Monday, 15 February 2016

The Novak-Sitko wedding

Round 36: October 2043 (Spring)

Connor Novak and Lila Sitko are 30. 

On the morning of our wedding, I was a little stressed out. We’d planned an outdoor ceremony, so of course, it rained.

Mum was assuring me that moving all the furniture to the garage and holding the ceremony inside was a workable plan.

It really wasn’t, so I was very thankful that by the time my sisters and I had got ready, the rain had stopped and the skies were clear.

It turned out to be a really gorgeous day.

The rained stayed away and Connor and I enjoyed a beautiful - and most importantly, dry - ceremony!

Connor and I weren’t engaged for terribly long but leading up to that engagement felt like forever to me.

We’ve been together almost nine years now and I was so glad to finally be married to him.

I know Connor feels the same, though I think he was also glad to have the ceremony part over with.

He’s not a big fan of public declarations of emotion, so the ceremony was a little nerve-wracking for Connor.

We only invited our parents, siblings (and their spouses and kids) and close friends to the wedding but that still added up to a lot of people.

We probably spent at least an hour and a half directly after the ceremony just mingling and having people congratulate us.

My parents were the first. We were so grateful that they let us host the wedding at their place and they put up with a lot of upheaval during the planning process.

They even replaced the fence! They’d been planning to do it anyway, but they rushed the job through so it would be ready in time for the wedding.

Adelaide thinks I was kind of a bridezilla leading up to the wedding and decided to tell me so at the reception. Not that I didn’t already have an idea from all the eye rolling she did.

Maybe I was a bridezilla, but I got everything done, didn’t I? Sometimes you have to be a bit of a bitch to get things done.

Honestly, I find it harder to understand how not everyone does become a bridezilla when they’re getting married. I remember Camilla being pretty relaxed about it all. Then again, Camilla and I are pretty different. We might be twins but we’ve never really reacted to anything in the same way.

Sophie is getting married soon herself and she was amazed that we got everything ready so quickly.

She and Oliver have about eight weeks to go and she still feels like they have a ton of things to do.

I enjoy being organised and Sophie likes to take her time, as evidenced by her two-and-a-half-year engagement!

She did manage to pull out all the stops and get an amazing cake for me and Connor though!

Sophie didn’t make it - she doesn’t really do desserts - but we would have paid so much more for it without her industry connections!

It was so delicious though and I think I would have happily paid twice the cost.

All of our guests enjoyed it too. I saw Connor’s nephew Curtis chowing down on a slice of cake that was about as big as his head!

From the sounds of Dad’s speech, he’s hoping we’ll repay their generosity for hosting the wedding with lots of grandchildren…and soon.

I don’t know about right now but we do want to have kids relatively soon.

If I wanted to, Connor would be up for starting to try right now.

I always thought I’d have to talk him into trying to conceive but in the last couple of weeks, he’s suddenly all gung-ho about starting a family.

I don’t know what’s got into him, seeing I would describe Connor’s usual reaction to children as “bewildered” but he’s been very keen.

I told him we can talk about it once we get back from our honeymoon. I don’t know if I’m ready quite yet.

Connor planned our honeymoon on his own and we leave in just a couple of days.

We’ve both always wanted to visit the far east and can’t wait to get there and enjoy our trip!

Posed pictures:

  • Yay, they're married! This wedding didn't exactly go perfectly - I forgot to teleport Amy and Natalie, Connor's two nieces, onto the lot, even though their little brother was there - but I'm happy with it regardless. Everything fit into the backyard, which was a concern of mine (and something I didn't bother to actually check until about a week ago!) and I think it looked nice enough to reach Lila's standards. 
  • Connor rolled a baby want right after the wedding, which I absolutely was not expecting! And then, when I took them on their honeymoon, Lila rolled a baby want about halfway through. Wow. I've got enough babies due right now though, so they're going to wait a while, though possibly not all the way until their next update. I haven't decided yet. 
  • Elspeth was at the wedding but I thought it was interesting that she was very quiet all day. She stuck to Josh the whole time and didn't really talk to anyone else except for the few times I directed her to. That's unlike her, so I guess she's still missing her mum a lot and probably wasn't feeling that up to attending a wedding. :(


  1. This was lovely! And wasn't it just like in real life - the wedding not going exactly perfectly? ;-)
    I love it when my Sims surprise me with a wish I didn't expect from them, such as Connor with his baby want right after the wedding.
    Elspeth's behaviour matches your interpretation very well.

    1. Ha, true! Thought I can't imagine parents just plain forgetting to bring two of their kids in real life, as much of some of them might like to forget them on the odd occasion!

      Surprising wants can go either way. Pretty excited about the baby want from Connor but I wouldn't have been nearly as impressed if he'd rolled a want to woohoo with one of Lila's sisters or something!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Very lovely wedding. Sometimes i think about doing an elaborate wedding and then realise how hard it must be to get everybody there. I just do a quickie wedding instead, and no planning at all.

    1. Oh, getting everyone there isn't hard at all, though it can be a little tedious. I just teleported everyone in this time but other times, I've simply invited everyone for an actual party. Picking the stuff out isn't difficult for me either but I enjoy that kind of thing. The hard thing is having so many sims on the lot and making sure they're all doing what you want them to do (or rather, making sure they're not doing anything you don't want them to do). But I'm always happy with the results, so I persist. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Adelaide and Lila were so funny, arguing about her being bridezilla and Lila telling her a thing or two about planning weddings! That cake was so beautiful and Curtis did have a huge piece, he must have been one happy little boy. Well, with them rolling baby wants it sounds like you've got no shortage of babies coming, to keep your neighborhood going on an even keel, and maybe a bit of a baby boom! The wedding was very pretty and I'm glad they didn't have to move into the garage.

    1. If anyone was going to get into an argument on her wedding day, it seems fitting it was Lila. And Adelaide who started it - she's a pretty grouchy sim too! If Adelaide gets married, I don't think she'll have a terribly traditional wedding at all, so she and Lila don't see eye to eye on this sort of thing. ;)

      Goodness, yes, there are plenty of babies due in Sullivan right now! That's really the only reason I didn't let Connor and Lila try right away. I'm going to try to wait until May or June next sim year before I let anyone try again. Just trying to stick to three or four babies a year, maximum.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I loved that you wrote the rain into this update. The invitation is very nice, I almost picked that invitation for my daughter's first birthday because it matched her dress with the glitter sparkles pink and gold :) Loved the outfits, her wedding dress was amazing and the groomsmen outfits so nice. I need to raid your clothing downloads folder. Will we get to see their honeymoon?

    1. I almost didn't include the rain...but it's the one thing Lila can't control, so I thought it would make things a little more realistic if she had a brief moment of panic on her wedding day! Luckily for Lila, I can control the rain. ;)

      Glad you like the invite - how cool that you almost picked it for your daughter! I saw Maisie's Violet-Adele trying on Lila's dress in one of her updates and Maisie went to quite a bit of trouble finding it for me! We never did find the actual site but she was able to find the texture and mesh and send it to me. The guys' suits are a bit easier!

      You will get to see the honeymoon but not here. Look out for it on my Tumblr and I will also post a smaller selection of pics at N99. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I'm so glad that their wedding weather turned out okay. It would have been a shame to undo all of that setup to bring it inside. It was all so lovely!

    Ha, add another baby to the bunch! How can you resist!?! :D

    I also wondered about the honeymoon! I will be stalking your Tumblr for the pictures!

    1. Honestly, I don't even think I could have fit everything inside! I took control of the weather out of necessity as much as my desire for a pretty outdoor wedding!

      Someone needs to join poor Camilla as a mum in that group. ;) I didn't ever imagine Lila would be the next but it's looking almost certain that she will be. And being adopted, Connor's genes are unique in the hood, so I want to see that play out too.

      I've been dragging my feet on posting the honeymoon shots! There aren't a ton but I did get some cute ones. I'm going to try to remember to post them up on Tumblr tomorrow. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Poor Elspeth, I can imagine a wedding would be a terrible reminder of her Mom's recent passing. So sad that she lost both of her parents before she married. :(

    Oh Adelaide, what a fun girl! I can just imagine her letting her sister know just what she thought about her as a bride-to-be. All in all, it was a beautiful wedding, and I'm glad that the weather cleared up, because a garage wedding does not fit for her at all. And how sweet that public declaration is a hard spotlight for Connor, that totally fits him. I am totally shocked that they both rolled that baby want so quickly! But as she said, they have been together for nine years. Love all the family and posed photos at the end too, lots of beautiful memories to hang on their walls.

    1. Yeah, this wedding was really pretty bad timing for Elspeth. :(

      Ha, Lila probably doesn't think Adelaide is so fun but I do, lol! I cannot argue that Lila didn't get stuff done though. ;)

      Just to clarify, Kirstin wasn't suggested a garage wedding. She was suggesting moving the living room furniture into the garage and having the wedding there. That would have been nicer than the garage but still not very workable!

      Connor can rest easy knowing that this was probably the last public declaration of anything he'll have to make in his entire life, so I imagine he's very happy now, for more than one reason. :) Maybe that's why the baby want came so quickly! I'm not going to second-guess that at all though - I'll just continue being thrilled about it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. What a lovely wedding! Bride and groom are a very sweet couple! Always love seeing your wedding posed shots with both families. :)

    Gosh I've missed so much, I've got lots of catching up to do! Kind of got stuck in the tumblr vortex for a while. lol

    1. Glad you liked the wedding. I actually just finished the update for another one, which is going up today! This one is for Sophie and Oliver. :)

      This might be a good time to catch up - I've been a bit slack!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!