Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day for night

Round 34: January 2040 (Summer)

Veronica Moretti is 23 and Adelaide Sitko is 22. 
(David is 58, Kirstin is 56, Zane and Chloe are 29, Chris is 25 and Sebastian is 24)

Narrated by Adelaide Sitko

Veronica recently decided she just had to have a dog. This apartment is pretty small but she said she couldn’t be without one any longer.

I was a bit dubious about the idea, especially when I saw the dog she ended up bringing home from the shelter with her!

His name is Clancy and he is enormous. I love dogs and we always had one growing up but I wasn’t sure we could really handle this dog.

But so far, I’ve been wrong. Clancy is a really sweet thing who shrinks away if we even scold him.

Which we rarely have to do. He was already housebroken and he never chews anything up. 

Space is still an issue but he seems happy. He just jumps up on the couch and watches TV with us.

He’s definitely Veronica’s dog though. She’s the one he follows around the house, who takes him on walks and does most of the work involved in dog ownership.

I was glad I didn’t have to worry about setting up a place to live on top of job hunting. I moved in with Veronica for my senior year, so we’ve been settled in for a good while now.

I like our place. Clancy definitely makes it seem a tiny bit smaller but it’s a very decent size, especially for what we pay in rent.

Veronica and I have been best friends for our whole lives and are pretty similar in the way we like to have things around the house. So so far, we make good roommates as well.

We’ve definitely had our moments though. I think that’s inevitable when you’re living with someone, especially when the people involved are as opinionated as me and Veronica are.

Veronica spends a lot of time next door, at Chris’s place. They used to flirt a little bit when they were both living in the dorms and they’ve got a bit closer now they’re living near each other again.

I think they’ve always been attracted to each other but this is the first time Veronica has been single since she was 13, so nothing’s happened between them before.

For the moment, I don’t think it’s serious. It’s just convenient for both of them.

But who knows? They’ve been out on a couple of actual dates recently, so maybe things are developing. 

Veronica really likes Chris but she isn’t looking for anything more than a casual thing. She said she'd be open to getting more serious though, if things go that way.

I really wish I had a job like Veronica’s that shuts down for 12 weeks a year but seeing I don’t want to teach, that’s not going to happen. 

Instead, I'm working in the corporate world, which I'm not happy about. Lila put a good word in for me, knowing I was looking for something. 

It’s nice to have money coming in but I hate the job. I'm not cut out for sales and marketing and unfortunately, I'm currently a sales rep.

The people are great, like Lila and Zane, who gives me a lift home sometimes. I just don’t understand how they can be satisfied working at NKL. 

I'm keeping mum about it around work people, because I haven’t been there very long, but I'm already looking around for something else. 

Sebastian and I went out with Zane and his wife Chloe the other night and I had to lie through my teeth when Chloe asked me how I was liking it at NKL.

I was so glad when the food came and Sebastian jumped in and changed the subject!

But the way I’m going, it might be a while before anyone at NKL has to worry about me leaving. I haven’t even decided what I want to do instead, let alone found a job in this perfect field that I’m not even sure exists. 

Dad thinks I should try to give it a few more months and see if the job grows on me at all. 

The very thought of that depresses me beyond belief. I absolutely dread going to work every day.

I think he’s just worried I’ll quit and then be out of work because I can’t think of what else to do. 

I’m waiting until I have something else lined up before I quit but it’s killing me.

Sebastian loves his “job”. He’s a street musician, so he sets his own hours. 

He keeps saying I could quit and be his back-up dancer or something, so I wouldn’t have to do the 9-to-5 thing. It would be fun but not very practical.

I don’t want to have to rely on people’s goodwill for a pay check though. Even when Sebastian has a good day, he doesn't make anywhere near what I make at NKL. 

And besides, I don’t object to having a 9-to-5 job. I just object to my current one. 

I’ve actually been thinking about going into politics lately. Not necessarily running for office myself but maybe working behind the scenes.

I was never really interested in politics when Mum was governor but I was just a kid then. In the last couple of years, I've starting paying attention. If I could work for a politician I respected, I might feel like I was doing something useful, which I don’t feel right now. 

Sebastian is being very supportive about the idea, which I appreciate but I'm still a bit nervous about actually starting a job search.

I don’t know how attractive I’ll be to a potential employer. My grades at university were not exactly stellar, as Mum so often reminds me. 

But when I told her I was thinking about politics, she also told me that it's one of those fields where it’s often not what you know, it's who you know. And I happen to know the former governor. 

She still wants me to do all the legwork with trying to get my foot in the door but she’s agreed to give me some names of people who might be able to help me out. 

Mum is really pleased that I've found something I might actually be interested in, career-wise. She was worried I never would. I was starting to get worried about that myself, to be honest! It might still be a while before I find anything but I'm happy I’ll have something to start with now.

  • Title is from Day for Night by Matthew Sweet.
  • Veronica had the want to get a pet when I loaded the lot, so I let them adopt Clancy (the pet adoption service works in Sullivan 2.0 - it used to crash in Sullivan 1.0, from the beginning). He is too big for their place but there was only one dog available and he was it!
  • Adelaide had the want to stay home from work before she even went for the first time. Now she wants to quit. So I'm having her hunt around in Politics (which was her top match when I checked her with Starr's career criteria). Her GPA was not high enough to be cheated in though but seeing she has connections, which are so important in a field like politics, I may rig up something different for her anyway. 
  • Veronica and Chris were rolling wants for each other in Sullivan 1.0, so I was always planning to let them actually act on it in this update. Obviously, they lost those wants but they rolled them back up again pretty quickly once they met! We'll see how they go. I don't think either of them are really ready to settle down just yet. 
  • Oh man, Kirstin needs some clothes! For FA so far, I just have the trendy stuff I added in for Veronica and Adelaide and nothing for an older woman like Kirstin. She'll have to sit tight until I play her next though, probably. I'm still making myself go slow with the CC. I'm very excited right now though, because the fact that I finished this play session means I get to add a little bit more!


  1. Definately politics is a who you know career. That's how S'Ahmisa sped through the ranks, thanks to her internships with the mayor of Simmington Hills and the Apple Valley hood council president, she gets glowing recommendations...also money and reputation talk :) can't wait to see Adelaide in her new career. I wonder what her eventual dream job within the career is. I don't see her as mayor or senator.

    1. Heh, just like real life, huh? I don't really see Adelaide ever running for office either. I would like to find a politics career that is focused more on the behind the scenes roles - intern, campaign worker/manager, speechwriter, publicist, etc. - but I'm coming up short so far! If I can't find anything, I guess I'll fake it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Like Dani I was going to suggest using job stopinator. I have a few sims like that who have reached their dream job, but its not level 10. Anthony is a marine biologist, Walt is a stand up comic, etc. I could see Adelaide as a campaign manager for a long time and being satisfied with that.

    3. It's definitely an idea and I agree that Adelaide is not overly ambitious and would be content to stay at a lower level. I'm kind of interested in having a career like this for other sims though but I haven't found anything yet. I'm 90% sure I'll end up trying to make one. I want to get at least the levels done, just so I have something for Adelaide to work with. Then I can add descriptions and then possibly chance cards. :)

  2. Poor Adelaide! It must be horrible to be in a job that one doesn't like or is not suited for. I used to work in sales for 10 years until very recently, and I really enjoyed it and was good at it, but now that I have changed industries, I find it very exciting to learn everything about my new job. Good luck to Adelaide to find something that suits her better :-)

    1. I have been in a couple of jobs I didn't like, though I was fortunate enough that they were just part-time jobs while I was a student. I made the decision to never work in retail or food service again! So I know a little of what Adelaide is feeling, though it would be much more demoralising to have to go to a job you hate every day from 9-5. I think she'll be happier in Politics, once I finally get her into it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Aww, I like Clancy. Love that he sits there and watches TV. My type of dog!

    I had forgotten everything that happened between Veronica and Josh and had to go back and reread. I completely forgot that she was single lol. That’s interesting that she and Chris have hooked up. It’ll be crazy if they end up together. The 2 flirtiest sims together forever lol.

    I’m glad that Adelaide has some kind of idea of what she wants to pursue now. She definitely isn’t in the right career if she dreaded going in before her first day! But I hope she likes the behind the scenes stuff in Politics. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the kind of career you’re looking for but couldn’t you use the Job Stopinator to keep her at those levels in the EA career? You never know, maybe she’ll be like Wade and won’t mind staying at a certain career level for 30 years (or however long it was) LOL.

    1. Clancy's my kind of dog too. I have three lazy dogs, lol!

      It's been a while since we last saw Veronica, especially considering my hiatus, so I'm not surprised you forgot! I was surprised myself to realise that this was the longest she'd ever been single! I think there were only a few months between Oliver and Josh. She and Chris have really good chemistry, so there is some long-term potential. Whether or not it will pan out that way remains to be seen!

      I have always wavered back and forth with politics for Adelaide. It has always suited her really well but I couldn't really picture her going into it until now. She just needed to mature a little, I guess. Getting Fortune as a secondary aspiration helped. I'm considering just freezing her with the Job Stopinator but the pay is so low at those levels that I can't see someone wanting to stick around doing that for too long. :\ Adelaide isn't particularly ambitious, so maybe she would, but for sims in the future, it might not work as well. I'm thinking of making my own career but I'd have to think up some more levels.

      Geez, I don't know how long it was for Wade! It probably has been about 30 years! Owen was similarly unmotivated but he did eventually get off his bum, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I like the idea of Adelaide in politics, and yes, I totally could not have pictured her going after this before hand! She was a bit of a wild card when it came to school, and studying, and loving her rock n roll boyfriend. If she does well with this, I think that her and Sebastian will be less alike then they are currently. Not that they couldn't work, but if he keeps playing on street corners, and she's out there really motivated in her career (at some point) it just might be annoying. To me anyway! Haha, hopefully he can make a career with it!

    Veronica single... wow that's crazy. I totally forgot too that she was single. She's just always been with someone. Her and Chris are a good combo! I hope they date a while at least. And his Mom would be *very* happy to know he was sort of seeing someone!

    1. Yeah, Adelaide was a bit lost at uni. She was going to follow Sebastian around the world when he became a big rock star...which hasn't quite happened yet! Sebastian is still stuck busking, because I haven't had the opportunity to play him and get him promoted! We'll see how he goes when he does.

      Adelaide and Sebastian's careers are always going to be very different and it remains to be seen how they'll cope with that. The behind the scenes thing is probably good for them though - image won't be so important for Adelaide, so she won't have to worry about conservative voters not caring for a politician with a rock star partner!

      I like Veronica and Chris together so far. They seem like they really like each other and were being quite adorable. Chris probably isn't ready to bring her home to meet Kendal at this stage but man, she would be so excited!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. You should use the Sims 3 politics career made for TS2. I like the lower levels better than the ones in TS2. Like the rest of the TS3=>TS2 careers by MTS's lientebollemeis(found here:, they won't have chance cards. But it's a fresh look at many of the base careers.

    1. Even the TS3 career moves into elected positions towards the end. I want to be able to go all the way to the top without that. Right now, I'm looking at having something like "Senior Advisor" as the top level. And I actually do prefer the TS2 early positions, as "podium polisher" is a bit silly for my style of game anyway. If I want this, unfortunately I'm going to have to do it myself! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I love the name 'clancy'-do you just make up pet names? I usually think of boring, typical names for pets.

    I definitely understand where Adelaide is coming from with being in a less than ideal career field.It's sweet that her boyfriend offered a background dancer position. Hopefully, with her mom's contacts she can find something more fitting.

    Veronica and Josh would make a cute couple.I wonder how long Veronica will last single.Atleast there's chemistry and maybe...Josh will have someone to show off to Kendal.I am jumping the gun, but it's nice to imagine :)

    1. Normally, I Google for lists of pet names or pet name generators. Otherwise I'd never think of anything either. For Clancy though, his original name was Clark but seeing I have a Clarke family, I wanted something else, so I just went with a similar surname.

      Yeah, it's the thought that counts, right? Lucky Adelaide has Kirstin, because I don't think Sebastian's contacts are going to help for anything!

      I assume you mean Veronica and Chris but yes, I agree, they're pretty cute together. I'm not sure if Chris is ready for anything serious but he and Veronica were both rolling up a lot of wants for each other, so who knows? Maybe Kendal will get her wish and Chris will finally bring home another girl to meet her! As for jumping the gun, I don't think anyone could possibly be worse about that than I am, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. I love the idea you have about creating a behind-the-scenes politics career! I would be interested in that :) I could definatly see Adelaide in that one as well :) I saw your post on N99, and I'm so sorry but I can't help you with that, since I really don't know anything about politics at all, and the things I do know are in Dutch.
    Anyway I can't wait to read more about this career :) and see more of Adelaide in it :)

    Ooh, that dog! I always loved that one, I think it's the first one one of my families adopted when pets came out :)
    Even though he might be a little bit too big for their small house, he seems to fit in very well.

    I like Veronica and Chris together, they make a very sweet couple. I hope they make it work, I'm sure it would make Kendal happy as well :)

    1. LOL, I guess I should actually get started on it then! This update is almost two weeks old now and I still haven't even looked at the tutorial. I'll have to add it to my to-do list so I don't forget.

      I love big dogs and Clancy is definitely a big dog. I haven't used the pet adoption service in a long time! I started with clean templates, so it'll be interesting to see what sort of animals turn up. :)

      Ha, yes, Kendal would be very happy indeed! I don't think Chris will tell her yet though. He and Veronica aren't quite sure where they want this to go for now, so they'll keep it quiet for a while.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Oooh, Adelaide going into politics. That would certainly be interesting! I'm curious as to what she'll eventually decide on. I can understand being stuck in a job you don't particularly like, just waiting for the next thing to come along. I was never really into careers... luckily, the main job I have now isn't so bad.

    OMG I love big dogs in the Sims, but they just require so much room! It's seems even worse in TS3, what with its bothersome routing issues. Sigh. :(

    I am hoping Veronica and Chris go down the "more serious route." I think they'd make a cute couple!

    1. Yeah, I like the idea of having some sims in politics who aren't necessarily interested in competing for the top jobs. I think Adelaide would be well-suited to it (certainly more than business) but we'll see how she goes.

      I think big dogs in TS3 are definitely worse! I have a family with three and every time I load, I think "ugh, why did I let you have three dogs?" They are in the way constantly. Which is more like the real life experience of having small dogs, I find! I have three little ones and they're always under your feet!

      We'll see about Veronica and Chris. I think I'll be playing Chris sometime soon-ish, so I can touch on their developing relationship a bit more then. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. I think politics is a very suitable career for Adelaide although I didn't see it coming before I read it, lol. And she definitely has the necessary connections being the former governor's daughter.

    I too had forgotten Veronica was single. I think it's good that they're taking it slow and not too seriously. With their track records it's best not to jump into something too serious too quickly.

    1. I've done the careers criteria on Adelaide a few times and Politics was always one of the choices that came up. I couldn't really see her in it either, until I thought of the more "behind the scenes" kind of stuff.

      With such a long hiatus, I am not surprised people have forgotten some of the details in the hood! But I think Chris and Veronica have potential together but neither of them are going to want to rush into anything.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!