Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Sail to the moon

Round 36: January 2043 (Summer)
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Connor Novak and Lila Sitko are 30.
(Josh is 29 and Oliver is 27)

Narrated by Connor Novak

I'm Oliver’s superior at work now, which is incredibly pleasing to me.

I graduated before him, with a perfect GPA, so as far as I can see, this is the way it always should have been.

Lila seems to think that should mean Oliver and I should be best buddies now but I don’t see why that should be the case.

She says Oliver and I are actually quite similar but I really don’t see it. I'm pretty sure she just wants me to stop complaining when we have to go out with him and Sophie.

But I don’t think I need to be friends with everyone I work with and apart from that, I just don’t really like the guy.

We’re civil to each other and that’s enough. I don’t need any more friends. I have plenty for my liking.

Lila has a lot of good friends but I really only catch up with Josh regularly.

We still meet to play basketball when we can, which we’ve been doing weekly since we stopped living together.

When Josh and Elspeth first found out Sophie would be moving out, he was a little bit panicked at the thought. They’d be a proper couple then, not just sort of living together, like they are now.

He’s obviously got used to the idea, because he’s now quite excited at the thought of her leaving and having Elspeth to himself.

Sophie’s taken the longest time to plan a wedding of anyone I've known though, so she’ll still be with them until the end of the year.

Elspeth and Josh both like Sophie but they’re still counting the days. I was pretty sure Josh would come around to the idea eventually.

When Lila and I decided to get our own place, I didn't really need to come around to anything. It just seemed like we were at a point in our relationship where moving in together was the right step and fortunately, we were right.

We've finished all the work we wanted to do on the house, so we have a bit more freedom with our weekends these days.

Lila usually brings home a bit of work today but I like to spend some quiet time with the newspapers on the weekend anyway.

We just reserve that time as our alone time and come together later on to do something as a couple.

I don’t think either of us are exactly a breeze to live with but we complement each other really well.

It’s really rare that we argue. Most of our disagreements are about fairly petty things. Cleaning and tidying up is a big issue, namely that I don’t do it very often.

Things have been going really well for us. 

Lila has been hinting for a long time now that she wants to get married.

Well, to be more accurate, she moved past the hinting stage a while ago has been fairly upfront about where she wants us to go from here.

I admit I've been dragging my feet on getting engaged but it’s not because I don’t love Lila or want to marry her.

It’s really just the whole idea of planning a wedding. It sounds overwhelming and not fun at all and I just don’t care about any of that stuff anyway.

But the more I think about it, the more that I think it’s really not a reason to put off getting married.

I'm not much of a romantic and neither is Lila. But I still had the impression that she wanted something a bit more momentous than “all right, let’s get engaged then”.

So even though I never pictured myself doing it, I ended up doing the whole official proposal thing anyway.

Lila was thrilled and obviously, she said yes.

We went to dinner the next night to celebrate and she launched right into talking about wedding plans!

I don’t know why I was worried about wedding planning, because it seriously sounded like Lila’s been planning it in her head for the past couple of years.

I wouldn't be surprised if she has some kind of scrapbook somewhere, with visual examples. I don't think I'll get much input, even if I wanted to. 

Not that I'm complaining. I'm quite content to leave her to it and just show up on the day.

Lila finds long engagements ridiculous (and has said as much to Sophie, who’s been engaged for 3.5 years now), so she wants to have our wedding before the end of the year.

So she wants to go with October. I don’t mind when it happens, as long as everything can be done in time, which Lila insists will be no issue.

Seeing Lila is planning the wedding mostly on her own, I'm planning the honeymoon for us. We both want to go to Takemizu Village, so I'm researching accommodation and attractions as we speak.

We'll be on our honeymoon when Lila turns 30 in early November. So far, the wedding and the honeymoon are shaping up really well and Lila and I can't wait for either. 

  • Connor and Oliver actually are pretty similar. They have similar interests and their personalities are fairly closely aligned too. But Connor is serious and Oliver is playful, so I can see Connor just finding Oliver a bit irritating any way. And he’s stubborn, so he’s not going to admit they have anything in common anyway. ;) But this picture cracked me up so much. 

         So different. So very different. ;)
  • Connor didn't have an engagement or marriage want, but he didn't fear it either, so I went ahead with it. Lila has had an engagement want for a while, which was replaced by a marriage want once they got engaged. Connor rolled a marriage want about a day after the fact. They both want to visit the Far East, which I think is cool. I find that destination a little boring in game but it seems like the kind of holiday these two would want to take. More of a cultural thing than lazing around on the beach or roughing it in the wilderness. 
  • October is two months before Sophie's wedding, which is cutting it close. If these were different sims, I'd probably not have set the date I did. "Maybe I shouldn't hold my wedding so close to my friend's" is not a thought that would occur to Lila though (and she is DONE waiting, on top of that) and Sophie is my most laid-back bride ever and I can't picture her caring. So We'll have two weddings around here, in fairly quick succession. :)


  1. About time Connor! I was wondering when he might go ahead and ask her. Too funny that it was in their backyard, I wonder how that conversation went... will you follow me out back? ... why? ... just do it! lol I think their honeymoon destination will be perfect for these two, and maybe in time he will come to see that Oliver isn't so bad. I do wonder what Oliver thinks of having Connor as his boss now.

    Sophie as a bride reminds me of my sister's wedding this June, totally laid back, planned it forever. I can see Sophie not minding in the least that Lila is getting married before her, plus if she really minded then she should have had it sooner! She's been engaged for practically a lifetime it seems. I'm really looking forward to these weddings. I wonder how long before these girls have babies, it would be nice if Camilla and Lila had babies that were closeish in age.

    1. Now that they're so settled already, I think this was the right time. Lila would have been equally happy to get engaged two years ago though. ;) They actually spend a lot of time outside, because they're kind of nerdy and the chess set is there, lol.

      I'm sure Connor isn't Oliver's favourite person in the world either but I think the rivalry is mostly one-sided. Oliver isn't as uptight as Connor but then again, few people are.

      Cool that your sister was so laid-back...though I guess being laid-back can be annoying in some ways too! I think Lila will be the opposite sort of bride. She's very Type A. Sophie will have been engaged for over four years by the time she gets married; Lila's engagement will be less than one!

      You know me - I'm hoping Lila and Sophie both get to baby making quick smart, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love Connor to bits. He's so hilariously unsentimental.

    1. Heh, I love Connor too. He's definitely a practical sort and not given to flights of fancy. ;) So we can be sure that he's taking this very seriously, now that he's committed to it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. A good, entertaining read to go along with my morning coffee. Thank you :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I agree, I like Connor's lack of sentimentality. Takemizu does seem right up their alley... I remember you said you hadn't done anything to your Takemizu... maybe you could make a lot you'd enjoy seeing them visit? I agree it is a pretty lackluster destination the way EA shipped it.

    1. Yeah, there just doesn't seem like there's anything to do at Takemizu. Not much that's fun for me as a player to watch Connor and Lila do anyway. I'm not feeling particularly inspired to do anything with the destination at the moment (though I do plan to makeover one of the hotels, at least) but eventually, I'd like to. The honeymoon will likely take place off the blog, with a limited amount of pics going up on Tumblr, so I'm not too worried about getting enough pics to fill an update, at least.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Oooh a wedding, how exciting! Congrats to the happy couple!

    Lila must really be over waiting if she already has her wedding planned out. lol Connor is a crack up! He seems pretty confident in himself. I agree with Lila though that your don't have to be friends with everyone in your workplace. Wouldn't leave much time for yourself, your partner if you were. Makes me wonder if Lila is like a social butterfly type of sim though. Sorry, reference to a TS3 trait there.

    I think they both compliment each other really well, such a cute classy and organized couple. ;)

    1. I'm pretty excited to be able to plan yet another wedding. There will probably be at least one more this round, on top of Connor and Lila and Oliver and Sophie. ;)

      Connor's always been a bit of an oddball, so I would say he had to develop some confidence early on in order to stay that way and not try to fit in a little better! I'm totally with Connor on being friends with everyone at work. I work with close to 50 other people! But I'm also an introvert, as is Connor. Lila is more extroverted, so she likes to socialise a lot.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. It's about time! Connor has been completely infuriating with his waiting. My sister didn't even have an engagement; she and her now-husband just woke up one day and said, "Let's get married," and headed to the courthouse! Lila is so the type to already know almost everything about the wedding already. How long have they been living together?

    1. Ha, Lila agrees, I'm sure! This engagement has been a long time coming. Lila's very particular, so she probably had some ideas about her future wedding before she even met Connor. ;)

      Connor and Lila have been living together for roughly two years but have been a couple for eight years total. Not hard to see why Lila had grown a bit impatient!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. I was wondering when these two would finally take the plunge. I can't imagine anything but orderly for their wedding. Whether that comes to play, however, is a whole other story. Weddings have such a reputation for craziness happening.

    I tend to forget that Sophie is engaged sometimes. I hope that it's the biggest party ever since it's taking a long time. Not necessarily the worse thing though but I can see everyone having a pretty good time since it's taking quite a while.

    1. Ha, I'm sure everything will be organised to within an inch of its life, with Lila at the helm! She wouldn't be too happy if anything went wrong, so she'll try to minimise the chances.

      I think Sophie might have forgotten she was engaged, given how long it took her to even set a date, lol! It should be a fun wedding though, when it happens!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!