Monday, 2 April 2012

Tidying up the side bar

Over the next few days/weeks, you might notice some links in the side bar disappearing. Most of them will be the old CC posts I did a couple of years ago. I haven't updated any of them for well over a year, as I now keep track of everything on Pinterest.

The original posts will still exist here on the blog - they just won't be in the sidebar any more. I'm going to be going through my links from those posts and pinning as much as I can (what still exists - a lot of the links are broken) to my Pinboard.

The link to my Pinterest has been in the sidebar since I created it and I encourage you all to use that if there's a piece of CC you'd like to find and are too shy to ask me about (because I never mind a polite and friendly WCIF ;)). It's much easier than going through a list of links, as there is a picture of each item and it's all categorised by the type of content. Good for just browsing too, as anything new I download, I try to pin it there.

If you'd still prefer to use the original posts, you can find them easily by clicking on the "custom content" label in the sidebar. It's way too much work to continue to update them though, so don't expect to see anything new there!

There's definitely an update coming soon - either tomorrow or the next day. It's a high school update and will take place in two different venues, so I needed just a bit of extra time to put it together. :)

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