Thursday, 17 August 2017

Seven days in the sun

Round 37: January 2045 (Summer)

(Kit is 85, Max is 58, Zaria is 57, Sophie and Connor are 32 and Oliver is 28)

Narrated by Josh Royce-Nihill

Elspeth’s company, Hubris Games, started off the year by moving into their new offices. She says their building is absolutely amazing.

She really loves going to work now. They were all working on top of each other until now but she’s now got some space.

Honestly, I’m jealous. I should have studied coding so I could work there too.

At my work, we’ve got a coffee machine, desks and computers and that’s about it. Elspeth has a gym and nap pods.

She’s a lot happier coming home from work these days, as well as happier in general.

Elspeth really struggled after her mum’s death but she’s a lot better these days.

I know she still misses her but it’s not all consuming like it was right after.

We’ve been pretty busy lately, getting settled in our new house. It’s fairly small and the garden is completely bare because we can’t afford to do anything with it yet…but it’s ours.

We had no real intention of buying so soon but we started looking casually and this place came up. It seemed perfect, so we jumped on it.

We’re in the suburbs now, where I grew up and where my family still is. Visits are far more frequent now.

My parents come over but Grandma probably comes over more often. She doesn’t work, so she gets bored during the day. I have Mondays and Tuesdays off, so she usually drops by.

It’s mildly annoying when I want to spend the morning catching up on football games I’ve recorded or something but I try not to get too irritated at her.

She’s just excited that I’m within walking distance again. If Jessica ever moves back to the suburbs, she’ll do the same thing with her.

I am glad we bought, finally. We were content in our unit but it felt like it was time to do the grown-up thing and get our own place.

We were the last of our friends to buy a place and are now the last to not be married yet. Charlie and Camilla got married years ago and Oliver and Sophie just hit one year.

We see them a lot, because they live right across the street from us.

Most of our friends still don’t have kids but that’s quickly changing too. Connor and Lila could be meeting their baby any day now.

She’s not due for another three weeks but babies don’t always come right on time, so Connor is ready to go whenever he needs to.

He’s pretty nervous about becoming a father. He has six nieces and nephews, plus another three on Lila’s side, but he doesn’t feel that’s prepared him in the slightest.

It has all got me thinking about marriage though and I’ve decided to ask Elspeth to marry me.

It never really occurred to me that we wouldn’t get married one day - I always imagined we would. It was just a matter of making the decision to do it.

I was going to ask shortly before her mother died and then it didn’t seem like the right time. But it does seem like the right time now.

I took her to a local restaurant, Zoe’s. It’s not super fancy but it’s one we both really like anyway.

We finished our meals and then I just pulled the ring out and asked her.

Me proposing wasn’t totally unexpected - we’ve discussed getting married before.

But it was still exciting for both of us to actually make it official. It's been a long time coming.

We told our families basically right away. When we visited mine, Dad broke out the champagne to celebrate.

I don’t think anyone is more excited than Grandma though. She’s been waiting for me and Elspeth to get engaged for a while now.

She’s already at us to set a date, so I guess that’s the next thing she’s going to be on our backs about!

Fortunately for Grandma, Elspeth and I aren’t planning to drag our engagement out for too long but I promised she’d be the first to know when we decide.

We haven’t got an exact date yet but we’re looking at November or December. That should be enough time for us to get everything in order.


  • Title is from Seven Days in the Sun by Feeder
  • So, there are nap pods at Elspeth’s working, though they weren’t featured in the lot tour. But I tested them out while Elspeth was there and apparently, you can’t nap on community lots! The same chair works fine at home. So I’ll have to track down a mod, because it’s annoying me too much that the option isn’t available, even though I’ll probably never use it.
  • I decided to move Elspeth and Josh on a bit of a whim and decorated this place pretty quickly. There is one empty bedroom for an eventual baby, so they can stay put for at least a while. 
  • Kit has had the “Relative Gets Engaged” want for forever. She still has it, so I assume she fulfilled it when Josh got engaged and then rolled it right back up again. Never satisfied! She also has a persistent want for "Relative Gets Married", so she really wants to see this wedding too. Kit also still wants another grandchild, even though her youngest child is 48. Remotely possible but vanishingly unlikely! 
  • I'm still deciding on a date too but I'm thinking November is probably more likely than December. I'm trying to spread out my wedding anniversaries and I only have three in November. More than likely, there'll be a little mini-update on Elspeth and Josh in April, when Elspeth turns 31. 


  1. This was a lovely morning coffee read for me (again), thank you!
    I like the house and would love a lot tour.
    Like Elspeth, I love going to work and it makes a huge difference to my overall happiness.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I wasn't actually planning on a lot tour of this place, because it's so small but seeing there have been a couple of requests for one, I'm happy to go in and take some pics. I can foresee a bit of a delay between updates in the next couple of weeks, so it'll be nice to have a little extra to put up anyway. :)

      I wouldn't say I love going to work - that's the hardest part of the day for me. But I'm usually happy being at work, which is the important thing! I generally come home feeling fairly content. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Congrats to Elspeth and Josh on their engagement! The table engagement interaction is one I've always enjoyed a lot. I love the look from the basketball court across the street (the arched entrances). Is that another park? And Elspeth and Josh's house is so cute from the curb. It was fun seeing Elspeth at Hubris Gaming and it does look posh! That's disappointing about not being able to nap on a community lot. It's not something you can change on the object in SimPE but rather requires a mod? I guess with SimPE you can categorize so it the item shows up on a community lot but can't make an interaction available there.

    1. I like the table engagement too, as evidenced by the fact that I rarely use the regular one! I was just thinking while I was playing Josh and Elspeth though that I do really love the hug they do after the regular engagement, so I may have to revisit that one with my next engagement.

      Yes, that's another park across from the basketball court. If I remember correctly, it's a fairy-tale type playground that I rarely go to. I really need to work on this area of the hood, as I do a lot of selective photography when I'm taking pics there.

      Possibly, there's some sort of setting I could change in SimPE for the recliner but that would be a mod anyway - it's a game object, so I'd need to make an override file. I doubt I could figure out how to do it for every recliner in the game without a lot of work, so I might as well just download a mod and take advantage of someone else's work! The recliners all show up on community lots with no player intervention - you just can't do anything with them other than "Sit".

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Yay! Congratulations! Count me as another simmer who would love a lot tour

    1. I know people have been waiting for Josh to propose finally, Elspeth included! Lot tour will definitely be coming at some point. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Congrats to Josh and Elspeth! I wondered if this day would ever come!! I'm looking forward to seeing their lot tour! I like how you decide on wedding dates, I do the same now that I have them all lined up with my pnpc ones as well. March and November are my worst, which is one reason why Erin is getting married in November, plus I want to squeeze it into this round. :)

    Elspeth's career lot is amazing, and the nap pods are such a thing of this new generation, and a total great addition! Hopefully you can find that napping-hack, that seems like such a silly thing to not allow.

    Kit is such a sweet Grandma, hopefully their wedding will hold her over for a while. I don't think Jessica is quite ready to get engaged.

    1. You and Kit, lol! I can see their wants and knew it would happen eventually though. ;) My lightest months for weddings are June, July and August - my winter months. Makes sense. I need a couple more indoor venues. :)

      The hack definitely exists, because I had it in Sullivan 1.0 (though I don't remember why). It's just a matter of tracking it down again. I haven't really looked yet, so it may end up not being a huge problem.

      Story-wise, Jessica is definitely not ready to get engaged, nor is Declan. Game-wise, one of them has the marriage want, though I can't remember which one! But much to Kit's chagrin, marriage is probably at least five years off for them, so hopefully Josh and Elspeth getting married will satisfy her for a bit!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Oh, I love these two and I'm so happy to see them finally getting engaged and moving on with their house and wedding! <3

    I haven't made any effort to balance my wedding months, and as you could guess, they're all unbalanced, lol! I have some months with 4 anniversaries and some with none. That is true of real life too, so I'm not overly concerned.

    Elspeth has a dream job! She is a lucky girl!

    1. Oh, I'm so looking forward to planning this wedding! I haven't started shopping yet but I can't wait.

      Wedding anniversaries is one aspect of my game I'd be happy to have be a bit unrealistic. Currently, I have far fewer winter anniversaries than any other season but just for the sake of my birthday posts, I'd like to get a better balance. Even though doesn't matter to anybody but me, I'm sure!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Aww congrats to Josh and Elspeth! Such a nice couple and it sounds like they are all settled into their home and soon into being married. :)

    Bummer about the nap pods! What on earth were EA thinking that sims might not need a nap at work. lol Oh well, her office is still very cool even if they can't nap there. ;)

    Nice update!

    1. They've got some work to do on their home, which I mentioned briefly in the lot tour. But other than that, they're doing all right.

      "What on earth were EA thinking?" is a question I could ask about so many things in all four versions of the game, quite honestly! I've given up trying to understand why they do what they do and just use mods to get around it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!