Tuesday, 24 November 2015

When doves cry

Round 36: June 2043 (Winter)
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(David is 61, Kirstin is 59, Camilla and Lila are 30, Chris is 28 and Sebastian is 27)

Narrated by Adelaide Sitko

I like my job now but I still have the occasional day where I just can’t face it. 

It’s nothing specific about the job; I don’t think I could face any job when I’m having one of those days. So I call in sick. 

As long as I don’t do it too often, my boss doesn’t seem to mind much. 

That kind of day just calls for time spent doing nothing but watching TV and eating chips.

Veronica leaves before me and comes home after but she still never believes me when I say I’ve been to work that day. 

She’s known me too long, I guess. I can lie to my boss but I can’t lie to Veronica!

She doesn’t really care, as long as I keep paying my half of the rent.

I think Veronica basically knew what she was in for when we moved in together, so nothing I do is any surprise to her. 

Veronica’s boyfriend Chris used to live next door up until about six months ago, when he moved in with her brother Anthony instead.

Because Anthony works nights, Veronica often stays the night over at Chris’s place, seeing they usually have the whole place to themselves.

Chris was very commitment-shy when they first got together and cringed at even calling her his girlfriend but he seems to be moving past that now. He’s met her parents, she’s met his and they are officially a couple. 

Veronica was worried about whether that would ever happen for them, so she’s thrilled, obviously.

Even with all that though, she was not expecting Chris to bring up marriage on one of their recent nights together. He wasn’t proposing, exactly. He just said he wanted to bring up the idea and see what Veronica thought about it.

Veronica was surprised, to say the least. It wasn’t so long ago that he’d refused to meet her parents and now he’s apparently thinking about a lifelong commitment.

She’s not sure he’s really serious about it yet. She wants to know he is before they talk about it any more. 

It makes me wonder if Sebastian and I are kind of weird. We haven’t really discussed marriage at all. I don’t even know what his thoughts are about the whole thing.

There’s no one else I’d rather be with and I do see us together for the long haul but I just haven’t spent much time thinking about it beyond that. 

I guess Sebastian hasn’t either, seeing he’s never brought up the topic. 

Chris and Veronica do have me wondering though, so I think I’d like to bring it up with him, though maybe not just yet.

Sebastian’s work is pretty insane right now. He has a regular gig but it’s really late. He doesn’t leave the house until after most people are in bed and gets back before most people are awake. 

Things might settle down in a few months or so, which might be a better time to ask him. 

He’s really excited about some new opportunity that’s in the pipeline, so I’m going to see how that pans out for him. 

I’m expecting comments from my parents - especially Dad - to start soon. But everyone is focused on Lila and Connor’s upcoming wedding right now, so the pressure is mercifully off. 

Pressure about getting married, anyway. Camilla and I are going to be Lila’s bridesmaids and there is plenty of pressure coming from Lila about that.

Lila thinks she’s being super-chill because she’s not screaming at anyone but she is obsessed right now and it’s almost as bad.

I thought it would be a couple of shopping trips, like it was when Camilla got married. Not so. We did four or five day-long expeditions for Lila’s dress and have so far done three of the same for our dresses.

We’ve been trying on seemingly endless dresses in various shades of pink and I always end up modelling the one I hate the most. 

And that’s only the dresses. She’s also been dragging us along to catering companies and florists and I’m just so over it.

Lila doesn’t even seem interested in our opinions on anything, so I’m not sure why we can’t just stay home and let her do her thing. 

I’m honestly really happy for Lila but I can’t wait till she is totally done with planning her wedding and we all get to relax again!

  • Title is from When Doves Cry by Prince.
  • Adelaide makes me laugh. This session, she rolled simultaneous wants to Stay Home from Work and Go to Work. Pleasure/Fortune sims are a bit nuts. Didn't realise calling in sick didn't count as staying home though, which is silly. Apparently, you have to use a vacation day or forfeit some of your job performance. 
  • I'm really liking using Inteen BC with ACR but I'd forgotten that ACR can still think your sim has become pregnant from risky woohoo when they actually haven't! I had a small moment of panic with Adelaide and Sebastian because of it. She's not pregnant but that was a long trip back home until I could check for sure. I think there would have been chimes if she'd actually got pregnant and there weren't.
  • I was once a bridesmaid for a bride like Lila. It was not fun at all. Lila is better organised than this bride was though, so the day will actually go smoothly, at least! Not that it makes this any more fun for Adelaide. ;) I did have fun putting Adelaide in those super-girly, poufy dresses though. They're so not her style!
  • As for Chris...he rolled a marriage want? Which I was not expecting at all. Veronica still hasn't rolled one, though she does roll romantic wants exclusively for Chris. So she's definitely into Chris but not quite ready to take that step at the moment. 


  1. Whoa! I cannot believe that Chris rolled a marriage want! I am totally surprised! Are you going to wait until Veronica rolls one?

    I'm not surprised that Adelaide isn't impressed with Lila for a bride. I can't imagine her being an easy one to be a bridesmaid for, and she had the best expressions through the entire thing. I am looking forward to the wedding, I imagine it will be quite nice, and go smoothly. At least I hope that it goes smoothly, I don't think Lila would appreciate any hiccups.

    I think it totally fits her personality, especially being the youngest, to want to stay home from work sometimes. She reminds me a bit of my friend who loves her job, but still wants time off. I'm curious if she will end up marrying Sebastian, and wow on the false pregnancy! That would have been a surprise, especially for Lila and the wedding, lol!

    1. I'm not sure if I'll wait for Veronica or not. It just didn't feel right for her at this particular time. I'll see how I feel about it when I play Chris and Anthony.

      October cannot come quickly enough for Adelaide. ;) Lila is not a relaxed bride at all. Things had better go smoothly for her; it won't be fun for anyone if they don't! Like if that pregnancy had actually happened, I cannot imagine Lila would have reacted well!

      Yeah, I think Adelaide is not just particularly career-focused. She has a job because she needs to work but if she wouldn't if she didn't have to. I'm not yet sure if Adelaide will end up marrying Sebastian or not. I think they're going to be a couple that I would require mutual wants from, because I can't see either of them being especially fussed, otherwise.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. We all have days like that :) I find it interesting how you wrote Adelaide's wants an out staying home and then lying about it. Does she do that often? Is it something like depressive mood disorder? Chris rolled a marriage want?!?! I hope we get more details about what's going on inside his head soon :)

    1. Ha, I certainly have my fair share of days like that! No, I don't think Adelaide has any sort of mood disorder. It's just like I said to Maisie - she's just not a career person. She's always going to be happier not working than working but as far as jobs go, she likes her current one as much as she'll ever like any job.

      It'll be a while before we hear from Chris again, most likely. I have him and Anthony scheduled for January, so about six months from now, sim-time. Hopefully less in Carla time, lol! But whenever that happens, I will definitely delve a bit more deeply into what Chris is thinking.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Well, this is what happens in real life, too, isn't it - expect the unexpected :-)
    I like how your Sims always seem to be all dressed in line with the season. For instance, when I play a household and it is winter there, of course I'll make sure they are dressed in woolly jumpers etc. But when they invite someone over, it easily happens that their guests arrive in skimpy little summer dresses and t-shirts.

    1. Very true. I like it when my sims surprise me. :)

      Yeah, I always make sure my sims are dressed in accordance with the season. It's something that's a lot easier to do with mods than in a vanilla game. I just make them selectable with InSim, buy them new clothes with the same mod and then have them change. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. It's nice for Adelaide that everyone is so focused on Connor and Lila's wedding. I look forward to Chris' point of view when his update rolls around. Sebastian seems really interesting- a musician! I was thinking you've got an older musician too, whose successful and settled with like 3 kids now, but I was thinking of Rob Ashton, who is a lawyer. Hmm. Also, I noticed when looking at Chris' profile that you've assigned traits and I'm going to check out your post about how you decide on those. I agree with Librarian-- it is really great how your sims all dress appropriately for the season.

    1. If Adelaide's really lucky, David might be more interested in a grandkid from Lila and Connor after their wedding and she'll get another year or so's reprieve from the "when are you getting married?" pressure!

      Are you sure you weren't thinking of Luc Lane? He and his wife Asha are both musicians. But they went through the EA Music career, while Sebastian is doing a custom Rock Star career, which I like a lot better. I don't like how the EA career jumps around from classical to rock. Makes no sense.

      Hope you weren't too disappointed by the personality post! I haven't really got a system for traits. I often roll it randomly for toddlers and just add them as they come to mind for my older sims. I'd be interested in a system (I love a system!) but I haven't really come up with a way to make that work.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Yes- Luc!! When I was scanning through the profile page list, that one didn't ring a bell. It's funny I assumed you had a system for traits, because you have systems for most things (nerdier than this, ha!) but traits are something that goes beyond a system, it makes sense to decide those more intuitively, and is a great way to round out characters.

    3. Yeah but you know, once I read you'd gone looking for my post about traits, I started trying to think about how I could create one, lol! I actually do have an idea but it's very preliminary and I'm not even sure I want to change the way I do them. I might have a think about it and if it seems workable, I could maybe use it for those sims who I don't have as concrete an idea about. There are always some. :)

  5. Oh my sweet lord, Chris rolled a marriage want! I thought I'd never see the day, LOL. I feel like he's done a complete 360 degree turn, no wonder Veronica is a bit hesitant to believe him right away.

    Ha, Adelaide cracks me up. Her facial expressions while trying on the bridesmaid dresses and at the flower shop are just so hilarious!

    1. I was pretty surprised too. I guess Chris might have just reached the point where he's played the field enough and is ready to move on. But yes, Veronica is right to be cautious and see how it all plays out.

      I had a lot of fun with Adelaide this session! She has such an expressive face. If she and Sebastian ever tie the knot, I imagine it will be much more low key than whatever Lila is concocting!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I love Adelaide, she is hilarious! Some of the expressions she made in this update were too funny! I had one of those work days this week. My boyfriend calls these days a mental health day. ;)

    Sebastian & Adelaide are a cute couple and they both seem quite comfortable at the moment with where their relationship is at. They don't seem like the couple to rush into anything, just happy to go with the flow. :)

    Must be interesting to play a sim that is commitment-shy. I think in TS3 it's called commitment-issues trait. Because I'm too much of a control freak I've never given any of my sims that trait. I imagine it would be difficult for them to keep a partner or even go steady, how do you go playing a sim with that trait?

    1. Yes, mental health days! Adelaide would like that term! I have to admit that Adelaide wasn't always a real favourite of mine but she's becoming one. I think I didn't really have much of a feel for who she was for a while and that's coming into view now and I'm loving it.

      Sebastian and Adelaide are both quite laid back, which I really love about them. They're probably going to be making some decisions about their relationship in the next couple of years though. I think Veronica and Chris may end up together and Sebastian's twin brother (who he lives with) is getting married soon, so both Sebastian and Adelaide may be living alone. Might be easier to move in together. ;)

      Well, there are no traits in TS2, so any trait I add to a sim just comes from my imagination. A TS2 sim having a certain trait really doesn't mean anything for gameplay - it all has to come from a story perspective instead, although I can obviously use the sims' wants to prompt that. Chris doesn't have any trait relating to commitment but if he did, I could choose to ignore it or change it. Or he might be the type to get married and then cheat on his wife. Or he'd want an open relationship. I've done both in the past but I don't see Chris as particularly commitment-shy in the long term. He just wasn't really ready yet in the past.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. OMG Lila, lol! Bridezilla, much? Ha ha, Adelaide is so funny and her expressions are perfect in this! This will be a beautiful wedding though, and I can't wait to see it. I hope Adelaide manages to have some fun at the event, even if she has to wear a frilly pink dress.

    I'm interested in that talk Adelaide plans to have with Sebastian, too. I wonder what he'll have to say. Hopefully they're on the same page, because I think they suit each other well.

    1. Yeah, Lila is definitely a bridezilla! It's probably a good thing this wedding planning process is nearing the end (and wasn't very long in the first place, though I'm sure it's felt like it to Adelaide). The bride I was talking about in my notes took FOUR YEARS to plan her wedding and she was full on about it the whole time.

      I'm still trying to decide on Lila's dress, then I'll decide on Adelaide and Camilla's. But it probably won't be frilly, just because I don't think that's quite Lila's style either!

      I have to figure out a place to fit in a little update on Adelaide and Sebastian. Possibly in her parents' update. I might swap them with another family so it comes up a bit sooner. But they are a well-suited couple. They've been together so long but they've really grown up with each other, rather than up and apart.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. I love all the detail you put in to the actuall planning of the wedding! I never think of doing that, and every time I read it in one of you updates I keep thinking I should do that more often!
    I think Lia knows perfectly well what she wants for her wedding, and she's not going to have it any other way, and I love that about her!

    I really like Adelaide and Sebastian, they have been together for quite some time now, and I can't help but wondering when they will be taking the next step in their relationship.
    I was surprised that Chris brought up the subject of marriage, but I guess with the right girl, he might be willing the settle down, and Veronica seems to be the right girl for him...

    1. Well, I usually have the bridesmaids try on a few dresses before I pick one anyway, so why not take some pictures and make an actual scene of it? :) It's a lot of fun. Lila has some pretty specific ideas for her wedding and has done for a long time. It's everyone else's job to measure up. ;)

      Adelaide and Sebastian have actually been together longer than Connor and Lila, which is pretty crazy! Even Camilla and Charlie got together just a few years before them, so Adelaide and Sebastian definitely seem in it for the long term but we'll see what comes of their talk, when it happens. Chris was a big surprise to me! He and Veronica haven't really together for that long, compared to my other couples. So for him to roll a marriage want seems pretty significant.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!