Thursday, 12 July 2018

A rush and a push

Round 37: October 2045 (Spring)

Linnea Lane is 85. Eliot is 59, Cordy is 52 and Charlotte is 16.
(Tim is 25, Matthew and Simon are 20, Sylvia is 19, Marcus is 16 and Grace and Jacinta are 15)
Narrated by Charlotte Lane

My parents both hate it that my grandma spoils me so much but personally, I love it.
It’s probably just that I’m the only grandchild she actually lives with but we’ve become very close.

It’s not just the presents, though those are very nice!

It’s nice having someone to do active stuff with. Mum and Dad are both pretty sporty but they work a lot and can’t devote the same time to fitness that they’d like to.

And Grandma is surprisingly fit for an old lady!

I know Mum has struggled with her relationship with Grandma for most of her life but maybe we just mesh better.

Though Mum and Grandma have been getting along a little better since she moved in with us, so maybe it’s just that one or both of them have changed over the years. 

As much as I like my parents and my grandma, it’s still a little boring being in a house with all old people.

My brothers are annoying but I kind of miss having someone around to play video games with.

Or to spar with. If I mouth off to my parents, I just get grounded.

Tim, the golden child and almost-doctor, doesn’t come around very often but he tries.

He’s in his final year of medical school and he works about 80 hours a week, so he likes to sleep when he’s not.

He and Marius have started looking around at houses, hoping they might be able to get their own place when Tim starts his residency next year. It’s expensive though, so it’s not a sure thing.

Dad recently got a $55,000 bonus at work and he’s offered Tim and Marius a portion of that, to put towards a house.

Even better than that, Mum told me later that they’d also be putting some away for Matthew, Simon and me as well, for us to use once we finish uni. I’m pretty pleased to hear that!

Matthew and Simon visit a bit more often. They only have two or three hours of class a day and they don’t work. 

Academics tend to come pretty easy to both of them, so I doubt there’s all that much studying going on either.

Last time they came over, Simon brought his new girlfriend Sylvia with him. They’ve been together for a few months now and my parents have been asking to meet her.

I kind of vaguely knew of her already, just from seeing her around school when she was still there. She’s okay and everything but his ex-girlfriend Annabel seemed a bit more his type. 

But things are going well with them. Simon is happy, as is she. So I guess we’ll just see how it goes.

I’m mainly focused on preparing for uni at the moment. Next year, it’ll just be me and my cousin Marcus in Grade 12 and we’re both keen to go to Suffolk.

We’ve never been super close but we’ve been hanging out a bit more than usual lately. I’m glad I won’t be the only newbie on campus when the time comes.

I wish Grace and Jacinta were coming with me though. They start Grade 11 next year, so they’re a year behind me.

They’re pretty keen to be done with high school and don’t fancy a whole extra year of it after I go…but at least they’ll be doing it together.

But I’m trying to stay positive about it anyway. I’ve decided to go into teaching and I’m excited to start learning all about that.

I’ve already sat the SAS and I scored a 50. That safely gets me in but isn’t high enough for me to score discounted tuition or anything, though I will get a laptop as a result of my straight As, so that’s something.

I’m still a little bit disappointed by my score though. I was hoping to get at least 60, so getting 50 was a bit of a shock for me.

My parents have both said that getting into Suffolk is the most important thing and I should be proud of that.

I am proud - just a bit bummed at the same time. I’m going to try to make this be my motivation to do much, much better once I’m actually at uni.


  • Title is from A Rush and A Push and The Land Is Ours by The Smiths. 
  • I have to admit I was expecting Charlotte to do better on the SAS too. I think I unintentionally neglect younger siblings in my game, focusing on their big brothers and sisters instead. I don't remember what Tim's SAS was, or if I was even doing it when he started uni, but Matthew's was 59. Simon's was 46...but he's Family/Pleasure and not prone to doing all that much skilling, which is the major way most of my teens score SAS points. 
  • November birthdays next, followed by Elspeth and Josh's wedding. I'm hoping to get birthdays out in the next week and at least have some pics done for the wedding too. 


  1. I remember Charlotte being bummed in a house full of old people the last time I read about her, so she must be dying to get to college now and be around kids her own age. Watch out, Suffolk! I wonder if she'll go a bit wild from being cooped up with the oldies, lol!

    Glad to see Sylvia met the family. And yay for money from rich parents!

    1. She's excited to get herself on campus but I think she might struggle being away from Grace and Jacinta but also with being a little fish in a big pond. Having her go wild would be fun...except she has the same issue Ruby has, in that she's related to most of the boys around her age! She could hook up with townies, of course but I never find that as fun!

      LOL, I'm so jealous of my sims and their rich parents! It's so easy to make money in this game!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love seeing Charlotte and her grandma enjoying their active pursuits together, that was fun! What great fortune for the family, getting that bonus to help Marius and Tim get started and also save some for everyone else. I look forward to seeing them find a house together. Also, looking forward to Charlotte heading to uni. She seems pretty focused, knowing what career she wants (I think she'll be a great teacher with her energy level) and especially with the disappointment about the score to motivate her. I think I probably slack a little on younger kids too while focusing on the older ones. That's one thing I love about uni, is being able to give each sim the individual attention I want, for a while.

    1. I have so many houses to look for and then decorate now! I'm actually quite excited about it. I found this amazing dorm on Tumblr that got me in the mood to decorate one of those too. So much to do, so little time!

      I think Charlotte will make a good teacher too. There were a few careers she matched very well with but teaching seemed to be the one that fit best for her.

      That's why I love uni so much too. My sims always really come into their own once they're at uni. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Exciting for Tim! He has been in school forever! I'm excited to see what happens for them and their new house. Do you have a favorite creator for houses?

    That's unfortunate that her and Ruby are mostly related to the men on campus. I agree that it is more fun when they aren't townies. Even still, I'm looking forward to seeing her at university. Hopefully she can make some new friends so she isn't lonely in the meantime.

    Nice that her parents are giving them money upon graduation. Cordy and Linnea getting along is a nice sight to see in their older age.

    1. Yeah, my poor doctors have a lot of study to do! Still not as much as doctors in real life though. LOL, I may eventually make it even harder for them, so Tim might actually be lucky. ;)

      I don't have a favourite house creator, actually! I tend to just go to my Pinterest or MTS and randomly click until I find something I like...and then hardly ever pay attention to the creator's name! Tim and Marius may end up in something already in the hood though. I'll have to see how much cash they end up with.

      Maybe I need to do some more uni makeovers, to make my townies a bit more interesting to me! I think Charlotte will be fine at uni though. I imagine she might be bugging her older brothers and also hanging around with her cousin Ruby a little. So she knows people there, even though she doesn't have any friends there yet.

      I want to start doing that more with my wealthy sims. At a certain point, the money just sits there anyway - might as well put it to good use!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Grandparents are great for spoiling. That's their job-lol!

    1. I totally agree! Charlotte is probably already spoiled enough without Linnea's help though. She's never wanted for anything for her entire life, coming from one of my wealthiest families.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!