Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Romilly-Royce-Nihill wedding

Round 37: November 2045 (Spring)

I didn’t really care to follow the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding but Ione was quite insistent. So the night before, I bunked down in Aurora’s old bedroom.

I wasn’t especially thrilled but Ione has been a big help in planning this wedding, so I figured I could do one thing for her.

She ended up taking care of a lot of the annoying stuff for me. It made up for Mum not being around to step in, at least a little bit.

While we were planning, I was thinking about Mum a lot and wondering what kinds of things she would have liked to see. It was probably the best I could do to make it seem like she was there. 

Josh and I wanted a small wedding but even inviting just family and close friends, it blew out pretty quickly!

It was mostly my family, which is huge, mostly due to Ione and her five kids! 

I couldn’t have excluded anyone though, so I was fine that the wedding didn’t turn out exactly as I imagined when I first got engaged.

I really just wanted to move forward and be married anyway. The wedding was mostly just a way to get there. 

Not that I didn’t get a little Bridezilla-ish a few times (maybe more than a few, if you ask Ione!) but I tried to keep the main goal in mind. 

I thought Francesca might be bored at the wedding, being the only kid there but she wasn’t.

She kept herself busy talking to all of the guests. And I thought this kid was shy!

Most of the time, she was wherever Keira was. Keira fortunately didn’t mind.

They’re only a couple of years apart but Keira is in high school now and I thought she might be too cool for her baby cousin. I probably would have been, if I’d had any younger cousins!

Josh and I haven’t planned our honeymoon yet but we are intending to go on one. Everyone had advice on the best places to go.

Connor and Lila went to Takemizu for their honeymoon and highly recommended it.

I thought it sounded interesting but Josh didn’t. There’s nothing really active to do there, apart from walking everywhere, so he won’t go.

More than likely, we’ll end up at Cape Elizabeth. Josh’s parents have very kindly offered us the use of their holiday house, which I'm more than okay with anyway. It’s hard to say no to free accommodation!

We’ve never been but Jessica and Declan stayed there a couple of months back and loved it. 

My parents aren’t around any more and Josh’s are pretty laid back, so the only one immediately interested in our plans to start breeding was Josh’s grandmother, Kit

She’s very keen for a great-grandchild before she dies and Josh and I are the most likely candidates to give her one.

If she sticks around a few more years, then we might do that but we have no immediate plans to have kids.

We still haven’t been living together as a couple for that long, so we want a little bit more time to enjoy that before we embark on parenthood.

We’ll be the only ones in our social circle to not have kids soon. Sophie is about halfway through her pregnancy.

She’s pretty open about the fact that she wasn’t quite ready for kids yet - she was hoping for a dog first!

But she’s also a very positive person and seeing Oliver was so excited, it wasn’t too difficult for her to start looking forward to it too.

She’s very tired of being pregnant though. She feels massive and can’t imagine getting any bigger than she already is.

I don’t know if any of my friends have enjoyed pregnancy very much, which really doesn’t make me particularly eager to go through it myself.

Meanwhile, my niece Caitlin is 22 and already wants a baby. 

She’s pretty sensible and her relationship with Mitchell is still pretty new, so she has no concrete plans or anything. 

But lately, she gets a little twinge every time she sees a baby and wants one of her own. 

I made her promise she’d at least wait for me to have a baby first. I can’t cope with my niece having a kid before I do!

When it came time to cut the cake, Josh decided it would be hilarious to smoosh it in my face, rather than use a damn fork.

He was lucky I didn’t ask for a divorce right then and there. I’m not the kind of woman who would find that funny and I thought he knew that!

Maybe he had more champagne than I thought he did. Anyway, I decided to pretend I thought it was funny anyway, so I didn’t ruin the afternoon.

I guess if that was the very worst part, then it had to have been a pretty excellent reception, overall. 

Once we got home after the reception, I did sort of wish we’d finished planning our honeymoon in time. We’ll have to get on that now.

Despite spending our wedding night here at home, rather than in some exotic locale, we were still both absolutely thrilled to finally be married!


Posed pics!

Just realised I didn't get any good pics at all of Max at the wedding! He was there, I promise!

  • Honeymoon will be off camera but I'll probably put some pics up on Tumblr, which I'm trying to use more. I fell out of the habit during my unintended hiatus.
  • I can't remember if I've said here on the blog but Caitlin really does have a baby want. She may have even had it before Mitchell. He doesn't have one, so she's going to have to wait (bar an oops, which I don't want for her!), which is probably a good idea anyway.
  • Kit's want for a relative to get married came back around again once it was fulfilled. She's also got the want for another grandchild, which isn't going to happen, seeing both of her daughters would be at least perimenopausal by now! So I'm interpreting that as a want for a great-grandchild, even though a great-grandchild wouldn't fulfill the want and the game wouldn't even recognise the baby as related to Kit, sadly. 


  1. What a lovely wedding, they're a gorgeous couple and I, too, long for babies. :)

    1. And you know I'm always longing for babies too! There are always a few percolating in Sullivan though, so I'm desperate for these two to get cracking just yet. ;) Glad you enjoyed the wedding!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I can identify with Elspeth not seeing the point of the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding but glad it was fun for her and Ione. The wedding was beautiful, and well-attended! It didn't surprise me that Elspeth didn't appreciate Josh stuffing cake in her face, but she handled it with quite a lot of grace, considering. The picture of Kit grilling them on their plans was great. I've often been frustrated that the game doesn't recognize great grandchildren for wants. It was great to get to read a Sullivan update!

    1. Hey, my email notifications are working again! Hopefully it continues!

      Of all the old-fashioned wedding traditions, this is probably one of the more benign ones! My sister is planning her wedding at the moment and she's not doing a bouquet or garter toss, nor a few of the Italian traditions my late grandmother would have insisted on...but she is spending the night before the wedding in a hotel room with me! So I could see Elspeth bending on that one, just to keep the peace.

      LOL, Kit is so keen! I should get her and Athena together and they can bond over their desperation for their grandkids to breed! It makes me laugh, because Athena was never so family-oriented when she was younger and I'm not sure Kit was either.

      There are a lot of relations I wish the game recognised! I think this is actually something TS3 got right. I can't remember if it recognised great-grandchildren but it recognised steps, halfs and in-laws, which was nice. TS2 doesn't even name a lot of the relations and TS4 has gone back to that somewhat.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Nice that Ione was such an asset for the wedding and that Elspeth honored her request to not see the bride before the ceremony. That was gracious of Elspeth. I totally could have seen Elspeth giving Josh a big tongue lashing for that one!

      Elspeth is a gorgeous bride! They are a very good looking couple, and while they aren't in a rush for children, I am looking forward to it!

      I'm surprised that Caitlin is ready! She is so young, plenty of time for that!

    3. Ha good point about the wedding traditions. Most are not benign! My email notifications are not working either.

    4. Maisie, I'm not sure Elspeth would have been quite as helpful to Ione as Ione was to her! Which Ione would be aware of but she's far too nice to hold that against her. ;)

      Caitlin is a bit of a nut. She doesn't even have a marriage want - just wants a baby! I'm definitely going to make her wait on that!

      Sorry for the long wait for a reply - I missed this comment!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Shannon, I believe my notifications are working as they should again, after I got an email from Blogger asking me if I still wanted to be subscribed to comments (or something like that). I'm now getting notifications that I have comments in the queue and another when I approve them, which is how it used to be. I'm still scared to turn off moderation though, in case I break something again!

  3. Beautiful wedding as usual. I love all the attention to detail you put in your weddings.

    1. Thank you! This wedding was pretty simple for me. Most of the stuff on the lot was already set up from a previous wedding. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Lovely wedding! I like the way she handled the cake incident. I always found that interaction a bit annoying in TS2.

    In my hood, I'm torn between keeping the population down, and BABIES!!!:) TS3 does recognise great-grandchildren... which of course is another incentive to have more babies... *sigh*

    1. The things that annoy me with the smash cake interaction are a) it seems to be completely and utterly random and b) the reaction is always the same. It should be based on personality traits! Neat sims should never do it. Playful or sloppy sims might. Serious or neat sims should have a negative reaction if their spouse smashes cake in their face! I don't know - something! So eh...I did what I could with it, lol!

      Yes, I do like that TS3 recognises so many different family relationships. That's one thing they got right (and then stupidly got wrong again in TS4). I think population control is a bigger issue in TS3 than in TS2 - you're kind of stuck with the space you have, rather than being able to add on more subhoods.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!