Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Less than you think

Round 33: March 2037 (Autumn)
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Anthony and Veronica Moretti are both 20, Adelaide Sitko and Noah Gottlieb are both 19 and Mitchell Carmody is 18.
(Josh is 23)

Narrated by Mitchell Carmody

I just started classes here at Suffolk recently and so far, I’m really enjoying them. Mostly, anyway. There’s this one girl, who seems to be in all of my classes, who has to contradict everything I say. It’s getting really old.

If I ignore Sabrina, classes are pretty great. It’s all theory at the moment but I’m hoping we’ll move more into the practical side of culinary arts soon enough.

Starting university on my own has been a challenge. I’m in the biggest dorm on campus, so it seems a bit overwhelming sometimes.

I’m so grateful that I have a room to myself here. I’m getting used to living with so many other people but it’s still good to have somewhere to escape to. I don’t have to deal with a roommate and I definitely consider myself lucky in that regard!

Anthony and Noah are roommates and they do okay together but they were friends before. It seems like that would make a big difference.

I probably would have ended up in Veronica’s situation, with an inconsiderate roommate who I couldn’t get along with.

Veronica complains about Janette constantly. She’s counting down the days until graduation and the day she won’t have to live with her any more.

Little does she know Anthony has started up a little thing with Janette. His relationship with Joanne fizzled out over the summer and he moved right on with Janette.

Veronica would probably be furious if she knew her twin brother was dating the enemy, so Anthony is keeping it quiet around the dorm for the time being.

Avoiding all that drama is just one more advantage of having my own room! The real attraction though is that it’s perfect for studying. I want to have fun here but keeping up with my coursework is also vital to me.

All I need now is a computer. I could use the ones in the common room…when they’re available. It’s frustrating when I want to type something up and everyone’s playing games or chatting.

It’s easier to do my work in the library anyway. A lot of the older books I need to reference aren’t available electronically, so it’s more convenient to have them close by. It’s about five times as big as the library at Sullivan High School though, so "close by" is sometimes not all that close.

The library is also the meeting place for the study group I joined. A guy in one of my classes, Dean, invited me and I have to admit I wasn’t so interested at first. I usually study alone.

It was the prospect of spending more time with Dixie that changed my mind. She definitely makes study group something to look forward to for me.

At first, Dixie didn’t seem too interested in anybody but Dean. I’m sure you can imagine how frustrating that was for me.

She’s just shy around new people though and Dean was the only one of us she knew. In the last few study sessions, she’s really come out of her shell.

We get along pretty well now. Once our study group ends, we often end up standing outside the library together, just talking.

Once you get to know her, she’s really animated and hilarious to talk to.

Dixie is really very sweet as well, which makes quite a change from the girls I share the dorm with.

Adelaide and Veronica are a lot of things but they’re not sweet. I didn’t really know either of them that well before moving into Novak Hall.

I tend to worry if I see them together. They always look like they’re scheming.

Well, really, it's more Veronica than I worry about. If Adelaide's not with Veronica, she’s usually with her boyfriend Sebastian. They tend to ignore everybody else.

Veronica is another story. She has a boyfriend too but he’s never around the dorms.

Josh is older and is no longer a student, so they meet up elsewhere.

That leaves Veronica plenty of time to flirt with other guys, mainly me. She’s kind of hot, so I can’t say a part of me doesn’t find it fun.

I think she’d just bring me drama though, so I’m sort of trying to avoid her. She hasn’t given any indication that she’s actually serious but I’m playing it safe anyway.

Anthony doesn’t think Veronica does much more than flirt when she’s with someone but he still thinks it’s a good move for me to just steer clear. If her own brother says that, I’m thinking I’m heading in the right direction.

Anthony, Noah and I usually hang out at the campus bar, whenever we’re not studying or in class.

They introduced me to the place and I was a little surprised they went there in the middle of the day. I thought it would be more of a nighttime thing.

It wasn’t long before I realised that’s just how things are here. The bar is often busy, even before lunch time.

Anthony invites Janette down a lot and leaves me and Noah to our own devices once she arrives.

Noah said Anthony used to find Janette as annoying as Veronica does but for some reason this year, after he split up with Joanne, he changed his mind.

It definitely seems like Anthony is all turned around on the subject of Janette these days, that’s for sure.

Going to the campus bar as often as I do now, I’ve realised it’s one of Dixie’s favourite haunts as well. She’ll sometimes come and sit with us when Anthony is off with Janette, so Noah has got to know her a little too.

It’s been nice to spend time with her somewhere other than the library.

I would definitely like to do that more often (maybe without Noah), so I asked her if she’d like to go out.

I haven’t asked anyone out since high school, so I was feeling kind of nervous but thankfully, Dixie said yes.

We met up that night, just to play some darts.

That was Dixie’s idea. She loves darts. She’s not very good at darts but she likes to play regardless!

We had a lot of fun together and made plans to see each other again soon.

I really like Dixie, so I’m hoping this might go somewhere. She’s made it a great start to college for me so far.

  • Title is from Less Than You Think by Wilco.
  • Next year, we're back to three college updates in March. I have five students coming in! Eek! I could fit three more in here and have Eddie and Louisa live separately and not blog about them but eight Sims in one dorm is insane to try to write about. So the first household will be this dorm, minus Mitchell. The second will be Mitchell, Tim and Eddie and then I'll have Emma, Jessica and Louisa on another lot together.
  • Anthony rolled no wants for Joanne this round, so she's out of the picture. She moved out of the dorm when Mitchell moved in and Anthony couldn't care less! He rolled a want to fall in love with Janette, his sister's nemesis, instead. So yeah...I guess he's nothing if not a loyal brother. ;) I don't have any expectation that this will last long, seeing Janette is currently sleeping with three other guys in the dorm!
  • Veronica has 3 bolts with Mitchell and she's fairly keen. So much for Josh, huh? Mitchell is not so keen on Veronica, because I suppose he knows what's good for him!
  • Or maybe he just likes Dixie better. ;) Mitchell and Dixie only have two bolts (attraction score 52) but Mitchell is rather smitten already. That's Family Sims for you. ;)
  • Grades: Veronica, 3.8; Anthony, 3.8; Adelaide, 3.2; Noah, 4.0; Mitchell 4.0.


  1. Wow, that's a big class you have coming in. Mitchell and Dixie are adorable and I love all your scenes around the university. Have you ever did a university tour yet? I'm curious how big your uni hood is.

    1. It's a huge class I have coming in next year and I have an equally big class coming in the year after that, assuming Austin gets in (which is still up in the air!)

      I haven't ever done a tour of the uni hood. In the state it's in now, I'm not sure it's worthy of a tour but a couple of quick snaps might be doable. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Lots of college kids! Man, I know how that feels. I really love your classroom setting, and that bar is really neat too. Mitchell and Dixie are so cute together! I hope they make it official so we can see more of them together.

    1. Heh, I remember you having some big groups yourself in FS, though I'm not sure how many you've got right now.

      I stick a classroom in every faculty building I do - this one is the art faculty, because the culinary arts building is not even a twinkle in my eye right now. ;)

      I'm calling it official with Mitchell and Dixie for the meantime, because they're both Family Sims and I think they'd probably choose to be exclusive quite early on. So we'll see her again in the next college update and Mitchell might bring her home to meet the parents before then too.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh boy, it seems like these kids are a lot of trouble. I'm glad Mitchell has his head on his shoulders screwed on rather tightly. I can't wait to see the interaction between Veronica and Anthony when the Janette situation, and I'm certain that it will. These things have a tendency to.

    1. Heh, all of them except Mitchell and Noah seem like trouble, at least so far! Mitchell knows who to stay away from, thankfully. He's a smart kid.

      Very true. Veronica is bound to find out about Anthony and Janette and she won't be happy about it!

      Thanks for reading!

  4. I always love your college-updates! Your students always have so much going on! I have to say I never liked playing mine college, but reading what your sims get into, made me like mine a little bit more :)

    So Anthony and Janette are dating, I'm seeing some trouble here in the future when Veronica finds out.
    Talking about Veronica; I understand it's not easy when your boyfriend isn't around all the time, but I don't think flirting with other boys is the answer... Good thing Mitchell didn't get into it with her, who knows what would have happened.

    I like Dixie, and I like it that she and Mitchel are dating now :)

    1. Oh, I'm glad reading about my college sims makes you like yours just a bit more. ;) I'm enjoying college more than I ever have right now, with Sullivan, but I never hated it as much as some did.

      Veronica will most definitely be very unimpressed when she finds about Janette. She really loathes her, so it's not going to be pretty.

      As for Veronica's flirting, I know, it's like Oliver all over again. She can't already be bored of Josh, surely!

      Mitchell is attracted to Veronica, very much so, but he knows she'll be full of drama, so he's avoiding her. He and Dixie are a much, much better match.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Mitchell and Dixie make a cute couple--blondes unite, LOL. That Veronica! She is in no hurry to settle down. Anthony's fling with Janette is pretty funny. :)

    Awesome update!!

    1. Mitchell and Dixie are pretty adorable together. It'll be nice to play them again, so I can get more of a feel of what she's like.

      Ha, Veronica won't think it's too funny! But I do, lol!

      Thanks for reading!

  6. Oh, no! I'm guessing Josh doesn't know yet that it's "so much for Josh"? lol!

    Veronica is trouble! I'm glad Mitchell seems to have the sense to steer clear!

    1. No, as far as Josh is concerned, Veronica has eyes only for him. I can only imagine what might happen next time I load this dorm, lol!

      Veronica is not the type of girl Mitchell is looking for, as hot as he thinks she is! He's got a good head on his shoulders. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  7. I like Dixie! She's adorable! (But I really like Josh and Elspeth... and if Josh broke up then he could go after her.) And it was so fun to read Mitchell's POV, I love your giant college classes! I'm so anxious to get to this point in my game, I love reading yours! And oh man, I can't believe that Anthony just dropped Joanne then went after Janette... is he just following Chris' has beens? Cause that's kind of creepy if you think about it... lol I guess not for sims really, but still. Maybe Anthony should try and find a girl that Chris hasn't slept with, and that is you know, sort of loyal.

    Poor Veronica having to deal with Janette, at least (hopefully) Anthony won't end up marrying Janette and bringing her into the family.

    1. You mean if Josh broke up with Veronica, Mitchell could go after her? I hope not! Apart from the fact that Veronica is trouble, I can't really imagine her with Mitchell anyway!

      Wait till next year. I'll have all this bunch, plus five more. Then the year after, Veronica and Anthony will be gone and I'll have another five to take their place. We're getting up to the huge classes I had during Finn and Victoria's days at college now and it is fun, if not very hectic!

      LOL, yeah, I forgot Chris had been with Janette. I think he was with about every single girl in the dorm though, so it'd be hard to avoid his sloppy seconds! I don't know how concerned Anthony is with loyalty right now but I think it's something he might want in the future. He's definitely not thinking about the long-term, so that's one small mercy for Veronica, with this Janette thing.

      Thanks for reading!

  8. It was great to read about Mitchell’s first year at uni from his perspective. I already said at N99 that I like Dixie and glad he found her before he got trapped in Veronica’s love web lol. I think Veronica’s very clever with her choices of boyfriends, though. She doesn’t choose ones that live in her dorm/on campus so that she can have her fun while they’re not around ;). I’m glad Adelaide is hanging in there with her grades, too. I know school was always tough for her.

    So many students starting in the next 2 years! And so much to keep up with! Like someone said, I can’t wait to get to that point. It’ll be a while yet.

    1. I feel like Mitchell hasn't had so much spotlight at times, so I was happy to get him out on his own. He and Dixie are cute and a better pairing than him and Veronica would be!

      Ha, I don't think Veronica is choosing her boyfriends that way intentionally but it does seem to be working out for her pretty well. Oliver never found out about her flirting and Josh doesn't know either (so far).

      I think I'll have ten students next year and 13 the year after that, assuming Austin gets in. That'll be an all-time high for me - 12 is the most I've ever had and that was around the time Finn and Victoria were attending. We'll see how it goes!

      Thanks for reading!

  9. Aaaaah, I already know I'm going to say that about the teens update as well, but I so love your students.
    Dixie is so cute. I love her casual look. And that's so adorable that she's a bit shy at first. She and Mitchell make really a great match!
    *lol* @ Anthony and Janette. I'd better make some popcorn to read the following chapters because it smells drama! :D

    1. I'm glad you like my students so much, Sandy!

      Dixie is a sweetheart. You'll see more of her and Mitchell a bit later on this round, before the next uni update (which I haven't got around to yet anyway!)

      Heh, more on Anthony and Janette soon too. I wasn't planning on this drama - Anthony and Janette just kind of happened! Which is probably what Anthony would say too. ;)

      Thanks for reading!