Thursday, 27 July 2017

You say it's your birthday, November 2044

Round 36: November 2044 (Spring)

Hope is 24 weeks into her pregnancy and is still feeling physically well. On top of that, she feels like she’s in a better place mentally too.

She and Malcolm have moved into a new place with his parents. It’s a great house and Mason (and eventually the new baby) has a yard to play in.

The house is still full of boxes but Malcolm and his parents are in charge of those. All she has to do is wait for the baby to arrive.

With the arrival of new grandson, Richie, Abigail has been brushing up on the basics of baby care again.

Husband Jesse finds it quite funny. Abigail has raised four children (three with Jesse) and Richie is her fifth grandchild. In his eyes, she’s not going to be reading anything in that book that she doesn’t already know!

Abigail is not deterred though. She loves having Nick, Sarah and all her grandchildren over and she needs to be on the ball!

Jesse’s not officially a grandfather yet but he’s always thought of Abigail’s grandkids as his own. 

He and Abigail have both idly wondered what it would have been like if they’d had more children. Each new grandkid scratches that itch a little bit more.

Abigail and Jesse’s eldest son Mitchell is still at least couple of years away from having kids. He’s only just turning 25 this month.

He’s chosen to spend the day of his birthday the same way he spends as much time as he can these days - with his new girlfriend, Caitlin.

Caitlin is still living on campus at Suffolk but she’s made a special trip back to Exeter for Mitchell’s birthday.

They’ve got to know each other quickly over the past several weeks and have been loving every minute together.

Mitchell and Caitlin have discovered they share a love of cuisine. If they’re not trying out new foods at local restaurants, they’re adding new recipes to their repertoires at home. 

Caitlin just has a few more weeks until she’s finished with her final exams and neither she or Mitchell can wait. They'll be able to see each other much more often then. 

She’s hoping to get a place in Exeter in time but will likely end up staying with her parents for a little while, who live just a few streets away from Mitchell. 

Other birthdays this month:
Eliza Benton turns 2
Ryan Moretti turns 12
Jacinta Nihill turns 14
Gabriel Nott turns 17
Oliver and Sebastian Gentry turn 28
Charlie Benton turns 32
Ethan Novak turns 38
Aaron Clarke turns 41
Nick Moretti turns 41

November wedding anniversaries: 
Sam and Julia Whitney - 2 years
Dominic and Leslie Lachance - 9 years
James and Madelyn Novak - 32 years

  • There won't be a full story update for November or December, just because my remaining two families are empty nesters without a whole lot going on! So the next post will be a lot tour of Hope and Malcolm's new place and then we'll have December birthdays. :)
  • Hope was a very lucky sim this session, because I basically let her skip her second trimester and go straight to third. The house wasn't decorated when I took these pics and I wasn't sure I'd get it done in time for birthdays, so playing out the entire 24 hours and so would have been difficult. In the end, I did get it finished but these pics were already done by then. She had an awful first trimester, so I don't mind giving her a break. ;)
  • So keen to age up Richie already, as well as play a full session with Mitchell and Caitlin! Next round for both!


  1. Mitchell and Caitlin are super adorable together! I'm looking forward to seeing them grow as a couple especially being cuisine sims! I love that Paloma and Adam are both always in the kitchen together, and am excited to see Caitlin and Mitchell with that!

    Looking forward to seeing Richie age up! Great pics of Hope and Malcolm moving in, Hope can get all the breaks she can in my book! And Abigail made me laugh, oh how things change though! Constantly an ever growing list of do's and don'ts!

    1. For a mini birthdays update, I took a LOT of photos of Mitchell and Caitlin! I'm going to put some up on Tumblr, hopefully soon (hopefully, because I'm terrible with Tumblr these days). Maybe Caitlin and Mitchell can follow in Paloma and Adam's footsteps and open their own business one day. ;)

      I'm super keen for Richie to age up but I'm consoling myself with the fact that Byron and Noel are aging up soon, because that's happening much sooner! I was quite confused by Abigail's "Study Parenting" want and then I realised it must be because of Richie. It's very sweet, really.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. That is so sweet, that Abigail wanted to study parenting for the arrival of Richie. The picture of Jesse looking at her and your comment about it is so funny though.

    Scrolling back through, I realize you did put a lot of pictures of Caitlin and Mitchell in this post, but they are so cute together. I am sure that Adam and Paloma were the inspiration for my young couple who are going to have a bakery in Falls Bridge, but they already don't feel anything like Adam and Paloma. By the way, that's not the Claudette that Caitlin and Mitchell are at, is it?

    1. There was a funnier one of Jesse looking at Abigail - he had this real "WTF?" expression on his face! It wasn't quite the vibe I was after though!

      Ha, I took even more pics of Caitlin and Mitchell that I didn't post! I put a few up on Tumblr last night. It's probably a good thing your couple is turning out different from Adam and Paloma though - they'll feel more like your own with time, despite their inspiration. :)

      And no, that's not the Claudette. I would have made them dress up for that. ;) That's an Asian-style restaurant that I always forget the name of. Jade something? I think it's from MTS.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Mitchell and Caitlin look like they're taking to each other nicely, and they seem to have a lot of common interests. I bet he's glad he took a chance on it.

    I love the picture of Hope holding her belly while everybody else does the work. Just as it should be! :)

    1. I'm sure Mitchell is very glad right about now. I really like him with Caitlin. :)

      I'm not entirely sure that Hope wouldn't take that approach to manual labour even while not heavily pregnant, lol. It's basically my approach too, along with doing such a poor job that everyone tells you to just get out of the way!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!