Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wild wild life

Round 31: December 2033 (Summer)
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Caleb Moretti is 51, Cara is 44 and Anthony and Veronica are both 16.

Narrated by Veronica Moretti

Christmas is coming up soon, so Anthony and I are free all day instead of being at school. I actually like school but it's kind of exciting that when we go back, we'll be in our last year!

Anthony is spending most of his time hanging out with Noah and sometimes Mitchell and his friend Tim.

Anthony still doesn't have a girlfriend, so he usually ends up abandoning his buddies as soon as a pretty girl walks by.

He's still single though, because the only girls who are actually interested in Anthony are ones he thinks are too young for him.

If only they could see him admiring himself in the mirror at home. They'd change their minds about him for sure!

I don't know if there's another guy on earth who's more in love with his own reflection than Anthony.

Apart from constantly checking himself out, he's been eating bag after bag of potato chips. The manufacturer is running a competition and the first prize was $50,000. To win, you have to send in a bar code and write why you deserve the money in 25 words or less. Anthony is determined to win, so he needs a lot of bar codes.

And wouldn't you know it, he actually won! So he's got $50,000 to do whatever he wants with, as well as a full scholarship to Suffolk University.

He's been rubbing it my face for the last week. It's getting really old.

Joke's on him, anyway, because Mum and Dad are holding it in trust until he's old enough to deal with it responsibly.

He's tried his best to get his hands on it now but Mum and Dad are holding firm.

Some of us still have to work to make money, so I've been working part-time at a vacation care centre.

We have our own room at the park but the weather has been so nice lately that we've had the kids outdoors most of the day.

It's only for a couple of hours a day but I love it. I guess it's good experience too. I want to be a teacher but I'm not sure what age group I want to teach yet.

When I'm not at work, I'm usually with Oliver. He's going to college next year to study political science, so we won't be seeing each other at school any more.

I'm actually looking forward to him going away though, in a way. Oliver's going to be sharing a house with his twin brother Sebastian and I'm hoping we can get more time alone then.

As it is now, we can hang out around here until Dad gets home. Then Oliver is ushered out the door. Normally, I complain but I'm hoping to get a car for Christmas so I'm sweet as can be about it at the moment.

Sadly, on Christmas morning, there was no car. I did get a laptop though, which is still pretty awesome! Anthony got one too.

We can use them for fun as well but Mum was sure to remind us that they were mainly for school and then for college. Anthony thought that was a fantastic way to turn a cool present into something really lame.

We don't normally get such expensive gifts for Christmas but Dad decided to make Christmas a huge deal this year. Ryan was too little to realise what was happening last Christmas, so this is his first real experience of it all.

Thomas and Ryan got so many toys this year! Probably enough to add up to the cost of a laptop.

Dad is so totally into this whole grandfather thing. He wasn't always, because he thought he was too young to have grandkids.

But Nick and Sarah are having their third in a couple of months and Dad is just beside himself with excitement. He can't wait.

I'm wondering where they're going to put them all. They might need a new house eventually, I guess.

Dad says Nick's always wanted a big family but he's just hoping they don't move too far from us. He likes that they're only a few streets away right now.

For some reason, Ryan is obsessed with Anthony. Out of everyone at our place on Christmas Day, Anthony was probably the least interested in Thomas and Ryan, so it was kind of funny!

I like being an aunt though. I'm more than happy to lap up as much Thomas and Ryan time as I can, if Anthony's not keen.

I don't know how Anthony can resist though; they're both so cute!

Now that Christmas is over and done with, we've got over a month before we head back to school for our final year. I'm planning on working on some more artwork and just relaxing as much as I can. Next year is going to be a really busy one for me!

I hope no one minds some more Thomas and Ryan spam! They're just so sweet!

It's interesting that when idle, Ryan is the much more smiley kid, when Thomas is more outgoing and playful than his little brother. I'm looking forward to watching these two grow up together.


  • Title is from Wild, Wild Life by Talking Heads.
  • I seriously want to marry that redheaded teen townie in one of these days. She's super-cute and unusual looking, although you can't see her properly in the picture with Anthony. Alas, she's not interested in poor Anthony. ;)
  • Anthony rolled the ROS "Large lottery prize". But seeing he's under 18, he wouldn't have been able to buy a lottery ticket, so I turned it into a competition instead. It's still a bit iffy as to whether a teenager could win such a big cash prize though, so I'm having Caleb and Cara hold it for him until later. ;)
  • Anthony pretty much has it made now, with the $50,000 and the full scholarship (which amounts to 8 EA scholarships). He is only the fourth Sim in Sullivan to earn one, following in the footsteps of his brother Nick. Veronica didn't do too badly either - she earned 6 scholarships.
  • Caleb's catering business (which I played but didn't show) reached Level 5 this session, which gave him the $50,000 business grant. Caleb and Cara have about $80,000 to their names now, not including Anthony's money. It's such a huge difference to how they were living when they first got married.
  • One more update until January birthdays! :D


  1. Who would mind Thomas and Ryan spam! They are too cute!!!
    They seemed to have had a nice Christmas with nice presents!
    I think Veronica would do great as a teacher, and seeing she loves kids so much, maybe elementary school might be her thing!
    Wow, I would have loved to win such an amount at Anthony's age! The lucky boy! He seems to be doing pretty good, appart from the girlfriend that is, but I'm sure that will happen soon as well!
    I'm glad things are working out so good for Caleb and Cara, it sure is a huge difference compared to how they started when they got married!

    Looking forward to those birthdays!!

  2. I agree, Thomas and Ryan are adorable. I am Thomas's biggest fan :) That's amazing that he won that competition and a full scholarship as well. It's rare that my sims get eight scholarships now since I only let them skill when they desire it and I pretty much have banned skill building toys in toddler hood.

  3. Tanja, no cars ;) but I think everyone enjoyed their Christmas anyway.

    The only reason Veronica isn't sure what age group she'll be teaching is because I'm not. I have a huge amount of Sims who want to teach and I don't know where I'm going to put them all! I may have some of the older ones move onto university level but we'll see.

    Hey, I'd love to win $50,000 at my age! Who wouldn't? Caleb and Cara will hold it for him, to make sure it's still there by the time he needs to use it for something sensible.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, it's pretty hard not to fall in love with Thomas. He's like the cutest little thing ever!

    Some people have all the luck, eh? Anthony's very fortunate. As are Caleb and Cara, seeing his scholarship means they won't have to pay a cent for his tuition. And Veronica's will be half the cost.

    I also only let my Sims study when they roll the want (or when they do it autonomously), although I don't ban skill toys for toddlers. Anthony just happened to roll quite a lot of skilling wants, especially as a child. My main concern with slowing down skilling was based on them getting to the top of their careers too quickly but with the Job Stopinator, that's not as much of an issue any more.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I just have to say i love Ryasn to bits he is adorable! They seemed to have a really good christmas and $50000!!! wish i could win that much money. I hope Anthony finds a girlfriend soon.

  5. Oh Anthony cracks me up, he really does adore himself doesn't he. Such a typical teenage boy, thinking he is the centre of the universe.
    Even though they didn't quite get what they wanted for Christmas they seemed to have lovely holidays which is what matters.

  6. Of course I don't mind more Ryan and Thomas pics! They're definately my favourite toddlers in your hood, awwwwww.

    I love how Oliver has to scoot when Veronica's dad comes home, the shot of him watching over them shows that perfectly.

    Also, I like how you made it into a competition instead, way more realistic!

  7. Awww, I don't mind Thomas and Ryan spam. They are beyond cute!:)

    Veronica seems great with kids. I know she'll make a great teacher one day. Honestly though, I think that elementary seems more her style.

    I love the way you changed that ROS around. I wish I could win that much money! It's probably a good thing that Anthony's parents put it away though. At that age, I would of spent it all right away!

    Great update!:)

  8. Anthony is too funny admiring himself in the mirror. He is a cutie so I can see why he's so confident. And wow! $50,000! That's a cool way to spin the lotto ROS. Good thinking and good thinking on Cara and Caleb's part for holding onto it. And congrats to him on getting a full scholarship!

    I really liked the picture of Veronica and Oliver on the couch. Such a teen moment there LOL. I LOLed when I saw her looking at her small Christmas present looking like she's wondering how a car fit in there.

    Do we mind Thomas and Ryan pic spam? Really? I'm over here gushing like they're real children. I loved the snuggle where Thomas is hugging Ryan's head and you can't even see his eyes lmao. Thanks so much for the spam!

    Whew! I didn't realize I had fallen so far behind!

  9. WHAT!!! Are you kidding me!! They are off to college soon!! I seriously still peg them as little teeny boppers, like 13! I can't believe they are going to be on their way in the big world of Sullivan, and exploring their freedom in Suffolk soon! And hmmm... I've always been a little concerned with Veronica, I hope she can use birth control... she seems to be a fast moving girl.

    I guess Caleb is doing something right, or just has those genius genes to have two sons get full-rides! And how great for all that extra money for Anthony, and for Caleb to be doing so well.

    Thomas and Ryan are super adorable, glad we got to see a lot of them in this update. <3 Talking Heads, been listening to them all week with my kids, their music videos are such a fun ride! Things have changed so much in video and entertainment since then.

    Next time, we need pictures of Caleb business, I always like the peeks at the places they work.

  10. Anonymous, I'm glad you like Ryan - I sure do!

    Anthony might find some of the younger girls a little more appealing in a few years. They're just too young for him right now. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Speechless, Anthony is certainly confident, that's for sure. Not even having had the opportunity to so much as touch a girl yet hasn't dented his ego at all!

    The family most definitely did enjoy their Christmas, even without the lack of a car!

    Thanks for reading!

    Driftwood Valley, LOL, I didn't think there'd be too many objections to more Ryan and Thomas!

    I had a very clear picture on my head for that Veronica and Oliver scene and I was so happy it worked out. It doesn't always!

    Thanks for reading!

    coolkat2, Veronica might still end up in primary, depending on what I do with the other teachers. Some might move to the university level and I might make my principals just principals, as opposed to teacher-principals. We'll see!

    Caleb and Cara know their son and they know what he'd spend that money on! Anthony will be grateful the money is still around when he really needs it one day when he's older.

    Thanks for reading!

    Danielle, Anthony is a good looking guy, it's true. He's a nice mix of Caleb and Cara. I'm too excited about his free ride - that's still pretty rare in Sullivan. Only four kids have ever got it.

    I'm glad you liked that pic of Oliver, Veronica and Caleb. They wouldn't face the right way at first and then I just thought "duh, move Caleb!" Then it all fell into place. LOL, I imagine Veronica looking at that present thinking "what is this? Car keys?"

    I love that snuggle picture too! It's only that way because I made Ryan shorter than Thomas but it's so adorable. It's like Thomas hasn't quite figured out the whole hugging thing yet!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, I know, isn't it crazy? Anthony and Veronica are off to college in 2035! Veronica is very neat, like her dad, so she's on BC (though she and Oliver haven't taken that step yet anyway). Without looking, I think Anthony is pretty neat too, so hopefully he won't be knocking anyone up. ;)

    Yes, Caleb didn't even go to college himself but he's produced three really smart kids! He probably would have done well, if he'd decided to go.

    It hadn't occurred to me that Thomas and Ryan would, of course, be at Caleb and Cara's place for Christmas until about 5 minutes before I started doing the pics. Duh. I was excited to have an excuse for Thomas and Ryan spam before February. But there'll probably be more then. ;)

    Caleb and Cara will be empty nesters next time, so there'll be ample opportunity to focus on what they're doing, including Caleb's business.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Thomas and Ryan are so cute, and it's hysterical that Ryan glommed onto Anthony like that. Like when you have a visitor who hates cats and the cat won't leave him alone LOL!

    Wow. Winning $50K for potato chip eating? I can do that!!

    Caleb remains...just one really attractive man. What can I say...

  12. S.B., LOL, I actually thought of that cat thing right after I wrote that part! Cats supposedly do it because the cat hater is likely not to fuss with them too much. I don't know what Ryan's excuse was!

    Junk food companies run these kinds of promotions all the time and they do the 25 words or less thing so it's considered a "game of skill", instead of a "game of chance". I can handle the chip eating part but I'm always too lazy to write anything!

    Caleb is a pretty good looking guy for a grandfather of two (soon to be three), I agree!

    Thanks for reading!

  13. Sorry I'm so late to comment!

    Anthony really loves his own reflection, lol! I bet the boy can't wait to go to college and meet some girls. Hopefully he'll find someone who likes him. And congrats on winning such a huge amount of money! Good thing his parents aren't giving the money to him yet, he'd probably spend it all on something silly.

    I love the picture of Caleb looking at Veronica and Oliver cuddling on the sofa. They're a cute couple but Caleb doesn't seem to think so, lol.

    Ryan and Thomas are so precious! I can't wait for the arrival of baby #3.

  14. Sari, I think meeting girls is about the only reason Anthony is even interested in going to college! Despite his full scholarship, he's hardly the most studious kid around!

    Caleb likes Oliver but he's cautious about his relationship with Veronica. He knows all too well what unsupervised teens can get up to, so he likes to put the fear of God into them, so to speak!

    I'm going to write the birthday post today, so you'll see baby #3 tomorrow!

    Thanks for reading!

  15. Thomas and Ryan are adorable, I have to agree. Who can resist the toddlers though? That was always my favorite stage in TS2.

    And Anthony, lol! What a character. Love the shot of him checking himself out.

  16. Lunar, I really do love the toddlers as well, especially Thomas and Ryan! I'm going to be a little bit sad when I have to age Thomas up at the end of this game year.

    Anthony cracks me up. I would love to know where he gets this ego from. Cara's not like that and Caleb is pretty much the opposite of that but they've somehow raised this overconfident kid, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

  17. This is kind of a milestone for me, as when I first visited Sullivan, this was the latest post. Meaning I took about three weeks to catch up. Onto the actual post!
    The first question I had was how in the world a teenager got $50k, but you explained it well enough. I love that picture of Caleb, Nick and the kids. Forgot to mention it before but you seem to have no luck with Sarah's nose. It's too small, then it's too big.

  18. Fini, not bad, considering this post is still on the first page as I write this!

    I'm almost positive I read a news article once about a kid winning a large amount of money, pretty much the same way Anthony did, not being able to claim it and having his parents claim it for him. So I'm finally satisfied with this ROS.

    Sigh, Sarah's nose! I really should have aged her to adult, done the surgery and then aged back down. I didn't realise her nose would change that much! But I still think this nose is much better than the non-existent one she had before, so I'm not going to complain too much. I'm now at peace with it, lol.

    Thanks for reading!

  19. It's too funny that Anthony only attracts younger girls and that he is adored by little Ryan. :) So much attention from the younger set that he just doesn't want.

    The $50,000 is crazy! I can't imagine being a teen and having that much money...I love your idea of changing the lottery to a contest in this case. :)

  20. Rachel, LOL, true. But I will guess he might be more interested in Louisa's attention in a few years time. After she stops wearing her pigtails, maybe!

    Man, I can't imagine having that much money now! It would be very welcome. Maybe I should enter some contests! Hopefully, Anthony can do something sensible with it once his parents hand it over.

    Thanks for reading!