Wednesday, 18 August 2010

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2028

It's summer time and there are 3 birthdays being celebrated in the Nott household. First up is Gabriel's first birthday!

Gabriel definitely has his mother Lia's eyes and his dad Gordon's nose (no toddler picture of Gordon).

Next is Gabriel's older sister Annabel, who is turning four.

Annabel will be starting pre-school this year, alongside twin sister Georgina.

Playable NPC Oliver Gentry will start high school this year. He's already looking forward to the time when he's old enough to get a job. Currently, Oliver thinks he might like to work in intelligence when he grows up.

Twin brother Sebastian is also 12 this summer. He's more interested in girls than working but one day, he'd like to be rich.

Dominic Lachance is celebrating his 18th birthday this year. He's decided to skip college and move straight into the work force. He has a job in a local garage and is living with his uncle Jacob and his roommate Amar.

Susannah Carmody is out of the house and getting settled in her dorm room (in the recently rebuilt Novak Hall) at Suffolk University. She's undecided on a major but she's got a couple of years before she has to decide that for sure.

Susannah's ex-boyfriend Malcolm Novak is joining her in the dorms. Malcolm wants to go to med school immediately following college, so he's already chosen to major in biology.

Nathan Collins has been assigned as Malcolm's roommate, which should make Nathan's dad happy. What better way to keep an eye on Hope's boyfriend than to have his son there watching his every move? Nathan plans to attend law school after graduation and will be majoring in political science.

Just as Susannah, Malcolm and Nathan are starting college, Matilda Jacobson is graduating.

Her dad, Claudio, came to see his daughter finish university with a degree in art and a 4.0 GPA.

She won't be living back at home forever but Matilda will be spending this year getting to know her little sister Alice. She's picked up work as an actress in a few commercials and is hoping to be able to move out within the next couple of years.

Ethan Novak is also newly graduated!

His whole family came up to campus to watch Ethan graduate with a 3.6 GPA and a degree in Drama.

Like Matilda, he's also living with his parents temporarily. Ethan has found a job as a patrol officer with the Sullivan police force.


  • I'm a tiny bit bummed that none of Lia's kids got her nose. I guess that's what I get for whining about how neither Troy or Calvin got Kendal's nose. The Kendal/Gordon nose is all over the neighbourhood now!
  • I think I'll finally be able to tell Oliver and Sebastian apart now! I seriously had the worst trouble with those two.
  • Susannah, Nathan and Malcolm are in the new dorm, which some of you saw at N99. For those of you who didn't, there are 5 rooms with double beds upstairs, one of which Susannah is occupying. Malcolm and Nathan are living in one of the 3 rooms downstairs, which all have two single beds (plus a couch for convenient and somewhat private woohooing;) ). You'll see the dorm in action in the next college post. I'm planning to get the new kids settled and then play Adrienne, Rebecca and Tessa at their dorm.
  • Ethan and Matilda will probably end up rooming together at some point. The current plan is to move them both in with Adrienne once she graduates.


  1. Lia and Gordon make some really cute babies. I think with the width of their nose and mouth proportions out their faces.

    Susannah and her freckles... I love them. T

  2. Awww, Gabriel's a cutie for sure! If he takes anything after his older sisters, the Nott's are going to have a pretty good looking family!

    Gosh, the Gentry twins look a lot alike! Except for the eye color, they're almost identical! I'd have to say, that's probably the closest I've ever seen to identical twins in TS2!

    Haha, Dominic, Amar, and Jacob... that should be an interesting mix, especially with Jacob being Dominic's uncle! I can't wait to see that household in action!

    Whoa! Susannah is gorgeous! The guy who gets her is going to be lucky for sure! Lol, I'm sorry Malcolm, but when I saw him I just about jumped out of my seat and then started laughing. I just never imagined him with facial hair, but he looks pretty cool with it, I just wasn't expecting it that's all. Can't wait to see the drama Susannah, Malcolm, and Nathan stir up, because I'm sure there will be some!

    Awww, I hope Matilda a becomes playable soon, because she's one of my favorites!

  3. Thanks for commenting!

    oasisvalley, they do, don't they? I wasn't sure how Lia and Gordon's genes would mix, but they've done pretty well. :)

    And who doesn't love Susannah and her freckles? She's such a cute Sim.

    Tessa, Gabriel needed a little bit of help (he got Lia's mouth, which looks awful on males) but I'm happy with him now. As he gets older, the similarity to Lia should still be apparently, because I didn't change it too much. Just enough so that he looked vaguely human!

    I thought it was just me being dim but yeah, Oliver and Sebastian do look a lot alike! I can tell them apart better now because I have Sporty Gentry and Rock Star Gentry. Sebastian feels like more of a rock star name to me than Oliver and that's how I'm planning to remember which is which!

    I'm playing Dominic, Amar and Jacob really soon, so you won't have to wait too long. I expect Tatiana will be wanting Jacob to keep an eye on her little boy...and keep him away from Amar's bad influence!

    Hah, I'd been planning to give Malcolm facial hair for a long time. His chin is very prominent and besides, I don't have a whole lot of Sim with facial hair thicker than stubble. Nice to mix things up a bit!

    In all likelihood, Matilda will remain playable, because I love her too much. I've got a bit too involved with her, so whether she marries a playable or not, she's probably getting a promotion. ;) I just have to promise myself I won't do that with all my other playable NPCs though, because that's crazy pants!

  4. Looks like the Nott family has two little nature junkies on their hands! I wonder if Annabel and Gabriel will try their hand at bug collecting together?

    Susannah is just stunning. Here's to hoping she finds somebody soon so I can gush over the couple cuteness... and of course, gush over the babies if her family secondary comes out early!

    I really like Nathan and Sebastian too... and Matilda, though it goes without saying. She seems like such an awesome, down-to-earth person. I look forward to seeing much more of her.

    I can't wait to see your new dorm! I haven't tried my hand at building one before, but they seem really complicated. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that yet.

    And... I don't think I could sound more excited even if I tried, lol.

  5. Aww, the Nott kids are so cute! I'm assuming that Gabriel didn't get Lia's mouth? I remember you saying it looks awful on males but little Gabriel looks adorable.

    No wonder you can't tell the Gentry twins apart! Even now they look pretty identical to me. I have the same problem with two sets of twins in my game: Aaron and Ethan Hayes and Connor and Dane Harper. I had to write down on flashnote what color their clothes are so I could tell them apart without checking their profile pictures :)

    All the new uni students look great. Susannah is stunning. I'm mostly waiting to see what happens with Malcolm and Nathan sharing a room.

  6. The Nott kids are so cute! When the girls were toddlers Georgina was my favorite but now it's Annabel.

    All the college kids have grown up a lot! Seeing Malcolm with facial hair surprised me as well, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

    Matilda looks gorgeous! May I ask you where can I find the hairstyle she has right now?

  7. Well, fortunatly Gabriel doesn't have Lia's mougth, that's wath you were afraid of, wasn't it?
    He looks cute, as do Annabel and Georgina.

    Oh boy those Gentry boys, don't they look handsome!
    Dominic and Susannah are still the beautifull sims they always were.
    Ah well what am I saying, all your sims look amazing!!

    Congratulations to Mathilda and Ethan.

  8. Wow! That's a lot of growing up going on! I laughed at the comment of Nathan's dad wanting him there to spy on his sisters boyfriend! Looks like college may be quite eventful? Can't wait to see the new dorm in action!

  9. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    Renegade, probably! Gordon is Nature too, so I'm sure he'll be encouraging that!

    Susannah is one that I'm not sure about yet. I'm looking forward to seeing who catches her eye as well.

    I didn't build the dorm, exactly. It's a major remodel of Apple Plaza, by Babbelsim. If I can avoid building, I do!

    Sari, no, he did, actually! And it did look awful but I fixed that up. As he gets older, I think it'll be more apparent that he doesn't have Gordon's mouth. I did the surgery on him as an adult, so I'd know what he was going to look like.

    Heh, my Aaron and Ethan are identical too, though they're not twins, just clones! I've still convinced myself that Aaron is the hotter one though!

    Well, Nathan and Malcolm have already had one argument and they were in the room for all of 10 seconds. Nathan doesn't like him at all. I thought they might have become friends naturally, just from going to school together all these years but nope!

    Flit, I love the Notts too. I don't have a favourite yet. ;) I'm sure I will eventually!

    Matilda's hair is here:

    It's the same hair Laura at Lakeside Heights uses for Amelia but it has a pretty big hole in the side behind the ear. She photoshops it out but I may end up changing the hair if it gets too noticeable. I'm not talented enough to photoshop it!

    Tanja, yeah, except he does! See my reply to Sari.

    Thanks! I think all my Sims are pretty cute too, but it's nice to know others agree!

    gallowaytownship, oh, I've had larger birthday posts in the past but summer birthdays are always my favourites. When I know they're coming up, I always get anxious to keep playing so I can get to them. :)

    College is usually eventful. This year will be no different, I promise!

  10. Wow, Dominic, Ethan, and Matilda all grew up very nicely! Really gorgeous! Not that they weren't cute before, lol!

    And I can't wait to see what the new kids in college get up to!

    Oh yes, that hole in the head, lol! I can't believe nobody's felt inclined to fix that by now! I know I wouldn't have the slightest idea how, but if I did, I would! Because that hairstyle is SO cute otherwise!

  11. Laura, thanks, those three are probably my favourite age-ups too!

    Not too long for the college kids. I'm not sure if you're caught up yet but I put up the second last post of summer yesterday and seeing there won't be any birthdays this autumn, I'll go straight into the college kids after this post I'm supposed to write today. :)

    Oh, you and me both! I wonder how hard it would be but I have no idea about anything to do with meshing. Megan's hairstyle is gappy too - I've got to shoot around that sometimes as well.

  12. Such a cute baby and a boy like i thought it would be :)

  13. Speechless, LOL, good guess! I was definitely hoping for a boy, so I was glad when Lia popped out Gabriel!

  14. The Nott kids all turned out very cute. I can't wait to see the girls when they're older, Gabriel too. They look so cute right now and I know they'll be stunning later. It's nice to have some different looks/genes for future generations. I was "cheating" the other night and started playing with some of my current couples in CAS to see what their babies would look like. Some of them I'm *so* excited for and can't wait for them to start popping them out. Others, not so much, but none were too, too scary. Nothing a little of surgery couldn't fix.

    I already mentioned how much I love Susannah with her hair down. I've always loved her eyes. She reminds me of my Michael Reid's girlfriend, Celeste. It's that blonde hair, green (?) eyes and freckles. The college kids should be an interesting bunch. And love Ethan, Dominic and Matilda. I hope she becomes a playable because I love seeing her.

  15. Danielle, I'm pretty sure Annabel is just going to look like Kendal, because she seriously looks exactly like Gordon, except for maybe the eyes. Georgina's the one to watch, because she's more of a mix.

    I never think to do that with my couples! Oooh...project for tonight! I don't have time to play for real.

    I love Susannah. I'm big on unusual combinations of features and people usually pair green eyes with red hair, so Susannah's a bit different that way. She's such a sweet girl too, so I like playing her.

    Matilda will likely become a playable. I've become so attached to her! She'll be living with Ethan and Adrienne, once Adrienne comes back to Sullivan.