Thursday, 13 July 2017

You say it's your birthday, October 2044

Round 36: October 2044 (Spring)

It’s Kirstin Sitko’s 60th birthday and husband David is taking her out to The Claudette to celebrate.

Unfortunately, while they do get some champagne, their meals never arrive.

Birthday or not, Kirstin is insistent on giving the owner, Sophie Gentry a piece of her mind. 

Sophie is also David’s niece and he’s feeling a little protective of her, so he goes to smooth things over. She’s very embarrassed and apologetic. Kirstin and David’s waiter is new and there have been some issues with him.

Happily, Kirstin gets over the whole thing pretty quickly!


Lucky it wasn’t Kirstin’s daughter Lila at The Claudette that night. She’s just hit 24 weeks and feels like she’s starving constantly. 

Her hunger pangs have even woken her up in the middle of the night sometimes. 

She’s put her husband Connor to work, to make sure she has something to eat a little healthier than potato chips in the future!

She’d do it herself but…well, she doesn’t feel like doing much of anything these days!

Both Connor and Lila are very much looking forward to meeting Baby Novak, who is due in February.

Lucy has been having contractions all day and they’re finally strong enough and frequent enough to come into the hospital, with husband Edward in tow.

Lucy is quite uncomfortable and in more pain than she’s ever felt in her life but Dr Moretti assures her that she’s doing very well.

And the babies are definitely ready now!

Lucy and Edward are now proud parents to a son and a daughter! 

Colin Garrett shares the brown eyes of both his parents and has thick brown hair like his mother.

Gwendolen Charlotte, to be known as Gwen, also has brown eyes but has her daddy’s black hair.

Other birthdays this month:
Matias Miguel turns 3
Alex Moretti turns 5
Michael Gottlieb turns 13
Gisele Couderc turns 19
Georgina and Annabel Nott turn 20
Adelaide Sitko turns 26
Patience Ashton turns 42
Amar Hamilton turns 43
Wade Gottlieb turns 54
Madelyn Novak turns 64

October wedding anniversaries:
Lila and Connor Novak - 1 year
Steve and Olivia Nihill - 18 years
Trent and Megan Kirby - 48 years

  • I don't know what was going on with the Claudette! The waiter actually dumped the first plate of food on David's head (an interaction which I almost never fail to miss). Then he went back to get more food, presented it to them...and then there was nothing on the table. So I don't know. I'm pretty sure I've had sims dine successfully here before, so hopefully it was just a one-off.
  • Last month, we had the sim world's healthiest pregnant woman with Hope. This month, we have Lila, who is constantly hungry and tired. Thank goodness this is the last trimester!
  • I should have put money on Edward and Lucy having a boy or a girl - my most common twin types by far! But I wasn't super keen on my second choice boy or girl names, so I'm quite content they had a boy and a girl. :) 


  1. Boy/Girl twins are super sweet, and they look completely different at this stage! It's awesome that Colin has hair like his Mama! Poor Lila, she looks like she's trying to put herself together, but struggling with hunger and exhaustion.

    I feel for Kirstin, on her birthday no-less! This was one of our recent visits to a local pizza place, we got a refund, but went home hungry and severely disappointed. :( Hopefully the restaurant works properly the next time you play, I had this recently (months ago!) on a lot, and am hoping the same as you.

    1. A part of me wanted two girls, because that's my rarest kind of twins. But I'm happy with Colin and Gwen...I did have to change Colin's hair to that colour though. He was born with the Depth Charge colour but I decided he was going to match Lucy instead. :)

      Oh, that sucks! I cannot promise I would have reacted any better than Kirstin (and Kirstin and David had to pay!), as I get quite cranky when I'm hungry. I'm pretty sure I've figured out the issue though - it's the candles on the table. Sims at the larger tables can get their food just fine, probably because I used an OMSP to put them right in the middle for those. So I'm going to try putting them on OMSPs for the small tables too, or else remove them completely. I'd rather have the restaurant working than have the candles, if I have to choose!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Awww, twins and a boy and a girl! Very exciting! So happy for the them. :)

    Poor Kristen or should I say David, since he got the food dumped on him, lol! That would have been pretty funny to see and it's no wonder Kristen gave them a piece of her mind. I guess they enjoyed the cake at home then. ;)

    1. I'm pretty excited the twins are finally here! I feel like poor Lucy has been pregnant forever!

      Ha, yes, David got food dumped on him and didn't get to eat! He's far more easygoing than Kirstin is though!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Ahh, I love the names you picked for Lucy and Edward's little ones! And that restaurant visit... Not what I would want on my birthday either!

    1. I've wanted a Gwen for a while now and now I have one. :D I'm hopeful that the problems at the Claudette will be easily solved by moving some deco around though.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Colin and Gwen are going to be so adorable! (I think they already are, but I realize that all Sims 2 babies look similar except eye and hair color.) Congratulations to Lucy and Edward. And best of luck to Connor and Lila! It seems I often have to get the pregnant sim's partner to cook or at least have some leftovers available to get them through. I'm really looking forward to their little one!

    And I'm glad to know about the candles on small tables issue. I hope everything works well next time you use the Claudette!

    1. True, TS2 babies are really cute, identical or not. But seeing them age to toddler is always a bit more exciting. The hair and clothing mods help make the baby stage a lot more interesting though. :)

      Poor Lila is starving all the time. I'm sure she's keen to just get this baby out of there by now! As am I, LOL.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I am pleased to see I'm not the only one who hopes for baby genders depending on which names I like best, lol! Welcome babies! I am jealous of that gorgeous thick hair on Colin! TS2 baby CC is the best!

    I saw your note about the candlesticks at the Claudette. Glad it seems to be an easy fix!

    1. No, definitely not the only one! I'm hoping for a girl for Hope and Malcolm and a boy for Lila and Connor purely because I like the names better. You watch - they'll get the opposite now. ;) TS2 baby CC is awesome - I was actually just thinking that I want to go shopping for some more clothes.

      Haven't tested it out yet but I'm 99% sure that's the problem. It better be anyway, because I'm stumped otherwise!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!