Thursday, 18 August 2011

Round 32 ROS

Round 31 is not over yet (3 more families to go!) but I've rolled the ROS for next round, so here they are!

I'll be adding links to each ROS as I fulfill it. Naturally, if you're not caught up, these links may contain spoilers.

I'll just note here that I will be in Melbourne this weekend. I'm leaving early Friday morning (that's tomorrow for me) and coming back on Sunday evening. I'll have my smartphone with me but I won't get to reply to any comments until I get home.
I did want to get the Lane update up before I left but that's not going to be possible. I do have a rough outline done though, so it shouldn't take me too much time to sort it out once I get back. See you soon!


  1. Oh, the bar fight and power outage sounds like fun! Can't wait to read about them and see how you do it.

  2. Riverdale, I know, I'm pretty excited about the bar fight! I should write down all my ideas for it now, so they don't fly out of my head by the time I have to write it!

  3. Wow, you have a lot new ROS this round. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Bar fight. I've never seen this one. How fun!

    Food poisoning. Yikes! For me, this is the most deadly of the sicknesses with realistic sickness, though I have managed some survivors. I'm crossing my fingers that it is milder in your hood.

  5. Oh, I'm looking forward to the bar fight one, lol! I think I'm going to have to borrow some of your ROS to add to my list. :)

  6. Oh Bar fight! Fun! Can't wait to see who gets this! Does your food poisoning run the risk of death? That's how I lost Randy London a few rounds back. Power failure is fun too! I'm putting these in my ROS file, I don't have them. Have fun on your trip!

  7. Thanks for reading all!

    Apple Valley, thanks, I just got back last night and am now playing catch up!

    kalynn06, ooh, really? I wasn't too worried about that one because I've never had a death from it in my game and I didn't even know you could die from it! I hope this Sim comes through it all right!

    Shana, LOL, borrow away! I borrowed your jury duty one - I might as well use the courtroom I have in my town hall for something!

    Maisie, I guess the food poisoning will run the risk of death just by virtue of the fact that I have realistic sickness installed, according to Kalynn! So yes, I guess! Biting my nails already. ;)

  8. Ooh! Very interesting and some new ROSs this round! I'll have to add a couple of those to my list. I'm so excited to see who rolled the bar fight ROS. Especially when it's not too far fetched for the sim who rolled it!

    And ooh, jury duty! I'll have to check that one out and add it lol.

  9. Danielle, as soon as the bar fight one came up, I knew exactly what I was going to do! It's pretty perfect. :)