Thursday, 24 March 2011

Keep it together

Round 30: August 2032 (Winter)

Eliot Lane is 46, Cordy is 39, Tim is 12, Simon is 7, Matthew is 7 and Charlotte is 3.
(Luc is 39, Mitchell is 13 and Eddie and Louisa are both 12)

Narrated by Tim Lane
Mum is a lot busier at work at the moment than she was last year and she's asked me to help out a little more.

I don't mind so much. Dad gets home at 4, and all I really need to do is keep her entertained for a while.

Apart from being a little boring sometimes, it's not too bad.

Once Mum and Dad get home, they take over completely and we all eat dinner together.

Sometimes I'd rather be out with my friends but Dad is pretty strict about having family time on school nights.

As Dad reminds me so frequently though, even if I was allowed out after school, I'd have to get home pretty fast. My curfew is 8pm.
Lately, if it's not too cold, I've been taking Simon and Matthew to the park. I joined the soccer team at school and I've been teaching Simon and Matthew to play.

I always win. But then again, Matthew's only 7, so I'm at kind of an advantage.

Simon often doesn't want to play at all and just watches from the sidelines. Sports aren't really his thing.

He's way more interested in music.

He's actually really good at it as well.

The rest of the family is into anything active. If we can't be outside playing sports, we're watching them on TV.

So wherever Simon got his talent from, he didn't get it from Mum or Dad.

Uncle Luc likes to think Simon gets all his talent from him, even though he's never picked up a violin in his life. He says it's all music and it all counts.

I've been close to Uncle Luc since I was really little and we still are. He wouldn't admit it but I think I'm his favourite.

We talk all the time. Lately, the main topic of conversation has been girls. He's always asking whether I'm dating yet and I always say no.

I don't feel like I'm ready for that yet, to be honest.

Mum says Uncle Luc was probably ready to start dating in pre-school and doesn't quite understand why anyone would feel differently.
Anyway, I don't have a girlfriend but Mitchell does. Her name is Rachel and he met her on his family's camping trip.

They've only been dating a few months but she's around all the time now.

I was a bit annoyed at her hanging around with us constantly at first but it hasn't been that bad.

I actually get along really well with Rachel.

I thought she'd only ever want to do...whatever it is that girls do. But we do pretty much the same things with Rachel as we did without her. They don't get too lovey-dovey in front of me either, thank God.

I think there might be a girl who's interested in me. Louisa Gentry is always looking at me like she's going to say something but she never does.

I'm good friends with her twin brother, Eddie and whenever I'm hanging out with him, Louisa is usually lingering nearby.

She seems nice but I just don't think I like her that way.

At the moment, I don't really like any girl that way. That's not so weird, is it?

Luc and Tim could be father and son! I think the only difference between them is that Tim has a narrower jawline but that could be a teen/adult thing. Oh and Tim has brown hair (obviously) as well as Eliot's eyebrows.

  • Title is from Keep it Together by Guster.
  • Simon would probably be almost a black sheep of this family if not for Luc. Everyone else is into sport and fitness and then there's Simon with his violin.
  • Tim started the round with a want to get his first kiss but that rolled away almost immediately. At the moment, he's more interested in earning scholarships.
  • Cordy got a promotion this round to Personal Injury Attorney, so she's finally on her way to reaching her LTW (Become The Law, which in my game is Become Attorney-General).


  1. OMG, they're identical! Wow! I was going to say that already and then I saw your last picture, lol!

    And LMAO @ "ready to start dating in pre-school"!!!

    Awww, Tim seems like a good kid though.

  2. Hah! I was going to comment on how Tim was pretty much a Luc clone too. No wonder little Louisa can't keep her eyes off him!

    That is very interesting that the whole family is into sports except for Simon--it would probably be funny to hear an update from his point of view sometime, since he probably doesn't understand why they love sports so much. :)

  3. Louisa is a cutie, I think she and Tim would make cute babies :P I agree that Luc and Tim look just alike, my nephew and I are the same way-if you add some hair on him and put him in a dress then he looks just like I did at that age. He's almost ready for school now and his personality is even like mine. It's a bit scary how genes work and we tend to stare at each other sometimes as if we're thinking "why does this person look like me!" I can see why Tim thinks that he is Luc's favorite...though I think Simon might steal some of Luc's attention soon.

  4. Laura, Tim and Luc are really alike! Tim's jawline is narrower than Luc's but that might fill out when he gets older. It's pretty amazing how similar they are.

    LOL, if anyone would have been ready at 4, it would have been Luc!

    I like Tim a lot. It's hard for me to tell who I'm going to really love before they age to teen so I wasn't expecting it but I had a lot of fun with him.

    Thanks for reading!

    Rachel, heh, it's possible Tim has inherited some of his uncle's charisma there!

    I'm sure his family's love of sports is a bit mystifying to Simon. He occasionally rolls the want to go swimming or jump rope and then he'll immediately roll a music-related one instead. Like he's thinking, "what am I doing in this damn pool?" He'll probably get an update from his POV eventually, but likely not until he's a teen.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, aww, I think Louisa's so pretty that she'd probably make cute babies with anyone!

    There's definitely a special bond between Luc and Tim and he may well be Luc's favourite. But Tim is also somewhat arrogant, like Luc, and he'd probably assume he was the favourite even if he wasn't! I can definitely see Simon bonding with Luc over music as well; it's not something Simon will be able to do with anyone in his immediate family.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I thought the earlier pictures of Luc and Tim looked mighty similar. I love when nieces and nephews look like aunts or uncles.

    I hope Simon doesn't feel too out of place with his family later on. I hope both sides at least try to make an effort to try and understand the other. At the very least, he can talk to Luc.

  6. That's so cool, to see the genes behave that way in game. Poor Louisa, must be tough having a crush on your brother's friend. Tim is pretty cute :). It's good that Simon has Luc, otherwise he might feel like he was completely in the wrong family lol

  7. Choco, it's pretty cool to see the genetics carried through a whole family line. Luc and Cordy mostly look like Debbie but she wasn't very townie-looking to me, so I'm happy enough to see her genes passed on.

    If nothing else, his uncle Luc might be proof for Simon that he's not adopted or switched at birth!

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, Louisa is very shy as well. I think crushes are always the hardest for the shy!

    I can see Simon and Luc being good buddies, as well as Tim and Luc. LOL, poor Matthew is being left by the wayside here!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Louisa is adorable, I hope Tim gets some interest but not for a few more years! 12 is best for crushes. lol on him being so studious and concerned with college, he's such a young man.

    It'd be faster to note the differences in Tim and Luc, then it would be to write out their sameness! I love how much he looks like Luc, and how Simon likes music. I'm looking forward to his POV in the future sometime.

    My only complaint is we just didn't get enough Charlotte in this, she's just too cute!!!

  9. Maisie, Louisa and Tim have plenty of time for dating, so it's definitely just a crush at this point. And possibly one that won't amount to anything at all. The chemistry is non-existent!

    Very true! There are an awful lot of similarities between Tim and Luc. One major difference is Tim's shyness; Luc is anything but shy!

    I know, Charlotte didn't get much of a look-in this round! I'm going to make sure I take a bunch of pictures of her before she ages up in January.

    Thanks for reading!

  10. Wow, Time could easily be Luc's son! They look so much alike! I never thought Cordy looked that much alike and they are twins!!
    I like the fact that Eliot is strict when it comes to family dinners, I know how I much I used to like them when I still lived at home, I even still like them!
    It's nice to see that Tim still takes the time to play with his siblings, though I can imagine it not being that easy when it comes to Simon, seeing they don't have to same intrests.
    It's a good thing the Michtell didn't ditch his friend for his girlfriend and that they can still hang out.

  11. Tanja, before Tim came along, I thought Cordy looked like Debbie and Luc looked like Linnea but once Tim came along, I realised they had to both take after Debbie, if Cordy's son looked so much like Luc!

    I think Eliot would definitely be the stern type of dad. I should add that to his traits, come to think of it! Anyway, family dinners would be a must for him.

    Matthew would be no picnic for Tim to babysit either! I didn't catch a good picture but he kept rubbing his feet on the rug and then zapping Tim, Brat! LOL.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Wow, Luc and Tim really look alike! It seems that they're not so much alike when it comes to girls.

    I think Louisa and Tim would be a really cute couple but if he's not interested then I guess it's not going to happen. Maybe in a couple of years his hormones kick in and he sees her differently.

    All in all, I really like this family but then again I like all your families!

  13. Sari, no, Luc and Tim are definitely very different there!

    We'll see what happens with Louisa and Tim. I'm fairly certain where I'm going with him, though there's a 1% chance I go in another direction.

    Heh, I like all my families too. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I already said this but the Lane genes are so strong. Most of the kids look like Cordy/Luc. I love that Luc was so close to Tim when he was born and he turned out to look like his mini-me. That's cute that Simon's the "black sheep" in his house by being the only one who likes music. But it's great that he can look up to Luc (hopefully he'll only look up to Luc's musical talents and not his other talents LOL). I also LOL'd at the comment about Luc being ready to date in pre-school. Hey, sometimes you can tell when little kids are going to be charmers. So Cordy may be right! ;)

    Louisa is a doll. But it's good that Tim isn't jumping right into girlfriends right now anyway. He has plenty of time for dating. I'm also wondering, is he gay but doesn't realize it yet? For some reason, I got that vibe when I read the last couple of lines. But I could be reading too much into it. Feel free to ignore my question or flat out lie if I ruined a future storyline or something. ;)

    And I agree, we need more Charlotte pics before she ages up. I'll miss her as a tot but I'm sure she'll be just as adorable as a child.

  15. Danielle, the Lane genes really are very strong but Simon looks a little more like Eliot than either of his brothers do. And Charlotte is just all Eliot. Except for the eyebrows, thankfully!

    I have taught Kindergarten boys who I can honestly imagine becoming real charmers when they grow up. I had one wink at me once! Five years old and already flirting! I can see Luc as being that kind of kid.

    So far, Tim hasn't shown any interest in any girls and I think he's still deciding if that means he's just not interested yet or if he won't ever be interested. Give him a couple of years and he might figure it out. ;)

    I will add some Charlotte spam to the birthdays post - I'm going to add it to my play schedule so I don't forget. :D

    Thanks for reading!

  16. The resemblance between Luc and Tim is just amazing. I don't think I've ever seen an uncle and nephew who look so much alike.

    Poor Louisa...but I'm wondering about Rachel. If Tim is really enjoying her company, maybe, given time, she'll switch boyfriends?

  17. S.B, it took Tim being born before I realised how alike Cordy and Luc are! I really didn't see it before.

    Oh, switching boyfriends would drive a wedge between poor Tim and Mitchell, wouldn't it? You'll have to wait and see what happens.

    Thanks for reading!