Sunday, 26 November 2017

You say it's your birthday, May 2045

Round 37: May 2045 (Autumn)

Elisa Hamilton is turning 3 this month and this year, her birthday very conveniently falls on a Saturday. 

Seeing she’s not even old enough for pre-school yet, weekends don’t mean much to Elisa, as she’s home every day anyway.

But Saturday means that her favourite playmate, big brother Beau is home to hang out with her. 

She’s not thrilled when Beau goes off to school every day, so the weekends are always the best for her. 

Beau is incredibly patient with his sometimes rather demanding baby sister.

It’s something Adrienne is happy to see, though surprised too. Amar has always got along with his younger brother but she didn’t really consistently get along with her own until they were both adults living out on their own. 

Hopefully it continues next year, when Elisa joins the infants class at Beau’s primary school. 

Beau has been looking forward to showing Elisa the ropes at school, so all signs are positive so far!


Josie and Troy Clarke’s birthdays are a week apart - he’ll be 42 and she’ll be 43 - and rather than a date night this year, they decide on dinner out with their sons.

Taking Andrew anywhere is always a risk but Josie and Troy are confident they’ll have a nice night out together.

Jude and Andrew are told they can order whatever they like and surprisingly, only Jude takes advantages and orders a very un-dinnerlike meal of crepes.

Andrew has decided to have his fun in another way.

This is such a common occurrence that Josie and Troy barely blink!

And Jude seems to find it funny, so they decide to let it slide.

The waiter is not quite as impressed and shoots Andrew a dirty look each time he passes the table. 

Honestly though, if that’s the worst thing that happens on an outing with Andrew, it can be considered a success.

It’s not like it’s not incredibly obvious where Andrew gets his playful, cheeky side!


It’s Sylvia’s 18th birthday and the first one she’ll be spending away from her family. She’s spending it with Simon instead.

Simon offered to shout her lunch and doesn’t even blink when Sylvia orders the lobster, the most expensive dish on the menu by far

He insists he can afford it, though Sylvia does notice Simon orders a rather modest meal of chili con carne for himself!

She does at least give him a little taste, seeing he’s paying!

One day, Simon is positive he’ll be a famous rock star and will be able to order lobster without even thinking about the money!

Simon’s unshakeable confidence in himself is one of the things Sylvia likes best about him.

She’s not sure they’ve been together long enough for her to call him her boyfriend - this is the closest thing to a relationship Sylvia has ever had, so it’s new to her.

She's mentioned more than once to best friend Alice that she sometimes can't believe Simon is even interested in her. She had a little crush on him as a young teen and although he was never mean to her, there was nothing romantic there for him either. 

What she does know is that she’s enjoying her time with Simon and hoping whatever they have turns into something more serious. 

Other birthdays this month:
Gemma Ashton - 4 years
River Novak - 8 years
Joaquin Miguel - 14 years
Marcus Lane - 16 years
Emma Gottlieb - 25 years
Tim Lane - 25 years
Anthony Moretti - 28 years
Veronica Moretti - 28 years
Connor Novak - 32 years
Jack Benton - 33 years
Calvin Clarke - 42 years
Amber Miguel - 44 years
Cordy Lane - 52 years
Luc Lane - 52 years
Abigail Carmody - 62 years
Emil Collins - 73 years

May wedding anniversaries:
Miles and Matilda Jacobson - 11 years
Jacob and Claudia Kirby - 15 years
Jace and Magdalena Novak - 54 years


  1. I love your birthdays this way! You get to pop in with certain families without having to play out an entire update, but still you get a feel of how their lifes are going.

    Elisa is a cutie! And Beau is a great big brother. I can't wait to see Elisa as a child.

    I always like reading about Andrew, and what he's up to. I believe he'll be an interesting teen to write about.

    I'm curious to see where this thing between Sylvia and Simon is headed. They make a cute couple. Do they have high chemistry?

    1. I'm really enjoying not having to write full updates for every family but still being able to check in with them in a more casual way. It's a good way to visit sims between updates too. :) I'm glad you're enjoying them as well.

      Sylvia and Simon are a high two bolts unadjusted. If I fixed their turn-ons and turn-offs (which I may do, if all goes well), they would hit three bolts easy! Very high attraction between these two!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Aw, Eliza with her doggie kisses! <3

    I feel like it's been a while since I read about Josie and Troy, so I went digging and the last post I found for them also had the boys throwing food at each other, lol! I don't doubt at all that it's a common occurence!

    Sylvia and Simon are so cute! I love that she ordered the lobster, lol! I don't think I realized how short she is until seeing her next to Simon. Or is he exceptionally tall?

    1. I just had to get that doggie kiss in there! Hancock really loves Elisa. :)

      Ha, I don't even remember that myself! It's just a totally unsurprising thing for Andrew to do, I guess.

      Little from column A and a little from column B! Sylvia is a shortie - she's the default teen height. Simon is on the taller side but not the tallest of my guys by a long shot (that's Sebastian Gentry, if you were curious!)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Aw man, it's been so long. Look how big everyone is getting! I've been catching up but had to comment, even if though I try to wait until I get to the most recent post.

    1. I know! Sims grow up so fast! LOL, mine had actually been aging in real time before I made up this new system but it was still strange to look back on them as tiny tykes and see how far they'd come.

      And please comment whenever you like. No need to wait until the most recent post on my account, if the urge strikes you earlier! Totally up to you. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Love the pic of the dog licking Elisa's face, so cute! She is lucky to have an older brother like Beau to keep her entertained.

    I totally laughed at the Clarke's dinner outing with their sons. Food fight! LOL Josie must be very patient to put up with that, thought I guess she knew what she was getting into when she married Tony. ;)

    I read the Hamilton family profile and was wondering does Sylvia know that Adrienne is her biological mother? I'd be interested to read some of those updates. I really like how you've updated some of the family profiles too with a little bit of history of the family. It's nice to read about how it all started. :)

    1. Elisa is lucky that Beau inherited most of his personality from Amar. He's a very sweet big brother. :)

      It's funny about Josie and Troy. If you look at their profiles, their personalities (in terms of points) are identical. But they have just never come off the same way to me. I see Josie as more serious and a bit uptight and Troy as a bit childish and more laid back. I think they balance each other out pretty well. :)

      Sylvia knows that Adrienne is her biological mother but they haven't had any contact since Sylvia was about 3, so she wouldn't have much memory of her. I might revisit that at some point, because I think it's the sort of thing Sylvia might become more interested in as she gets older, maybe especially when she gets to the point of wanting to start a family herself. My tags are a bit of a mess right now because I'm redoing them but you can get to all of Sylvia's earliest updates with the "sylvia" tag. It's only the last couple of rounds that aren't tagged properly yet. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Oh my gosh, Lobster! lol Sylvia! Simon seems to really like her, he didn't put up a fuss at all!

    Jude and Andrew are adorable, and I love that the waiter was giving them the side eye over their behavior. Josie doesn't even care, she's not that kind of person, and their Dad is just barely containing himself with his own antics. They're such a fun family!

    Elisa and Beau are absolutely adorable together, I'm excited to see them at primary school, and Beau showing her the ropes. Adrienne and Malcolm barely got along, I remember them fighting even after they were young adults. Amar has always been very sweet his brother, and it's nice that their kids seem to be mimicking that relationship.

    1. I almost always just use the Chef's Choice thing for my sims, which I believe gives them their favourite Sylvia actually chose lobster all on her own! That made me laugh. :D

      I think Josie's resigned Andrew at this point! As long as he's not bullying any of the other kids, she considers it a good day.

      I think Adrienne and Malcolm actually fought more as teens and young adults than they did as little kids! A bit of distance is what they needed but no such issues so far with Elisa and Beau. I'm glad they're taking after Amar and Zane!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Carla, is the food that sims have in the thought bubble just a passing preference? I didn't realize about the chef's choice, that it was always the sims' favorite food! If Simon hadn't been so chill about it, I would have felt badly for him paying for the lobster, but obviously he really likes Sylvia!

    The restaurant scene with Andrew and Jude was funny, although a bit stressful wondering what they'd do. And seeing little Elisa and her big brother Beau was so sweet.