Thursday, 2 June 2011

Blue jeans

Round 31: September 2033 (Spring)

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Amar Hamilton is 32 and Dominic Lachance and Nathan Collins are both 23.
(Adrienne is 26, Rebecca is 24, Malcolm is 23, Zane, Chloe, Hope, Julia and Leslie are all 22, Audrey and Jack are both 21 and Edward and Lucy are both 18)

Narrated by Dominic Lachance

Nathan has been in the foulest mood lately and he hasn't been the most fun person to live with.

Amar and I have sometimes felt like we've been walking on eggshells around him. When he walks in and he's in one of his moods, it's just best to shut up sometimes.

Hope came over to visit him and she brought Malcolm with her. Apparently, they're back together.

Knowing Hope, she probably brought Malcolm with her specifically to antagonise Nathan. Nathan was pleased when they broke up a couple of years ago, because it meant he didn't have to see Malcolm any more.

Nathan has never liked Malcolm, so he didn't exactly welcome the news of their reunion but he wouldn't have taken it quite so badly if he wasn't already in such a bad mood.

A couple of weeks ago, he broke up with his girlfriend Julia. They'd been together for four years, so it was a pretty big deal.

Julia has always had anger management issues. All the time she and Nathan were dating, Julia would still fume every time she came across Jack, even though it had been years since she caught him with Sophie.

Nathan's never liked that about Julia but until recently, he'd managed to ignore it. When she was with him, she acted pretty normal.

A bit before they broke up though, Nathan ran into Rebecca Kirby and they started hanging out. He liked her during his freshman year but never had the guts to say anything.

Nothing happened between Nathan and Rebecca but Julia just couldn't stand the fact that Nathan was spending time with a woman besides her.

I can understand that but she just approached the situation in the wrong way and flat out accused Nathan of cheating on her.

He denied it but Julia kept on and on about it, insisting he was lying.

Nathan finally had enough and he ended it.

Nathan has been quite sulky since that happened and he's been working even harder than usual to distract himself.

Sometimes that's at home but more often recently, it's been at the law offices where he works part-time. He goes in there to study even on his days off.

Most of the people working there are much older than him, so on his lunch breaks, he ends up talking with the only other guy our age in the whole building, Zane.

Zane doesn't actually work in law. He's a junior executive but the law firm Nathan works for shares a building with a few other offices.

As it turns out, Zane is Amar's younger brother! Zane hasn't lived here in Exeter long, so Amar hadn't ever mentioned him to us by name but they seem like they have a decent relationship. Even though it almost seems like Zane is the older brother sometimes.

Zane is Amar's opposite in just about every way. No one would ever call Amar shy but Zane is quite reserved. He gets so uncomfortable with Amar's stories of his wilder days.

And unlike his older brother, Zane is very active. He hangs out a lot at our complex, because we have a basketball court and his doesn't.

The biggest difference between them is that Amar has been with countless women and Zane has been with the same girl, Chloe, since the first week of college.

Chloe took a shine to Leslie almost immediately and they've become good friends.

They're both scientifically-minded, so they have a ton to talk about.

Leslie's so sweet and people tend to warm to her really quickly.

I know I did, anyway.

I went into this not really sure if I was ready to start dating again after Tessa but I can't imagine not being with Leslie now.

My family all love her as well, which is so important to me and Leslie genuinely enjoys spending time with them too.

I see my family all the time, especially Audrey and Edward, so it's essential that any girl I'm with likes them.

Audrey is taking a little bit of credit for us getting together; she was the one who finally spurred me to go out and start dating again.

I'll let her have that, even though it's not like she introduced us or anything. I'm grateful that Audrey gave me that little push to put myself out there again.

Amar has been with Adrienne for a few years now and that's the longest relationship he's ever been in. They're not walking down the aisle any time soon but even being with just one girl is relatively new for Amar.

Amar is 32 but he's only just now getting around to doing adult stuff, like serious relationships and home ownership. For the last few months, he and Adrienne go out house hunting every Saturday morning.

This week, they finally found a place he likes. Amar made an offer and it was accepted. It's vacant at the moment, so as soon as all the legal stuff is in order, he can move in.

Once Amar leaves, I think we might need a third person to help with the rent and I've been thinking about that third person being Leslie. She's over here so much anyway. We haven't spend a night apart in a long time.

Leslie has a little apartment of her own a couple of blocks away and we do go there sometimes too. But I don't see the point of maintaining separate residences when we're together all the time anyway.

I haven't actually talked to her about it, because I want to run it by Nathan first and see what he thinks. Nathan does like Leslie, so I don't think there'd be any huge problems if she moved in.

But I don't want to make Nathan feel like a third wheel in his own home either, especially not while he's still so down about the whole Julia thing. Maybe by the time Amar moves out, it'll be a better time for Nathan to talk about it.


  • Title is from Blue Jeans by Blur.
  • The Julia/Nathan/Rebecca drama, in case you were wondering, was mostly in the apartment building Julia and Rebecca both live in. That's going to be an awful lot of fun for Rebecca now. She and Susannah live right across the hall from Hope and Julia.
  • The house Amar is buying is one of Maisie's fake rowhouses. It's a really perfect size for him and it's just across the street from where Nathan and Dominic are living. Looking at the job Maisie has done decorating hers though, I really need to get on with sprucing mine up a bit!
  • Leslie is too cute. Everyone Dominic introduces her to, she wants to be friends with them. She's really keen on being accepted into his family. I really love Leslie and Dominic together. I took pics of just about everything they did, from multiple angles.
  • I didn't say much about Zane, seeing this was from Dominic's perspective but he and Nathan made friends so fast! I'm still not sure how it happened. Zane and Chloe are living together next door to Rob and Patience and there's a tiny bit of info about them on my Playable NPCs page. They lived in the same dorm as Jack and Audrey and fell in love on their own, culminating in a woohoo session on the couch (so, "reserved" my ass, in other words!) I decided to make them playable NPCs and only then did I discover that Zane kind of bore a resemblance to Amar, so I decided to make them brothers. I think I may have told you all that before but I'm not sure. Anyway, if I did and you missed it, now you know. :)


  1. Everyone is growing up. I love Dominic and Leslie together, I don't know about them moving in with Nathan, he's a bit of a sourpuss at the moment. Was Nathan and Julia all gameplay or were you just tired of her? Is she doomed to stalk the guys of Sullivan forever?

    Question, did you ever do a tour/post a link about Dominic/Nathan/Amar's apartment. Everytime I see it, I love it and have been anaylzing the photos for clues about the layout :P

  2. Apple Valley, well, Dominic's not quite sure yet either! He got a promotion right at the end of the session, so they may be able to afford it on their own anyway.

    Nathan and Julia...well, I never intended to keep them together but it was pretty clear that Nathan was done with her anyway. He never rolled wants for her unless she was around and otherwise, he didn't really care. As to whether Julia will stalk any other Sullivan guys, we'll have to see! I have no idea how she's taking this break-up but I'm a bit worried for Nathan. ;)

    No, I've never done a tour about this apartment building. I didn't build it and the decorating I've done isn't really special enough for me to bother! I'll see if I can remember to take some layout pics next time I get in game and I'll post them up for you. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Wow lot of mixed feelings there, but I suppose not everyone can like everyone. They have all really grown up and starting to find their place in the life...slowly, and bit wobbly but nevertheless.

  4. It's nice to see everyone maturing, especially Amar lol. I still love him and Adrienne together and hope they stay together. Oh, Julia, the green eyed monster got a hold of her huh? Nathan will be fine, he just needs time. And I love Leslie, she's so sweet!

  5. Speechless, true, but at least with Malcolm, Nathan may just have to get used to him. I think he might be sticking around!

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzing03, when I sent Amar down to his business, someone tried to flirt with him and he rejected her! LOL, so I think he's turning over a new leaf, which is interesting!

    I don't think the green-eyed monster ever let go of Julia from the first time. I do kind of feel sorry for the girl though. I'd like to find her someone to stick with for good. Maybe she'd calm down!

    Thanks for reading!

  6. I love reading your updates because your pictures are gorgeous and I love the way you write. Fangirl much?

    Anyway, I really hope Nathan calms down but you can also understand why he is that way. After being accused of cheating I'd be pretty grumpy too! Maybe it will just take some time to get used to Malcolm.

    I love the shots of Leslie and Dominic, they look so in love. How cute that she's trying so hard to be accepted! Not that his family need much convincing.

  7. Julia is just out of control. Way to drive a guy screaming in the other direction! I understand that what happened kind of permanently bent her jealous meter so it points to red all the time, but wow.

    Nathan and Malcolm. Maybe they never will get along. It's been quite a while.

    I love Leslie and Dominic together! They look happy, in love, as if they're eying each other all the time, the kind of wonderful couple who can't keep their hands off each other!

  8. It sounds like Julia might end up becoming a spinster really fast if she doesn't get herself under control. I get that she's worried of the same situation happening again but she's looking for trouble that isn't there.

    Leslie! She's adorable. It's great to see Dominic feel this way after losing Tessa. I personally think they'd be make very cute babies together. Just saying. ;)

  9. Driftwood Valley, that's lovely of you to say - thank you!

    True, Nathan is a grump but he's not a cheater. He was with Julia for four years and he was faithful to her, so the accusation was hurtful to him. As for Malcolm, Nathan has had six years (I think) to get used to him, as well as three years sharing a room with the guy! Maybe we can hope for civility - probably not friendship.

    No, Dominic's family liked Leslie straight away, you're right. They didn't take much convincing.

    Thanks for reading!

    S.B., that's exactly what Julia has done. :\ Hopefully, she might take this as a lesson learned.

    It's been a long time for Nathan and Malcolm, so they're probably not destined for friendship, no. He may need to get used to the guy though, because I think Malcolm's planning on sticking around!

    I really adore Leslie and Dominic as well. He's so completely infatuated with her and it's been a long time since he felt that way about anyone.

    Thanks for reading!

    Choco, poor Julia, yeah, that's definitely a danger for her. As I said above, hopefully she'll learn her lesson this time.

    Dominic really couldn't have imagined falling in love again after Tessa, so meeting Leslie was a huge surprise for him. And LOL, Dominic is already thinking about babies too!

    Thanks for reading!

  10. I'm so happy Hope and Malcolm are back together, even though Nathan isn't so happy about it. Bt I think they look good together, they always made a nice couple!
    I like Leslie a lot! I can't wait for her to become a regular playable. And I'm sure her and Dominic's kids will so pretty!!
    I wonder what's going on with Nathan, he doesn't look that happy.
    Julia always was a little bit strange, I think it was only a matter of time before she snapped again. I wonder if she will be able to find some one who can see through it all.
    I hope this didn't give her someone new to stalk!
    I'm glad Amar and Zane get along as good as they did.

  11. Tanja, Nathan's definitely not happy about Hope and Malcolm but he's not the one who has to date him, so he doesn't get a say. ;) I always liked Hope and Malcolm together too.

    Nathan isn't having a great time right now, what with Malcolm back in the picture and breaking up with Julia. He's on the grumpy side already but it's amplified at the moment. Hopefully, something will make him happy next time I play him. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Aw, I like how "life goes on", with break up and (more or less) new couples. It's nice to see Hope with Malcom, even if it creates fights with Nathan!
    I love how Chloe and Leslie are so enthusiast when they're talking together! They sure seem to have a lot to share!
    Good for Adrienne that she'll finally get a house with Amar!

  13. Poor Julia! I'm disappointed for her to be dumped, she looked cute in her new hair style. haha, isn't that reason enough to keep dating? Besides without Julia, now all he has to focus on is Hope and Malcolm, and that's gotta be depressing for him. Poor crazy-certifiable Julia... *sigh*

    At least Amar and Malcolm are doing well, I'm super honored that Amar is going to live in one of my houses!! That is like way cool, for reals. :D

    And I am happy that Dominic is doing well, this update makes me warm to Leslie a little more.

  14. Sandy, I've had three couples break up already this round! I guess everyone else better watch out, lol. But I like playing with the singles who come from those break-ups and with the new couples who will eventually form.

    I think I like Hope and Malcolm together more now than I did when they were younger. It feels like they've really chosen it this time and I always enjoy that.

    My poor playable NPCs (like Chloe and Leslie) sometimes get a bit lonely, because I don't pay as much attention to them as I do to my playables. So I was happy to see Leslie and Chloe hit it off.

    Thanks for reading!

    Julia, LOL, that is all true about Julia! Maybe her new cut will help her attract another cute guy. ;)

    I'll have to do a lot tour of Amar's house when I finish decorating it. I haven't even started it yet but I'm excited for him to have somewhere of his own.

    Leslie scored some points with you, did she? She's fitting in very well with Dominic's family and friends, so he's happy. If she had have gone over like Connor did, when Audrey introduced him to the family, I don't think they'd be doing nearly so well.

    Thanks for reading!

  15. heheh you called me Julia. think I'm a little crazy eh? :p Definitely do a lot tour! I'm excited to see it!

  16. Maisie, d'oh! That's what I get for replying to comments the second I wake up in the morning!

    I'm going to see if I can get Amar's house done this week, so hopefully a lot tour soon. We'll see!

    Thanks again!

  17. At first I wondered why Nathan was acting like such a jerk but it all made sense a couple of pictures later. Too bad they broke up but I think he definitely did the right thing. Hopefully she won't go mental again.

    It's great to see Dominic so happy. Leslie seems like a really sweet girl and it's nice that she gets along with his family so well.

  18. Dominic and Leslie are OMG CUTE. I loved the pictures of them laying together in bed. Adorable! Especially the smile you managed to get on him as he's looking at her.

    Also, is that a robot light in the boy's house? Haha, that's cool! I want one for TS3! I'd use it in my self sim's house.

  19. Sari, yeah, Nathan is pretty steamed about the break-up at the moment but it was something that had to happen. Hope and Julia's update is not too far away, so we'll get to see how she's dealing soon.

    I love watching Dominic and Leslie together - they're super-sweet. I'm glad I found a nice girl for him. And Leslie's probably happy to finally be married in. She was a socialite townie and has been around for a long time!

    Thanks for reading!

    Lunar, oh my gosh, I took pictures of Dominic and Leslie on that bed from so many different angles! I liked all the pics so much and it was hard to narrow it down. They're such sweethearts. And Dominic actually did that smile on his own, if I remember correctly. I love it when they do that!

    And yes, that's a robot light! This house needs a makeover so badly but I don't think I could part with the robot light. I think that might remain a constant!

    Thanks for reading!

  20. Wow! Psycho Julia rears her ugly head again! (For a second I thought she was her sister because of the short hair cut). That green-eyed monster is a quick relationship killer. I feel a little bad for Julia, though. That one tainted relationship takes a while to get out of your system and sometimes you end up hurting people that mean a lot to you, as Julia found out. On a funny note, that would be kind of hilarious if Julia tormented the sims of Sullivan for the rest of her days! She's a young Crumplebottom! Hmm, but I wonder if Nathan and Rebecca will eventually hook up now. They both seem like no-nonsense kind of sims.

    I liked the appearance of Zane! That pic of Nathan eating lunch with him was so true to life with the little sandwich boxes. Leslie is just the sweetest thing, isn't she? I really like her and Dominic together. I'm so happy he's happy. And that's awesome that Amar's "growing up". I wonder if/when Adrienne will move in... thanks for the link to those brownstones! Can never have too many of those :).

  21. Danielle, you can tell the difference between Julia and Lucy easily, because Julia acts crazy and Lucy doesn't. ;) Oh, and Lucy also has lighter hair!

    Julia really did make a mistake dealing with the Rebecca situation the way she did. Nathan just was definitely offended at being accused of something he never did. He takes his relationships pretty seriously. As for Nathan and Rebecca, gosh, wouldn't that get under Julia's skin? I'm in the middle of playing Rebecca and Susannah right now, so you won't need to wait too long to find out whether anything is going on with them.

    I love those hamburger boxes! It was the first time I'd used them. Nathan and Zane became friends so fast. I couldn't believe it. Maybe it was the burgers!

    Leslie is super-adorable and Dominic is so enchanted with her. No one is more surprised than him that he's found someone again. I love watching them together.

    Still thinking on Amar and Adrienne but you'll find out soon enough, I'm sure. So far, she's still with Malcolm though.

    Thanks for reading!

  22. I'm beginning my epic catch-up effort with the Sullivan Sims!

    Julia really wrecked her own relationship there! She holds onto some major grudges, so Rebecca and Nathan are going to have their trash bins kicked over and gnomes stolen for a long time to come, LOL.

    Zane is interesting, especially in contrast to Amar! It's nice that Amar will have some family in the Sullivan universe.

    Dominic and Leslie are really too cute--unless something drastic happens, I see a beautiful wedding in their future. :)

  23. Rachel, heh, a lot has happened while you've been so busy! I hope you enjoy your catch-up. :)

    Julia did sabotage her relationship with Nathan, however unintentionally. Poor Rebecca, living right across the hall from Julia as well!

    I first considered the idea of family for some of my ex-townies when I saw what Laura did with Fenton and Drew. But I never had any Sims look enough alike until Zane came along. I'm glad Amar has that little bit of extra background now.

    We'll have to wait and see about a wedding for Dominic and Leslie. I'd love to do one though!

    Thanks for reading!