Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Download: Business Career Lot

I'm really aiming to get all these damn things from N99's August Goodies up before Christmas, lol! So here's another.

This is the lot I use for my sims in the business career, which you have probably seen in a few of my updates. It was made to share (an embarrassingly long time ago!), so there is very little CC.

More pics after the jump!

The CC I've included is:

Metro windows by Tiggy027 at MTS
Blinds by Shoukeir at Sims2Play
Cubicles by Dee at N99
3 tile table by Ailias at MTS
Table and chair recolours by Kiri at N99
Column recolour by me
Office chairs and clutter (frame on desk) by Sandy at ATS
Walls by Shasta, Keoni (Tumblr) and Radio Gnome Invisible (GOS)
Floors by Donnha (https://donnhasims.wordpress.com/) and Shasta (Tumblr)
OMSPs by SilentLucidity at MTS

I have all expansions and most of the stuff packs, apart from Family Fun Stuff and the Holiday pack. It has been play-tested out the wazoo and I haven't had any issues with it at all.

Download it here!


  1. Beautiful! Looks like a really terrific setting for showing what happens at work for your business sims! I really like the conference room, and the reception desk. Also, your lots always are very playable.

    1. Thanks, glad you like it! I used the conference room in at least one of Lila's updates and I've used other parts for other updates too. I've also cheated a little and used it for non-business careers sometimes too. I want to have different lots for all my careers though, eventually. :)

  2. This looks great, I really like the cubicle section and the meeting area is really useful too. I still haven't installed a single thing from the August goodies. I should be able to now that I've freed up space on my HD, and its working good again. This will be one that I get added once I do, very useful and great looking!

    1. Ha, I actually added everything from the August Goodies when we did that "Using the Goodies" theme. But you know, I've used a lot of it so far, in several lots, so at least it hasn't just been sitting there. Would love to see what you do with this lot, if you end up using it. :)