Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mina Lachance, 1950-2028

by Gordon Nott, Summer 2028

Mina Lachance, resident of Exeter, died yesterday at Lukas Novak Memorial, due to natural causes. At her bedside were her son Jonas, her daughter Abigail and her eldest grandson Nick. She was 78 years old.

Mina Lachance, née Collins, was born in 1950 to natural scientist Anton and police officer Steffi Collins. She joined her two older sisters, Petra and Nathalie, from her mother's first marriage.

As a child, Mina was always interested in tinkering, a hobby that she kept up with all her life.

Mina's mother was older when she was born and Steffi unfortunately did not live to see her daughter graduate from high school.

A few years after Steffi's death, Mina's father met Maria Davison and married her during Mina's first year of college. Their marriage produced Emil, Mina's only brother.

Initially close, Mina and Maria had a falling out many years later and their relationship never quite recovered.

While at Suffolk University, Mina earned a degree in Literature and also met her future husband, Pascal.

Mina and Pascal eloped to Three Lakes shortly after her graduation and set up a home for themselves in Exeter.

Mina and Pascal had two children: a son Jonas, in 1978 and a daughter Abigail, in 1983.

Until her death, Mina lived with Abigail, her husband Jesse and her grandchildren, Mitchell, Austin and Lauren.

Mina leaves behind her brother Emil, her son Jonas, her daughter Abigail and her 8 grandchildren Dominic, Audrey, Edward, Brendan, Nick, Mitchell, Austin and Lauren.

  • I meant to put this in the Carmody update yesterday but I got sleepy so I left it. From now on, I'll probably include a little obit at the end of an update where a death takes place, rather than as a separate update.


  1. Nice idea with an obituary. It really gives the character the respect she deserves.

  2. RIP Mina! I'm sure you will be missed!

  3. She led such an interesting life. I really like that you includethese obits. It shares history that I may have forgotten and gives a nice closure.

  4. I forget half this stuff myself sometimes! It's a nice refresher for me too. :)