Tuesday, 25 April 2017

You say it's your birthday, July 2044

Round 36: July 2044 (Winter)

Caleb has been needing another employee at Delizioso and after hearing that his grandson wanted to earn some money, he quickly hired Thomas.

Thomas’s first customer is his grandmother (and Caleb’s ex) Abigail. This is good. 

Hopefully she won’t mind his currently non-existent skills with the cash register!

Caleb isn’t too concerned. Thomas will learn and in the meantime, he’s now able to concentrate on the part of his job that he most enjoys. 

At the hospital, Caleb’s wife Cara is busy with third year medical student, Tim Lane. Tim is about to start shadowing her for his obstetrics rotation. He feels a little bit out of his depth but for the beginning at least, he’ll just be observing. 

He sits in on Cara’s morning appointment with Dominic and Leslie, who recently lost their baby at 32 weeks.

They’re now ready to talk about trying again and have come in to see Cara to make sure everything is okay physically.

Dominic and Leslie are both relieved to get the all-clear. As soon as they feel emotionally ready to try again, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t go ahead and do so. 

Next up, Connor and Lila have come in for her ultrasound. Their first baby is due in February.

Happily, Baby Novak is looking great - perfectly healthy and exactly where he/she should be at this stage of development.

And it’s a great learning experience for Tim. He’s looking forward to gaining even more experience over the coming months.

Just over a week after the ultrasound, Lila finds she can’t even button the pants she wore any more. She’s suddenly looking quite definitely pregnant!

She’s not totally thrilled about her new look but knowing the baby is coming is pretty exciting!

Over at Malcolm and Hope’s, the family has two causes for celebration. Not only is it Malcolm’s 34th birthday but Malcolm and Hope are also marking four years of marriage this month.

Over dinner a few nights after their combined festivities, Hope reveals another reason to celebrate. Just this morning, she took a home pregnancy test that came out positive! She still needs to go to the doctor to confirm but by her own calculations, she thinks she’s about six weeks along.

It’s fair to say Malcolm is happy with this news. They hadn’t been trying for very long, so a positive test already is somewhat unexpected.

Mason only turned two last month, so he won’t quite understand the idea of getting a new sibling yet.

Hopefully by the time he or she arrives, Mason will be ready to be a big brother.

Other birthdays this month:
Felicity Ashton turns 11
Jude Clarke turns 12
Caitlin Romilly turns 21
Jessica Royce-Nihill turns 24
Josh Royce-Nihill turns 30
Sam Whitney turns 34
Adrienne Hamilton turns 37
Steve Nihill turns 49
Max Nihill turns 57

July wedding anniversaries:
Charlie and Camilla Benton - 7 years
Wade and Amelia Gottlieb - 31 years

  • Just to be clear, Dominic and Leslie aren't expecting yet but they've decided to start trying. So maybe soon, they will be. :)
  • As for Hope and Malcolm, when I entered the lot, Hope had rolled a baby want. I don't always wait for wants, though I like to, especially for couples who've experienced a loss. Malcolm didn't have a baby want but baby wants for non-Family sims are vanishingly rare in my game, so I wouldn't be surprised if he never rolled one again (he did roll one before Mason). 


  1. I'm so excited about Hope and Malcolm having another baby. And I do hope that Leslie and Dominic are succesfull soon!
    I love how you focussed on both Caleb and Cara's jobs. I always love how you incorporate your sims careers in your updates. It's nice Caleb was able to hire Thomas in the shop, and I'm sure Thomas will get the hang of that cash register eventually.

    1. Malcolm and Hope will need to move too, so there should be a new house tour up for you guys at some point in the future as well. Their house is pretty poky - no room for a second kid!

      Thomas will be okay on the register...after a very, very long time! It always takes them forever to earn that first badge!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Starting out on the cash register is so difficult for sims! It was fun seeing Tim's internship at the hospital with Cara, and seeing Leslie and Dominic again. You have so many families in that stage of life where they are having babies, it seems!

    1. Years ago, I read that the bronze level for the register badge is actually bugged, which makes a lot of sense. It takes them so much longer to earn a badge for that than for anything else!

      I feel like that's always the case for my hood but I do seem to have a little baby boom going on at the moment!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Wonderful news for Malcolm and Hope! Mason is such a cutie pie, I hope that this next pregnancy goes by without any hiccups. I'm anxious for Leslie and Dominic when they do try, but I'm sure you will take very good care of them. How are you deciding when they will try again?

    Tim is adorable shadowing Cara and learning the ropes of obstetrics. Do you know what field he is planning to focus on eventually?

    1. I'm planning on taking super good care of all my pregnant ladies in the future, especially Hope and Leslie! I really want to minimise the chances of any more losses.

      Storywise, Dominic and Leslie have already started trying. I used the same system I use for adoption to figure out when I'd actually go in and let them be successful. I just did a bunch of yes/no rolls - each roll representing one month - and took note of how many it took to get a yes.

      No, I haven't decided on a field for Tim yet. I don't have a surgeon yet, so maybe that. But I'm also thinking I might put him in a field that's easier to write into the story. Then again, I'm doing health rolls next round, so I might have more use for a surgeon than I think I will.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I'm always excited for all babies, but I'm particularly excited right now to see Connor and Lila become parents. I can't wait to see what kind of parents they'll be and the kind of children they'll raise. Whoa, that belly popped on Lila, lol! She looks quite startled, too! ;)

    Good luck to Dominic and Leslie when the time comes, and to Hope and Malcolm, too! I'm sprinkling easy baby dust on all of them!

    1. It should be interesting. Lila has some baby experience, seeing Camilla lived at home with the twins for about a year before she took them to college with her. Connor is the youngest in his family and has never done much in the way of caring for his nieces and nephews, so this will be new for him!

      Heh, my sims appreciate your easy baby dust and so do I! I'm hoping all turns out well this time. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I wonder if Hope and Leslie will be able to chat sometime in the future considering that both suffered late term pregnancy losses.

    1. Funny you should say that, as I've thought about that too. Ultimately, I didn't do anything with it, as I couldn't really think of a reason why Hope and Leslie would ever meet in a way where the topic would come up. But if it happened naturally, I may or may not write it in. The main problem would be that I don't think they'd actually get along very well!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!