Friday, 28 October 2011

Hold my life

Round 32: October 2035 (Spring)
Narrated by Adrienne Novak

It's just me and Malcolm in the house now and I have to admit that he's really not so bad.

We both have Mondays off and seeing everybody else is at work, there's not much else to do during the day except hang out with each other.

Well, I don't, anyway. Malcolm is in his final year of med school, so he generally has plenty to do. And he hates it when I hang around while he studies too.

It's hard to believe my little brother is so close to being a doctor.

It seems far too adult a position for someone I caught jumping on the couch the other day.

Despite his questionable maturity, Malcolm has somehow managed to keep this thing going with Hope for two years now.

Hope is a little more relaxed this time around. Malcolm always said she was kind of high maintenance.

Even so, I think Malcolm has stepped up his game a bit. Hope was reluctant to take him back at first, so he had to.

Hope has ideas about getting married just as soon as Malcolm finishes med school. She hasn't actually said anything to Malcolm about it but she asked me if Malcolm had mentioned engagement to me.

My brother and I are getting along better than we ever have these days but I'm quite sure I'm still the last person he'd talk to about anything like that.

It feels like everyone is getting married or thinking about it these days. My best friend Matilda got married last year and she and Miles are still very much in the newlywed phase.

He's still doing all that romantic stuff like surprising her with flowers when he visits her on set.

She doesn't gush so much any more but they're definitely still very happy.

Despite the fact that I've never considered myself the celebrity worshipping type, I really love hanging out on the set with Matilda. Normally, you can't just stroll into the make-up trailer but when I'm with Matilda, no one blinks an eye.

They don't like to upset the talent, I guess. It's surreal to think of Matilda that way, even though she's starred in quite a few movies now.

I don't care how famous she gets; I'll always remember her as my best friend since grade 7, with the unrequited crush on my cousin.

Matilda hasn't changed at all since her career took off, so it's been easy for us to continue as normal. I miss having her living here but I still see her a lot. She'll come over and we'll hang out talking on the couch, just like old times.

Lately, the main topic of conversation is Amar and when we're going to "settle down".

I think once people get married, this must be what they do with their single friends. Try to get everybody else to get married too.

I should have expected it from Matilda. She's a total romantic at heart.

Somewhere along the line, this thing between Amar and I turned out to be pretty serious. Out of the people I've met since I gave Sylvia up for adoption, he's the only one who knows about her.

He was full of questions when I told him, which irritated me but I had to tell him. It felt wrong that he didn't know. I trust him.

Marriage though? It's not something we've discussed at all.

Sometimes, the thought terrifies me. I can see myself with Amar for the foreseeable future but some days, that big step seems just a little too scary.

Other times, it doesn't feel like a big deal at all and more like the next natural step in our relationship.

I have no idea what Amar thinks about marriage. The other night, he told me his brother Zane just proposed to his girlfriend Chloe.

Matilda thought he was testing the waters, to see how I'd react but I don't know. It's his brother. Why wouldn't he tell me about that?

Besides Amar is more direct than that. If he wanted to know what I thought, he'd just ask me.

Regardless, it's not the kind of thing I'm going to be up all night worrying about. If we ever decide to get married, then great. If not, then that's fine too. I'd be just as happy if we didn't get married.

I do think I'd like us to move in together though. Amar's place makes the most sense.

It's quite small but I like it a lot. It would be just the two of us, so we don't need a ton of space anyway.

We spend a lot of time there already. Amar lives alone, so we have infinitely more privacy at his place.

I already have some of my things over here, just because I so often spend the night and it just makes it a little easier.

Amar is totally fine with that but I hope he's just as agreeable to making this a more permanent arrangement.

  • Title is from Hold My Life by The Replacements.
  • I think Malcolm might be my only Fortune/Pleasure Sim but it's such a weird combination. Half the time, he just wants to study for promotions (and sorry but you've been promoted as far as possible until you finish med school, buddy) and the rest of the time, he wants to jump on the couch and juggle the cups from the espresso machine in the kitchen. Hope's secondary is also Pleasure, so they're well-matched in that respect.
  • So that's a tiny sneak peek of the first part of my film studio lot. It will probably be called Okapi Studios, as I was thinking of Fox Studios here in Sydney and decided to name it after a different animal. I didn't like it much until I actually took some Sims down there. It's the kind of lot that's a bit boring unless it's bustling. I should have a lot tour up soon.
  • It's probably going to be advantageous for Amar if he lets Adrienne move in. He's in a little bit of debt and Adrienne has a seriously nice bank account going! I think they would have ended up moving in together anyway but I can see them making it a financial decision (being both Romance/Fortune Sims).
  • This session, I noticed there's an issue with Amar's house. I haven't actually played him there properly yet, so I never noticed it before. When he tries to make a meal, I get a pop-up that the fridge is empty. He has no option to have any groceries delivered, by computer or phone. Even buying a new fridge didn't work. Adrienne and Malcolm can cook just fine, so I'm assuming it's not a hack issue. Gah. I really love how I have his house decorated, so I guess I'll use the Stay Things shrub and move him out and back in and hope that fixes it? Fingers crossed.


  1. Ooo, I hope the issue is fixed with the fridge. I can't believe that Adrienne is entertaining moving in with Amar. That's a HUGE step for her, it's up there with marriage!

  2. Okapi? I have never seen one, I have only read about it in the novel The Poison Wood Bible. I am just so very curious, why would you pick okapi instead of animals native to Australia?

  3. Apple Valley, I hope so too. I haven't gone in to check it yet. Very annoying and it makes the house unplayable for the time being. I'll redownload and redecorate if I have to but I'd rather not.

    Moving in is definitely a huge step for both Adrienne and Amar but neither has rolled a romantic want for anyone but each other for a long, long time. So it seems like they only want to be with each other. We'll see how they go during Amar's update.

    Thanks for reading!

    lepifera, no, I've only seen pictures of okapis. I just think they're cute and I like the sound of the name. Sullivan is not in Australia, or any real place, so I don't feel any obligation to use the names of animals from a particular region.

  4. I don't know if I've said this, but I really like Amar and Adrienne together. I don't know how their easy going attitudes would be received with other people :). I think it's sweet that they only have eyes for one another right now. I don't think Malcolm's all that weird. He's dilligent enough to stay on top of his priorities, but still goofy enough to think jumping on the couch is fun. He's the best of both worlds :)

  5. Mizzgin03, I like them together too and I think they were lucky they ended up with each other and not someone who was not so relaxed about commitment. Like their most recent exes, for example. Nick and Adrienne didn't date long but he was engaged within a few years of breaking up with her. And no way was Claudia going to hang around until her mid-30s waiting to have babies!

    I actually don't think Malcolm is all that weird too. I think a lot of people could do with hanging onto some of those childish behaviours. My personal favourite is spinning around of swivel chairs, yet I still manage to be gainfully employed. ;) And educating other people's children, no less!

    Thanks for reading!

  6. *lol* @ future doctor Malcolm jumping on couches! That's cute!!

    Adrienne and Amar are cute together. Go for a drawer, Adrienne!!! Yeah! Next step, moving in. :D

    aww, I love those Sullivan nights? I'm always a bit disappointed when I see it's the last post!

    (Oh my, I've just checked my first comment to see how much time I've spent with your Sims, and you are answering already!!! My! It takes me two weeks to answer my comments... *blushing of shame*
    So, I'm not leaving immediately, I'll have now to read your answers! ;))

  7. (I didn't mean a "?" after "I love Sullivan Nights", stupid keyboard!!), it was an affirmation!)

  8. I can understand where Adrienne is coming from. I feel like it's still too early and everyone around me is getting engaged and/or married and/or having babies. Sometimes moves way too fast. I hope that Adrienne doesn't feel pressured later on down the line.

  9. Sandy, ha, I would say Adrienne probably has her own drawer at Amar's already, as well as maybe a little place cleared for her things in his bathroom cabinet. Maybe she could just slowly keep moving more and more of her stuff over and she'll be living there before Amar even realises what's going on! ;)

    I try to get to my comments at least once a day and you just happened to still be reading when I got up this morning! I got hungry though, so I'm only just now getting back to respond to the rest of the comments. I didn't get to all of yours, or some of the other comments I've received today. :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Choco, Adrienne is fortunate in that there is absolutely no one in her life (except maybe Matilda, and she's really mostly teasing!) who would pressure her into marriage. Even her parents are pretty laid-back about that kind of thing.

    Babies will probably be taken out of her hands though, as neither she or Amar are neat enough to use BC. I keep expecting her to get knocked up but she's doing okay so far, so maybe they will get to wait until they're ready? We'll see.

    Thanks for reading!

  10. She may just be fortunate like Maia and get to plan her family. I really do like these two together, and I hope you can get the fridge figured out. I've never had issues with these particular houses. I did with Palomas house, and it turned out to be the fridge, cause maxis one worked. Hopefully it's something easily solvable for you.

    I can't wait til Malcolm is finished and is finally practicing medicine fully. He's really come far, and I really adore him with Hope this time around. I'd say he lucked out to have her. I also think we need to hear more from her, seems like it's been a while. She will make a great doctors wife when/if that time comes.

  11. I didn't know those two were living together, especially since both were very clear that the other drove them up the wall.

    Adrienne and Amar just work. I don't see them getting married though. Too much of a commitment for a Romance sim, I guess, but they're pretty steady anyway.

    About your problem, I wouldn't be so sure it'm not a hack. I had one hack that just messed up one house. Every other house was fine. My leftovers kept disappearing in that house. I hope for your sake it's not a hack, but I wouldn't count it out.

  12. I loved seeing yout film studio in action! It really looks great, and I can't wait to see more of it!

    Lol @ Malcolm still jumping on couches but becomming a doctor in a year :)

    I love Adrienne and Amar together, they seem to be a perfect match. I'm so glad she's considering moving in with him, I for one would love to see that happen!

    I hope you get Amar's fridge-problem fixed!

  13. Maisie, I'm thinking that might end up being the case with Adrienne. She already got pregnant in the worst case scenario in college, so hopefully, the fates will be kind to her from now on.

    I seem to remember having the fridge issue with another family at one point but I have zero idea how I fixed it, or if I did. I wonder if I blogged about it at all.

    Malcolm and Hope are a better couple this time around, so I guess they've both learnt lessons from the first time they were together. I like them a lot as well. Last time we heard from Hope was probably around January 2034. It's been a while and you're right, she showed up incidentally in way more updates last round that she has this round. I think her update is coming up in May, so quite a while yet. We'll get to her though!

    Thanks for reading!

    Fini, I think Adrienne and Malcolm have finally reached the point where they can at least always tolerate the other, so it was easier to stay in the same house together than to find new roommates.

    Most of my Romance Sims still end up getting married, so don't count that against Adrienne and Amar. ;) They do tend to be older than most of my Sims are when they finally tie the knot though - mid 30s, very often. We'll see what happens with these two.

    And oh no, don't say that! LOL, I really don't feel like looking around for a hack problem! I'm going to just cross my fingers and hope the moving out fixes it.

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, thanks, there's a tour up now, which I see you've already found. ;)

    Malcolm has struck a healthy balance between being a responsible adult and still having fun. Jumping on the couch is apparently part of that. ;)

    Adrienne and Amar have become quite a good match. Neither of them were looking for anything serious when they first met but it's turned out that way anyway. More on them in Amar's update, which will be the last one of the year.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Aww no! Glitched lots aren't fun.

    I wonder how Amar will feel about moving in with Adrienne...

  15. Rachel, no, they're not. I've been too demotivated to go and try to fix it so far but maybe after I get done with Sam and Susannah today. Fingers crossed!

    Amar is much more mature now than he was 10 years ago, so he might be more amenable to moving in with Adrienne than he might have been then. Still doesn't mean he'll be all over the idea though, so we'll see what happens when I get to him!

    Thanks for reading!

  16. That must be pretty cool having a movie star as your best friend. And I liked seeing the studio in action. Miles is such a sweetheart.

    It's good to see that Adrienne and Malcolm are getting along better now. And it is kind of crazy that Malcolm will officially be a doctor soon. Hope better not pressure Malcolm into marriage or I could see history repeating itself. And I agree about the childish behavior. I sometimes take a running start and jump onto my bed :D lol!

    And I'm glad that Adrienne and Amar's relationship is still holding strong. That is a huge step telling him about Sylvia. But at least he didn't run for the hills. I wonder when these 2 will get married. It is nice to have some couples who wait longer to get married. But I'd love to see what dress you pick out for Adrienne :P.

    I'm not sure if you fixed Amar yet but all you'll have to do is delete him with Insim or something and then restore him and he'll be fixed. I had a weird probably like that with Alicia in her and Kyle's apartment. She couldn't clean up dishes or something like that. Once I deleted and restored her, she was fine. Since Amar lives alone, you'll probably have to temporarily move someone in first.

    /end epic comment

  17. Danielle, yeah, I don't think I'd mind my best friend being a movie star! It seems like you could get some of the perks and none of the hassle, lol! And I love Miles...I'm regretting scheduling them so far away in the round!

    LOL at you and your bed! I just updated all my profiles last night and I was a little bit proud updating Malcolm's education info! He's officially a doctor soon. As for Hope, I think they've both learnt some lessons since they broke up and got back together. That might make her a little more careful about putting too much pressure on Malcolm!

    Heh, if Amar and Adrienne get married, I know exactly what dress I would use for her! I may be a little bit too attached to the idea. I couldn't see Adrienne not telling Amar about Sylvia. She doesn't really see her any more but it's a big secret to keep and they've known each other for 7 or 8 years at this point and have been serious for at least a few of those years.

    And thanks for the tip on the fridge! I ended up leaving it and it was fixed the next time I went in the house. But if it ever happens in the middle of a play session, I'll know what to do!

    Thanks for reading!