Sunday, 29 November 2015


Round 36: June 2043 (Winter)

Jace Novak is 86, Magdalena is 79, Gordon Nott is 47, Lia is 46, Gabriel is 16 and Peter is 6. 
(Maia is 41, Ethan is 37, Annabel and Georgina are 19)

Narrated by Gabriel Nott

For the past few months, we’ve had my grandparents living with us, in Annabel’s old bedroom.

With them getting older, Mum and Aunt Maia had both started to worry about them living on their own, so they got together to talk to them about it.

They were a bit reluctant at first but they admitted that maintaining a household was getting a little more difficult for them, so they agreed to move in. 

Now that they’re here, they’re always telling me and Peter how happy they are that they can see us every day now. 

Grandma and Grandpa are both pretty cool for grandparents, so I’m liking having them live here with us too.

And I won’t lie - we’re eating really well! Not that we didn’t always, because Mum is a great cook too.

But Grandma is home during the day, so she’ll usually make us a hot breakfast and there’s normally some kind of pie or cake waiting for us when we get home from school too. It’s awesome.

I like a bit of a sugar rush before I get down to studying. Next year will be my last year of high school and I’m really keen to get into Suffolk.

I used to want to major in something science-y - maybe geology or environmental studies. But lately, I’ve been thinking I might like to study literature.

Mum and Dad both majored in literature and Mum became a librarian and Dad went into journalism and then to law school but I think I’d like to go in a different direction entirely. What I would really love to do is make my living by writing.

Dad thinks it sounds great but Mum is a bit worried. She keeps telling me it would be difficult to support myself on writing alone, especially when I’m starting out.

But you know, I am trying to be practical about it. I know it might be a long time before I can write full time but I’d really like to try to get there.

I’ve only been writing for about a year but it’s become one of my favourite ways to spend my free time. To actually get paid to do it would be amazing.

I really need my own computer though and I've put in a request for one for my birthday in November. Trying to write with Grandpa kidding around with Peter in the background can be a challenge.

Annabel and Georgina are both away at uni right now but they came home to visit for Mum’s birthday this month.

Annabel usually gets grilled about her grades when she comes over but she’s not doing too badly right now, so Mum is trying to lay off.

There was a bit more attention paid to Georgina, as she brought her new boyfriend Adrian over to meet everybody.

And I do mean everybody. We don’t have a huge family but he probably wasn’t expecting to meet Georgina’s parents and brothers and her grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins to boot.

Georgina wanted our parents to like him, more than anyone, and it didn’t seem like there was anything to worry about there.

He seems like a really nice guy who really likes Georgina, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t like him. I approve, anyway.

As much as I like having my grandparents around more often, it has made it a little harder to have any kind of alone time with Bianca.

We used to get plenty. Mum and Dad would both be at work when we got home from school and Peter isn’t too noisy for a little brother. 

But Grandma and Grandpa really don’t do all that much and they’re basically always home. 

We’ve been hanging out at Charge, a rec centre kind of place for teens, but that place is usually quite full.

We really don’t get the privacy we’re looking for there. One time, Bianca’s cousin just stood there gaping at us for a good minute or so and then just walked off without saying anything.

So we’ve had to take advantage of the occasional time my grandparents are actually out when we get home from school…

…or we take a little longer getting home in Dad’s car than we strictly need to. 

Bianca is going off to college next year and I’m dreading it. I’m happy for her, because she’s so excited but I’m going to miss her.

Bianca is sure we have nothing to worry about. It’s only a year, she’ll be back to visit and I can drive up to see her on weekends.

I hope she’s right. I know a lot of couples don’t survive when one goes off to college but I really want us to stay together. 

People will say this is just a high school thing but Bianca is much more important than that to me. 

  • Title is from Wednesday by Jimmy Eat World.
  • I can't remember if I said anything here but I moved Jace and Magdalena in a little while ago. It was partly because they're both quite advanced in age to be living on their own but also a way for me to condense my households a little bit, seeing I have so many new young couples who will probably be popping out babies in not too much time at all. 
  • Everyone seemed to like Adrian but he's very similar in personality to a lot of the family (relatively shy and nice), so I figured they would. Gordon and Lia rolled wants to be friends with Adrian the next day.
  • More wants cuteness: everyone in the family rolls frequent wants to call Annabel and Georgina to chat. They're just like a real little family! I adore them all. Also love how Annabel made a beeline for Maia when I teleported her in. They were always really close. 
  • Gabriel and Bianca are adorable. They each almost constantly have at least one romantic want for the other in their panels and their chemistry is crazy high. I actually knew that before they got together and was trying to keep them apart, so I could let them date other people and get together when they were older. But they weren't having it and they got together autonomously when Gabriel was 12! 
  • I also love that Gabriel is a bit shorter than her. When they're both adults, he'll be a smidge taller (Bianca is already as tall as she's going to get) but I think it's cute the way they are right now. 
  • One funny:
Probably a good thing Gordon and Lia didn't see what they got up to in Gabriel's bedroom then, if they can't cope with Gabriel grabbing Bianca's ass! I hadn't seen this parental reaction in ages and I laughed so much!
  • And to finally finish this very long Notes section, I did Gabriel's SAS and he scored a 62, which gives him half-price tuition. I did it on Bianca too, just in case Gabriel's fretting about missing her next year was all for nought and she scored a 60. I haven't played her family yet this round though, so it will likely rise. :)


  1. Oh boy, Gordon and Lia are hilarious in that last photo! I can totally picture them behaving that way about some PDA, so to see it in game just really is the icing! I like having her parents living with them, and it was nice having a party with the family for her birthday. I can see Annabel and Maia being very close, I actually noticed that she was hanging out with her, and thought that was perfect too.

    Adrian is adorable, and I'm glad that everyone seemed to like him. I'm not surprised, I'd say that its hard for Georgina to do anything wrong in her parents eyes. Even if they don't mean it that way, Annabel has always been to her own beat, and I'm sure a bit frightening for Lia to parent, and steer the right way. Glad that her grades are doing good, I was concerned about her in that heavy vet program at the start.

    1. Well, I would definitely expect that kind of reaction from Lia but I was a bit surprised about Gordon! Who knew he was so conservative, lol? I think Annabel is very similar to Maia. They're both dreamers, neither are very academic and neither one had as much direction as their siblings. It's easy for them to relate to each other.

      Ha, yes, Lia was probably never going to dislike Adrian, by mere virtue of the fact that it was Georgina bringing him home. There's an inherent trust Lia has in Georgina's decisions that she doesn't have with Annabel's. Annabel has made some not-great ones, so that's probably understandable, as much as Annabel resents it. Gordon is a bit more laid back, so Annabel doesn't worry about her dad so much.

      Annabel actually rolled a want to write a term paper while she was visiting her folks, for the first time ever! She's four semesters in and she's never written one. So this upcoming semester should be the first one she aces. :) Lia will be thrilled.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Oh, I love little writer sims! I have to be careful sometimes not to make too many of my young sims want to be writers and artists and musicians, since it's a lifestyle I identify with too much, and then I don't have anybody doing practical jobs, lol!

    Gabriel is adorable! But now I'm worried about him and Bianca with that year they'll spend apart. Oh man, that's tricky business, and they are super cute together. I'll be looking forward to reading about what happens to them over these next couple of years.

    Adrian is still looking cute as ever! I'm glad to see Georgina bringing him over and the family meeting going well.

    1. I think Gabriel is only my third writer and only the second who wants to make a career out of it. I have Zelda and Xavier, but I think it'll stay as a hobby for him. But I'm looking forward to seeing if Gabriel can make a proper go of it.

      I always worry when I send one half of a couple off to college but I'm hoping Bianca and Gabriel will be okay. As teens, they have been more committed to each other than most of my other teen couples, including others who made it through that year or two apart. So maybe that's a good sign? But it's going to be a tough year for them, no doubt.

      If Georgina doesn't marry Adrian, I'm already planning on finding another way to bring him into the hood! Even if I just have to make him a playable NPC and marry some townie - he WILL breed, lol! But I would love to have him as a proper playable one day.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. This was a great Sunday morning coffee read for me, thanks!
    What's not to love about such a wonderful family - and with all the wants they rolled, it wasn't really just because you wanted things to happen that way :-) I love it when my Sims have their own way, and it works out so well for them.
    I don't think I've ever seen that parental reaction to a teenager's behaviour. Plenty the other way round, yes, but not this :-)

    1. Oh yes, I love those sorts of perfect wants, when sims actually want the things I want them to want! Makes me feel like I actually do have a fairly good grasp of their character, versus when they roll some random thing that I don't think fits them at all!

      As I said I haven't seen that parental reaction in a long time, so I think it may be a rare one! I see teenagers grossed out by their parents' public displays of affection on a fairly regular basis...but that always makes me laugh too. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I think it's sweet that Gabiel and Bianca decided they didn't want to wait and date other people before dating each other! They make a sweet couple, and maybe they'll make it in the long run as well. It happens in real life as well! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for these 2!
    I haven't seen that parental reaction in my game ever! But I think it fits them :) it was hilarious!

    I love that Magdalena and Jace moved in with them! It's a great way to limit the empty-nester households.
    I'm gald Adrian fitted in so well with the family. I think him and Geogrina make a nice couple, it would have been hard for them if the family didn't support them.

    1. Gabriel and Bianca didn't want to follow my plans for them at all! I hope it doesn't backfire on them, because I do really like them together. Young adults can't roll romantic wants for teens but they do roll "Call to Chat" and "X Goes to College" wants, which I interpret as them having an interest in continuing the relationship. That's what I'll be looking for with these two.

      Yeah, one less empty nester household to play! I might do the same thing with Tate and Zelda eventually. Audrey and Jack have lots of room. It's not just a case of limiting the empty nesters but just limiting the number of households in general. It's pretty insane in Sullivan!

      Adrian was never going to have any trouble with Gordon or Lia. He's probably exactly the kind of guy they would want Georgina to bring home. And Annabel too, but there's very little chance of Annabel being attracted to a guy like Adrian!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Gabriel and Adrian are so cute!! I love sims with mutual high chemistry, they are so much fun, especially with them getting together autonomously. It will be a good test of their relationship to be apart after being together through all their teen years. First year as a young adult can really throw a sim for a loop-- thinking of my Seiki, who was so quiet in high school and tried to be such a player his freshman year. But he didn't have a girlfriend going into college.

    It's amazing to me, seeing Gordon and Lia my real-life age. They seem like a great family to live as an extended family, since they are all so sweet and family-oriented. Peter and his granddad together was such a cute picture, but I can imagine very annoying for Gabriel when he's writing. Also, having home-cooked breakfasts and after school snacks is awfully nice, too.

    1. I love finding a new three bolt couple! I have a few in the pipeline who I'm not ready to share yet. But eventually, I will and I'm very excited. :D I think if Gabriel and Bianca can get through next year, they'll be set. It will be a huge challenge for them - Bianca's first year living semi-independently (I'm tossing up a rental house for her and Aurora, so possibly completely independently) and for Gabriel, having to drive so far back and forth to visit and balance that with his school work will be a big responsibility as well.

      I know, I always look at Lia and Gordon and think of them back in college! So long ago but it doesn't seem like it sometimes. They're definitely one of my favourite families to play though. The fun variation in the genes helps. I've always loved how the four kids bear such a strong resemblance to each other without being identical. I've also got a soft spot for shy sims and most of this family are shy. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Wow, I hope that they survive their time apart. If I remember correctly, Gordon and Lia had a rocky time at first, right?

    1. I hope so too. :) Gordon and Lia did have a rocky start and actually broke up for a few years. But that was actually because he'd cheated on her. They didn't start dating until they were both already at uni, so it's a different situation than Gabriel and Bianca.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Aw, I love writer sims and wish him the best of luck.

    And I find it brillliant with 3 bolt couples, I tend to be a sappy sucker for those. Two is what I consider proper love for my sims and I love that three bolt chemistry is pretty rare.

    1. I really am hoping Gabriel can succeed with the writing fairly early on. I've only tried full time writing with Zelda and she and Tate were already loaded when she finally quit her full time day job. So that would be a new thing for me.

      I'm with you on three-bolters - can't resist them! I have a few in the pipeline and I'm absurdly excited about them. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Awww, what a sweet update! I love Gabriel's words at the end of this update, '...Bianca is much more important than that to me.' What a sweetheart! They're a really cute couple. :)

    That's a good idea, moving the grandparents into the house to condense your households. It can be nice playing a bigger household too, especially if they are all family. And I do love seeing the grandparents in your updates. Your sims also seem to always have so many visitors too, which is something else I enjoy about your updates. :) Mine have nil at the moment since I'm still adding sims/families to my neighborhood. lol

    The parents reaction to their son canoodling his girlfriend is too funny!

    1. Gabriel is a bit of a romantic. ;) I hope it works out for him and Bianca, because they're very sweet together.

      Condensing households is a must in this hood. I have some elders whose kids don't have room for them but if I could, I'd probably condense them all. I try to include a little of the grandparents in my young families' updates, where I can. I really like having them develop and maintain relationships with their grandkids. It's not something I had in any of my previous hoods.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!