Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The passenger

Round 30: February 2032 (Summer)
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Luc Lane is 39, Asha is 35, Ruby is 5, Marcus is 3 and Felix is 8 months old.
(Linnea is 72, Steve is 37 and Ramona is 5)

Narrated by Luc Lane

Ruby is in kindergarten now and she talks non-stop. Asha and I can hardly get a word in over dinner!

If she's not talking our ears off, she's on the phone. Worryingly, she's usually talking to boys.

Asha thinks that in about 10 years, I'm going to be dealing with 15 year-old versions of me trying to get their hands on my daughter. She thinks it's pretty funny.

I hope Asha is wrong but I'm trying to encourage Ruby's friendship with Ramona anyway. She has plenty of time for boys later, like when she's 30 or something.

They're very different girls but they somehow manage to get along. Asha and Olivia have been getting them together since they were babies, so it's not much of a surprise they're now close friends.

It's a good opportunity to hang out with Steve for a bit. We weren't really that close before the girls were born but that's forced us to spend more time together.

Steve is pretty into music as well. He plays classical but he's interested in and listens to all different types.

Asha and I have been busy adjusting to life with three kids. Three kids under five, no less but it actually hasn't been so bad.

Especially with Ruby off at school during the day. That gives us a little break.

Felix has been a much easier baby than Ruby or Marcus were, which has been a nice change. He's only 8 months old but so far, he's not nearly as demanding.

Marcus has chilled out a little too and is a lot more pleasant to be around. Asha is thrilled. She was fairly certain Felix's arrival would mean disaster. She was freaked out about it right up until we brought him home.

She still doesn't want any more kids though. Once we found out Asha was pregnant with Felix, I was basically ordered to go and and have a vasectomy.

I'd agreed but I wasn't really happy about it, so that didn't stop me from whining about it as the day drew closer.

Not that Asha had any sympathy at all. She really hates being pregnant and now that we have three kids, she's putting her foot down.

Honestly, if it was up to me, we'd have a fourth. I have so much fun with the kids. I'd been looking forward to being a dad since Timothy was born and ideally, I'd love to have a whole army of kids.

But Asha says I'm not the one who has to go through pregnancy or childbirth and that she ends up doing most of the not-so-fun stuff once the kids are here too. I couldn't really argue with that.

So reluctantly, I went in to get snipped. I could tell Asha thought I was being a baby about it but she stopped short of actually saying so.

But it wasn't that bad. Within the hour, I was back outside with Asha, waiting for a taxi to get back home.

It was a little painful but I didn't mind having an excuse to laze around the house for a couple of days.

While Asha was at work, Mum came around to help out with Marcus and Felix.

She's been getting more into the grandma thing recently.

Ruby especially is growing really close to Mum. Ruby loved having her there after school every day while I was recovering.

I was happy to have her come and help out but she can be exhausting. After spending all day with her, I was really ready for Asha to get home from work.

I deal with Mum better than Cordy can but three days in a row was still enough.

When Felix was born, Asha and I decided to have him and Marcus share a (very large) room and convert our spare into a mini-recording studio. We've been wanting to do it for a while but only just got the cash together to get it done.

Asha and I have even recorded a few tracks together, which was fun.

Ruby has always loved watching me play. Marcus isn't the slightest bit interested and Felix is too young to tell, so I'm happy to have one fan in the family, at least.

She's already learning the piano, so she practises on our keyboards at home.

She's also played around a little on my synthesiser. She would love to get her hands on some of the recording equipment but it's very expensive, so we haven't let her touch that yet.

My career has been taking off recently and in the future, there might be months where I won't be home at all, because I'll be playing shows out of town.

If I'm going to be away from home more often, I don't want to be spending more time travelling to and from a recording studio on top of that. I'd rather make the most of the time I do have at home.

  • Title is from The Passenger by Iggy Pop.
  • Ruby had the want to be friends with Matthew (her cousin) and then once that was fulfilled, she wanted to be friends with Justin Moretti, Austin Carmody, Gabriel Nott and one other boy whose name escapes me. So with the exception of Ramona, she does seem to be more of a boys' girl, which could mean trouble for Luc down the line!
  • The recording studio stuff is from Around the Sims 2. It's just decorative (I used the poker table animations to make Luc look like he was using the mixing board) but it looks very cool anyway.
  • I think this is the first round in a while that has ended with pregnancy for Asha! Luc's ideal family size is 4 but Asha's is 3 and I've decided they're stopping here. I can't really see them having four kids anyway.
  • I played Linnea right before I played this family and her Family side is totally taking over! When I gave her that as a secondary, I think I commented that it didn't suit her. She just had the flu at Uni and I needed someone to make that soup! But I think she's sort of coming into it now, as an elder.


  1. I find it funny that Luc will be dealing with mini hims when Ruby becomes a teen. Funny how when he was a young lad he wasn't thinking about the fathers of the girls he was with. Shoe is on the other foot now. I get some perverse pleasure from that! LMAO

    I agree, I think three fits them, though I wouldn't mind for one more. ;) But he has gotten snipped so unless it comes back together they should be good!

  2. Aww, I wouldn't mind them having a fourth...maybe the procedure wasn't 100% effective, I've heard of that happening :)

  3. Riverdale, Luc is definitely going to be feeling some of what those fathers must have felt, once Ruby gets a little older. He was kind of a father's worst nightmare and it's probably going to bite him in the ass now! I find it pretty funny too.

    Three makes sense for Luc and Asha, for me. I could see them with one, I could see them with two and obviously three, but not four. So yeah, they'll be stopping.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, this is true - some vasectomies fail. They are 100% effective in Sullivan though, lol! Asha is set to Cannot Get Pregnant with ACR, which is different to birth control, in that there's no failure rate.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Isn't it usually so that the men who were quite wild in their younger days end up being the most protective fathers. I think Luc is going to have to chase the boys away with a stick once Ruby gets older. Probably what most fathers wanted to do to him, lol.

    Ruby and Ramona are so adorable and it's nice to see them together.

    I think three kids is perfectly fine for them. Of course I'm always pro for more sim babies but four kids is a lot!

  5. Ruby is too cute! I liked seeing her play with Ramona, love that they are friends. I can see Ruby being a wild child. Not necessarily naughty, but definitely spirited!

    Looking forward to seeing Felix turn to toddler, I think these two will have some good genetic diversity in their children.

    I have a few sims that are fixed in Millwood too, and "can not get pregnant." Just make sure you reset it if for any reason it has become unset. That's how Bekah got pregnant with Holden.

    Their recording studio looks great! I haven't ever gone back to mine to finish nor played it, so I always assumed it had animations! I'm so disappointed that it doesn't. :( It looks great in your game, but man...

    As for blogger, I wish they'd fix their bugs too. I can only comment on a few of their sites from my phone, most of the time the code won't show up, then I refresh/preview and it takes me to homepage, like it fell out of their head what I was doing to begin with! But I have no issues at Riverdale... ?!?

  6. Carla, I just downloaded that set from ATS and was wondering how to make the sims look like they are using it, thanks so much for that tip!

    LOL about getting snipped. Very real to life. Great update~

  7. Sari, it does seem to be that way! It makes me wonder what Jace was like when he was younger - he's so fiercely protective of his daughters! Asha's father Leo never got much of a chance to get to know Luc but I'm quite positive he wouldn't have liked him!

    Ruby and Ramona are very sweet together - definitely best buds, those two!

    Four kids is a lot! That's a number I'd only consider for my crazy Family Sims. ;) Luc and Asha are Romance, so it's not happening for them.

    Maisie, I think Ruby has the potential to be a bit naughty but so far, she's been pretty good. She definitely commands attention though and spirited would be a good word for her.

    Not long until we see Felix as a toddler, but we'll see Keira Romilly age up first (well, I saw her last night!).

    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely make sure this gets set again if ever ACR is reset.I try to narrow down crashing downloads in another hood, where I can, so I don't have to worry about all my hack tokens being reset!

    Yeah, it's not animated, sadly. I don't know if Sandy has made any objects with new animations and really, that's what you'd have to do here. It's good for photo ops though. :)

    I'm wondering if your phone commenting problems being restricted to certain blogs has to do with whether the blogs use the embedded comments box (like here) and the pop-up comments box (which I used to use). I had no end of problems with pop-up comments boxes and haven't had many at all since I switched. But really, if Blogger offer a feature, it should work!

    Thanks for reading!

    Drew, I use the poker table animations all the time! You'd be surprised how useful they are, lol.

    Poor Luc...but Asha is definitely done with pregnancy, so the snip had to happen. I actually looked up vasectomies before I wrote this and came across the funniest info page, on a Canadian doctor's site. He specifically said something like "your wife might appreciate you going through a little pain, after all the pain she went through in childbirth". LOL! I definitely thought of Asha when I read that.

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Haha poor Luc. But Asha's right, he doesn't have to do all the really hard work when it comes to the kids so I think she should be able to make the decision lol. I love the recording studio stuff and need to download it for Mellow Metal to have. I think Ruby is going to be the death of Luc, but hey karma isn't great all the time :)

  9. It was nice to hear from Luc. I find it funny, too, that he'll have to deal with miniature versions of his 15 year old self when Ruby gets older. What is it that they say about karma, Luc? ;) (haha I just read Mizzgin's karma comment. We think alike). It would have been hilarious if all 3 of their kids were girls. He'd probably buy a shotgun. He might still have to with Ruby being so social. I see a future popularity sim in the making.

    Their recording studio and music room look great. Glad they're getting a lot of use out of it and that they might have another little musician on their hands. Oh and it was nice to see Linnea. I actually kind of forgot about her for a minute since we don't get to see her much. That's good that her family side is finally starting to show.

    I also don't see these 2 having more than 3 kids. Seeing them with 3 is still surprising. I have a sim who wants 12 kids according to Starr's guide!! Talk about crazy family sim! I don't even know if he and his girlfriend will make cute kids but even so, 12 kids is not going to happen. I also have a lot of sims who want 6 or 8. They must know that I really want to populate my hood.

  10. I have to agree with Asha that it would be funny to see Luc having to dael with younger versions of himself! :)

    I was glad to see the music studio in action, even though it's just decor, it looks great!

    Luc's a good dad, I don't know why, but I never pictured him to be the one wanting a lot of kids, maybe it's his though-guy-looks (I hope I'm using the right words here ...)

    How do you deside how many kids your sims want? Or is it something in game I haven't found? Or something in ACR?

  11. Mizzgin03, Asha's already given Luc 3 kids, which is pretty close to how many he wanted, so he can't complain too much. He can deal, LOL, especially seeing Asha is always on diaper duty.

    Once Ruby starts dating, Luc's going to have a revelation, lol. He might already have had it, when he thinks about the idea of all those boys pawing at his daughter!

    Thanks for reading!

    Danielle, I try to alternate between who we "hear" from, when it's a couple, though it doesn't always work out that way. So it was Luc's turn this time.

    I could easily see Luc with three girls but it's probably good for his mental health that Marcus and Felix are boys! Ruby's very outgoing, so she might be enough trouble. ;)

    I can't keep Ruby out of that recording studio. Just like a lot of real kids, I think. That sort of equipment would be irresistible.

    We don't see Linnea a lot. She's closer with Luc than with Cordy, but that's still not particularly close. Interactions between her and her kids are strained, I would say. But she does love them and her grandkids.

    Yeah, even three kids seems like a lot. Asha's ideal is 3 and honestly, she is DONE! LOL about your Sim! I don't think I have any that want that many. I think Patience is the nuttiest of my Sims - high nice, high outgoing, Family secondary and she wants 9!

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, Asha will relish watching Luc freak out about Ruby's boyfriends but she might herself more worried than she thinks she'll be.

    I wouldn't have picked Luc for the father of lots of kids either but once I saw how he was with Timothy, I knew he definitely wanted to be a dad. And then once I calculated his ACR Ideal Family number and it came up with 4, that seemed to fit.

    I use Apple Valley's method to decide on a Sim's Ideal Family number.

    Hopefully, you can find the ACR option yourself because I'm not in game right now and can't direct you!

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Oh Luc, wanting another kid already!

    I really miss some of the animations from TS2, like actually changing diapers--that picture of Asha changing Felix is adorable.

    Luc might be facing a dose of his own medicine with little Ruby! Poor guy. :) It's sweet that he thinks of the recording studio as a time saver, so that he can be near his family when he isn't traveling. He's such a family guy!

  13. Rachel, LOL, yeah, Luc has always wanted four but Asha is done.

    Oh, I forgot that there's no changing table in TS3! In TS2, Sims still throw the baby up in the air to actually change the nappy but you get the cute little animation with them powdering their butts, at least.

    Luc is probably right to be worried! Ruby's kind of a little spitfire, so who knows what she's going to put her father through! Lucky he'll be able to spend more home time at home, so he can keep an eye on her. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I can tell already that Ruby will be trouble, lol. She is going to be just like her parents. She's so cute though at the moment. Adorable and friendly. I love the shots of her with her big toothless grin.

  15. Lunar, I'm getting the same vibes off Ruby that I did off Veronica when she was little. So yeah, quite possibly! She's got her dad's personality, so she also has the potential to be quite abrasive, as well as friendly. Adorable though, for sure. ;)

    Thanks for reading!