Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Gray-Whitney wedding

Round 35: November 2042 (Spring)

Sam Whitney is 32 and Julia Gray is 31. 

Sam and I have both been so excited about our wedding and on the morning of, we could hardly believe the day had finally arrived.

My parents wanted me to spend the night at their place but I didn’t really care much about upholding that particular tradition. 

I know a lot of couples live together before they get married and still do that, but it just didn’t seem very important to me, so we did it our way.

We decided to get married at First Grace Church, just a couple of blocks from our flat.

When we arrived at the venue, we were pretty glad we hadn’t been banking on having an outdoor ceremony. It had been raining on and off and the sky was very grey. 

It was all dry inside, fortunately!

We had a very short ceremony but it was perfect for us.

We really just wanted to get married and then get to celebrating.

I thought it was pretty funny that right after the ceremony, Zac congratulated me with a handshake! Zac is kind of serious and can be weirdly formal sometimes. 

He’s still 8 though and finds his own fun when he feels like it.

Sam was a bit worried that Zac would be bored at the wedding, seeing he’d be the only kid there. He was happy to see that he had no cause for concern.

We wanted to keep it small but everyone important to us was there.

Dad was relieved that no one asked him to do a toast at Lucy and Edward’s wedding but I managed to talk him into doing one for me and Sam.

He was quite nervous but he did a great job anyway. 

Sam also gave a speech and toasted to us and our future together.

We followed up the toasts with cake.

Not the way I’d usually choose to eat cake but I was in an unusually good mood on our wedding day!

The day went beautifully but the rain did quite literally put a dampener on things for us.

The dining room was really not big enough for dancing; we’d been hoping to do that out on the patio.

But there wasn't much we could do about it, so Sam and I had our first dance inside - we didn’t miss out on that, at least.

The rest of our reception was spent mostly mingling with our guests. We missed the dancing but not as much as we thought we would.

Hope had warned me that people start asking about babies pretty much the second you get married and she was right. 

Lucy’s already got it in her head that we’ll both get pregnant sometime next year and our babies will grow up together.

I mean, it’d be nice - Lucy and I never had any cousins - but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

Even Zac is totally desperate for a little brother or sister.

He asks Susannah and Daniel about a baby all the time and they’re expecting they’ll be asked about a wedding too, now that Sam and I have got hitched.

My mum and dad are the most keen, naturally. They’re ready to be grandparents and they don’t care if it’s me or Lucy or both, just as long as it happens!

We’re not telling anyone anything but we’re planning on working on that pretty soon. Sam and I are both very excited to start a family together. We do want to have a honeymoon first though! It’s going to be a lot harder to get away once we have a baby, so we may as well go now while we still can!

Posed pics:

As mentioned above, the wedding got rained out, so I did all these pics inside. I did consider turning off the rain and doing some outside (especially seeing I fixed up a bit of terrain that had been annoying me especially for this wedding) but then I decided not to. This sort of thing happens in real life sometimes, so why not with my sims too?

The couple with the bride's parents, Corbin and Pamela. 

Sam and Julia with Sam's son (and now Julia's stepson), Zac. 

One of just Sam and Zac together.

I chose Jack Benton and Zane Hamitlon as Sam's groomsmen. He doesn't have the history a lot of sims in my hood have (being a former townie) but he used to work with both Jack and Zane, when he was in the Business career. 

Julia's bridesmaids were her little sister Lucy and her best friend Hope. 

The whole wedding party!

And finally, the couple shots, which I love a whole lot.

  • Honeymoon will be off-screen but I'll probably take some pics and put them up on my Tumblr, if you're interested. 
  • Julia and Sam both have the want for a baby, which I am super-excited about! I'll let them try next time I play them, for sure. Maybe even on their honeymoon. ;)


  1. Aw, what a sweet wedding. I LOVE the last shot, it's a perfect wedding photo.

    I'm also very excited about the trying for baby-business, bring it on! :)

    1. I will definitely be putting that picture up in their house, if I don't put up a single other one. ;)

      I took them off BC when they got back from their honeymoon. They headed straight for the bedroom and tried for a baby but have not been successful yet. :) So the wheels are in motion.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Well, everything, the invitation, the venue, Julia's dress, and even the bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmen's shirts, looked understated elegant. Nice that they'll have a little privacy (except for Tumblr, of course) on their honeymoon ;-)

    1. Glad you liked everything! I used the same suits for Amar and Adrienne's wedding but this colour is perfect for Julia, so I had to use it again.

      I took an absurd amount of pics on their honeymoon, so I'll stick some up on Tumblr soon. Should probably put the wedding ones up first though, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Love their invitation! And I like that you decided to let the weather do what it was going to do and work with it, just like real life. :) My husband and I didn't stick to tradition either and spent the night before our wedding together. We even saw each other all the way up until 20 minutes before the ceremony, lol. I love that last photo!

    1. I've been meaning to do invitations forever and this was the first time I remembered to do it! Starr posted a couple of hers at N99, so I followed in her footsteps before I forgot once again.

      It rained (though it didn't storm like with Julia and Sam) on my parents' wedding day, so it's definitely just one of those things! I like adding realism to my game, where I can. Heh, seeing each other before the wedding seems to worked out well for you guys, so hopefully it will for Julia and Sam as well. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Great invitation, and lovely wedding. It was a nice touch that the weather did not cooperate, I like that! Julia's dress is pretty, I have it in white, but for some reason with there being a black option, I always took it more for a dinner dress. I'm excited that they are both on board for a baby, I hadn't expected Julia to be quite so eager, so quickly!

    1. I can't remember if there has been rain at any of my other weddings. I would have turned it off if there was but I found working around it kind of fun with this wedding, so future sims will just have to deal. ;)

      LOL, see, and I looked at the black version of Julia's dress and thought "what am I going to do with that?!" I have it in my game, because I do like it, but I'm not sure if I'll use it. I don't get a lot of use out of long formal dresses, except as bridesmaid dresses.

      Remember Julia is family secondary, so eager for babies is basically half of her personality, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Ahhh! I love your wedding invitation! How creative! :D

    Julia's dress is so pretty, and the photos are perfect, as usual! I agree with everyone about the rain or any sort of "imperfect" weather conditions. It sort of makes the day unique among all wedding days--in real life too, not just storytelling. I got married in January and there was 8 inches of snow on the ground, lol!

    1. I can't take credit for the wedding invitation idea! Starr reminded me of it but I think it might have been Sari who found the site I used.

      Hope you didn't have an outdoor ceremony planned, with all that snow! But true, the things that go "wrong" often become the most special memories. It seemed quite fitting that it was Julia's wedding with the thunder and lightning though, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Ack, that site is so fun! I am going to use it for everything forever now, lol! Oooh, I wonder if there's one like it somewhere that does baby announcements! :D

    3. I bet there would be something similar for baby announcements! Let me know if you find one. :)

    4. Shutterfly has baby announcements! I had to take a PrintScreen of the personalized announcement because it was blocking "save image as..." (and now I am wondering about the legality of us doing these, but I love them so I'll do it anyway until someone tells me to stop... lol!) I added a birth announcement to the end of Julian's birth post.

    5. Awesome! I'll take a look. :) It's probably not quite legal but I also don't see the harm, seeing we're not printing them out or using them for profit. I'll only stop if they tell me to, lol!

  6. This wedding was great! They both looked so nice. I've been wanting to use that wedding-dress ever since I got it in my game, and I'm glad to see Julia in it!
    I loved that she said herself she was in an unussually good mood on her wedding day! And I'm glad she took the cake-shoving so well.

    I don't know why, but I wasn't expecting them to get started with kids this soon, maybe because of the things Julia said in this update, but I'm really glad they want to start this fast!
    I was wondering; what's Julia's IFS?

    1. I picked that dress for Julia almost at the last minute but I liked it on her a lot. It seemed very her to me. :) Most of my brides seem to be in pretty good moods on their wedding days. It makes sense, seeing they usually have the want to get married, so their aspiration is sky-high!

      Well, they're not getting started on kids just yet but I imagine they will as soon as I play them next. I can't remember if I've taken them off BC yet. Julia and Sam both have an IFS of 8...good Lord! For so many reasons though, that's not happening. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!