Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lot tour: The Kirby farm

A little while ago, Fini mentioned that she'd like to see lot tours of some of the houses in Sullivan. I don't often do lot tours of my residential lots, but it sounded like a good idea to me. Seeing I was in the Kirby house this afternoon getting it ready for the Christmas update, I took some pics for a tour.

The Kirby house is actually a makeover of the Maxis farmhouse that comes with the base game.

It went through another makeover right before Claudia and Jacob got married. The kitchen used to be an office and the area where the TV is now is the old kitchen. I rearranged things, because Sims were forever using the back door even when the place I wanted them to go would be more quickly reached via the front door. Annoying.

I didn't really change anything upstairs though, except furnishings.

Here is the entry. The stairs are opposite the cat-scratching post. No picture of them but they match the wood of the end table.

The lounge/TV area, featuring Daphne playing a video game. She's her mother's daughter. ;)

LOL, I have no idea why the TV is off. I guess Daphne must have stopped playing the second I snapped that last pic!

Hmmm, need another photo on the left there. I like having the computer out in the open better than when I had it in the office. It just works better for this house.

The dining room (which is not really its own room - it's in the same room as the living area), where I keep most of the family photos.

The downstairs bathroom. They're all pretty boring, so this is the only one I'll show you. There are two larger ones upstairs.

The kitchen, which is Megan's domain.

Claudia and Jacob's bedroom (with a sleeping Jacob).

The dog also sleeps in here, because I think Claudia would insist on it.

I like their dressing area a lot. I often rush through my decorating and don't bother with clutter but it makes a difference when I stop being lazy and pull out the OMSPs.

Trent and Megan's bedroom is so tiny. I don't even think I have a dresser in there, it's so small!

This used to be Daphne's nursery and now that she's too old for it, it belongs to Iris.

In game, I don't think Iris has actually slept in here yet though! Like Trent and Megan's bedroom, it's very small; I can't believe Claudia and Victoria used to share this room!

I only just fixed up Daphne's bedroom today. This was Rebecca's room when she lived at home.

When I entered the lot, I saw that I'd just tossed a bed in there. I hadn't even picked out proper wallpaper!

It looks a lot better now!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I don't know which house I'll do next or how often I'll do these but I'm willing to consider any requests. So if there is a house you'd like to see more of, please let me know in the comments. :)


  1. Oooh, I always love lot tours, and getting view of how other people's sims live :)

    I thought I reconized the house in the first picture :)
    In simsVille the Spits family (playable NPC) is living here with their 4 children, and want for a 5th :)
    Their house looks much more crowded though :)

    This is a very spacious house and I love it!
    I have to agree with you that the dressing area and Claudia and Jacob's room looks very nice :) I never take out to much time to do them myself, but it's actually worth it :)

    I really like Daphe's bedroom!

  2. I agree with Tanja. I love seeing other peoples houses! I wish I could decorate as nicely.

  3. Love the lot tour. I would be interested in seeing ALL your houses naturally :P Especially your PNPCs. At the moment I'm very interested in Matilda's place

  4. Tanja, this house was much more crowded last night, when I had the whole Kirby family around for Christmas. ;) It was still just as playable, even with the huge amount of Sims I had on the lot. It's one of the only houses I've had in the hood since the beginning of Sullivan - I really like it.

    Thanks for looking!

    Bernz, I'm sure you could! I used to say that too but once I decided to force myself to spend more time on my decorating, I got better. I don't think I'm the best one out there but I'm not embarrassed to show pictures of my lots now!

    Thanks for looking!

    Apple Valley, you would have to be difficult. ;) LOL, you've reminded me that Matilda's house isn't even finished yet! She's not scheduled until the very end of the round, so I got lazy with it. ;) If I finish it off before then though, I'll throw up a tour. :)

    Thanks for looking!

  5. It was really nice seeing inside the Kirby’s. The house has been through so many generations. I’ll have to find that house and see if I can put it to good use. I know Pru has made it over, too. It sure holds a lot of sims and I might need that later on.

    Daphne’s room is so nice. You always have the most interesting wallpaper. And I really like the yellow and green in Claudia and Jacob’s room. I love all the photos in the dining room. Gah, I keep forgetting to recolor those darn picture frames! I could be doing that when I don’t have time to load my game.

    I don’t have any requests on houses I’d like to see. I’ll just wait til you get around to showing all of them :D.

  6. Danielle, glad you enjoyed the tour! I'd love to see what you do with this house! The shell is really great - it's just the interior layout that needs work!

    Donnha has some really amazing wallpaper: I'm pretty sure the one in Daphne's room is hers. And if you can find them, Sims in Paris did some lovely walls too. I don't know where their stuff is now that the site is closed.

    The picture frames are a nice mindless activity I do when I don't have time to play. You've recoloured before, so it would probably only take you about 30 seconds to do one! They add a nice personal touch to the houses and it's so awesome to have different sizes.

    I will probably do a couple more house tours before the round is out, so hopefully you enjoy those too. :)

    Thanks for looking!

  7. I swear I'll catch up, but I saw the title and I had to start here! Thank you. And once again, I feel extremely lazy now that I see how well decorated the house is. Maybe once the senior Marches kick the bucket, I can use Meg's inheritance to make their farmhouse look nice.

  8. Fini, heh, it was a special request for you, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Don't feel lazy. I've had 32 rounds to get this house looking nice. ;) And I really adore decorating now, so it's just play for me and not so much of a chore, like it used to be.

    Thanks for looking!

  9. How adorable! I love how you always have lovely Sims pictures on your walls. It makes the house so lived in!

    1. Glad you like it. There are some fantastic new repository frames available now and I've been going completely nuts making recolours of them, with my own family pictures. It's a lot of fun (and easy, thankfully!)

      Thanks for reading!