Wednesday, 20 September 2017

You say it's your birthday, March 2045

Round 37: March 2045 (Autumn)

Now that James Novak has fulfilled his promise to retire and both are at home full time, Madelyn is at him to take her away on vacation.

James could probably be described as a little cheap and at the moment, he’s not keen on spending that kind of money. 

So the couple have been spending some quality time at home, rather than in the mountains like Madelyn was hoping.

Fortunately, there’s plenty going on at home in Sullivan, with the recent birth of new grandson Jonathan.

Before Jonathan, James and Madelyn had four granddaughters and only two grandsons, so having another boy in the family has been lovely.

He’s only four weeks old, so Lila and Connor are still very much adjusting to parenthood.

Even just four weeks into it though, Lila is complaining of being bored at home all day. She has six months’ maternity leave and is already wondering if she can go back early. 

It’s up to Lila to decide what to do with her leave but until she figures it out, James and Madelyn would happy to take Jonathan off her hands for a few hours, so she can get some time to herself. 


It’s been a nerve-wracking nine months for Hope Novak and her husband Malcolm. With one late loss already behind them, it was hard not to worry about it happening again. 

Finally though, it’s time for Baby Novak to make his/her debut!

Malcolm isn’t an obstetrician but Hope feels slightly comforted having two doctors in the room during her labour. It can’t hurt, right?

As with Mason’s birth though, Malcolm is happy to let Cara take charge and just do whatever he’s told to do. 

And it’s a girl!

Caroline Hanna has her mum’s blue eyes. She doesn’t have a lot of hair but she has some very wispy tufts of blonde, which hasn’t been seen in her family since Malcolm’s great-grandmother, Petra.

Malcolm and Hope can’t wait for his parents to bring Mason to the hospital, so he can meet his new baby sister!


Meanwhile, Hope's best friend Julia is celebrating the first birthday of daughter Penny!

She's already getting into her brother Zac's toys. Zac is only at home with the Whitneys a couple of nights a week, so hopefully nothing gets broken in his absence!

Having a toddler in the house has been quite an adventure for Julia and husband Sam.One minute, Penny is whining...

...and the next, she's all smiles and has forgotten all about whatever was causing her to fuss!

Penny is still willing to nap for a couple of hours a day at least, so her parents get a little break from her antics!

Other birthdays this month:
Everett and Grace Benton turn 15
Alice Jacobson turns 19
Brendan Lachance turns 22
Declan Romilly turns 24
Audrey Benton turns 33
Julia Whitney turns 34
Nathan Collins turns 35
Sarah Moretti turns 40
Miles Jacobson turns 42
Joanna Draper turns 50
Virginia Jacobson turns 53
Cara Moretti turns 56
Kit Royce turns 85

March wedding anniversaries:
Max Nihill and Zaria Royce-Nihill - 23 years
Eliot and Cordy Lane - 30 years
Tate and Zelda Benton - 46 years

Comparison pics:

Here's a nice close-up of Penny!

Here's Sam when I aged him down...

...and here's Julia!

I think she mostly looks like Sam but she has Julia's eyes and general face shape. An adorable combination, if you ask me!

  • I love the hospital gown I downloaded from Fanseelamb! I'd been meaning to put it in my game for ages and finally did it. I like it so much more than using pyjamas or any of the other hospital gowns out there. 
  • Caroline's middle name is after Malcolm's grandmother, Hanna Novak.
  • I wanted a girl for Hope and Malcolm, so I brought back my old rule for rerolling. I am allowed three tries, including the initial birth. If I still don't get the sex I want, I have to live with it. I only needed one reroll this time. 
  • Hope and Malcolm's kids have the possibility of getting any of the four hair colours, because Malcolm is black/blonde and Hope is brown/red. Even knowing that, Caroline being blonde surprised me! I loved seeing these long dormant recessive genes pop up again. :)


  1. Yay, so excited for the new baby and a baby girl too! I might be stealing your reroll option. Also, it's really cool that their kids have equal option of each of the hair colors-maybe they'll have one of each :) LOL!

    1. Yeah, steal away! It's a nice way to try to keep some kind of gender balance without totally cheating. To be honest, I don't think I'd have the patience to keep rerolling very far past three times anyway!

      I was pretty excited when I noticed their genes. I checked all my young (as in still fertile) couples and Hope and Malcolm are actually the only ones with this possibility. I'm not sure if they'll have any more kids yet though. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I agree that Penny mostly looks like Sam! And I couldn't help laughing at James being cheap, lol. Maybe he'll give in and take Madelyn on that vacation!

    1. I'm really happy Penny looks like Sam, because Zac also looks mostly like Sam. Zac won't ever have another full-sibling, so I like that his half sister looks quite a bit like him.

      Madelyn will keep working on James. She doesn't give up easily. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I got that hospital gown from Fanseelamb too; it is really nice! I am pretty sure that's the one Lexie wore for her hospital birth for the twins.

    Yay for dormant recessive genes! Caroline is a beautiful name, too. I'm so happy Malcolm and Hope have their little girl and I really like your reroll system.

    Lila and Connor are adorable as new parents.

    James made me laugh, refusing to spend money on a vacation- he reminds me of my dad who is also a business man and quite frugal.

    1. I just went and had a look at Lexie's gown, because I didn't remember her wearing this one. Lexie's is a much older one that I'm not sure who made - the Fanseelamb one is from sometime last year, if I'm not mistaken. It's a great piece though and I'm so glad to have found it!

      More on Lila and Connor soon enough - they're scheduled for May 2045. :) I'm looking forward to popping on on them but I feel like I have so much to do before I get there!

      Ha, maybe it's a business thing! James is a good balance for Madelyn, as she doesn't think much about spending money at all. Someone's got to watch the accounts!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Aw, I'm sad that Madelyn didn't get her vacation, lol! Don't be such a homebody, James! Take your lady somewhere!

    Welcome baby Caroline! How neat to get a blondie again after so many generations!

    Penny is adorable! I love her wispy little bangs. :)

    1. I think Madelyn will step up the nagging eventually. She now has a want to go on an island vacation, so maybe that will appeal more to James than the mountains!

      I love Penny's hair - wish I had more hairstyles that were so appropriate for toddlers!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Oh, ditto on the wish for better toddler hair in TS4 too! What is up with all these creators making toddler hair that's like three feet long down to their butt? Have they never met a real life toddler? Hair can't even grow that fast in two years of life, lol!

    3. Exactly! I try to avoid those adult styles for my toddlers but I give myself a bit of slack (a lot of my toddlers have had hair probably a bit too long), because there's just really not a lot out there!

  5. Shame James couldn't take Madelyn to the mountains, that sounded especially nice. I guess they have plenty to keep them entertained with all the youngsters around.

    Congrats to Hope & Malcolm!

    Penny is very cute and I love her hair style, really suits her face shape. She is a lovely mix of both adults. I lover her big brown eyes and full cheeks! :)

    1. Madelyn has the want to go to the islands now but she likely will get her vacation in the next couple of years. :)

      Very keen to say Penny as she ages up. Her mum and aunt were such cuties as little kids and Penny is definitely following in their footsteps. All I have of Sam as a kid are the pics in his profile but from the very brief time I aged him down, he was very sweet too!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I knew instantly that Caroline's middle name was after Hanna, very sweet to carry the name on, and yay for blonde hair! It's nice when something recessive pops up. I'm happy for their little family, very sweet!

    Penny is adorable! Good luck Zac, toddlers are attracted to the things they can't have!

    Hopefully James will take his wife on vacation soon, somethings are worth the expense.

    1. I'm glad Caroline's middle name was noticed by someone other than me, lol! I was very glad to get a blonde. Hope is Brown/Red and Malcolm is Black/Blonde, so I could have got literally any hair colour and was so bummed when Mason got boring old black!

      Zac will have to learn to keep his bedroom door closed when Penny is around or put everything up high where she can't reach! ;)

      I have a few families I need to take on vacation and James and Madelyn are one. Probably the one I'll do first, as they'll be so easy to manage.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!