absolutely beautiful. :) How nice that they have a house already!

  9. Rachel, thanks for the compliments on the wedding pics! I was glad to realise how much money Dominic and Leslie actually had, because I wasn't sure where I was going to put them! Their new house is where Evan and Ione lived until she got pregnant with Aurora and Bianca, so it should last them a little while. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  10. I love your sims weddings, and I stand in awe you manage to get all those sims on the lot. Especially love the posed pictures, great job!

  11. As always I LOVE this wedding! Beautifull as always.
    I'm always looking forward to your weddings, and this one was no exeption!

    I'm so happy they have a house already, and I can't wait to see more. The kitchen already looks promising :)

    I wouldn't mind seeing some kids from them soon, but it might be nice if they waited. It's fun to have your friends in the same place as you, and see your kids grow up together :)

  12. Drew, glad you enjoyed it! Getting the Sims on the lot is probably the most tedious part. My computer lags like nothing else when they all arrive! It's okay once they're there, generally. I just have to cross my fingers and hope it doesn't crash!

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, glad you liked it! I really love how Dominic and Leslie's wedding turned out.

    Thanks for the compliments on the house. I started on the dining room yesterday, so I just have to finish that and then the living room. The other bedrooms will stay empty until they have someone to live in them. ;) And as you know, they're going to wait on that!

    Thanks for reading!

  13. Awwww! *sigh* I can't believe Tatiana is so old now, lol. But this was very sweet. I loved their "honeymoon" shots.

  14. Lunar, Tatiana is now old enough to have a daughter-in-law and to be expecting grandchildren (and she still wants a baby!) I'm going to be so sad when I age her up.

    Glad you enjoyed the wedding. Dominic and Leslie are a sweet little couple and so much fun to pose (by which I mean they often turn their heads in just the right way or smile and make my job easier).

    Thanks for reading!

  15. I really should get to bed but I just had to see their wedding first.

    As usual, you didn't disappoint with the wedding and the posed shots even though the weather didn't cooperate. Good idea to try out the swing. It turned out really nice. Dominic and Leslie are such a beautiful couple and I can't wait til they have babies. I'm glad they're going to wait so they can enjoy being in the honeymoon phase. That's great that they have so much money after buying a house and the kitchen is fun! I think I deleted all the bright recolors of that set and now I wish I didn't. It always looks better in other people's games, though, so meh.

    We'll say Brendan was an usher ;). He's so adorable. And whoa Tatiana! Whoa! Yes, she needs some grandbabies asap! She's going to be an awesome grandmother... which saddens me to think about her being old enough to be a grandmother :\.

  16. Danielle, aw, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It actually wasn't raining by the end but I write as I go and I'd already written the rain part and didn't want to change it!

    Dominic and Leslie will make great parents one day (with undoubtedly cute babies) but I'm looking forward to letting them have a little time as a couple first. I want to send them on a holiday - a belated honeymoon - and that's hard to do with a baby.

    Heh, that's why I have so much trouble deleting things from my game! I always think "but what if I could make it work, with the exact right decor?" LOL. Glad you like the kitchen!

    An usher! Perfect. Tatiana will be a very doting grandma, I'm sure. She's still got a fair way to go before she turns 60 though. Probably another year in RL time!

    Thanks for reading!

  17. *major squee* Awwww, weddings at Sullivan are really some of my favorite moments... (with school stuff, and birthdays, and...)
    Leslie looks absolutely gorgeous with this hairdo, and how I looooooove your posed pictures. *admirative sigh*

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I adore doing weddings and Dominic and Leslie's was a really enjoyable one for me. I'm a bit sad that it's so long until my next wedding (and you haven't got to who that is yet, so I'll shut my mouth now). ;)

      Thanks for reading!