Wednesday, 1 January 2014

You say it's your birthday, January 2041

Yes! It's time for January birthdays! It was kind of a short one last year but this is kind of a bumper edition which should make up for that. And I have more CC now, so everyone looks prettier as well. ;) Okay, let's go!

Hope Novak has now entered her second trimester and her little baby bump is growing every day!

She and her husband Malcolm can't wait to meet their first child, who will arrive in June this year. 

Zane and Chloe Hamilton's son Cole has just celebrated his first birthday and is now old enough to be a playmate for his cousin Beau

Like both of his parents, he's proving to be a relatively quiet and serious child.

Pamela Gray will have four new students in her pre-school class this year, with four new four-year-olds in Sullivan! They are...

...Peter Nott...

Starting high school this year is Marcus Lane. Marcus is turning out to be fairly studious but still his father's son; he wants to have a total of 25 Dream Dates!

Joining Marcus is his cousin Charlotte Lane. Charlotte is still a keen figure skater but is also considering becoming a teacher when she grows up. 

Brendan Lachance is the last kid in his family to leave home and go off to college. He is living in Novak Hall, the largest dorm on campus and hasn't yet nailed down a major. 

Caitlin Romilly is also starting her university career and is living in Moretti Hall. She hasn't chosen a major yet either but Psychology is her most likely choice.

Mitchell Carmody was recently joined by his family on campus to celebrate his graduation!

Mitchell earned a 4.0 GPA and now holds a degree in Culinary Arts, with a minor in Literature. 

He is temporarily living back at home with his parents and younger brother Austin and is hoping to move out next year. Mitchell is looking for work with local restaurants. 

And finally, Matilda Jacobson's father Claudio has just celebrated his big 6-0!

  • Happy new year, everyone! Exciting to be starting the new year with a new round. This time last year, I was writing out the first update post-rebuild. I played it with almost no CC, so I have to assume the Clarke house is going to need a bit of a makeover when I play it next time around!
  • I don't have toddler pics of Chloe or Zane, so no comparison pics for Cole. I think he's mostly Chloe though, apart from his insanely arched eyebrows, which come from Zane. They look a lot better on older sims, thankfully!
  • I played around with hairstyles forever for this update, especially with River and Cole. Cole originally had River's hair, while River had Cole's and I swapped them over and over, totally unable to decide! I finally figured that Chloe and Zane were fairly likely to keep their son's hair pretty short, while Maia and Ethan would probably not be very uptight. That settled it for me, finally! I also downloaded and deleted three or four hairstyles before settling on one I already had for Mitchell. 
  • Charlotte turned out so pretty! When Cordy and Eliot had a girl, I remember hoping she'd look like Eliot, so I could maybe get another sim as pretty as Naomi. I think Charlotte looks more like her mother than her father but still, so gorgeous! 
  • I'm really glad Caitlin still looks like Caitlin. She was a sim who I aged up when she was a toddler, just to check what she looked like, and I remembered her face as rather plain and losing a lot of its personality. But I was clearly remembering wrong, because she definitely still has that cheeky look about her. 
  • I have updated the pics for some of my playable NPC families. Profiles are in the process of being done. I hope to be finished by Thursday, if not before. I am updating more pics than usual (sims who've changed their look a little since Sullivan 1.0, as well as all the new age-ups), so it might take a little longer. 


  1. Happy new year Carla, may all your wishes come through!

    You really had about anything in this birthdaypost; pregnancyupdate, toddlers, child, teen, ....

    I'm really looking forward to Hope and Malcolm's baby, do you have a preference?
    Cole is a cutie, phoede is adorable, and Peter looks like his brother (at least I think he does). Charlotte is absolutely stunning! As is Brendan, and Caitlin still looks like Caitlin :) which is very pretty!
    Mitchell is a really handsome sim! And I think the age suits Claudio very well :)

    1. I had everything except an actual birth, lol! That won't come until May, when Patience and Rob have their baby. :)

      I'm a bit unbalanced in terms of sex right now in the hood, so I think I'll hope for a girl for Malcolm and Hope. I really like the girls' name I have picked out and am thinking of changing the boys' name, so there's that too!

      Everyone came out pretty cute this time around. I can't say I was disappointed by anyone! I think the Nott kids all resemble each other but to me, Peter looks more like Annabel than Gabriel. Gabriel and Georgina look quite a bit alike, because they're a bit more of a mix than Peter and Annabel, who are basically Gordon clones!

      Claudio has hardly changed at all. It helps that he had no hair before and has no hair now! His beard went grey, that's about it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Hope you had a Happy New Year! Love your pnpc page, I could never do one because I don't age mine up until they matter to sims in my story, Cesar Gonzales would probably be middle age if I just aged them up with everyone, and I really want them to marry my sims. So I envy your pretty page of families.

    I can't believe Caitlyn is in college, she looks so mature! I'm in shock over it, she's still gorgeous, and Charlotte is stunning. I am smitten with Marcus too, and I could barely recognize Brendan, who for whatever reason always seemed older to me than Caitlyn, so I'm only surprised it took this long for him to get to uni. Looking forward to seeing all those little preschoolers in school, too cute!

    1. At this point, my pnpcs are kind of all intertwined with my own sims. Unless their kids start to marry each other, I probably won't have any pnpcs in a few years' time. So aging them is pretty much a necessity, at least for a pedant like me. ;)

      So happy with Caitlin. I am too excited to play her and Brendan at college...but especially her, lol. Marcus is one I was pretty thrilled with too. I was thinking the contrast between Luc and his Knowledge son might be fun but then I remembered Luc has secondary Knowledge anyway. And with Marcus rolling the LTW he did, I gave him Pleasure secondary. So I think they could end up being fairly similar.

      Maybe you didn't recognise Brendan because his hair is out of his eyes! I don't think he's had it like that since he was a kid. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!