Thursday, 24 August 2017

You say it's your birthday, February 2045

Round 37: February 2045 (Summer)

Now that Aaron’s mother Madelyn has reached retirement age, his dad James is fulfilling his promise to finally retire for good.

He had hoped one of his sons would want to take on his business, Novak Motors, but seeing that didn’t happen, Aaron’s husband Calvin will take over instead.

James was initially disappointed but truth be told, none of his sons have an entrepreneurial spirit. Calvin does and is the best person to keep growing Novak Motors. 

Calvin is totally inexperienced at selling cars or running a business but he’s determined to continue James’s hard work.

He’s finding sales a tad challenging…

…but he’s also feeling like he’s improving with every pitch.

Once he has everything running smoothly, Calvin is expecting to be making a ton of money, especially coupled with what he still gets from all of his endorsement deals as a Hall of Famer.

A holiday would be really nice! Ethan and Maia haven’t yet stopped raving about their recent trip to Cape Elizabeth. They’ve been urging Aaron and Calvin to take their own trip. 

They’d love to but both agree that a new house is probably more important!

With Amy, Natalie and Curtis getting older, they are quickly outgrowing the small bedrooms.

On top of that, two bathrooms between five people is probably not going to work for too much longer. 

They’re not looking seriously yet but they are looking. They want to know what’s around and think about what they really need before they take the leap and put their house on the market. 


Lila Novak goes into labour in the evening and it’s well past midnight by the time she and Connor arrive at the hospital. 

Lila’s main concern is that they’ve left the house in a huge mess and they’ll definitely need to hire a cleaner with the baby coming. Connor agrees, even though he thinks a cleaner is a huge waste of money.

The cleaner is well out of her mind when it comes time for her to push. Dr. Moretti is present as always to deliver.

And it’s a healthy baby boy for Connor and Lila!

Jonathan William has his dad’s dark hair - not that you can see it, apart from his eyebrows! He also shares his dad’s fair skin and his mum’s brown eyes.

After a couple of nights’ rest in hospital, Connor and Lila can take little Jonathan home and start their new adventure as parents.

Francesca Moretti’s 11th birthday is fast approaching and she’s been very insistent on how she wants to spend the day. 

Her brothers and sisters will be coming over for dinner but during the day, Francesca wants to go swimming with her best friend Catherine. Catherine’s birthday is 3 days after Francesca’s, so it seems like a pretty perfect idea, as far as Francesca is concerned.

That’s a pretty easy request, so Evan and Ione have no problem fulfilling it. Francesca gets on the phone to Catherine immediately!

A day by the pool doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea to Evan and Ione. 

Most importantly, the two birthday girls have a fantastic time.

It’s a shame school has started back and they can’t go swimming more often.

Other birthdays this month:
Oscar and Stella Lachance turn 5
Wren Novak turns 5
Andrew Clarke turns 9
Willow Novak turns 10
Daphne Kirby turns 14
Edward Lachance turns 30
Lucy Lachance turns 30
Zane Hamilton turns 34
Maia Novak turns 43
Corbin Gray turns 60
Pamela Gray turns 60
Claudio Jacobson turns 64
Jonas Lachance turns 67
Tate Benton and Trent Kirby turn 75

February wedding anniversaries:
Daniel and Susannah Halmi - 1 year
Nathan and Rebecca Collins - 4 years
Aaron and Calvin Clarke - 13 years
Troy and Josie Clarke - 15 years
Finn and Victoria Romilly - 19 years


  • As you may have gathered from the screenshots from Calvin's chance card, he and Aaron are doing very well financially right now. Seeing their house is small and also one of the many in my hood that don't have space for a driveway, this seems like a good excuse to move them. All up, they've got about $110,000 now, so they should be able to easily afford something decent.
  • Lila rolled the want to hire a cleaner as soon as I got her and Connor on the lot and she fulfilled her want to talk to Connor. It has not rolled away now that the baby is here! It seemed like a very Lila thing to be concerned with, even at such a time!
  • Legitimately forgot I had that pool lot! I'll have to use it more often, though I'll have to get rid of that bubble bong thing. It's hidden in all the pics but it's between the pool and where Evan and Ione were sitting. 


  1. Another fun post for my morning coffee read! It will be interesting to see the new house for Calvin and Aaron and their family. Nice touch to incorporate Lila's wish for a cleaner.

    1. I'm quite excited to do a new house for Aaron and Calvin! Decorating is always more fun for me when I have a ton of cash to play with, though I also enjoy the occasional challenge of decorating on a budget.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I am cracking up at Lila thinking about the state of the house during labor!

    1. I was cracking up myself! It seemed fitting for Lila though. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. That's a great chance card, can't wait to see their new house.

    1. I know, right? They were doing okay already but that chance card totally changes everything!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Calvin and Aaron are going to want another bathroom once they have 3 teenagers, I agree! That's exciting that Calvin can take over Novak Motors. I was wondering, does having a car sales business allow you to place cars on the lot (besides on the big dais that came with the game?) I would love to put a car or two at the general store but haven't been able to figure out how to place them. Your picture of Calvin selling cars looks like there are cars set on the ground there. Also, I am very excited about Jonathan and glad he's here.

    1. Yes, I think an extra bathroom will definitely be welcome in not too long at all. This was Amy's last round as a child, so Aaron and Calvin are getting into the teen years with their kids really soon!

      I'm pretty sure I placed those cars on the lot without doing anything special (perhaps move_objects on?) but you do have to be in Wholesale Mode. Otherwise, the cars just won't show up in the catalog. It's a pretty easy business to run and it makes a ton of money! Once you get the wholesale rewards for it, you make even more.

      I would be a bit more excited about Jonathan if he was a redhead but I've accepted that Connor and his boring hair genes are not ever going to give me a redhead! Jonathan has a recessive red hair gene from Lila, so maybe they'll get a redheaded grandchild. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Lila is thinking right! She won't have time to clean toilets with a baby! I love that she rolled that, it's so fitting for her!

    That's great on the Hall of Fame for Calvin! It sounds like they could really use a house upgrade with all those kids! I'm glad there is someone to take over Novak Motors, that is one of the hardest parts of owning businesses and retiring.

    Francesca and Catherine are adorable, and I love the pool! The little niche for the diving board is perfect! A perfect way to spend a birthday as a kid, and nice for an adult too, especially if there is a lifeguard on duty!

    1. Right? Lila doesn't want to have to worry about cleaning and a baby! Connor doesn't give a crap about cleaning, so it figures he'd be confused.

      Calvin has been Hall of Fame for a couple of rounds now - it's just the business that is new for him. I love Novak Motors though and I'm glad Calvin was a good candidate to take it on. I couldn't see Aaron, Ethan or Connor doing it. But maybe it will go to one of James's grandkids now. :)

      Heh, I should really use that pool more often. I downloaded it from somewhere and it's actually a very cute little lot. Let's assume there was a lifeguard around somewhere. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. It's always sad when none of a sim's children are up to taking over the family business, so I'm glad Calvin stepped up to the challenge. He'll get the hang of it in no time!

    That chance card is huge!!! Most of my sims would pee their pants if they got that much money, lol!

    Welcome baby Jonathan! I can't wait to see how Connor and Lila tackle parenthood together.

    1. I kind of did a marathon session with Calvin at Novak Motors, so he's got a Gold sales badge now! He has very high charisma and he's got the Hall of Fame thing as a drawcard, so I figure sales might actually come quite naturally to him. That was my excuse to essentially cheat my way through the first couple of levels of the business! He did earn it all but there was a lot of max motives going on.

      I think most of the top level careers eventually have a chance card where you can potentially get between $20000 and $50000. It's always nice when it pops up and I don't fail it!

      We'll see Connor and Lila in May, so not too long until we can see them adjusting to life with Jonathan. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. 40K in royalties, wow! That's like the largest amount I have ever heard of a sim receiving. lol

    Francesca is so cute and very pretty! Pool parties are always great and I find sims always have fun at them.

    Congrats to Connor and Lila too! :)

    1. I think of the default careers, $60K is the highest. But I have a custom graphic design career where there is a chance card that gives you $500K. Two of my families have had that one but it was probably before you started commenting.

      I should really do more pool parties. They are a lot of fun and it's not something I do a lot, so it'd mix it up a bit for me too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Also, love the new banner with Francesca in it! ;)

    1. Thank you! Sorry, this second comment of yours got lost in my spam filter and I didn't get notification for it. :)