Friday, 24 February 2012

Here, there and everywhere

Rebecca Kirby is 28 and Audrey Lachance is 25.
(Megan is 65, Tatiana is 54, Sam, Julia, Nathan and Susannah are all 27, Jack is 25 and Edward and Lucy are both 22)

Narrated by Audrey Lachance

I can’t wait until a dance studio opens up a bit closer to home. As it is, my troupe practises at the conservatorium at the university.

It’s a trek to get out there every day but it’s a great space to dance in and it’s the only option we have at the moment.

I love my job but it’s obviously a very physically demanding one. I’m usually at least a little sore by the time we finish up for the day.

After work, I often want to spend a quiet evening at home but lately, there have been a few things to celebrate so I’ve been making more exceptions to that rule than usual.

First up was Rebecca’s new job. She’s been employed as a social worker for the last couple of years, doing adoption case work but recently obtained a position as a family therapist.

She likes her current job a lot but this new position pays better and she was ready to try something new anyway.

She won’t start just yet, as she still has to get all of her paperwork in order so she can hand over her clients to her replacement.

It was definitely still worth a celebration though, because Rebecca is really excited about it!

A little after Rebecca found out about her job, it was Jack’s 25th birthday, so I wanted to do something special with him.

Jack is so hard to shop for but I think I did pretty well this year. I got him the collectors’ edition of a video game he’s been wanting.

He normally just goes and buys things for himself but this was sold out every place he looked and I was lucky enough to snag a copy online. He was thrilled with it, like I was hoping he would be.

We also went out to dinner for the occasion, my treat, of course.

We’ve been a bit lazy about dates lately and have been hanging out at each others’ homes more often than going out.

We’re going to try to make more time for that though. We’re too young to be slacking off in the romance department!

When he graduated and moved back to town, Edward moved into this building with his girlfriend Lucy and his best friend Chris. It’s great being able to see my brother every day again.

I don’t see Chris so often but Edward, Lucy and I are in and out of each other’s apartments pretty frequently. More often, they’re over here. They’ve been living in the building for a few months now but their unit is still a bit of a mess.

Edward is all finished with his degree now, so he’s finally working in oceanography at the aquarium in Exeter.

He’s quite low down on the run at the moment but he’s enjoying and is excited about working his way up.

This year will mark eight years since Edward and Lucy first got together, which is pretty amazing considering how young they were at the time.

I can’t imagine Edward with anyone else. Lucy is very sweet and perfect for him.

Rebecca didn’t care for Lucy too much to start with. She has a long running feud with Lucy’s older sister, Julia, so she was pre-judging Lucy based on that.

Lately though, as she’s got to know Lucy a bit better, she’s warming up to her. You don’t need to spend much time with Lucy to see how different she is from Julia.

Julia is now with Susannah’s ex, Sam and he’s moved into our building with her.

Presumably, this means she’s totally over Nathan but she and Rebecca still glare at each other every time they meet. I would never say it to Rebecca but I’d probably glare too, if someone punched me in the face!

Julia is one reason Rebecca is trying to convince Nathan to have her move into his place in Exeter, rather than him moving in here.

I’ve heard them arguing about it a couple of times. Nathan is pretty keen to move to Sullivan, so he’s closer to his family, which I can sympathise with.

Rebecca would prefer to live further away from her family, or at least her mother.

Her mum is sort of a nag and Rebecca would like it if it was a little more difficult for her to come over and nag in person.

Rebecca’s mother is definitely full on but it’s a little hard for me to understand their relationship. I can’t imagine not being close to my mother.

She likes giving unwarranted advice as much as most other mothers do but she’s never been too pushy about it.

She’s usually right anyway, not that I always appreciate that at the time!

Mum and I talk on the phone every day. We also often meet up just the two of us, for mother-daughter time, as well as seeing each other at our big family gatherings on the weekend.

These are very exciting times for me, as I’m moving in with Jack soon, and I’m glad I can share all that with Mum.

Jack was just granted access to his trust fund this month and he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s a huge amount of money!

We're going to buy a house together and he's been talking about getting a big house, with a nice yard, “for when we have kids”. That definitely made me smile. It's nice to know he's thinking about our eventual family as well.

I’m hoping that means he wants marriage and kids sooner rather than later but we haven’t talked about it seriously yet. Personally though, I’m more than ready.

I’m so glad we’re on the same page about finding a place here in Sullivan too. Work-wise, Exeter would be more convenient for both of us but I really don’t want to live in the middle of the city. I grew up on a farm and it just feels like too huge a change.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We haven’t even spoken to a real estate agent yet; we have an appointment next week. I just can’t wait for all that to be over and for Jack and I to move into our dream home!

  • Title is from Here, There and Everywhere by the Beatles.
  • I don't have concrete plans for a dance studio in Exeter or Sullivan but eventually, I think I'll have one. But Audrey might be waiting a while!
  • Yes, I know I still haven't done Julia and Lucy's profiles. Soon...hopefully. I just keep forgetting. By the time I get around to actually playing them, they will definitely, definitely be done but I hope to do them before then.
  • Speaking of, Lucy, Edward and Chris won't be living here when I do get around to playing them. This lot crashed on me twice while I was playing and I've come to the conclusion that it's just too big. The common area is awesome but ridiculously huge and considering I don't use it very much, it's just taking up space and memory. So the three households living here right now will all be moving.
  • Still looking for a place for Jack and Audrey to move into! Hopefully by the time I do her parents' update, it'll be ready to show off. ;)
  • Audrey is pretty keen for a baby and to get married. She's Popularity/Family but she usually tends more to the Family side. Jack isn't on board with the baby thing yet but he's definitely moving in with Audrey with a view to getting married. So maybe in a couple of years? We'll see. :)


  1. I hope these two get married, they're so cute, but at least we get to see their new place soon :) The dance studio shots are amazing, I'm rooting that a dance studio gets built closer to Audrey as well.

    1. I think Audrey and Jack getting married is pretty much a sure thing at this point. Unlike a baby, it's something they're both ready for. :)

      Glad you liked the dance studio shots. I eventually want a dance studio in one of the main hoods as well but I have so many other lots I want to do as well!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I thought Jack and Audrey would be getting engaged in this post. I'm willing to wait though. They are very cute as they are right now. I can't wait to see this big house that Jack has in mind.

    I hope there haven't been anymore fights between Julia and Rebecca in the halls.

    1. I think engagement for Jack and Audrey is definitely on the way, just not quite yet! I can't wait to see the house myself - I haven't even started looking. They have quite a bit of money to play with though, seeing Jack has his trust fund and Audrey has over $20,000 in her bank account, plus some very expensive things in her inventory that she's somehow ended up with!

      No physical fights between Rebecca and Julia so far - just a lot of glaring and sneering. ;)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I'm a little bit sad to see all your roommate-households fall apart, but I'm pretty anxious to see them all living with the ones they are dating.
    I really do hope Rebecca and Nathan come to a compromise about where they are going to live. I'm glad Audrey and Jack already know where they will be living :) Rebecca and Audrey's moms are do different from each other. I wouldn't mind living close to Tatiana myself, but I see myself moving away from Megan as well :)

    Just like Apple I really want Audrey and Jack to get married, and as always I thinking ahead and I really want to see their children!

    1. Well, these roommate households are breaking up but we still have Josh/Connor, Lila/Elspeth/Sophie and Lucy/Edward/Chris. There are always more to take place of any I "dissolve"!

      Rebecca and Nathan will have to come to some sort of compromise eventually! They'll probably end up in Sullivan but in the central part, rather than the outskirts near Rebecca's family. ;) Megan is trying and you need patience to deal with her; Claudia has more of that than Victoria or Rebecca do.

      I was actually looking at Jack during this play session and hoping he eventually has a son who looks like him. I don't have any other Sims who look like he does, given he's adopted, so I'm quite keen for Audrey/Jack spawn myself! As is Audrey, LOL.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Megan has definitely got some junk in her trunk! She looks all normal on the top half, and then she just expands in crazy ways. Audrey lucked out with a great Mom like Tatiana, who is much more laid back. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's new places, but sad that this place will be lost, I've always been a big fan of it. I guess it's good that Lucy/Edward/Chris never fully unpacked. So many moving, can't wait to see Audrey/Jack's house and Rebecca/Nathan's apartment. I'm very excited for Jack and Audrey to get married, have some kids and settle down.

    1. LOL, I hadn't noticed that but you're right! Some of the elder fat meshes are a bit off, proportions-wise! Audrey and Tatiana are quite similar in a lot of ways and I can see Audrey being the same kind of mother as Tatiana, once the time comes for her. They definitely get along better than Rebecca and Megan do...but as I was saying at N99, Rebecca doesn't really get along that well with anyone!

      I'm a bit bummed about this place being gone too but I've found a nice smaller place for them to move into. I'm not sure if it's one of Starr's - it looks like it could be - but it should be a nice fit for Lucy, Chris and Edward and also for Sam and Julia, at least temporarily (I figure they might want to have their own family one day, in which case they'd need a bigger place).

      I have the afternoon off today and am actually taking that time to try to find new houses/apartments for the many, many families who seem to need moving in my hood right now! I really have to make a list, lol!

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Maybe Audrey can open up her own dance studio someday? That would solve her problem. :)

    Ah, Megan. :) I love how annoying she can be for her poor kids, LOL.

    I forgot all about the fact that Julia lives in that apartment complex! You're absolutely right that Rebecca would want to move in with Nathan in that case, rather than have him move there.

    I'm so excited about Audrey and Jack moving in together--I am looking forward to seeing their new place!

    1. Audrey opening up her own studio is a definite possibility, although one I hadn't thought of. She and Jack will certainly have the money for that kind of venture.

      The good news for Rebecca is that she and Nathan will definitely not be living in the same apartment as Julia when they move in together. I did consider torturing her further but there's only one more unit available in Sam and Julia's new place and it's the most expensive one. Way out of Nathan and Rebecca's price range. I'm sure both she and Julia will be disappointed!

      It's always extra fun decorating for a couple with lots of money, so I'm looking forward to setting up Jack and Audrey's new place. He's got his $100,000 but she's got all this expensive stuff in her inventory I can sell, plus about $20,000 in her bank account!

      Thanks for reading!

  6. Congrats to Rebecca on getting a promotion! That sucks, though, that she won't be helping Calvin and Aaron get their new baby, whenever that happens. Poor Lucy having her reputation tarnished by her older sister's, but at least Rebecca gave her a chance. And now I see why she'd rather move in with Nathan instead of him with her. She doesn't want to see Julia's mug anymore LOL. LOL @ Megan’s junk in her truck! I thought the same thing. It’s all that good food she makes!

    I'm glad Audrey and Jack are starting to have dates again. It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle and couples forget about date nights. That’s sweet that they have so much money saved! They should be able to buy a beautiful house. I couldn’t imagine getting that much money at 25… and I just saw… $100,000! Nice!

    I also like the studio pics. I need to grab that ballet posebox before it disappears, if it hasn't already.

    1. No, Rebecca will pass Calvin and Aaron's case on. I have a townie ready to take her place. I haven't actually put the townie into the career yet but I can still have him/her play that part until I do.

      Lucy must be well-used to people thinking of her sister when they meet her by now! I was quite surprised she turned out so sweet as well. But really, Lucy is what a child of Pamela and Corbin should have turned out like.

      I've moved Audrey and Jack into their house and it's pretty amazing. With Audrey's money and what Jack had saved himself, they ended up having about $160,000. It's left me with just under $30,000 to decorate with, which is plenty.

      That pose box is the rhythmic gymnastics posebox, actually. I forgot that I had a ballet one. Do I have a ballet one, lol? I remember pinning one to Pinterest, I think!

      Thanks for reading!

    2. LOL Yes, you have a ballet one on your Pinterest but not the rhythmic gymnastics one. I'll have to look for that one, too!

      And wow! They are some lucky 25 year olds to have $160,000 to buy a house! Can't wait to see it!

    3. Ha, I thought so! I don't know if I actually downloaded that or not. I currently cannot boot my computer, so I guess I'll have to wait to find out.

      And I know. Half their luck, right? Especially considering the kind of houses Sims can buy for that kind of money!

  7. I'm very surprised that Audrey and Jack don't have a rock on her finger yet! What's the hold-up!?! Ha, I suppose they might be engaged in real time though - don't tell me yet! ;)

    But man, all that money at their age! These sims are so spoiled, lol!

    LOL @ Julia, still at it with those sneers! I have to say though, I like that hairstyle on her. If nothing else, she's always been super cute!

    1. Jack is the hold up! He had a marriage want, which I thought I locked but I obviously didn't, because it rolled away, lol. Audrey is raring to go! No spoilers about where they are now, because I haven't played them again yet anyway. :) But sigh...wish I could find myself a boy with a trust fund, lol!

      Corbin makes pretty girls! Julia is very cute but a little scary, lol.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. I love that dance studio... *happy sigh* I so would like to steal the idea if we had proper dance mirrors like in Sims 3!
    Audrey and Jack are so cute together. I absolutely adore the mischevious side-look she has when they're both at restaurant!! So filled of promises! :D

    1. Dance stuff would have been a nice thing for TS3 to get with Generations, seeing they added the option of kids doing ballet after school!

      Audrey and Jack are favourites of mine, as you know. ;) They have some good times ahead of them, I'm sure of it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!