Tuesday, 9 May 2017

You say it's your birthday, August 2044

Round 36: August 2044 (Winter)

This August, Brigit Gottlieb is turning 25! Fortunately for her, her birthday falls after the first semester exams are over and not during, as she had feared.

Unfortunately for her, she still has to work a shift at the coffee shop on her birthday. 

She didn’t want to work but she and Noah are living on only one full-time income at the moment and she really can’t turn down the cash.

It’s not so bad. It turns out to be a quiet day, with no difficult customers. 

When she gets home from work, Noah is already waiting with Brigit’s birthday gift. His name is Scooter. He’s not the brightest spark, or the cleanest, but Brigit loves him right away.

Noah and Brigit have both been talking about wanting to start a family lately but seeing Brigit is still studying, that might have to wait a while. Scooter willl be their practice baby!

Scooter is definitely Brigit’s favourite gift ever, though he does make the prospect of a birthday dinner out a bit trickier. Neither Brigit or Noah want to leave him alone on his first night, so they share a quiet dinner at home instead.

Lucy Lachance has felt enormous for a while and it’s hard for her to believe she’s not actually due until November!

Dr. Moretti has told Lucy and Edward that with twins, it’s very likely that she’ll deliver early. The babies might arrive as early as October.

As uncomfortable as she is at the moment, Lucy is struggling to see the downside! 

It’s been a long and exhausting pregnancy for Sarah Moretti but she and Nick are finally ready to meet their fifth child!

Sarah and Nick have both given their okay for student Tim to observe the birth. Having done this four times before, they’re pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

It doesn’t make it any more comfortable for poor Sarah but she’s probably as prepared as any of Cara’s patients ever have been.

Sarah’s final birth turns out to be her quickest yet - 45 minutes and baby was ready!

And it’s a boy! Sarah and Nick decide to name him Richard George, to be known as Richie.

There are four kids at home quite keen to meet their new little brother but Nick and Sarah are taking some time to get to know him on their own, before they have Kimberly bring the others to visit.

And finally, we have a first birthday to celebrate!

Cary Hamilton, son of Zane and Chloe, is now a whole year old!

He's quite the cutie!

Other birthdays this month:
Natalie Clarke turns 7
Phoebe Jacobson turns 7
Theo Nihill turns 9
Iris Kirby turns 10
Ramona Nihill turns 17
Leslie Lachance turns 33
Eliot Lane turns 58
Kendal Draper turns 68
James and Naomi Novak turn 69

August wedding anniversaries:
Zane and Chloe Hamilton - 8 years
David and Kirstin Sitko - 34 years


This why I'm removing that iPod from the hospital room! They were all doing this, every time I snapped them out of a pose! I think Nick is actually dancing in that first pic of him in the update but I thought it was animated talking when I snapped the pic. ;) 

A while back, I aged down all my former townies so I could use their pics for comparison with their kids. So let's look at Cary and his parents!

Here's Chloe...

...and here's Zane!

  • I think Cary is almost all Zane apart from his eyes. He looks very different to his big brother Cole, in any case. 
  • I was really hoping Richie would be a girl. :\ I almost exited to try again and then realised I couldn't be bothered. There's a satisfying symmetry with two boys, a girl and then two boys anyway. :)
  • And with that, Nick and Sarah's household is officially full! According to me and according to the game, lol. By the time Thomas goes off to college, Sarah will (hopefully) be too old to get pregnant again. I honestly think these two would never stop if I didn't say enough!


  1. Aw, what a nice birthday gift for Brigit!

    I hear you when it comes to breeder sims like Nick and Sarah, haha. They remind me of the Hiller family in Barchester - they, too, would probably pop out ten kids if they had room for them.

    1. I think there's a couple like Nick and Sarah in just about every hood! And funny you should mention ten kids specifically - both these crazies rolled a want for ten babies right after Richie was born!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Thank goodness for sim limits on houses. Without it, and with ACR & Family sims, lots of them would have about 8-12 babies! Nick and Sarah's family is really fun to read about but those big house holds are a lot to manage.

    1. They can be very tricky to manage! I'm just glad that there are no other toddlers or babies in the house and with Thomas and Ryan being teens now, there are five pairs of hands to help with the baby!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Cary looks so cute! He really does look a lot like Zane. I wonder how Richie's genetics will turn out... I'm quite excited for Lucy's twins, as well.

    (Also, hello Carla! I've been reading and keeping up with Sullivan for a few years now. I would have commented sooner but I'm very shy. I always love your updates; you take such beautiful pictures and your neighborhood looks so put together. I envy your decorating skills, lol!)

    1. Hi Amy! It's nice to hear from you. I think I've seen you commenting at Sierra Nova. :) Thanks for the lovely compliments on my blog - I'm very glad you've been enjoying it and that you've delurked after so long!

      I'm pretty happy with Cary - I think he's going to be an interesting looking guy as he gets older. Sarah and Nick's kids have all turned out pretty cute so far, so hopefully it's a sure bet that Richie will be too!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Haaa, I love the picture of Nick dancing. I can imagine him being super excited about another baby and Sarah being like, "YES IT'S EXCITING BUT I AM IN PAIN OVER HERE."

    1. I had similar thoughts once I realised Nick was dancing! I can imagine being a bit unimpressed. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Aww, welcome new baby! And new doggie baby! And happy birthday to everyone.

    I think it's cute that Nick was dancing for the pictures. He looks so excited. It looks like Sarah is humoring him for a moment, lol!

    I was just going to say that Cary looked like Zane all around! You think not the eyes? I think they look like Zane's eyes. The eyes were the first thing I noticed.

    1. Heh, Scooter is totally going to get treated like a baby in that house!

      With Sarah being so serious and Nick being so playful, I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time Sarah has humoured him. There's probably a fair bit of that going on.

      Well, I had been thinking Cary had Chloe's eyes but now you have me reconsidering. I thought maybe they looked more open than Zane's (which often look a bit squinty) but the shape does seem a bit more similar to Zane's than Chloe's. I'm sure I'll be able to tell better once I play him for longer, so we'll see.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Ah Brigit is so lucky! I've been swooning over this rescue dog that my husband won't relent on, and he's a big dog like Scooter. So sweet that they can practice with him. Lucky she didn't have exams on her birthday, though working on birthdays is also rather crummy in my book, but sadly apart of adulthood.

    Aww, Richie is a cutie! I'm a bit disappointed too that he wasn't a girl. As for Cary, what a doll! He's really cute, and makes me want to get back into my game more than ever.

    1. I adore Scooter! He was the only dog up for adoption in the big dogs category but I couldn't be happier with him. I planned a day off for my birthday this year (one of the perks of being a casual!) but in previous years, it's been unavoidable. Like you say, it's part of being an adult.

      I'm super keen to get back into my own game too. :\ Haven't had the time to sit down with it. Other than ducking in for five minutes to do a portrait for Mitchell, Tim and Eddie, I've done nothing since birthdays! There's so much I'm excited about in the future though, so I really have to carve out a couple of hours. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Congrats to the Moretti's! Loving the abbreviated name, so cute!

    Can't wait to see the Lachance twins too, very exciting!

    Cary Hamilton is adorable, a lovely mix of both parents. :)

    1. I usually use a generator for sim names and keep clicking until I come up with something that fits. Richard rolled up this time but I just can't imagine referring to a baby as Richard! So Richie it was - fits for an adult well enough too, so I'm liking it.

      Argh, so keen to get back to my game so I can actually see these Lachance twins!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. I really thought Richie was gonna be a girl. I can't wait to read how things work out for Catherine with so many boys around but maybe she'll luck out with girl cousins in the future?

    And I do love a doofy dog. There is something endearing about them, even if it can be frustrating.

    1. I was hoping for a girl, as I mentioned, but I'm not sure if I had a feeling one way or the other. I often assume I'll get whichever sex it is I don't want though, just because it so often seems to work out that way!

      Ah, I'm excited to play Brigit and Noah and their dumb dog again! My own dumb dog just toddled off to bed, so I do have a soft spot for the dim ones! I have one dumb one and one who is too smart for her own good.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!