Tuesday, 12 June 2018

You say it's your birthday, October 2045

Round 37: October 2045 (Spring)

Everett Benton has had a crush on Daphne Kirby for a while now and much to his dismay, she’s never reciprocated. She’s always been friendly but never wanted to take it any further. Up until now, he’s been able to tell himself Daphne is just not interested in boys yet and when she is, maybe then something will happen.

But the revelation that Daphne is now dating Joaquin Miguel has been hard for Everett to swallow.

Marcus is trying to be a good friend and hear him out but Everett can tell he’s getting tired of it.

He’s started unloading his troubles on his twin sister Grace instead.

At least they both have after school jobs to focus their energies on these days. Everett can’t spend all his time moping!

Camilla and Charlie are busy preparing 3-year-old Eliza for pre-school next year.

Charlie can’t believe Eliza is almost old enough for school already - she still seems like a baby to him!

Hopefully, adjusting to school won’t be too difficult for Eliza. She’s already buddies with Elisa Hamilton and her cousin Zoe will be in her class too.

She’s on the more outgoing side, like her mum, so Charlie and Camilla are hoping she will absolutely thrive at pre-school!


Over at the Lachance farm, twins Colin and Gwen are celebrating their first birthday!

The twins have fairly similar personalities, but Gwen is just a tiny bit shyer than her brother.

Both Gwen and Colin are keeping their parents on their toes already but Colin is the more lively one so far.


Adelaide has been feeling like her relationship with Sebastian is growing a bit stagnant lately. Turning 27 this month, she’s quite keen for a sign that things are moving forward, so she decides to broach the topic directly.

She decides against mentioning her desire for a baby. She’s not quite sure Sebastian is ready for that and she’s willing to wait on that for a few years. But she does want them to live together. 

Sebastian isn’t particularly alarmed. Quite the opposite, in fact. When he imagines his future, Adelaide is always there with him. Seeing they’ve been together for so long already, why shouldn’t she move in?

He’s been having similar thoughts as Adelaide. She stays over quite a bit but when she’s not around, it’s pretty boring and lonely for Sebastian, since Oliver moved out when he got married.

So eventually, Adelaide will move in with Sebastian. They’ll have to wait until Chris and Veronica get their own place but they’re both excited to take that step.

Other September birthdays:
Matias Miguel turns 4
Alex Moretti turns 6
Michael Gottlieb turns 14
Gisele Couderc turns 20
Annabel and Georgina Nott turn 21
Patience Ashton turns 43
Amar Hamilton turns 44
Wade Gottlieb turns 55
Kirstin Sitko turns 61
Madelyn Novak turns 65
Owen Novak turns 68

September wedding anniversaries:
Connor and Lila Novak - 2 years
Steve and Olivia Nihill - 19 years
Trent and Megan Kirby - 49 years

Comparison pics:

Colin and Gwen...

...and their parents Edward and Lucy!


  • I will be very, very busy over the next few weeks but I am going to endeavour to get these updates semi-regularly. I don't want another two month hiatus again if I can help it! After these few weeks are up, it's school holidays and I'll have more time on my hands. 
  • I lost a few pics from the Benton mini-update and didn't notice until I was putting together the update. Gah. Why are they never just random pics that go missing? They're always ones I definitely wanted to use!
  • I think both twins favour Lucy, though they have Edward's eyes and Gwen got Edward's hair colour as well. They're cuties. Colin is VERY smiley! It took me forever to get a semi-neutral pic of him for his profile. 
  • Speaking of profiles, I haven't done them yet for the twins! I'm typing this quite late at night and I'm hoping I'll get a chance to put them up in the next couple of days. 
  • Adelaide will just move in with Sebastian, so there won't be a lot tour. Once I find a place for Chris and Veronica though, I'll definitely do a lot tour for them. :) 


  1. Colin and Gwen are darling! I really like Lucy's lip shape, and they both got them. Too funny on Colin being so smiley, I've had a few where I had to wait until they looked natural. Outgoing babies always make my sim parents exhausted until about the time they head to school.

    I'm glad that Adelaide and Sebastian will move in together; I was a bit concerned at first. They're a cute couple, and they've been together forever!

    Poor Everett, I hope he finds someone else to date soon. Maybe Daphne will be available in the future.

    1. Edward's lip shape is classic Lachance, all the way back to Sacha! But Lucy's genetics are newer to the hood and I'm always happy to mix it up a little bit as well. It was weird that Colin was so smiley! He's more outgoing than Gwen but still not that outgoing. Or playful, for that matter.

      I totally forgot I had to find a place for Chris and Veronica and move Adelaide into Sebastian's house. A happy reminder - I was in the mood to do some decorating. :)

      I wonder if Everett will still be into Daphne when she's next available. You never know with kids this age. Josh was into Elspeth constantly from the time he aged to teen but I remember Edward once having a little thing for Lila and that was forgotten pretty quickly once he met Lucy. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with this little triangle!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. My goodness, the twins are just the cutest! It’s about time Sebastian and Adelaide took another step in their relationship. :)

    1. Ha, Adelaide thinks so too, lol! I love how the twins turned out. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Oh no, poor Everett. That has to sting. But I can't wait to hear more about Joaquin. (Everett is such a cutie though, a clone of his daddy!)

    I worried for a minute that Adelaide might break up with Sebastian. I really like them together, so I'm glad she's pushing them to take the next steps together. They both seem so laid-back about their relationship that you might assume they weren't into it, but I don't feel like that's the case. I can't imagine them not being together.

    1. Yeah, I honestly don't think Everett inherited anything from Camilla, apart from that particular shade of brown hair. But I mean, I chose that myself, so it doesn't really count. Total Charlie clone!

      He's not especially thrilled about this turn of events with Joaquin and Daphne, naturally. I don't know if Joaquin has featured much on the blog before, apart from the school updates but we'll probably see a bit more from him when the next Kirby update rolls around.

      I can't imagine Adelaide and Sebastian being apart either. Sebastian is Romance (or secondary Romance, maybe?) but he's never shown the slightest interest in anyone else. These days, when that happens, I usually switch them to Pleasure or Popularity sims. Anyway, I think they're pretty committed to each other - they just like to take their time!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!