Thursday, 2 April 2015


Round 35: October 2042 (Spring)
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Anthony Moretti is 25 and Noah Gottlieb is 24.
(Caleb is 60, Cara is 53, Chris is 27 and Veronica is 25)

Narrated by Anthony Moretti

Mum stopped nagging me about jobs a few years ago but I can still tell she doesn’t really approve.

These days, she just sighs and comments about how I could be making so much more money if I was using my degree.

Dad took a while to find his niche as well, so he’s not quite as fussed about my career choices as Mum is.

I’m not dumb, so I know I’ll probably need something more stable and with more opportunity for advancement one day. 

But now, I’m still young, I don’t have a family to support and I already own a house. I figure I can have a little fun.

I’m DJing right now and that’s been a ton of fun.

I mostly do private parties but I’ve had a couple of gigs in nightclubs too. I like them a lot more. There are usually more people, so the vibe of the place is a lot better.

As a DJ, I only work nights, which does make having a social life a little difficult. Noah works a 9-5 schedule these days, so I barely even see him.

I often don’t start until really late though, so I try to manage to squeeze in some time with Connie before I have to leave, either early evening or the day time if she’s free.

Connie and I have been dating for a couple of months now. We met about two years ago but never got together until recently.

Connie is still a student too, so she keeps a somewhat weird schedule. Seeing I do too, that’s working out okay for us.

Being younger also means she’s not really ready to commit yet either, which suits me fine, as I’m not ready either. 

I don’t see myself being ready for at least another five years or so but I guess you never know. I’ll keep an open mind. 

Noah has been with Brigit for four years now, so it’s almost like she’s part of the furniture here sometimes. 

She’s a great girl and obviously makes Noah really happy. 

They’ve been serious for a long time, though they just recently got even more serious, which I wasn’t expecting.

Noah took her out to dinner last week and asked her to marry him.

She said yes and they’re now engaged!

No date has been set yet but they’re in the process of thinking about it. 

They’ll probably wait until after Noah’s sister gets married, so they’re looking at early 2044. 

And of course, this will leave me down a roommate, sooner rather than later. Noah and Brigit are keen to set up house together before they actually get married. 

I don’t need a roomie for financial reasons but I’ve never really lived on my own and I’m not sure I want to.

I’m pretty talkative and energetic sometimes and I think I’d go a bit nuts living by myself.

I was talking to Veronica about it and her eyes lit up and she told me she had “the best idea”.

Her boyfriend Chris rooms with two friends who are married. They’re moving out soon and Chris can’t keep up with the rent on his own.

He’s been looking around for either a cheaper place or a new roommate but if he could move in here with me, it would solve his problem. 

He wouldn’t have to pay rent, because this place is paid off. It’d just be bills and maintenance, really. 

I was going to think about it for a bit but Veronica ended up bringing Chris over the next and telling him it was a done deal. 

Luckily, I was pretty sure I was going to say yes anyway, so no awkward moment created!

I don’t know Chris as well as I know Noah, but I guess I will soon. I think I know him well enough to know he’s not going to bug me too much. 

I was hoping he might at least be neater than Noah but Veronica burst that bubble for me pretty quickly. 

Whatever. I’ve put up with Noah for the last few years, so I’m used to doing all the housework around here. I’ll just be glad to have someone to hang around the house with. 

  • Title is from Ripcord by Radiohead.
  • I actually wasn't expecting Noah and Brigit to get engaged this early. They haven't rolled the want before now (both Knowledge sims, if you're curious) and I thought it might be a couple of years. But they went out on a date and the want popped up, so I locked it and had Noah propose. I'm thinking probably February 2044. 
  • And as a bonus, it has solved my dilemma of what to do with Chris once Lucy and Edward move into the Lachance house. He even had a little "in" with Anthony due to Veronica being his twin sister. Couldn't be happier with that!


  1. How lucky that he found a new roommate already!

    1. Yeah, it worked out all right for Anthony. ;) It's a big load off Chris's shoulders too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I am laughing at Veronica managing everybody's lives for them. Like, "Obviously this is a great idea so everybody will just go along with it no problem!"

    1. Oh yes, Veronica only ever has great ideas. ;) It's just fortunate that it happened to work out for Chris and Anthony.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Sojourner's comment is just what I was thinking. I'm glad it worked out well for Anthony too.

    The engagement is pretty exciting!

    1. Heh, if there were any objections on either Chris or Anthony's parts, Veronica probably would have just shot them down anyway.

      I was pretty excited about the engagement too. :) Much sooner than I was expecting but that's fun sometimes.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I was totally shocked that Noah proposed! I wasn't expecting it, though four years isn't anything to sneeze at. She is really adorable, and honestly, it would have been a shame for them to not get married, seeing you went to the trouble of bringing her over.

    How perfect was this for Chris though! I really did like his place, kind of a shame to see it emptied out, but maybe some other roomies will want it down the road. Do you often reuse places? Lots of weddings for this family, I'm sure Sophie will appreciate him not getting married before her big day, though she doesn't seem extremely fussy. She isn't Julia Gray by any means!

    1. Noah proposing was a pretty spur-of-the-moment decision for me, so I'm not surprised you were surprised! I'm looking forward to getting her career sorted out. She's a cop right now but I don't see her staying in that line of work.

      Well, I haven't reused any lots in Sullivan 2.0 but I did it all the time in 1.0 and I'm sure I'll do it again. Chris's place will likely get reused at some point. I'm thinking it might work for Justin and Louisa, actually. No, Sophie's not a bridezilla and I don't think she'd care in the least if Noah beat her to the altar. Noah still wouldn't want to rain on her parade though. ;) He's a good little brother.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. The moment it was mentioned that Anthony didn't want to live on his own, I thought of Chris! I'm glad they both found an arrangement that works for both.

    I'm happy Noah and Brigit, and I'm looking forward to their wedding! Brigit seems like a nice girl, and I'm sure they'll be happy together.

    1. I was wondering if anyone's mind might go to Chris's situation once I mentioned Anthony's. :) Once I decided to move Chris in here, I was amazed I hadn't thought of it before. It's a good solution for both him and Anthony.

      In my head, I'm already trying to decide who Brigit's bridesmaids will be! And I pinned a few wedding dress possibilities yesterday, despite the fact I still haven't picked one out for Julia, whose wedding is much, much sooner. I keep forgetting about it, for some reason.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I'm excited for Noah! I wonder if Anthony will get excited about anything, lol.

    1. I'm pretty excited for Noah too. I just did the play schedule for next round and slotted Noah and Brigit's wedding in for April 2044 (Sophie is in December 2043). :)

      Heh, Anthony is excited about chilling, right now. We'll see if anything piques his interest, career or romance-wise, in the future. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!